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799695 tn?1257579598 Has anyone ever had throat muscle contractions which pressed on the gag reflex and made you throw up? I've had swallowing problems before, but now it seems like my throat muscles are becoming spastic and just contracting and making me throw up. I also just got over the swine flu a few weeks ago and have heard that illness like the flu can bring about a relapse. I know i'm not sick from the flu, because I can clearly feel my muscles tightening in my throat. Is this common?
Avatar f tn Since being on a antibotic and this cymbalta my neck feels funny and my throat feels like its got a lump of cotton in it,the cymbalta makes my mouth dry, I went to medical dr yesterday told him i thought i was allergic to meds he looked down my throat in my mouth and felt my neck and said im ok...........but its still bothering me,,,,,,,,,im thinking about stopping the cymbalta to see if it goes away.......Its really bad when i bend my head down and underneath my chin...........
219373 tn?1274921434 Colon spasms can be caused by a great many things, and stress is sure one of them. Long ago I had problems with that for almost a year, and it was a very stressful year indeed. But MS can cause bowel difficulties as well. Constipation is often seen in MS. I don't know about colon spasms, but I don't see why not, given everything.
620877 tn?1282764097 I have wondered all along if my GI problems are related to the numbness/tingling and other possible MS symptoms that I have been experiencing for the last 2 years. If anyone would like to share their wisdom, I would appreciate it!
400099 tn?1282954864 They sit you in a chair and put a machine next to your throat and then feed you little bits of food and water with barium in it. The therapist told me it's not truly accurate because you are completely focused on what you are swallowing, which is one of the main things they tell you to do to help yourself....very small bites and sips and concentrate on swallowing. The test is absolutely no big deal.
1745395 tn?1342061753 Therefore, it is quite possible for MS to cause problems with speech and voice quality that come and go during relapses or as high levels of fatigue set in. Of course there are other causes as well so it's always good to get your PCP or neurologist to evaluate the problem. I've had several variations of this myself. Sometimes it seems to be from the severe dryness that several autoimmune diseases cause. Sometimes I think it's a medication side effect.
567489 tn?1297250714 Hoarseness can be related to MS and several MS mimics and other conditions. Hoarseness can be a less common symptom according to the National MS Society. The name for this is dysphonia. Dysphonia is the term used for changes in voice quality, including hoarseness, breathiness, nasality, poor control of pitch.
Avatar n tn I recently had my vitamin D checked after having dizziness and problems with balance, I also have weakness in my right arm and leg. How long do you think it will take for these problems to go away? I've seen a neurologist who believes I definitely don't have MS btw. My vitamin D was 6ng/ml!!
Avatar f tn I know this post was from 3 years ago, but I'm still reading, and thought someone else may be too. I have GAD as well, though it's associated with PTSD. I have had REALLY similar symptoms to those described above, and yes they can be anxiety-related. No, they are not in your head, not at all. HOWEVER, looking at this list exactly as it is literally SCREAMS gall bladder to me.
Avatar m tn Felt almost like a temperature change, a very very nervous feeling, a bit of a pressure in the chest (bottom of ribcage), as well as a severe numb feeling that would come and go on the chest and both sides of the throat, as well as a light feeling in the arms and legs. It lasted one night, I could tell for the next week that the symptoms I had previously had were a little more severe. One week later it pinched like that again. Again it set off an anxiety attack as it was starting.
Avatar m tn Can i as if anyone knows if there is any possibility of damage to my thyroid from MS. I ask because i have long standing MS symptoms including muscle aches in arms, hands and legs along with severe and permanent loss of sensation in my thighs. My question is really concerning the likelihood a thyroid disorder. I am finding it very, very slow to shift my excess weight. I follow a strict diet and exercise program and over a six month period the weight is moving but very slowly.
420469 tn?1217647363 But 2 things seem to be happening. 1) Oddly, as soon as I start Neurontin, my throat problems dissolve and 2) as soon as I go off (by 3 missed doses even) they start back up again. Now Neurontin is for neuropathic pain, so how could it possibly be effecting my throat. Could it be that the problems with my throat are only sensory? I just don't understand, does anyone out there have any ideas about the science of this?
335728 tn?1331414412 I was chatting with my friend whom has been diagnosed with MS and I mentioned that my gp is going to send me for a hearing test after I complained about this ear pain. She responded that she has intermittent pain in both her ears and it is incredibly painful. We both likened it to having a sharp needle poking deep in our ears! On my behalf I find it happens every few weeks usually lasting for a few days to 2 weeks and sometimes it is debilitating the pain is so intense. She asked her dr.
