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Avatar n tn So I cut dairy out of my diet except for a small amount in waffles in the morning and a small amount in instant mashed potatoes at night. Every thing seemed to be working then out of no where my throat starts closing up again at night. It's frustrating because if the alergy doesn't kill you, the lack of sleep will. I'm going to cut out the waffles and go back to eggs in the morning and see if that corrects it again.
Avatar n tn I have been having these weird breathing problems at night right when i fall asleep i wake up because i feel like i cant breath. I hate it it has happend every night for the last week. And it will go on all night as soon as i fall asleep i wake up because i cant breath and my hart will race . Im going crazy and dont know what to do .
Avatar f tn When I get excited like at football games or loud parties my throat seems to tighten up and my voice is altered to very low like laryngitis until I settle down and its over. At night I seem to have to clear my throat alot if I don't constantly drink water. I also notice that my tonsils have cryptic craddles and some times collect food thats eaten and decays causing very bad breath even when I can't see anything in my tonsils.
Avatar n tn Could the throat problems be related to the surgery? What could be possible reasons for throat problems if surgically related? I know you will have to only speculate, since you have not see me or my files and I plan to follow up with my neuro. I would just like to be a little more informed.
Avatar f tn It feels like I can not get the air right at night and I have a very nasty cough. It feels like it is swelling and I am always without a voice. It feels like my throat is tight day and night for some reason. I do have breathing problems and I do not smoke. I have lost 60 pounds and my doctor is taking me off depression pills slowly. The only thing new in my home is my plants with fresh earth and none of them flower. It is hard enough to breathe but in the last while it is getting even harder.
Avatar n tn I am sincerely confused about seeing the pulmonolgist when I do not feel sick at all in my chest. The cough is a dry tickly cough that has brought me to vomiting at times, and only at night! In addition, I am going to school for Sonography (ultrasound). Upon fellow students scanning me, my gallbladder has enlarged considerably since the beginning of the semester (Jan - May). If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.
Avatar m tn I wake up every morning with absolutely no moisture in my mouth or throat and sometimes wake up choking during the night. I keep a glass of water beside my bed as this gets rid of the choking sensation when it happens (Only happens once or twice a month) and also helps with the sore throat in the morning. The dry throat continues through the day and I find it difficult to swallow.
Avatar m tn One more possibility is that she has (cough variant) asthma ( a type characterized by cough rather than wheeze) and, for many persons with asthma, their respiratory problems are worse at night or in some cases, limited to the night-time early morning hours. I suggest that she check with her doctor about these possible causes of night-time cough.
429700 tn?1308011423 I've got other problems, but those others are old problems--like the vision ones, etc. My vision, by the way, is not good at night and early mornings when it's dark. Anyway, on to the thing that is most concerning me . . . Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night choking on my own spit! I coughed for a good hour and half (and I'm still coughing this morning) trying to get the sensation of something in my windpipe out. It kept me up for two hours and I went back to sleep.
Avatar f tn I have had coughing spells at night for over a year, it only happens after I lay down. I went to my doctor a few months ago. I have had a barium test and was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, which of course is causing my GERD. I have tried Zantac, prilosec, and now Nexium and I sleep with my head elevated with a 7" wedge and a pillow. I am still having problems with coughing after I go to bed, it causes a tickle cough in the back of my throat.
154927 tn?1205246451 Lady, when I was on tx,,,I also had lots of sore throats. The meds will dry you out so that is why the sore throat. It helped at night when I went to bed to have a humidfier in my room. Also,,drinking as much water as you can helps and if my throat was hurting really bad,,,I would rub vicks on my throat also at night and would feel better in the morning. Hope it gets better soon!
Avatar n tn i am hypothyroid i have a goiter that grows than 6 months later shrinks but latelyi have a feeling in my throat that feels like hands around my throat or like something in my throat i also have a cough nothing severe and i feel a conjestion in my throat my dr seemed to think it was acid reflux which i do get at night almost every night when i go to bed. also occasional sore throats i do have a hard time swallowing some things like vitamins which discourages me from taking them.
