Throat problems from drinking

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Avatar m tn Everytime I drink alcohol wine vodka whiskey beer the day after I immediately have a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes and flu like symptoms the last time I was drinking was last week and when I woke up two days after with a inflamed throat and that turned into me have a bad cold Idk if its drinking ir the weather this time but every other time if I drink or get drunk this happens to me am I allergic to alcohol
Avatar n tn I have been having throat problems for a few months. I have had an EGDP, Upper Gi Series, and modified barium swallow and continue to feel like there's something stuck in my throat. I was told I have a heinal hernia. What other tests can I take to get help and be healed?
Avatar n tn At night time, my throat gets really dry and it disturb me from sleeping. I'm 12 weeks pregnant. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Do they know what the shortness of breath is from? If you have a sore throat and the choking difficulty drinking ,eating soft foods ect. it could be from that stupid breathing tube!!!!! I had more TROUBLE from that than the surgery!! My throat was sore as hell for 4 days that is what I needed the pain meds for two days for!! HAHA! I had lobectomy on 9/8/09 with possible second surgery - look at uh-oh nodule in Italy! post. Good luck to you and I hope you feel well soon!
Avatar m tn It is clearly in the back of my throat. I had my throat looked at about 2 years ago and they said that my throat swells up whenever I drink caffeine and I need to quit drinking caffeine and that will fix it. Well I quit drinking it for a while and that didn't fix it. I still get this problem when I drink fruit drinks, water, just about anything. I don't even have to drink something to get this breathing problem.
Avatar m tn The sore throat could be infectious ( viral or bacterial) in nature, or also caused by acid reflux and not from the dirty object. If the sore throat persists, further evaluation and diagnostic tests like blood test or throat swab may be done. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn with gay male friends of hers while out drinking after theatre rehearsal. I have had a sore throat now for over a week and am wondering: 1) could my sore throat be due to picking up an STD from her i.e. gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes. . . . how can that be tested so I can proceed accordingly? Will gonorrhea acquired from kissing eventually make it's way to urinary tract or does it stay local in throat . . . how long do I have to wait to be tested?
559187 tn?1330782856 Yes I have eating and drinking problems but they actually come from two sources. The firt one is with my hand tremors. This I can live with though I end up having to change clothes quite oftem do to spilling of food and drink. The more immediate problem is with the sollowing as you mentioned. With me it seems like I am swollowing before I intend to at times. I will be cewing on something and without me even trying to swallow the food will go down my throat.
Avatar m tn My symptoms include an itch in the throat, a dry feeling in the throat, throat tightness, dry feeling lips, dry mouth, dry upper part of part, itchy pain at back of mouth, and tongue burning after eating hot food. Please note my mouth FEELS dry, but it actually isnt, its perfectly normal. I also have pins and needles in my hands and feet. I have seen an ENT who did a barium swallow which came out normal.
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Avatar n tn t know if the mucus is from the drip because I have a clear nose but I feel the drip. Also, after eating foods or drinking I bring up thick mucus. It is extremely annoying and my throat gets really sore from constantly clearing it. I don't know what I have or how to get rid of it. If it is my acid reflux how long with this last before the medicine starts working??
Avatar m tn This all started 2 months ago when I was drinking some diet coke from a glass and a small piece of ice went in my throat and my throat spasmed up.2 days later i went to the ER and they did a throat xray and nothing there. Doctor gave me omeprazole. Don't know why. A week later i had an endoscopy and I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis. Normal esophagis. No h. pylori.
Avatar f tn Best description for this problem is gurgling in my throat after eating and drinking but sometimes and after swallowing. Before or after it will happend I feel that my hands are sweating and that my heart is beating a lot of faster. Also i dont feel pain while this is happening. I cant control this at all. Its happening like many times in day, but most time in school. Its also really awkward and i dont know what to do about this. I was also reading a lot of forums about this problem.
228936 tn?1249094248 Hi, I have some reflux problems and swallowing /throat problems that my doctor said could be from long term untreated reflux. Could this make it difficult to sing, ie, making my throat feel irritated while singing? This is a problem because I am a musician and am expected to sing sometimes.
Avatar f tn Ive seen that on teen mom before lol, I am like that when I get thick flem, I try and get a luggie cause I have like a bubble in my throat all the time, nothing normally comes up but I can not swallow! I have to spit! My saliva is juat really thick and weird since beinf pregnant. Drinking lots of water helps me some!
Avatar m tn About your drinking. When I had those pains it was kidney stones. Drinking dehydrates you, that can cause kidney stones. But it could be a hundred other things too. Just stay away from alcohol for good. Your doctor will figure it out. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I'm currently suffering from throat ulcers that became visible some point over past twenty four hours (I've been in bed all day and didn't have a chance to check up on my throat until now), though I've had problems with my throat since yesterday morning that gradually became worse throughout the day. I originally thought it was due to me talking too much as I was dictating my essay, but as it got worse overnight where I did no talking, I decided to look into it more.
Avatar f tn And my mouth and throat still feels so dry!
Avatar m tn how to get immediate relief from the throat irritiation and breathing problems because of that ...
Avatar f tn I burp after drinking liquids and food most of the time. I had gallbladder surgery 9 weeks ago and everything everything went well at that time. However now I've developed this problem. What could this be? I hear rumblings in my esophagus and throat. sometimes I feel like I have a lump in throat but then it goes away. This scares me.
Avatar n tn Hi, I just had a question to see if anyone has experienced this type of issue before. As of a few weeks now, I've noticed what I believe to be a lump feeling inside my throat maybe about 1/3 of the way down. It seems to be there then seems like it goes away. Seems like lately I'm always swallowing a lot or trying to clear what I think is just mucus from there. I did just get over being sick with a head cold and possible strep throat. The Dr.
Avatar n tn The following day or so I had a tightness of the throat which has continued for the last 5 weeks with very mild sorness from time to time seems to be slowly improving - once it was bad I gargelled with antiseptic and this seemed to help - I have had all tests done plus a swab from the throat all neg - any ideas what this could be ?
Avatar m tn In 2000 I developed a duodenal ulcer that was diagnosed and treated with Ranitidine. I was scoped twice and told I had a Hiatus hernia but no H pylori. It took years to fix and finally after overdosing on Antacids it went away in 2005. I became dangerously B12 deficient because I took high doses of Ranitidine for too long. I stopped the Antacids all together and my B12 returned to normal. After stopping antacids and fixing the B12 I started to develop a problem with swallowing.
Avatar n tn Usually I will bend over, or to the left or right, and that gets the burp up, but another one comes right after.Oftentimes I will burp up liquid or food and it seems to be coming from my throat, not all the way from my stomach. Likewise, if I bend over the sink after drinking, water just flows into my mouth from gravity, so its like my food is not going all the way down. This can go on for hours after eating.
Avatar n tn I've had acid problems for the past 4 years and I have slot of gas in my stomach feeling like bloated at times I've never actually got checked for this problem but I wanted to know if I should I also have mild stomach pains off and on.