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Avatar f tn hello, Thank you for posting on this forum. Your problem needs to be evaluated by an Ear, Nose and Throat physician rather than you self medicating. I would advise that you seek medical attention for this problem right away. Rachele M. Orsini, Au.D.
Avatar f tn I'd make an appt with an ENT .. they have gone on for years' more training and only deal with ear, nose, throat problems. Also, feel free to try and post on one of our ENT community or expert forums as an idea!
Avatar n tn with Sinus/allergy problems. He tested me for strep, it was positive, and gave me med for the strep throat. The conditions have gotten worse and now my ear has started to hurt. While blowing my nose i got a real sharp pain in my right ear and now a little brownish disharge is comming out of my ear and it is continuing to hurt. it feels like there is water or some sort of liquid in it and all noises are muffled and there is a mild pain in my ear.
Avatar f tn I had pressure and fluid in my right ear and I had the ear drained then one month later the ear developed pressure without pain. I do not have a cold or anything else that would cause pressure in my right ear. I am 58 years old and never had ear problems. (maybe when I was a kid but I do not remember) Could this be sjogrens? I cannot find an ENT doctor that's familiar with sjogrens. I live in Chicago Illinois. Can anybody recommend an ENT Doctor that's familiar with sjogrens.
Avatar f tn Also, I would like to know if ear infections, or whatever this is, can cause sinus problems. Whenever there is ear irritation, nowadays, I have sinus pressure and drainage in the back of my throat. Speaking of which, right now, after I cleaned my ear, I have drainage inthe back of my throat, and pressure in my cheeks and nose. Please give me some advice as to what this is, and I would appreciate it. I hope I didn't write too much! Thanks!
747510 tn?1233029777 t know the answer to this one, but if your sniffing it that can cause throat, nose, eye and even ear infections. I never experienced an ear infection due to cocaine, but many many nose and throat ones, coke is a dirty drug and you NEVER sniff purely coke, it is cut with everything from baking soda to i have seen drywall, mmm yummy. The only thing i remember about the ear was i seemed to get wax buildup sometimes, usually after waking up and covered in sweat, in my ears too.
Avatar n tn I have chronic phlegm that I cough up every morning with a brownish yellow color. I have sinus problems all the time as well as a constant sore throat and cough. I just got over a severe case of nose blockage with my face swollen and sores up my nose. I was on 2 antibiotics and I could not breath at all through my nose. My Dr. keeps blaming this on allergies but this time she said it was an allergic reation to something. I do not believe this.
1155599 tn?1321890934 I posted this in another forum (and got a great answer!), but thought I would post here too! Let me give you background first...DH has a daughter 7, she lives with her mom 3 days/week and with us for 4 days/week. When she's with her mom, she's in a house with 3 smoking adults, 4 other children, 3 dogs and 2 cats. She has just moved into this house with her mom's BF and his kids and the smoking within the last 4 months.
Avatar f tn Read the directions carefully and use it properly. You headaches and ear problems can all be caused by severely packed sinuses.When you use the neti pot, point the spout towards your ear on the side of your nostril, and make that GNAHH! sound as you rinse. That will help rince out your ear canal. The use the medicine your doc gave you after you are done. Have fun! it's a real blast I can tell you, LoL!
1560171 tn?1330122177 As inflammation in the nose and sinuses can cause inflammation around the Eustachian tube, which is the tube that runs from the back of the nose to the middle ear and is responsible for draining the middle ear of fluid. If there is Eustachian tube dysfunction from nose or sinus inflammation, fluid can remain in the middle ear which can lead to dizziness. The repeated sneezing may indicate an allergic response. The CT scan should be able to identify sinus problems. Regards.
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172826 tn?1423422956 i have an allergy to it..i get nasty sore throat, runny nose and the ear infections...i dont think cameron has any but the runny nose.. i began slowly introducing whole milk to my son when he was 11 months old and it took me a whole month and a half to transition him because i wanted to do it as slowly as possible... i also was searching online and it says that milk allergies have no known cause however to be hereditary...
967168 tn?1477584489 Jerry I think when I found Dr Park was when my sleep began to be alittle better - I attended his seminar then a chat on breathing. I did find my sleep apnea episodes got farther apart for me because of it. I tried the strips, didn't work pm me your address I'll send you the rest of the box =) Dr Park has alot of info in his blogs and website about nasal passages airways etc and sleep problems - I think this is why I have a problem with the CPAP machine.
Avatar m tn I can feel something that feels like a glob of mucus in my throat that will NOT come loose. The left side of my body (ear, nose, throat) is consistently fine with the exception of slight switching of congestion in my nose but it always ultimately ends back up in my left nostril. I am taking Ibuprofen around the clock for the pressure and slight pain in my ear. I have had to take Nyquil to sleep the past few days.
Avatar f tn s making my neck muscles hurt and I think I have post nasal drip that keeps getting in my throat because I keep having to spit it out. no runny nose or or eyes or anything just a congested feeling in my nostrils, throat, and ear. It's very strange. I put a call into my pcp to ask for an antibiotic just in case so we'll see what happens from there. You all said patience so I guess I have another week to see if it gets better. Thanks so much for the advice.
377012 tn?1283965435 The candida/yeast overgrowth compromise the immune system, can create allergies (leaky gut), and a host of other problems (ear, sinus, throat, moods, gastro...), which unfortunately are mostly treated with of course more antibiotics. The cycle repeats. Research Candida and I would say try the elimination diet (no sugar, yeast products...) to see if there is improvement. Also "The Yeast Connection" is a good book on the subject. As mentioned allergies could be a possibility also.
Avatar f tn I have been to an ear, nose and throat specialist. He said my septum was slightly deviated and my tonsils a little big. I have been to an ear, nose and throat specialist 3 times. Which resulted in two conchoctomies, which didn't last, and now I am on a cortisone nose spray called Avamys. It doesn't work! The reason I went again this last time was that I had sinustitis, it went away after 6 weeks. But I continued to have spontanious headaches and mostly in my forehead.
1877458 tn?1320516337 For something like this to go on for a year, you must have an infection going on in your ears and nasal cavities. Everything is irritated, mucous is created to flush it out, and that's the dripping you have, kind of like "post nasal drip." The only way to make it stop is to visit an ear nose throat ENT doctor and let him clear up what is going on in your ears and nasal cavities.
Avatar m tn You might want to see an ear nose throat specialist. It sounds like you have an ear and sinus infection going on at the same time. You could be having the sore throat from drainage. The specialist would be able to tell and if that's the case prescribe you an allergy med. Let us know how things turn out and take care.
Avatar f tn I have had difficulty swallowing for about 7 months now, along with thick, stringy, gelatinous clear mucus in my throat and thick green-brown mucus in my sinuses and throat. My nose is very dry and has dry congestion that is hard to remove by blowing.
Avatar f tn Have you seen a doctor yet? There are some ear infections that can cause the same problems you are having.