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516285 tn?1211547390 Yes, there can be swelling after a bite. IMHO, taking him to the vet about the swelling was a good thing. You have done everything you can for your dog and I'm sure he knows it. He is a young dog but being bitten must have been traumatic for him and you. Was he attacked by another dog or were they playing? Either way, the history of the biter is something you might want to find out about.
Avatar m tn got bitten by a dog, went to clinic.
Avatar f tn Is he alive even after 5 months and healthy. I am asking this question, that the after a dog bite a Person does not take Vaccination. after 5 months Dog who bite him still healthy and alive. Is the Person still have susspected of Rabies.
Avatar n tn This lump may just be scar tissue, as a result of the tick bite. The lump could also be due to a vaccine reaction and although somewhat rare, vaccine sarcomas do occur in dogs. Because your dog seems to be feeling fine and the lump is not bothering him, I would not worry but checking with your vet is always wise.
Avatar m tn s still on her leg I noticed it when she limped for about a day or two but stop limping after a day or two so I dident think mutch of it but then I noticed it kind of grew more and notice on the lump there is two little bite marks but realy little bite marks so I new it was a incect or spider bite my dog runs and plays all day and I have never seen her mind the lump but it is big not the size of a golf ball but omost that size of one she never minds it until I stuck it or try to put pressure ca
Avatar n tn I think your post is too brief for anyone to have a real opinion on. You might add some description (hair loss, soft, hard, ....) and how old is your dog and is he/she an outside or inside dog (mostly) some other stuff to help us picture your dog's condition... yes, even a picture could help.
Avatar n tn My moms dog has a big huge bump under her jaw and we can't seem to find out what it is. She doesn't eat as much and she isn't so playful we are worried if it might be cancer or a spider bite we do not know what to do.
Avatar n tn Two days ago my 13 year old dobermnan developed a lemon size lump on her front leg. This came on overnight. It is soft, not warm to the touch and seems to be somewhat free from attachment as it swings when she walks. There is no sign of a bite mark and it does not seem to be painful as she lets me examine it with no problem. Should I get her to a vet right away or see if the lump changes in appearance? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you very much.
Avatar f tn My dog has a sudden lump in her throat area. She isnt eating normal but did eat a few bites. Is drinking.
Avatar f tn Sorry your dog got injured. Bite wounds/puncture wounds can be deceiving. A dog's mouth is full of bacteria so the chance of infection is pretty high. Even though it may seem small on the surface, bacteria was surely introduced to the soft tissue. You can continue to wash it and keep it clean and use the antibiotic ointment but that is only getting the surface. I would discontinue the use of the Hydrogen Peroxide that often as it might make it worse.
Avatar f tn On Sunday my mum and dad took my almost 2 year old field spaniel bailey out on a walk she came back and she had a massive lump under her chin it's hard and about the same size as a golf ball i didnt notice it before she went out so i dont no if it appaired over night or in those 3 hours she is bright eyed and mental still like spaniels are but she is being sick with a light green,bright yellow colour for the last 2 nights and last night she wouldnt stop moaning so i stayed with her all ni
Avatar n tn Hello and welcome to the Dogs Community! :-) I can't imagine any dog of that age that should have any kind of a hard lump on it's abdomen. If he were my dog, I would be concerned enough to ask my vet about it. Did the lump come up very suddenly? It may only be an insect bite and nothing to worry about. By the way, allergic reactions to such bites can be treated with benadryl (diphenhydramine ONLY - no decongestent included) at the rate of 1 mg per pound of the dog's weight.
Avatar m tn s a really helpful article that may help you narrow this down. From your description, this lump seems under the skin but erupting to a bump (bug bite in appearance). To me, this sounds possibly like a lipoma. These are not cancer. If you feel this is skin cancer, again, please see a dermatologist at once.
Avatar f tn Yesterday my feet started to be itchy and it grew some lumps but nothing major. Tonight same thing happened but on my elbow this time. However it's a massive red lump, and I'm wondering whether it could be a simple mosquito, or it has to be something else, like a flee bite maybe (I have a dog at home)?
Avatar n tn There was no evidence of a bite and I was not confinced but he put her on antibiotics and she recovered after about 7 days. I now feel that she is suffering from a second phantom pregnancy and this is her second case of Mastitis. I can not however find any reference to swollen neck glands in relation to Mastitus in dogs ( although I am pretty sure that I did when I had it ! ). Can anyone give me any advice. I am considering treating her with Clavamox.
Avatar m tn I was bitten by a dog 5 days ago, went to urgicare 2 days after. It is infected I was given antibiotics ( amoxicillin) 875mg . I am still in a lot of pain is this normal, hurts severely to walk on it. Looks like it is completely black inside the puncture, not sure if dried up blood or infection has worsened. Please advise !!!!!!!
4772585 tn?1358975360 On January 23rd I noticed a swollen red lump under my left arm in the armpit it is sore to the touch and does not appear to be a bite of some kind, I am going to continue to monitor it and speak with my Dr. about it. I am a little worried hope it is nothing. Not sure what it might be.
Avatar f tn My guess is that since he did not seek medical assistance for more than three weeks after the bite, that the infection could be relatively severe. Therefore, it may take a while for it to clear up - and may even require more than one round o fantibiotics. Since he just received the antibiotics yesterday, they most definitely have not had a chance to do their job in clearing up the infection. Is he running any fever? Is the bite area warm, red or swollen?
Avatar f tn If the Dog has rabies , till how much time the dog alive. Is he alive even after 5 months and healthy. I am asking this question, that the after a dog bite a Person does not take Vaccination. after 5 months Dog who bite him still healthy and alive. Is the Person still have susspected of Rabies. Please reply.
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Avatar f tn I was bit by a dog 14 days ago and the area seems to be healing but i noticed a hard lump in the middle of the bruise and the bruise itself is hot to the touch. The bruise originated back of my arm above the elbow at the bite site, has spread down past my elbow and has almost wrapped completely around my arm, i feel small spasms every now and then in my fingers and if i bend my arm i get pinching pains in the elbow and shoulder, could this be something serious?