628151 tn?1224805243 I have been gargling with warm salt water constantly and using Chloraseptic at night and in the morning to reduce the pain and eating cough drops during the day just to keep something in my mouth so it doesn't hurt. It is really becoming annoying because it isn't getting better. If anything it is slowly getting worse. First question is could this just all be from stress? Second question is could this really be Thrush and my Dentist just missed it? Third question is what else could this be?
Avatar n tn When the tests come back negative, she just assumes it's Acid reflux disease. The thing is, Most of the time, my symptoms only come at night. I feel like there is stomach acid rising in the back of my throat. I told my doctor this and she put me on Prevacid. Then, on some occasions, I wake up nauseous. It's strange becuase it's not that I feel incredibly horrible upon waking, I just become incredibly restless and and can't sleep. Then out of nowhere, I just know that I need to throw up.
Avatar m tn The Fibromyalgia is not a concern anymore as it doesn't bother me, the pain is gone. But these throat problems persist, they come at random and it has no consistency. I should also mention, I talked to a few doctors about it, who all shrugged and chalked it down to an anxiety disorder. I seen an ENT last year, who felt around my throat and looked down it. Said he felt nothing, seen nothing. He told me there is nothing to worry about, It's just problem with painful muscles in my throat.
Avatar n tn Since July 20, my throat has felt swollen and tight. At times I have trouble getting down food or drink. I went to the ER the first night it started, because I thought it was an allergic reaction. The doctor just gave me an over the counter drug for allergies. Now, I am considering acid reflux. I've had trouble in the past with heartburn. Could this be the cause of it, and how can I go about relieving the problem?
Avatar n tn Also, a salt water nose spray might help the sinus', at least untill you can see a dr........also, Cepacol sore throat/post nasal drip cough drops has been helping my throat, untill I can get to the dr.'s............maybe that will help you as well, but make sure it is the post nasal drip ones, the other ones have a numbing effect to them and I had a reaction to it, you may not..............hope this helps.............
Avatar f tn My ears don't hurt or seem to have any problems, but it is really annoying, especially at night, if I wake up and then have to get out of bed just to mop it up with a q-tip.
Avatar n tn My angina is at night, or before noon. It does not happen in response to stress, I am sleeping! I am exercising about two hours a day, five days a week. 75 minutes yoga class, followed by 60 minutes on machines. I keep my heart rate at 110-125, and I am 42 yrs old. When I exercise, I have my nitro with me, but have never had to use it. No angina then. I take Isosorbide before bedtime. A couple of times a week I still have angina, even with the Isosorbide.
Avatar n tn If it is happening that frequently, it should be relatively easily to capture. Most night time SVTs that happen at bedtime are anxiety related, but it is worth proving on event monitor. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn i was worried about you more than myself. cant sleep i wrote my niece a note last night. she is upset at me. i told her that she did not have to stay with me she could go to houston and be close to her daughter and son and soon to be another baby. she informed me she was not leaving me. she tore the letter up and said lets go get your pills. i had to go in my pjs and robe. guess she does love me. i keep messing up. i wrote my other niece her sis. i havnt heard from her yet.
1381899 tn?1279229840 It also can cause breathing issues. It also tends to get worse at night.
Avatar f tn I am 14 yr. old female. I have stomach aches only at night. It gets better if I take Pepto Bismole and sleep in the recliner. It has been happening more frequently. It started in April 2011 and that's when I had a lot of stress come into my life. I need help with this asap.
Avatar n tn I have been having night pain in my right shoulder at the joint. 4 weeks ago I went to see an MD and he perscribed an anti-immflammatory. At the same time he noticed that I had a low grade fever with white spot on my throat and perscribed an antibiotic. I developed gastric problems (diarriha, gas, painful cramps) and even though I have finished all the medications, I still have the shoulder pain and gastric problems.