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1773313 tn?1314169675 my dog has had a bump on the left side of his leg for years and i never thought anything of it because a friend told my family it was just from laying on his side. but one morning my dog scratched it on the doggy door and it bleed alot and ive seen a couple of little bumps on him to. it dosent bother him and i can touch it with out hurting him but i wanna know what it is and if i should be worryed about it.
1038917 tn?1253499120 s dog Charlie had a lump on his leg took him to the vet was in fact cancer. He had the lump for years and was healthy and happy it wasn't hurting him at all. The vet removed the lump and months later he died from the operation. My eldest dog 'flure' has this huge lump on the inside of her leg for years. She can run/walk normally we haven't found any sign of discomfort on it with her she's been perfectly healthy and she's 13!
Avatar n tn He is very tired not eating much and has formed a lump on his leg. Im not sure what is wrong with him maybe parasites. from the removal of his spleen. what should i do?
Avatar n tn my dog has a small lump behind his left front leg. it causes no pain what could it be?
Avatar m tn My dog Pepsi is an 11 year old black lab. She has a fatty lump on her side, but recently I've found a hard lump on her hind leg about the size of a pea. I've also noticed that sometimes she's been holding it funny, but I'm not sure if she had just twisted her leg funny. Is this cancer?
Avatar f tn Several month ago I took her to the vet. He tried to draw something out of the tumor, but nothing came out. He called me back and said my dog had cancer. The surgery is over $900.00 dollars witch I do not have. She wines all the time, but has always done that since she was a puppy. Is she in pain, and do I need to put her down? We love her very much, and she has had a good long life.
Avatar n tn My dashund-mix dog got two lumps, one on her chest, one on her front leg. My then vet used a regular needle-syringe to pierce and aspirate the lump, it pulled fluid which proved to be fatty - they were lipomas (fatty tumor), not malignant. Both grew over time until the one on the leg was interfering with her walking, so I had them both removed surgically. That vet told me I should have had it done sooner, as they had stretched the skin out dramatically and made it harder to suture cleanly.
Avatar m tn Hi I have a question about my dog Angelique. 2 days ago I noticed a soft lump on the inside of one of her legs. When I touched it it was soft and moved around. It did not seem to hurt her when I touched it. She is a little overweight. I read up on the internet about soft lump and I read it possibly afatty tumor. Is it true that fatty tumors are harmless and nothing to be worried about and does it sound like that might possibly be what my dog has?
Avatar n tn About three weeks ago, a dog that weights 126 lbs ran into my leg. Immediately, my leg began to swell and the spot where I was hit turned a little red. It is located about four inches above my ankle on the inside of my leg. I put some ice on my leg and propped it up on a chair. My leg was a little sore for the next two days, but it is not difficult to walk or run. Then I noticed that blood was pooling at the bottom of my foot.
Avatar n tn ive recently noticed a lump on one of my doberman's back leg/thigh. i think it's gotten bigger i touched it and it feels kind of squishy? ive seen him pick at it a few times. im worried because i recently lost a dog to cancer. his was on his front leg and it got to size of a softball! he was my life i had him since i was 6. :( so i refuse to lose another! i do work at an animal hospital (kennel assist.) i was thinking of bringing him with me to work tomorrow not sure yet.
Avatar n tn My 7yr old lahsa rapso has just had surgery as we found a lump which seemed to be under the muscle on his back left leg near the stomach. However the vet has told us that the lump was infact the muscle. He says it looks like a thickend muscle but he has only seen it once before and the last dog turned out to have muscle cancer, But he says it may just be an abnormal thickining. Ive tried looking this up on the net but cant find anything on thickend dog muscle lumps. anyone have any information??
Avatar n tn Large lump that developed overnight on my pompoo's left front leg above the knee. Could this be some type of insect bite?
Avatar f tn We have a 14 y-o Golden Retriever who developed a lump on the inside of her right rear leg...up towards her groin. Due to her 'feathers', we never noticed it until my husband was giving her a bath earlier this summer. By that time, it was about the size of a softball. It didn't seem to bother her, and due to our financial situation (he's disabled, without income and my salary barely covers necessities), we couldn't afford to take her to the vet.
Avatar m tn I have a Newfoundlander, and noticed a lump on his underside, between his back leg and testicale. looks to be almost an inch by an inch big.
Avatar f tn lump found one week after surgery for left carotid artery stenting; feel like a hard lump/ painful in area and going down inside of leg.
