Throat problems at night

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Avatar m tn I wake up every morning with absolutely no moisture in my mouth or throat and sometimes wake up choking during the night. I keep a glass of water beside my bed as this gets rid of the choking sensation when it happens (Only happens once or twice a month) and also helps with the sore throat in the morning. The dry throat continues through the day and I find it difficult to swallow.
9574856 tn?1408172071 (24 week) Burps That kinda burn my throat, happens every night anyone else have that? What Can I do about it?
Avatar m tn One more possibility is that she has (cough variant) asthma ( a type characterized by cough rather than wheeze) and, for many persons with asthma, their respiratory problems are worse at night or in some cases, limited to the night-time early morning hours. I suggest that she check with her doctor about these possible causes of night-time cough.
Avatar n tn I have been having these weird breathing problems at night right when i fall asleep i wake up because i feel like i cant breath. I hate it it has happend every night for the last week. And it will go on all night as soon as i fall asleep i wake up because i cant breath and my hart will race . Im going crazy and dont know what to do .
Avatar f tn I have had coughing spells at night for over a year, it only happens after I lay down. I went to my doctor a few months ago. I have had a barium test and was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, which of course is causing my GERD. I have tried Zantac, prilosec, and now Nexium and I sleep with my head elevated with a 7" wedge and a pillow. I am still having problems with coughing after I go to bed, it causes a tickle cough in the back of my throat.
Avatar n tn So I cut dairy out of my diet except for a small amount in waffles in the morning and a small amount in instant mashed potatoes at night. Every thing seemed to be working then out of no where my throat starts closing up again at night. It's frustrating because if the alergy doesn't kill you, the lack of sleep will. I'm going to cut out the waffles and go back to eggs in the morning and see if that corrects it again.
Avatar n tn I am having to wake up during the night to urinate at least once. Basically I had a very strong urge to urinate at night back in april which led to a white semen like discharge and a burning sensation while urinating in june. (I was not sure this was discharge until a few days after when I noticed it was always wet around my penis, so I decided to milk it and noticed the white stuff. Note that I have no STDs and been with the same girl for over 4 years.
Avatar n tn I have a terrible burning sore throat that appears only at night. It started out with some flu symptoms and night sweats about three weeks ago. The flu symptoms disappeared after 1 day but the sore throat continues and it is ONLY at night. I go to sleep ok and about 3 am, I have a sore scratchy and sometime burning throat. During the day it completely disappears. I have been on antibiotics and am about to finish the prescription but the night sore throat has not gone away.
Avatar f tn BP medication (lotrel & nadolol) was cause of dry cough many years ago, but now is back and I must keep water with me or get coughing attacks. When I get excited like at football games or loud parties my throat seems to tighten up and my voice is altered to very low like laryngitis until I settle down and its over. At night I seem to have to clear my throat alot if I don't constantly drink water.
Avatar f tn I have a lot of Digestive problems. Specially at night. My stomach swells up and there are like currents going from my stomach out in to the arms and to the hands. My hands gets numb for a moment. Then comes lots of gas and I have to burp alot. It can happen after eating as well. I also feel a choking sensation in my throat after eating. I cannot wear a poloneck. It feels constricted.Terrible problems that won't let me do sports and be active. Have tried not eating milkproducts, wheat etc.
Avatar n tn Everything has to be perfect (except lately) She has some phobias like touching paper, being afraid at night sometimes, etc. Some times she feels a little light headed. We believe at this time it is anxiety and it makes it worse that she has to miss school and constantly catch up. Any thoughts please.
Avatar f tn For the past week or two when I sleep at night, my whole throat(lymph nodes and tonsils too) swells up while I sleep. It doesn't do it AT ALL when I'm awake, but whenever I fall asleep, I wake up every night about 4 hours later every single night with it swollen. I started sleeping with 2 pillows at night to prop my head up a lot more and it seemed to help reall well for about 5 to 6 days now.
Avatar m tn I feel like something is in my throat at night, like my saliva is stuck between going down my throat and coming up my throat. No matter how many times I swallow and lay back down for bed it comes right back. Also a second part to it is my mouth starts producing to much saliva that I have to keep swallowing it or I feel like im going to drown..... Ive heard it could be GERD ( Im 25 and been taking tea+ pepcid everynight, NO HELP) or anxiety which I do have but nothing too bad ...
Avatar f tn I am 14 yr. old female. I have stomach aches only at night. It gets better if I take Pepto Bismole and sleep in the recliner. It has been happening more frequently. It started in April 2011 and that's when I had a lot of stress come into my life. I need help with this asap.
Avatar f tn Have you been tested for TB? Usually the fever goes up at night and you get fatigue and cough. But, also a chest infection would give you this high of a fever. So getting a sputum sample for culture to see if have an infection would be a good idea. Did you or do you have a sore throat too or just the lung symptoms? Did you ever see white spots or pus in the back of your throat? It doesn't sound like you had strep throat when they tested you for it.
Avatar n tn my wife age 63 has gerd and when she lays down at night she will start gagging. this sometimes occurs after sleeping for a short time or sometimes it occurs right away. what can she do to get a good nights sleep? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/529632'>Could a hard, gagging cough be GERD</a>.
Avatar n tn my 8 year old daughter cough and it sounds like she is choking and it happends more at night and it also hurts her throat
Avatar f tn Hey, Ive been having problems with my chest and breathing between when I go to sleep at night and when I wake up. I vacuum my room at least once a week, so its not overly dusty, but due to a 50 x 35 cm window being right over where I sleep, on which the curtains are poor in terms of keeping out sunlight, I hang a black blanket over it to block out the sun over night. When I wake up usually, my throat is dry, my nose is bunged up and I can feel very heavy eyed and slightly light headed.
561964 tn?1283798616 I only cough when I lay down at night to sleep. I get a tickle feeling in my throat and it makes me cough. Is this an allergy? I have never had any allergies before so I am not sure.
974371 tn?1424653129 Have you tried Biotene (brand name) to relieve the dry mouth symptoms? I have found it helpful and mine is only at night/morning due to constant nasal congestion (at night only, or whenever lying down). For the nasal congestion, I have moved mostly to saline (salt water) spray and get some help, I think, from the Breath Right (brand name) aid stuck on my nose when I go to bed. My problem is not like yours in the throat issues, other than dry mouth.