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Avatar n tn run at 6mph for 2 minutes then run at 3mph or rest for 2 minutes) will be more effective in losing weight than if I ran or walked at a steady pace.Is there any truth to this>?
1066531 tn?1254969334 I’ve been working out for many years now, and i want to know how I can tone my body better without losing a large portion of weight, mostly my chest and midsection? I’m 6ft 198lbs I would like to be around 195 but in much better “shape”. My diet ***** and i’m trying to work on it, but I work out at the gym 2-3 times a week lifting weights and running. I dont run a whole bunch though, would that help my problem or will that just make me lose wieght?
Avatar n tn As the first comment correctly stated, losing weight fast doesn't last and leaves you weaker, which you don't want to be if you're getting ready for basic training. Why not wait to join the military until you're ready?
Avatar f tn For losing weight the most effective way is to sprint for about 30seconds then jog for 30seconds and keep this going for about half an hour
Avatar f tn Running fast is better for performance, running far is better for endurance. Just do what you like, both are good exercise, but running fast gets the work done more quickly if time is a factor. For me, I always liked running when I was still able to run and had no desire to get it over with too quickly, but for performance training, sprinting will make you stronger and more athletic overall.
Avatar f tn What food is beneficial after running? I am losing weight. After running, when can I eat? Thank you!
Avatar n tn So as far as I now, the more muscle you have, the harder it is to lose the fat, and that's kind of my problem now. As a kid, when I started to take my training seriously, I didn't really lose my fat first. A few years later and I'm pretty muscular (I actually want to lose that, too...), it's really hard for me to lose weight. What kind of exercise should I be doing (that will go along with a diet) that I'll be able to lose weight more effectively?
Avatar n tn I am 54 years old and having a difficult time losing weight. During the past 8-9 months, I have not been able to continue my typical exercise regimen due to knee pain and surgery. As a result, I have gained the nine pounds I lost and added 7 more.Approximately two weeks ago, I started to exercise again, managing to workout four days each week, although no change in weight. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn t digest well that are gumming up the works rather than easing the works. As Gym states, weight training makes a body have a better shape but doesn't necessarily make it lighter or thinner -- muscles replace fat but they do take up space. I certainly gained weight when I started lifting weights -- most of my life before that was spent playing sports or running that were mostly cardio, but weight lifting made me a bit broader.
Avatar f tn I have mild tricuspid, plus MVP and LVH, had pvc's (54,000 daily) and Vtach for years; how long I've had this no clue, but I suspect 5-7 years. I do attribute my heart being "healthy" despite this; was my commitment 4 years ago to exercise daily. I hadn't exercised in so many years it was embarassing, so I started off as slow as I could for a week. Then I added 2 minutes per day, then the next week I upped my speed, vice versa.
Avatar f tn Is it true as your profile states you're 16? Here's the thing about running -- it's really enjoyable, you get to be outside instead of locked up in a smelly noisy gym, you get to look at flowers and trees. But every physical activity can cause injury and soreness, and everyone has a different natural ability to do that activity and so your level won't be the same necessarily as someone else.
Avatar m tn I have hit a weight loss plateau, how do I get past this point without losing hope and motivation
2082101 tn?1419965061 Hello there, Firstly I will advise you to eat the right types of foods .All the strength training and running or swimming will not help you manage your shape if you don’t eat the right food. Consider your portion sizes and avoid eating too much food. Maintain a healthy balanced diet. Include aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, tennis into your week which increases your energy expenditure and makes managing your shape easier.
Avatar f tn Losing weight is hardly about working out; however, muscle burns more calories than fat. Losing weight is 80% the diet and 20% exercise. You would want to do full body, bodyweight exercises three times a week. (full body, and bodyweight burns more calories because you are using more muscles. you want to choose 10 exercises to workout with for the workout and keep the reps around 12-15.
Avatar m tn I'm a 44 year old female, 5'4" and weigh 160lbs. I'd like to weight 130lbs. I've been following Weight Watchers for 2 months, very faithfully, writing everything down, staying within my points range and I haven't lost a pound! Up 1lb. one week, down 1lb. the next week. This goes on week after week and I stay the same. I exercise my butt off at least 6 days a week for an hour or more a day. Cardio/weight training and Karate 3x a week.