Avatar m tn My dog has lump on her leg leg on top of her paw so it's still on her leg I noticed it when she limped for about a day or two but stop limping after a day or two so I dident think mutch of it but then I noticed it kind of grew more and notice on the lump there is two little bite marks but realy little bite marks so I new it was a incect or spider bite my dog runs and plays all day and I have never seen her mind the lump but it is big not the size of a golf ball but omost that size of one sh
337969 tn?1208792249 My dog had the same thing on his leg. it was a cyst and they just removed it. they tested for cancer, but it came back negative. he just had a couple stitches and that was it! Go to another vet for sure!
Avatar f tn My dog was bit on the shoulder and under on the meaty upper part of his leg which left a small puncture wound, I treated it 3 times a day for over a week, applying hot compresses to the lump that developed near the wound in the arm pit area, I noticed it would bleed a lot after treating it, I also applied hydrogen peroxide and an triple antibiotic to the wounds, he seems to be doing a lot better now, barely limps and is eating and drinking and seems to be in great spirits.
Avatar n tn Hi..I have a 10yr Siberian that is in great health and very active. I noticed as I was standing over him and rubbing his rib cage that when I reached the hip bone a small marble sized lump. It is not on the leg or hip it's right before the crease to the hip. I've had a few Siberians and they do tend to get fatty masses and wondering could this be another or some sort of hernia?
Avatar f tn My dog has a bump and his front leg on the front of it. It looks like all of the hair is gone and is going up his leg. First it turns pink and when it "heals" it turns shiney with no hair. The vet gave him antibiotics and medicine to put on it to stop the ich. Any idea what this could be.
1518151 tn?1320448947 My nine year old husky lab mix has a golf ball + sized lump on her foreleg just below knee. A biopsy was done two weeks ago with dx. of nerve sheath tumor. Vet recommends surgery to remove tumor, which may return in months to years. I don't want to cause any suffering as she has no symptoms at this point, but it did come up quite suddenly. Anybody with experience of this type of cancer? I am very fearful of surgery turning into amputation.
Avatar n tn Two days ago my 13 year old dobermnan developed a lemon size lump on her front leg. This came on overnight. It is soft, not warm to the touch and seems to be somewhat free from attachment as it swings when she walks. There is no sign of a bite mark and it does not seem to be painful as she lets me examine it with no problem. Should I get her to a vet right away or see if the lump changes in appearance? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you very much.
Avatar f tn Right now she has 4 of them - 2 on her left hind leg, one on her left side near her front leg and one on her head. When I pop them out they are greyish white in colour and large. Quite often they are pasty in texture but sometimes they are hard. They show up as a white lump under her skin. They do not bother her, except when I squeeze them. We feed her a mixture of home made dog food and Purina Dog Chow. Are these common on this type of dog?
Avatar n tn How did you find out your poor dog has cancer. My dog just developed a lump on his paw and it is being treated with meds. I posted about it a few minutes ago. I am so sorry about your dog.
Avatar m tn I noticed a lump in the soft tissue of my dog last nite. This morning it was twice the size and a aditional lump was on the opposite side of his trachea. The vet this morning thinks it is 9/10 chance of being a lymphoma. The results of the biopsy will be ready in about 2 daus ie 1/11/08. What treatments are availabe for lymphoma? My dog Ben has not had a decrease in appetite and just acts its normal self. He is 8 years old , a terrier mix that looks like a short leg Benji. Can anyone help?
996946 tn?1503249112 My dog Barney is almost 9. He has a lump, similar to a lipoma but it's not. It's located under his right front leg in his rib area. It may have gotten a little bigger in the past's about a 2" oval lump. Considering that it's not a lipoma, is there anything it could be besides some kind of cancer? He's an Australian Shepard mix.
Avatar n tn leg. The next morning there was a lump on this leg. His leg progressively swelled. Now it is 12 inches larger than the Lft. leg, the swelling also affects his hip and groin.
Avatar n tn leg. The next morning there was a lump on this leg. His leg progressively swelled. Now it is 12 inches larger than the Lft. leg, the swelling also affects his hip and groin.
674725 tn?1367439630 woke and stretched leg ( lifted toes upward) and got a leg cramp. felt like rock in right calf. I massaged it and tried to relax - had to go to the bathroom . Was better than last time - just got to keep massaging it til lump gets smaller.