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Avatar f tn Gluten free is very controversial; works for some; not for others. Think twice about it, if you aren't celiac or gluten intolerant. There can be repercussions if not intolerant. Whole grains are an important part of a healthy diet.......
1286779 tn?1400012806 What are your test results and the reference ranges. Sometimes patients are undertreated, which makes losing weight much harder. Best diet for thyroid is generally lower carb type diet. Avoid junk food, highly processed foods, and sugars. Don't eat too much fruit, or drink fruit juices. Some people with thyroid conditions do much better following gluten free diet. Would be good if you can be tested for celiac. Sometimes celiac and thyroid occur together. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I'm curious as to whether or not the casein and gluten-free diet is one that needs to be adhered to for the entirety of a person's life who has autism and has found it to help? What happens if my son's autism improves because of this diet but he goes back to consuming casein and gluten some day? Will his autistic symptoms reappear or have they been cured?
393685 tn?1425812522 Has changing your diet to gluten free with or not low glycemic diet helped anyone yet with feeling better and/or losing weight?
Avatar f tn Since I have been diagnosed with celiac and started gluten free I have gained weight what am I doing wrong. I don't eat bread or pasta unless it's gluten free and if I do eat it it is not too much because I don't like taste of it.
Avatar f tn I am struggling to eat anything!! Everything seems to trigger the bloating and cramps. Even when I eat noting for a long period of time, I get bloated. Some weeks are better than others, but I get these periods for about a week that I feel so bloated and it just doesn't seem to go away - not even with medication. I have been to a specialist doctor who did blood tests and said everything was o.k. I even went to my gynie to see if he can't help me.
Avatar f tn I'm on a refined sugar free diet and i'm losing weight loss and improving insulin resistance. I do eat some carbs including rice though. I've had your symptoms from magnesium deficiency - migranes, TMJ, fatigue, dizziness, back and neck problems. Sugar loves to deplete magnesium! I keep developing magnesium deficiency due to my insulin resistance. Sugar..so sweet but so mean!
Avatar f tn 100% natural and very effective. Gluten and sugar free, so also good for losing weight.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a long history of abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, headaches, skin breakouts, joint pain, exhaustion and spinal tenderness/tingling. I have gone gluten free for a long time, but when I got pregnant I ate gluten and all the symptoms were gone. I'm now 8 months post pardum and still eating some gluten. The stomach issues are significantly less than prior to pregnancy, but I still get headaches and a very, very sore spine.
Avatar m tn I have tried going gluten free,eating well,meditation,cannabis,etc but I just can't eat much without horrible pain.I've had Cat scans,Ultrasound, Colonoscopy,they found nothing. I'm lucky I have a sympathetic and fairly easy job.I'm changing doctors currently, old one was clueless.Opinions, shared stories? Thanks!
Avatar f tn OMG...this does not make me feel any better. I feel like that myself, the belly part. I do at least 30 mins of cardio almost daily and three times a week do strength training also. I watch the calories and that I am getting enough protein. Although I'm not losing any bit of weight, my hips and thighs have both gone down two inches and other areas that are not the abdomen are toning up. However...the belly and waist area has increased!
139792 tn?1498585650 Imagine a life in which your favorite comfort foods, such as pasta, bread, cereal and cookies, could cause you to become violently ill. This is reality for an estimated 3 million Americans who have been diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that involves a severe reaction to foods containing gluten. Growing awareness of the condition, combined with consumer demand, has brought an increasing number of gluten-free products to store shelves in recent years.
Avatar n tn So About 6 weeks ago I found out I have hashimotos disease. Along with a possible gluten intolerance. I was started on synthroid 25mg but only took it for 10 days because I actually felt worse on it. I know it shouldn't even effect me for 4 weeks. I have another appointment next week, however right now I started taking zoloft for the anxiety.
Avatar n tn The best weight loss diet I had to start for my new lifestyle healthy change. I know fresh is better but frozen is just as good and more convenient...
Avatar f tn OK, the suggestion was for a self-test, not a medical test. If you experience sustained symptom improvement while on the gluten-free diet, it is pretty clear that you have Celiac's or at least a very serious gluten sensitivity. But if you want to have medical tests to rule out Celiac's, you should NOT abstain from foods containing gluten.
Avatar f tn Kirsten, it depends on what your T3 levels are. If they are within a good range, then the doc probably won't add any. You may need T3, or you may need your T4 raised. 62.5 Synthroid isn't that much. Post your levels when you get them and ask the members of the forum their opinions. Are you gluten/soy free? Read the post in this forum, "To soy or not to soy". Take care...
Avatar f tn I will try again to eliminate it and see how I feel, and how my numbers look next time I do labs. I will go back to gluten free also. I considered going vegetarian/gluten free and no dairy...just need to commit to this. Yes, I need to feel better. I think my craving for coffee is to help my body feel better, but that is just a band aid. I need to resolve the root of the issue. Plus the B6 issue is troubling, but I'm pushing through... Thank you for your thoughts!
Avatar f tn I have been debating the possibility of underactive thyroid for a little while now. My mom has Grave's disease and a VERY overactive thyroid, so I guess it could run in the genes... Within the past year or so I feel like I can suddenly eat a ton of food and not gain weight. It's really weird. I'm by no means underweight (5'3" and 112 lbs.) BUT I have seriously felt like a bottomless pit this past month! I can't get rid of this crazy hunger!
Avatar f tn There are a ton of books out there for this, as it's quite a fad these days even for people who don't have Celiac, so I'd look into that. But cooking gluten free isn't any different from cooking with gluten unless you're making bread or cookies -- most foods don't contain gluten so you're already eating mostly gluten free unless all you eat is bread and pasta.
Avatar f tn s is a brand of gluten free baked goods you may find pretty good. Canyon Bake House makes a terrific gluten free rosemary focaccia bread that is actually soft and not crumbly.
Avatar f tn My doctor suggested that I stop eating gluten. I have been gluten free for 2 1/2 days and I'm so hungry. My stomach is growling constanly. I have purchased gluten free crakers, pasta, and bread so I'm eating some carbs. Does this feeling go away after your body adjusts? I have more brain fog than ever and I just feel so weak. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn have your thyroid tested, i had ssame thing, hypo thyroid symptoms normal TSH, but i was growing goitors on synthroid losing wt eatting gluten free menu, alot of RX can cause wt gain...
Avatar n tn Seeing you are having such a problem losing weight, consider food sensitivities. These can block weight loss. One of the most common is gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley, oats, and anything made from these. Try a gluten free diet and see if it helps. Also, you may wish to cut out refined carbs.
Avatar f tn Some celiacs gain weight and others lose weight. My children are both gluten intolerant, yet one loses weight and the other gains if they eat gluten.
Avatar f tn s intention should be based only on personal stories on going gluten-free or not going gluten free and if any benefits were achieved as the topic of interest here.
Avatar n tn If biopsy showed an allergy to wheat, is he on a gluten free diet, or have you only removed wheat? Gluten is in a TON of stuff that may or may not be on the packaging. Celiac disease is something that will not be outgrown. It is a lifelong disease. It is entirely possible that he is getting glutenized from something inconspicuous. Does he see a dietician or nutritionist to help you manage the "allergy"? They can be very helpful.