Avatar f tn also take up a whole body weight training program to build up lean muscle mass, so it shows through once the body fat starts to strip off. Think of it as diet strips the fat & exercise builds the muscle. I recommend hiring a PT that's experienced with building bodies to have you onto a minimum 12week full body program, to have you seeing real results. Michael Matthews books are very informative, I recommend getting one (can download as an Ebook) & reading up.
Avatar f tn Not if you do chest toning exercises while losing weight. You don't want to lose weight without toning up your body as you go, anyways. Doing so would only cause you to have saggy skin and stretch marks all over your body. Make sure you are toning up! Also, spend the extra money to make sure A. you have a really good supportive everyday bra and B. you have a good, supportive exercise bra. As far as exercise goes, I recommend weight training every other day and cardio on the off days.
Avatar f tn I was on complete bed rest. Ever since I have put on weight. I joined a slimming program but there also instead of losing eight I gained 9 pounds. I have tried everything. I do not have thyroid. My PCOS tests were also normal. Still I cannot lose weight. I am a pro-diabetic and it is very important that I lose weight. Please help!
Avatar f tn It's not unusual to gain a little weight when first starting to exercise. When you begin an exercise program, you begin building muscle, so even though you aren't losing pounds, you might be losing inches. You might want to take your measurements - waist, bust, hips, thighs, arms - you might actually be getting smaller. You might also want to think about getting your thyroid tested to make sure it's functioning properly since hypothyroidism is a major cause of weight gain.
Avatar f tn You are doing great! There is no way to 'spot reduce' so if you keep running you will drop weight all over even if you are not doing crunches etc. Interval training is a great way to increase the intensity of your exercise without overdoing it. If you are sticking to a low-fat, high protein, moderate carb diet all week you can safely have 1 cheat day a week! If you want to see faster results go with '1 cheat meal' vs '1 cheat day'!
Avatar f tn You do need to be sure to mix up your exercise, though and not just do one thing. Be sure to add weight training with your cardio (running), since weight training is what builds muscle. You can do weight training using light hand weights, or if you don't have any, use your own body weight. Check out YouTube for examples.
Avatar m tn My new addiction will include the Couch to 5k program, the hundred push ups training program and the two hundred sit-ups training program. Someone once told me that if you are going to abandon an addiction, find something else to get addicted to and considering my history, I figured health might be a good addiction. I'll never be buff but at least I won't be a blob anymore.
Avatar f tn Listen there is no easy magic solution to losing weight. When going to the gym do high reps low weight and do the workouts fast without any breaks Lower your carb intake and caloric intake Increase the amount of protein you take in and go running often. There's a difference between training hard and over training your body is made in the kitchen . Lastly a rolles Royce takes 6 months to make and a Toyota takes 13 hours.
Avatar f tn t have hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, etc, as these can all make losing weight more difficult, as well as causing aches/pains by themselves. I totally agree that you need to opt for low impact exercise, such as swimming, water aerobics, yoga, etc. Once you start losing some weight, you should see some of the pains diminish.
Avatar n tn t neglect your balanced diet, vegetables will always be the most important nutrient sources in a diet, but it is true, adding protein to a resistance training program will probably speed up the building of muscle. But hard work is the biggest factor. Always put health above looks. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Milk isn't good for you anyway, so that's no loss, and it doesn't really add weight all that much unless you eat a ton of it. But here's the thing -- unless you have a physiological condition that prevents you from absorbing the food you eat, and that is a condition that exists, eating more of anything will help you gain weight. The more food you eat that metabolizes quickly into sugar or contains high fat will likely help you to gain weight.
Avatar n tn Calorie indicators are a generalization, a starting point, but not what you in particular need. If you're not losing weight, you're not eating too little. Pretty simple. But the quality of your food might not be just right, or the time of eating, which can account for some of the pain. For example, after running, if you don't cool down and then stretch, lactic acid will build up and cause pain.