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Avatar f tn How much weight will I lose? My weight us 155 and my target weight I'd 119 I hope to reach it by the end of October.
Avatar n tn Also, I should add, as this is the weight loss community, fasting is a terrible way to lose weight. When you go back to eating, if you haven't changed your diet permanently to one that works better for you you'll just go right back to where you started. There are a lot of good reasons to fast, but losing weight isn't one of them.
Avatar n tn in ramadhan, I've restrain myself from eating these because I know my stomach can't consume all those in one go which I thought it would be a great time for me to lose weight with the additional exercise.As for honey...well I absolutely hate drinking plain water...
Avatar n tn Your weight and leanness is determined by your genetics and by your diet and how it affects your metabolism. Fasting can be useful for spiritual and detoxification, but obviously one doesn't need to detox a whole lot.
973741 tn?1342346373 Although you can obviously lose weight by not eating, you also lose nutrients that way. Fasting is a spiritual and cleansing technique, but those who do it historically would typically do it when not doing much of anything else -- it was a rest. If you're still doing all the things you usually do, you'll just lose nutrients that you need to do those things, especially if you're athletically active or work in a job that requires a lot of physical exertion.
Avatar f tn As long as you burn more calories than you are taking in, you WILL lose weight. But if that is true, then last March when I was sick with the flu and ate not a bite of anything for two weeks, why was I 22 pounds heavier at the end of those two weeks than I was the day I got sick? And when I was in the hospital with pneumonia last August, I was on nothing but an IV drip for a week. I gained 9 pounds in those four days. Typical day: up at 4 a.m. Leave for work by 4:20 a.m. At work by 5:15 a.m.
Avatar f tn Here is the answer to this question. In order to lose weight, you have to subtract calories. Safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs/week, so in order to lose 1 lb/week, you'd have to drop 500 calories from your BMR each day (1 lb is equal to 3500 calories, so 500 calories X 7 days = 3500 calories or 1 lb). OR you can drop 250 calories from your diet and increase .....
Avatar n tn 1-2 days a week try to eat all your meals within a 10 hour period, or even 1 day a week when you don't eat at all. During that day you make sure you drink water, I would also recommend coconut water as it has many nutrients that body needs, feel free to have some natural broth, and take a good multivitamin.
1138510 tn?1269792907 Hope you can keep weight off,and not suffer any side effects from your fasting. In my case, my body is damaged by anal cancer treatment...radiation...so even if I want to fast, I can't ...my colon needs fiber or stops functioning...then it's a trip to ER. I have been slender all my life, and believe I would be lots happier if I could lose at least 20 lbs....so have cut way back. Best luck....maybe taking a vitamin supplement will help keep body balanced.
Avatar m tn Paxiled is right. You can lose some weight very fast but it won't be permanent. and is often water weight. Fasting will do this. There are benefits to a fast and it's not a bad idea as long as you understand that it's a short term thing to do and the results will be quick. And then end. And then you are back where you started and perhaps even worse off. Another way in my opinion to make a big impact is to overhaul your diet.
Avatar m tn During fasting, we rest our system from the constant onslaught of food stuffs. We usually think of food as giving us energy, so it can be a new way of thinking to understand how the food we eat actually requires energy. Digesting, assimilating and metabolizing--these activities require a great deal of energy. It is estimated that 65% of the body's energy must be directed to the digestive organs after a heavy meal.
Avatar f tn Others fast to try to detox their bodies, or for religious reasons. If you're fasting to lose weight, you may want to reconsider. The weight loss may not last after you finish fasting. If your goal is to detox your body, you should know that there's no proof that it works. Your body naturally detoxes itself. Fasting diets aren't all the same. Some allow only liquids like water, juice, or tea. Others cut calories drastically, but don't completely ban food.
Avatar n tn I asked the doctors if it was because of the fasting, and they said not necessarily, and I was also told by other women that there are other religious opinions not to fast at all. I am now pregnant again but in 6th month. My doctor told me I must not fast,especially at this stage of the pregnancy. Now I need to explain this advice to my religious authority to determine what I must do.
619345 tn?1310345021 Well I have had every blood test possible and all came back good so I have decided to tx will start after my cataract surgery late December but I have to take off weight my GI would like me to lose at least 8 to 10 kilos I will be on Pegitron 100 and Riba 1200 otherwise he will prescribe Pegasys but prefers I do the Pegitron as for my genotype 1b he feels I will have a better chance I was turned on to a product I am considering using I have checked it out on the internet has anyone tried Li
Avatar n tn I think this is called the raw food diet, some stars like Demi Moore are on this diet. Yes you will lose weight by doing this, but when you get off of it and go back to your regular eating habits you will put back on the weight. The water weight that you lose immediately, will come back immediately as soon as you put some type of carb in your mouth.