1064115 tn?1257972917 There's been some speculation about MS causing GERD - if the muscles at the top of the stomach that control the valve weaken, then it would open and send gastric juices into the esophagus. I don't know about that. But one of my enduring MS symptoms has been an esophageal spasm - usually triggered by indigestion.
1912038 tn?1325588429 The facial numbness symptom can be related to a neurological problem like MS, but they can also be caused by other diseases and problems. The forgtfullness sounds familiar, but MS has several mimics. It's good that you are being referred to a neurologist because that person can help figure out what's going on with the cognitive issues and the facial numbness.
Avatar m tn Can i as if anyone knows if there is any possibility of damage to my thyroid from MS. I ask because i have long standing MS symptoms including muscle aches in arms, hands and legs along with severe and permanent loss of sensation in my thighs. My question is really concerning the likelihood a thyroid disorder. I am finding it very, very slow to shift my excess weight. I follow a strict diet and exercise program and over a six month period the weight is moving but very slowly.
335728 tn?1331414412 I went to the Opthamologist in the hopes that he would be able to further assist me as my neurologist has stated that my MS is in-active and my gp (pcp) has no history in dealing with MS patients and has admitted to her lack of knowledge of MS. Therefore she is taking what the neurologist as gospel and will not help me get a second opinion. I am quite concerned about this sight problem and I am not sure what my next step should be.
Avatar f tn m on antibiotics for an ear infection and my pcp thinks that my throat has inflammation way down my throat. Hopefully the meds will help with my throat too...very strange, because this hasn't happened to me before!
338416 tn?1420045702 Well, I had wondered if my MS and the circulation problems in my left leg were related. Turns out that many MS patients have extra-cranial or extra-spinal vessel stenosis. In other words, the blood vessels leading to areas that have lesions are usually closed up. At least I think that's what this article says. So how many of you have circulation problems in your arms or legs?
Avatar f tn Hey there, Immis is basically saying exactly what i was going to say......I thought it was a giant leap to be assuming it was a neurological issue, if your throat is painful or sore to swallow, most people would conclude it was one of the common causes first and see a GP if necessary. I looked at your posting history, simply because I wondered if it was possible that your anxiety, might be leading you to read into things more, which isn't very good for your or anyone.
Avatar f tn t just a situation where it went down the wrong piipe but was actually choking and inhaled the liquid into my lungs. These all happened at work and really scared not only myself but also my boss and regional manager. I have also noticed an increase in the need to "clear my throat" or cough over the last couple of days but am not sick. My question is, could this possibly be a flare up or a symptom of MS as I haven't had this before or could it be from the Copaxone?
Avatar f tn ) They put a video camera in the back of my throat and watched my larynx and vocal cords. The swallowing was a modified barium swallow. Both showed that my throat muscles are week. My vocal chords will not stay or struggle to stay over the larynx causing my aphonia. DX spastic aphonia, strangled voice syndrome and dysphagia. All were contributed to my CNS by theraphist and ENT and gastoenterologist. I start speech therapy soon..twice a week...
Avatar n tn lyme ruled out along with a host of others I am down to Fibro and MS or MS or just plain nuts. Oh and I have complicated Migraines (which really maybe ruled out and turn into MS) so confusing. anyhow I am in Limbo but... I have serious vision issues, pain, fatigue and lately cement legs that I am not sure what the heck is going on. Complicated migraines or migraines in general can and do cause certain vision problems. I am not a doctor but I know today my vision is more then migraines.
1168317 tn?1330262837 I have back problems because the MS throws my posture off. I have to work hard at exercising and correcting the imbalances the best I can to keep my back, hip, neck, and shoulder pain down.
Avatar f tn I had a further test which showed it was still mildly elevated and I now have to be re-tested in another 3 months again. I have a lump in my throat and feels like I am swollowing past a pea and my voice is a not so sexy crackle. I get very cold, I get very tired and lethargic especially in the afternoons. But most of all I cant build up my leg muscle mass no matter how hard I try.
559187 tn?1330782856 m having problems sleeping while lying flat that I should try using one of those wedge foam pillows to see if that would help with the reflux and the breathing problems. What do you think of patients using these types of pillows? Is there anything I need to keep in mind about using it long-term other than the fact that its not a natural way to sleep? Are there any other options? Thanks so much for your help. Much appreciated!