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Avatar n tn At the moment I am experiencing tight throat mucus in throat constant burping fullness in throat and chest feeling of not been able to breathe weird feeling in throat feel like I have to take deep breathes dizziness and lack of energy and feels like I have a slow pulse
Avatar n tn Is it possible for a hiatial hernia to cause problems with my throat and voice. My symptoms are loss of voice when I talk for a little while---I can no longer sing---I can't get any range at all----my voice has grown so low that when I answer the phone people think its my husband answering. If you have any ideas I'd certainly appreciate it. Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn I have been having throat problems for a few months. I have had an EGDP, Upper Gi Series, and modified barium swallow and continue to feel like there's something stuck in my throat. I was told I have a heinal hernia. What other tests can I take to get help and be healed?
Avatar m tn I recently visit an ENT because i was having problems with phelgm clearing, horseness with my throat. ENT said i have a few vocal cord noduls and my throat looked a little sore. He has me on prilosec, because he figures it GERD. Med seem to help a little, but still having phelgm and horseness. Will visit ENT again in a few weeks. Another problem is my neck is begining to cause pain on bith left and right sides.
Avatar m tn Im 37 years old male, start of 2014 I got really sick, lost 17kg in two weeks and started having non stop throat problems, My local GP is useless! All he has diagnosed me with is anxiety and has given me somac for acid reflux which is not helping. It feels like someone is strangling me all the time, my glands are always swollen and I'm always spitting out a thick white phlem, plus coughing up a green & yellow moucus that is in a clear thick phlem .
Avatar f tn He has tonsillitis expect his throat hurts , could he have got this from another child? I expect he is on anti biotics, make sure he gets liquids,..maybe puree his food if its hard for him to eat ,the fever should go down soon.,if he is still vomiting in 24 hours I think you should take him back to see the doctor ,Good luck hope hes better soon .
Avatar n tn I have all of the symptoms of everyone else...constant phlegm in my throat, and my vocal chords seem to be affected. The doctor says it is allergies and has me on Allegra. That helped a whole bunch for months, but now it is back even worse, even though I am still on Allegra. I tried Nasonex too...I have a cough too and I feel like a good antibiotic would clear it all up, but the doctor says no. I just want to feel better . Some of these entries are old...
Avatar n tn One because one of the four year old step children took a knife and pretended to slit my baby throat. The six year old chased on of the twins with a knife also. She put her arms around his throat.
Avatar f tn You have to admit that it is a little wierd that all 3 children have thyroid problems at such an early age! Please share any advice you can give me.
Avatar n tn i also had felling in my back and my throat felt like something was stock in it and i had occassional stiffness. The doc said that it is my sinus. he gave mme some anitbiotic tabs and some thing upper and lower abdominal inflammation. the felling stopped for a while but then it returned. Also i get a kind of dfeeling in my head, it is not painful but just weird. on the side of my head behind my ears, head, on forehead, my check bones and my nose area between my eyes.
Avatar f tn I went to my ENT and he put the scope down my throat and pointed out swelling in a spot in my throat but he didnt tell me what it is called but he scheduled a swallowing test for tomorrow. I have been told I have Gerd.Is this swelling from that?
974371 tn?1424653129 I have never had any real/noticeable mucus. But I have never tried to hack anything up from my throat, seems my throat is clear, save the fact I suffer from mild obstructive sleep apnea. Maybe your problem is too much good weather in California.
Avatar f tn Hi guys, I'm really worried about my daughter she's 4, I believe my wife and I have herpes type 2 my wife is currently waiting for results from swabs to come back. My question is my little girl keeps getting an ulcer on her inner lip same place each time she doesn't complain or say it hurts, but I'm worried sick! She's fine in her self.
Avatar f tn for the past 3 yrs i have had very awful throat problems. it becomes too dry sometimes, i have lost 28 pounds because of the trouble i have eating. i have trouble eating certain foods,(greasy, spicy,) and certain foods give me an itchy throat, such as oatmeal, and bannanas. and mushy foods such as beans and mashed potatoes feel like they get stuck in my throat. i almost always wake up with a sore throat and a bitter taste in the back of my mouth.