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Avatar n tn My dog has a large lump on her left side by her ribs. She is also is pain trying to stand or lay down, & is not eating or drinking much. What would cause this? She is a 13 yr old mixed breed.
Avatar m tn My dog Pepsi is an 11 year old black lab. She has a fatty lump on her side, but recently I've found a hard lump on her hind leg about the size of a pea. I've also noticed that sometimes she's been holding it funny, but I'm not sure if she had just twisted her leg funny. Is this cancer?
Avatar f tn Probably when the vet takes a look again, maybe he can do a biopsy. My dog did have a lump and it wound up being a cyst. Hope things work out.
Avatar f tn My 7 year old black lab has a lump on the back of his neck where he received an inoculation as a puppy. The lump developed within days and has never caused any problems. Well.... a few days ago I noticed it appeared to have bled. I thought I'd caught it with his Furminator so cleaned it up and it was 'fine'. Tonight I noticed his hair in that area looked clumped together and I can see where blood has come thru the hair follicle openings. I'm very concerned!
Avatar f tn my dog has a lump located by his rib cage. when you touch it it feel soft. he has had it for about a year.there has been no change in size or shape. this is the only lump that he has.
Avatar n tn my dog has a small lump behind his left front leg. it causes no pain what could it be?
Avatar n tn my dog has a lump on his neck what might that be it seems like its getting smaller
Avatar n tn Ok. So my 60 lb. lab/redbone mix developed a small, grape sized lump on his front right shoulder about 4 months ago. I worried at first but after calling my vet he said not to worry because it was just a fatty deposit and not a sign of cancer of any other serious ailment. However in the past week, the cyst has grown to a large mini carrot sizes lump with a protruding tip that had no hair growth on it.
Avatar n tn When I brought her to the vet they told me she had an ear infection and she was feeling the pain in her paw. She has been on an antibiotic and seems to be doing better, however the lump in her neck is getting bigger and bigger. I am trying to make her an appointment but they don't have any openings until December 4th. Does anyone know what this lump could be? I have tried to look it up online but have had no luck. PLEASE HELP.
Avatar n tn My dog has a lump in his ear and he will not put in back up he keeps in curle, no mite do i see what can i do for my baby
Avatar m tn Big dog, Newfoundlander. That lump you discovered might be just Lipoma, a fat deposit. Lipoma can develop into several more lumps on your dogs body. There are various types of lipoma, the best way to diagnose the type is by visiting your vet and let him run tests on your pooch lump.
Avatar m tn my dog has a large lump growing out of the base of one of her nipples and it doesn't seem to bother her. it is soft on the outside and the inside is hard.
215164 tn?1269469840 I have found a smallish lump on Jazzy's (10.5 yrs) side just below the rib cage. I can grab it and move it around. It feels squishy. Jazz does not seem to mind me touching it. Should I be concerned? I was thinking I would just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get bigger. Thoughts anyone?
Avatar f tn There is a lump on my 1 year old miniature pincher's head. The vet already tested it for mites and worms and now wants to remove it for $400 What is this and what should i do?
Avatar f tn Hi, ive noticed my male dog had a lump insides his privates. He is 1 and a half years old. The lump is about the same size as a golf ball and is rock solid so it's inside his privates and not on the outside. I noticed he had it a few weeks ago but it seemed to disappear but now its back again but keeps reappearing. Does anyone know what this is? Any help/advice is appreciated! thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn My dog has lump on her leg leg on top of her paw so it's still on her leg I noticed it when she limped for about a day or two but stop limping after a day or two so I dident think mutch of it but then I noticed it kind of grew more and notice on the lump there is two little bite marks but realy little bite marks so I new it was a incect or spider bite my dog runs and plays all day and I have never seen her mind the lump but it is big not the size of a golf ball but omost that size of one she ne
Avatar n tn my 8 mth old dobe has just gotten a lump on the back of her neck.
Avatar f tn My dog also has a lump on her neck near or on her thyroid. I just discovered it so will be making an apt with her vet as soon as possible. I often give her massages which include the neck area and have never noticed this before. Is it possible it could be something other than a tumor and if by chance it is a tumor what are the chances it could be cancerous and is this treatable?