Throat problems and anxiety

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Avatar m tn Im 37 years old male, start of 2014 I got really sick, lost 17kg in two weeks and started having non stop throat problems, My local GP is useless! All he has diagnosed me with is anxiety and has given me somac for acid reflux which is not helping. It feels like someone is strangling me all the time, my glands are always swollen and I'm always spitting out a thick white phlem, plus coughing up a green & yellow moucus that is in a clear thick phlem .
Avatar f tn Since being on a antibotic and this cymbalta my neck feels funny and my throat feels like its got a lump of cotton in it,the cymbalta makes my mouth dry, I went to medical dr yesterday told him i thought i was allergic to meds he looked down my throat in my mouth and felt my neck and said im ok...........but its still bothering me,,,,,,,,,im thinking about stopping the cymbalta to see if it goes away.......Its really bad when i bend my head down and underneath my chin...........
Avatar n tn Hi everyone i am a 24 year old female and I would just like to say before I start I have hypothyroidism and anxiety depression and gastritis but I am developing more and more symptoms all my sypmtoms include dizziness, headaches, tired, throat feels clogged blocked tight swollen sore blocked nose I think I have developed nasal drip I also have monduler goitre lumps in my thyroid glands and also chest pain heart burn stomach cramps abdominal pain frequent urinating constipation hot flushes then
Avatar n tn Anyways, monday night I started to feel a little sore and swollen in my throat, my ears were hurting and my glands were kinda sore. I went to the ER and the triage nurse looked at my throat and said that my tonsils and uvula (the little punching bag) are really swollen and red, but no pus, and no fever, but i felt warm to the tough. She kinda gave me the impression that something was really wrong.
Avatar f tn Yes, I have been diagnosed with anxiety, but for a while, that went away. I had the normal anxiety symptoms, and when it went away I had a slice of normalcy, but then it came back with the swallowing problem. It is not fun. Have you improved?
Avatar f tn i know right now, im clenching my jaw a lot, causing tmj problems... my neck is sore and tight... and it *****... you dont realize how stress/anxiety can make so many different muscles contract etc. good luck, and let us know how it goes. im sure you'll be fine!
Avatar f tn I also have been having problems with my throat feeling right and feeling like there is something stuck in it. I have been having strange feelings in my feet. It is hard to describe. It feels like it's on the inside of my feet and I will also feel it in my stomach and chest. It feels like it has to do with my nerves or something. I also have like a shock feeling in my stomach sometimes. Its like I get a little bit of adrenaline for no reason.
Avatar m tn GAD may be making your other problems worse, if not the cause of them. Assuming your doctors have ruled out other problems already, what did they do for your GAD? Most, if not all, of your symptoms could very well be anxiety but you can't rule anything out. There are many free sources of mental health care. Call your local library for references. Seek help for your GAD and I think you'll find relief for most, if not all , the symptoms you are having.
Avatar f tn My jaw becomes tense and it affects my throat and swallowing when I am having anxiety issues. Klpnopin really helped me.
Avatar f tn Now it is in August and i am having throat swelling and diffuculty with breathing. I have no energy at night. Has anyone here ever had symptoms like this. It really gets difficult to function around this. I am going to the doctor and they have run tests but they cant find anything wrong yet. Depression is really starting to set in. I didnt want to take antidepressents but may have to try it.Thanks for reading this and any helop would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn This has been happening for 20 straight months. No anxiety or depression problems. Never HAVE HAD problems with those. Never had sleeping problems until asthma, that's it. Even 5 or 6 hours, the sleep quality is very poor. I wake up wanting to sleep more! But Can't. Either the doctors don't know or don't listen, "I am 26, healthy, and don't snore, I can't have sleep apnea" or....?
Avatar m tn I would to know if there is a connection between dental problems, and anxiety(panic attacks). I have been with many Dr s here in Ontario, and I still has no resolution for the issues. i have been placed on Chlonazipam, though I still suffer the dental pain. I do not have enough money to deal with all of my dental issues, though I am getting some treatment from an oral Dr. I would appreciate all the help that you can offer me.
Avatar f tn past the leg cramos and muscle I am having swallowing problems. SO bad that I failed a Gastric Emptying Test and go to see the Doc about that tomorrow. COuld anxiety actually cause the muscles in the esophagus to spasm or quit moving normally?
1198633 tn?1341182388 s seemed to trigger some pretty bad anxiety attacks. I have heart palpitations atleast a few times a week, and lately when the anxiety gets really bad I start to feel like my heart is going to stop. I get this tingling sensation in my chest radiating into my back and I'm so afraid that at that point I'm just going to fall out. When it's at it's worst I just start trembling all over. After about 10-15 minutes of this, and taking a Xanax, I'm able to calm down.
1243543 tn?1269124022 Hi,throat tightening is a classic symptoms of anxiety,i did experienced this before and now no more,just take it easy i know its hard and over in time it will be gone in days that u even wont noticed it.
Avatar m tn hours ago I accidently move my head backwards and twist my neck for few seconds because I was practicing doing a dance routine, And now I have bad headaches mostly from the back my head and my upper neck and upper back would hurt time to time. Also I would have this feeling in my throat of bubble in there not moving unless I burp but it keep coming up again.
Avatar m tn I would say that PACs and anxiety go hand in hand, just like anxiety and rapid heart rate may do. You don't specify what arrhythmia you had ablated, was it atrial fibrillation? If they isolated the pulmonary veins, your new PACs are very unlikely to trigger any atrial fibrillation. It's likely that you EP knows where in the atria the PACs origin and by that is saying they are benign. PACs feels awful sometimes, especially when you are anxious.
Avatar m tn I am a 23y/o 5'8" 155 lb. non-smoker, and have been experiencing frustrating throat issues recently. I am a long distance runner and the first thing I experienced was SOB on high exertion. When that started (about 2.5 months ago) my anxiety peaked and I started feeling everything from chest pain to dizzyness to full blown panic attacks.
974371 tn?1424653129 I am beginning to think that this is not necessarily an ENT issue but has actually something to do with the *tissue* of my mouth and throat. My tongue, palate and throat are mostly on the dry side, add to that a feeling of something stuck in my throat (more like a wad of mucus feeling), but my mouth and palate feel not only dry but like I have a mouth full of paste and absolutely nothing I use or do alleviates this problem. It is so uncomfortable and it does cause me anxiety.
Avatar n tn my symptoms are extreme fatigue, no energy, insomnia, body aches, low mood, sore neck and throat area, frequent urination and strong odour of urine, mouth ulcers, grinding teeth,headaches, flaky scalp, intolerance to heat, night sweating especially on head and neck,muscle twitches at night mainly in feet and legs, dry eyes, heavy eyes and more recently talking in my sleep..
Avatar m tn ive been having anxiety lately and i am quite young to be having it. every now and then when i try to sleep,just before falling asleep i wake up shocked because i cant breathe. i think that mabie my heart is stopping right in the middle of my relaxation. when i get frightened from thease things i dont breathe normally (stress), tight throat,and sometimes my heart pounds furiously because i worry too much.what could this mean? could it be heart disease?