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Avatar n tn i also had felling in my back and my throat felt like something was stock in it and i had occassional stiffness. The doc said that it is my sinus. he gave mme some anitbiotic tabs and some thing upper and lower abdominal inflammation. the felling stopped for a while but then it returned. Also i get a kind of dfeeling in my head, it is not painful but just weird. on the side of my head behind my ears, head, on forehead, my check bones and my nose area between my eyes.
Avatar m tn I recently visit an ENT because i was having problems with phelgm clearing, horseness with my throat. ENT said i have a few vocal cord noduls and my throat looked a little sore. He has me on prilosec, because he figures it GERD. Med seem to help a little, but still having phelgm and horseness. Will visit ENT again in a few weeks. Another problem is my neck is begining to cause pain on bith left and right sides.
967168 tn?1477584489 Thanks Lisa, I took a look. I didn't read the complete thread but what I have read has "opened" my eyes that I may need to do something to open my nasal passages and closing my mouth. I may try the breath right strips or nose cones, as well as some of the other practices... maybe even go see an nose and throat specialist.
3144875 tn?1343056791 I have been having troubles with my throat for the last 7-8 month,it started right after I found out I had Hypothyroid so I thought it was just a symptom of that but as time went on it got worse and my doctors said that my thyroid problems would not be causing the symptoms I was having so they did 2 CAT scans,an Ultrasound,Many Throat cultures and put a scope up my nose and down my throat....
Avatar f tn Hello, I apologize for not answering this sooner. Based on your complaints, I would suggest you seek medical treatment through an Ear, Nose & Throat Physician. They will most likely also have you see an Audiologist for your hearing evaluation. Thank you, Rachele M. Orsini, Au.D.
Avatar f tn Ive asked the doctor about it & of course he said it was just a cold. But said put vasiline up your nose to mosturize! I just always try & get the junk outta my nose & throat as often as its there which is a temporary relief! Sometimes the positions i lay in or the ways i move can make the coughing worse. But try not to thinl about it & sometimes it will go away !
1939530 tn?1323758027 I have a very itchy throat and very stuffy nose. I have tried to take a Robitussin Expectorant but it just made me vomit everything with tons of phlegm, of course. And I have tried to take some antihistamines like Benadryl and Celestamine. Well, it helped me for a while but I'm back with a very stuffy nose and very itchy throat. The worse part is I'm not taking any expectorants anymore and still I vomit everything I eat.
Avatar f tn he may have a sensitive nose. where it will bleed to the littlest things. heat, too much water in it, while a runny nose, fevers. while the bloody nose it can effect other parts of the body because of the blood lose. best thing is to stop it as fast as could. cold rag and tip the head back/up.
Avatar f tn s making my neck muscles hurt and I think I have post nasal drip that keeps getting in my throat because I keep having to spit it out. no runny nose or or eyes or anything just a congested feeling in my nostrils, throat, and ear. It's very strange. I put a call into my pcp to ask for an antibiotic just in case so we'll see what happens from there. You all said patience so I guess I have another week to see if it gets better. Thanks so much for the advice.
Avatar f tn for the past 3 yrs i have had very awful throat problems. it becomes too dry sometimes, i have lost 28 pounds because of the trouble i have eating. i have trouble eating certain foods,(greasy, spicy,) and certain foods give me an itchy throat, such as oatmeal, and bannanas. and mushy foods such as beans and mashed potatoes feel like they get stuck in my throat. i almost always wake up with a sore throat and a bitter taste in the back of my mouth.
Avatar n tn I have a lot of dysfunction going on with my nose, throat, chest, abdomen, and left leg. My abdomen feels extremely tight around the upper part and ribs. Sometimes, it burns very badly all day. The area just under my sternum to the left, middle, or right feels like some object is putting pressure on it. My diaphragm feels pushed up very high in my chest like everything has shifted upward from my abdomen. I can't take deep breaths anymore because of this.
Avatar m tn Rare but serious causes producing these symptoms are vocal cord paralysis and vocal cord tumours.Please see your Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor) for an evaluation. A detailed clinical examination and tests can help in determining the cause. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
454221 tn?1259445739 Hi, Your allergy doc is correct in saying that the crooked nose may be the reason for your throat issues. Sometimes, it is the deviation of the nasal septum which may have caused the blockage of the sinuses and therefore leads to clogging up and thereafter such symptoms. The allergies are still significant since that may be the reason for the problems. I hope you are now on the path to recovery. What advise did your doctor give?
Avatar n tn with Sinus/allergy problems. He tested me for strep, it was positive, and gave me med for the strep throat. The conditions have gotten worse and now my ear has started to hurt. While blowing my nose i got a real sharp pain in my right ear and now a little brownish disharge is comming out of my ear and it is continuing to hurt. it feels like there is water or some sort of liquid in it and all noises are muffled and there is a mild pain in my ear.
Avatar n tn i would go to the ear nose and throat doctor. throat problems can cause mouth odors too. if its a tooth and it was so badly infected there would probably be pain, swelling, discomfort. antibiotics are not made for long term use. the more you take them the less effective they become so its more difficult (and sometimes impossible) to treat future infections.
Avatar n tn A week later I got a sinus infection and went on antibiotics got rid of the sinus infection and now I still have this awful feeling of mucus staying in the back of my throat that I cannot bring up. I went to an ENT and he gave me a steroid spray and a prescription antacid for my acid reflux. I've been on it for about a week and I still have no relief of this mucus. I don't know if the mucus is from the drip because I have a clear nose but I feel the drip.
Avatar n tn Is it kind of like a reverse sneezing fit? That can mean anything from an upper respiratory infection to allergies. If he keeps it up, it does warrant having your vet check him out.
Avatar n tn I told my doctor about it and it sometimes feels like breathing is becoming an effort and tightness in my throat. He sent me to an ENT. The ENT looked down my throat past my voicebox. He said the vocal cords had irritation and it looks like LPR. I have been cutting back on coffee and chocolate but feel like it's moving into my chest. At least a few times a day it becomes very noticeable then eases up. Not sure if it's irritated from the acid. Also sleeping with head of bed elevated.
Avatar m tn t call off but once or twice a year if that i have a question i have been really healthy never had much breathing problems sense right before Easter when i had really bad acid reflex had a stuffy nose off on over the winter thought it was from dairy products or might have been a side effect from the otc prilosec i was taking because i stopped the dairy and stopped taking the otc prilosec not knowing that it would have a rebound effect acid kept coming up in my throat when i was sleeping would c