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Avatar m tn I have seen 4 doctors: 2 family physicians, 1 GI, and ear and nose specialist, since March, and so far they haven't diagnosed my problems. One time I was spitting blood when I hacked mucus out of throat. I went to see a GI and he looked through my throat using a scope, and it showed a swollen puckered throat with lesion. The ear and nose specialist wasn't much of a help either. He shuffled me to an asthma doctor for my asthma problems, which I didn't do.
Avatar f tn I had pressure and fluid in my right ear and I had the ear drained then one month later the ear developed pressure without pain. I do not have a cold or anything else that would cause pressure in my right ear. I am 58 years old and never had ear problems. (maybe when I was a kid but I do not remember) Could this be sjogrens? I cannot find an ENT doctor that's familiar with sjogrens. I live in Chicago Illinois. Can anybody recommend an ENT Doctor that's familiar with sjogrens.
Avatar m tn If there is Eustachian tube dysfunction from nose or throat inflammation, fluid can remain in the middle ear which can lead to fullness and tinnitus. You will need to consult your primary care physician for proper clinical assessment. In the meantime for relief from your symptoms you could do warm salt gargles and take OTC antihistamines. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Direct examination of your ears, including the ear drums does not exclude the possibility of disease of the inner ear & adjacent structures, or the throat. That you now have blood in nasal mucous is abnormal and might be a clue to what is going on for an ENT specialist who could directly examine that part of your throat, directly behind the nose (the naso-pharynx). You or your doctors should arrange for that consultation.
747510 tn?1233029777 t know the answer to this one, but if your sniffing it that can cause throat, nose, eye and even ear infections. I never experienced an ear infection due to cocaine, but many many nose and throat ones, coke is a dirty drug and you NEVER sniff purely coke, it is cut with everything from baking soda to i have seen drywall, mmm yummy. The only thing i remember about the ear was i seemed to get wax buildup sometimes, usually after waking up and covered in sweat, in my ears too.
Avatar f tn tap on your forehead and cheek bone right under your eye, if it is painful to do so, your sinuses are probably inflamed. You may need to see an ear, nose, throat doctor to find out what exactly is wrong.
Avatar f tn I'm 19 and i've been suffering badly with ear, throat and sinus problems because of my year round allergies but i think my allergies have affected my ears and throat. My friend suggested asking my Doctor to be referred to see a specialist at my nearest hospital. I saw a allergist a few months back but all they could do was diagnose my allergies and give me some advice because they don't deal with problems allergies cause like ear and skin problems.
Avatar f tn If you haven't already, you should go to an endocrinologist, he can draw blood and do a special panel for your thyroid gland, and also he can order a scan if necessary. Could also be you had a mild stroke, and thus a cardiologist would be the specialist who can explore how your circulation is doing. You can also push on your lymph glands in your neck, see if they hurt or if they're swollen.
Avatar f tn hello, Thank you for posting on this forum. Your problem needs to be evaluated by an Ear, Nose and Throat physician rather than you self medicating. I would advise that you seek medical attention for this problem right away. Rachele M. Orsini, Au.D.
Avatar m tn I put cotton in my ears and it seems to help. A few nights ago I tried some ear drops to remove ear wax in my left ear. I put the ear drops in and I felt the liquid run down my throat and I could smell the drops on their way down my throat. I know that this is not normal. I am very concerned. Why would this happen? Thank you.
Avatar n tn You are experiencing repeated episodes of dizziness, tinnitus and ear itchiness. These symptoms could occur with problems in the inner ear, the brain and the cranial nerves. Please consult your primary care physician who will do an initial clinical assessment and then may refer you to a neurologist. Investigations like X rays and MRI will help to arrive at a diagnosis for appropriate therapy. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn While blowing my nose i got a real sharp pain in my right ear and now a little brownish disharge is comming out of my ear and it is continuing to hurt. it feels like there is water or some sort of liquid in it and all noises are muffled and there is a mild pain in my ear. Also my head only hurts when i cough (the top part of my forehead). Do you know what can me causing these problems?
Avatar f tn My son that is seven years old has had drainage from his left ear for about three months. We have been to his pedictrican several different times. The last time he sent us to a ear nose throat doctor. They said that he has a hole in both ear drums. So my question does this affect the hearing. I have notice that he kepts placing his hand on his ear an trying to pop his ear so he can hear. What to do concern parent.
Avatar f tn My ears sometimes ring for no reason and it feels like I have water in my ear at most of the time, like now. I find it is harder for me to hear now and days. Every now and then it the 'clog' will clear up and I can hear crystal clear otherwise I feel like my hearing is only at 70%. Is this a symptom of pregnancy? I haven't read anything about it yet. I'm almost 36 weeks but this has been going on for a few now.
Avatar n tn Posted By Kay on February 01, 1999 at 16:59:18: Dear Doc, I have had the following persistent symptoms for about three years: throat clearing, sensation of a lump in the throat, coughing, need to blow nose but there's nothing there, sour taste in mouth, and bad breath. These characteristics do not occur at night while sleeping, or when I'm calm and relaxed. I am very self-conscious of the throat-clearing and coughing because it is particularly distracting to others.
Avatar n tn t had any mucus or congestion coming out of my nose and throat? I used to have many ear infections as a kid, but haven't had any in around 7 years.
Avatar f tn Whenever there is ear irritation, nowadays, I have sinus pressure and drainage in the back of my throat. Speaking of which, right now, after I cleaned my ear, I have drainage inthe back of my throat, and pressure in my cheeks and nose. Please give me some advice as to what this is, and I would appreciate it. I hope I didn't write too much! Thanks!
Avatar f tn I was told by my surgeon that my vocal cord was bruised from pulling during surgery and that the nerve was not cut and when the swelling gones down my cord should start back working it have been 11 months and i still have problems eating and drinking. My voice is weak, hoarse. My ENT doctor performed 2 injections so far this help with choking on food but not my voice. What else can be done?
Avatar m tn You might want to see an ear nose throat specialist. It sounds like you have an ear and sinus infection going on at the same time. You could be having the sore throat from drainage. The specialist would be able to tell and if that's the case prescribe you an allergy med. Let us know how things turn out and take care.
Avatar f tn My doc checked my ears, nose, throat, chest and all was clear. Have been using nasal saline and steam. Still experiencing pain:pressure so was put on antibiotics even though I don' t know if this is bacterial. Just finished antibiotic but still experience occasional pain/pressure. Does it take awhile for pressure to subside? It has been almost two weeks and I don't want another antibiotic. Also suppose to get on a plane in 3 days. Any advice or insight?