Avatar n tn I am on a liquid diet primarily to lose weight since I am too lazy to exercise and find moderation more difficult than abstinence. In my youth I used to fast on water 24-36 hours a week regularly. A year ago I tried a straight spirulina fast and I got 'high' after 3 days. Not my goal. I expect to do calesthenics once I am down to what was my normal weight when I was 25 (I am now 43).
Avatar m tn Avoid the alcohol for a few days, if you are able. I once knew a guy very well who was very smart, except about small numbers. He was always getting 2 and 5 confused.
Avatar f tn I did not change anything in my life, except that I had an appendicitis surgery that went very wrong and then I went through a stressful period. Since then, (1.5 yrs ago) I cannot lose the weight. (I don't gain weight either tho.) I eat very healthily, drink plenty of water only, count in the calories I take in everyday, exercise a good 1.5 to 2h a day. I do not eat junk food. None of the above have any effects on my weight.
Avatar n tn hi i am 13 and im not happy with my weight,i want to lose weight by the time i go back to school after the summer holidays help?!
Avatar f tn Phentermine is a drug and although it may work to lose weight, chances are the weight will be regained as soon as one goes off the drug and goes back onto a reasonable eating plan. Secondly, there is no basis for the idea that HCG causes weight loss. When one is on the HCG treatment, they must also be on a restricted 500 calorie/day diet. Anyone on a 500 calorie diet will lose weight, with or without the HCG... This is very unhealthy as it doesn't provide adequate nutrients.
Avatar n tn 2) If you are taking prescription medication, do so around the same time everyday as prescribed. 3) If you can afford to lose body weight, LOSE IT! 4) Eat small balanced meals 5 - 6 times during the day. Mind your carbs and sugars. (develop a habit of reading food labels) 5) Drink plenty of water though out the day. (about 8 cups of water or 64 ounces) 6) Stay active! If your lifestyle can not accommodate this, incorporate a daily exercise regiment.
1767041 tn?1313769051 Interesting post. I'm not sure what you mean by a "water fast". do you mean ony water -no food for the duration of the fast? If I were you I would not attempt any kind of fasting without consulting a doctor first. Personally I think if had the will power to fast for 21 days a year ago you have the will power to embark on a more triditional mode of dieting with a view to sustainable long term weight loss.
10538711 tn?1443575042 If you are an active man multiply your weight by 15 but if you are inactive multiply by 13. If you are an active women multiply your weight by 12 but if you are inactive multiply by 10. Subtract 500 or 1,000 from your calories needed to maintain current weight. Lose 1 to 2 lbs. per week by reducing your calorie intake by 500 to 1,000 per day. For example, if you require 2,000 calories per day but want to lose 1 lb. per week you must limit your daily calorie intake to 1,500.
765828 tn?1306267468 I'd like some recommendations for food substitutions to help her lose some weight. I've tried vegetables and she picks them out and leaves them on the floor. I even tried to mix it with a little peanut butter to cover the taste, but she will not eat anything that is actually meant for her to eat. She is a well tempered dog and does not try to steal food from me. I do not give her treats or scraps unless it's just a piece of bread or something like that.
Avatar n tn Hello! Sure you can lose weight perfectly by planning your diet and eating healthy. To start with you say a strict no to any deep fries, sweets, cold drinks, lassi, choclates, pastries, desserts etc. Avoid Maida, Paneer, meats like mutton etc. Eat enough sprouts, puffed rice, rice flakes in breakfast with fruits. During lunch and dinner eat plain roties, dal, fish, sabjee. Avoid fat as in meats and eggs. For dinner have healthy soups, salads, roties, dal, sabjee, dahi etc.
Avatar m tn Your body will fight back by making you very hungry. I know the frustration and you want to lose it fast but slow and steady is always better. Your body will thank you.
Avatar f tn If she's not eating any food, she needs to know that she's about to cut her metabolism weight. Fasting causes the body to immediately begin to conserve resources, and when she eats again she'll be bigger than before.
29837 tn?1414538248 Let's face it, during treatment most of us lose our appetite and lose weight. The results for some is the Vampira or Nostradamus look after a few months. I just spoke to my pharmaceutical nurse (in charge of monitoring me on the new treatment), and she mentioned a couple of things. Ginger, also Ginger Snaps with a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter (which is high in calories), can help keep your weight up. She cautioned me against sugar. I personally read every label of everything I eat.
Avatar f tn (My mom bought me a Weight Watchers scale for Christmas that has an app that averages weight over a certain period of time to see the overall trend - this is definitely better than going by what the scale says for one day, but I didn't have this until after I lost the weight). The slower you lose the weight, the more likely the weight is to stay off and that you're not going to permanently screw up your metabolism.