How to lose weight after your thyroid is removed

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Avatar f tn All I ever read is the key to weight loss is your metabolism. How do I increase it without a thyroid? It is very frustrating!
822804 tn?1298226302 It the weight issue is due to low metabolism due to a thyroid problem, then trying to lose weight is very difficult and trying to maintain the loss becomes almost impossible. So you need to get your doctor to test for Free T3 and Free T4, along with Reverse T3. The Frees are the small portion of thyroid hormone not attached to protein molecules and thereby, being "free" are biologically active. Free T3 largely regulates metabolism and many other body functions.
Avatar f tn One of the main symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain, because your thyroid controls your metabolism and when your thyroid no longer works properly, neither does your metabolism ... bingo, we've probably found the cause of your weight gain/inability to lose!! Welcome to the club. I'm assuming that you're on thyroid replacement hormones... is that correct? What med(s) and dosage(s) are you on and how long have you been on them?
Avatar n tn Has anyone lost weight after they were treated or had there thyroid removed?
4353273 tn?1356698605 I'd strongly urge you to go get some simple blood tests to determine whether or not your thyroid is functioning properly. Your thyroid controls your metabolism, heart rate, body temperature, as well as other body functions. If it doesn't work properly, your whole system will be "off", including weight and skin issues, hair loss, feeling cold, fatigue, constipation, etc.
665125 tn?1273023924 It took a yr. to get my dosage to where it needed to be in order for my weight to get back to normal. You must have patience. What level of medication do they have you on? Are you getting your TSH tested every sixe weeks until it gets to 1.0 or .5 (at least that is where my dr. wants to keep me). I would IMO not take any diet pills right now. I just continued to eat right. (seriously right) so that when my level finally got back to normal the weight would come off.
Avatar f tn Thanks for sharing your experience. As for not being autoimmune, it is impossible to know unless they test for antibodies for thyroglobulin (Tg) and thyroid peroxidase (TPO). In my case, multinodular goiter is almost always caused by either an iodine deficiency (unlikely in places with iodized salt) or Hashimoto's or Graves.
1817063 tn?1317200737 What are your actual thyroid hormone levels? Typically, if you're still hypo, you won't be able to lose weight. Please post results with reference ranges so we can better assess your situation. What type of tumor surgery did you have? Was your thyroid removed? How long have you been on the HC?
Avatar f tn Because my appetite is still the same. Please dont tell me to eat oatmeal,i cant swallow it,i hate it. Is there any other ways for me to lose appetite ? And also i do exercise.
579258 tn?1250649343 Well, for one thing I would love to know more on how to mantain your weight after you lose all the pounds that are needed. I'm still off my goal by about 100lbs, but hoping to be there next year. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I had resection April 2017 and have rapid weight gain. I too know how to duet and lose weight, but nothing is working. I am back problems so take 300 mg zantac per day so the pan meds will not kill my stomach. There has got to bc a solution. I just wish I could find it. It is very depressing.
1427811 tn?1282967954 me too i have gained 45 pounds since my gallbladder was removed two years ago, i havent been checked for thyroid diease but i have been told that the reason for my weight gain is because our gallbladder is used to breakdown the bile but since we dont have it anymore there isnt anything to help breakdown the bile and some how it doesnt let us lose weight fast enough.
1273267 tn?1271692288 I use to want to know how long this takes to get better but it appears this might be awhile. What I would like to know is how many of you got the weight off you gained and coped with your deppression. I have a wonderful supportive family.
Avatar f tn 144 lbs at your height isnt bad at all! Just to make you feel better (probably wont cuz people are more picky about themselves) I weight 160 and Im 5' 2''. Believe it or not (I dont) my hubbys friends are always telling him how hot I am and gorgeous etc. I thought they were just being nice till 5 of them all crowded around the car when I dropped him off. You are probably jsut too picky about yourself. I was down to 100lbs and still wasnt confident or felt the least bit skinny.
Avatar f tn Your thyroid is such an important gland that having antibodies to some of the hormones it makes is probably not so bad as losing the entire gland. People can live well without their thyroid gland, but LazyMoose's suggestion to read the thread from a member who has had his removed is likely to be very good advice.
Avatar m tn Getting your thyroid hormone levels right will allow you to lose weight, not make you lose weight, i.e. a weight loss program will work better.
Avatar n tn No supplement is likely to help. Weight is a balance of calories in // calories out ---- this is true for thyroid and non-thyroid patients. Keeping the TSH in target range (ask your doctor about your target as it may be different based on the thyroid cancer history).
Avatar f tn However, weight loss after pregnancy is what is supposed to happen. 24 pounds is just about the right amount to lose, too. Remember, you were carrying a lot of extra stuff in your body while pregnant. The rest of the symptoms could definitely be attributed to hormones. Plus, if you're breastfeeding, you will get very thirsty. It's nature's way of reminding you to drink to keep your milk supply up.
Avatar m tn Looks like you might to have to cut down on calorie intake and make different food choices, I know I had to after menopause. One possible side effect of Euthyrox is increased appetite another is weight loss so who know what effects it's having on you? The Mediterranean Diet has lots of good suggestions and recipes all over the www. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I see it as your thyroid affecting your hormonal levels. I had my thyroid zapped due to graves/hyper, however I had it surgically removed due to thyroid storm. For me it was my thyroid issues causing all my hormonal problems. If my dosage was not right "for my body", then my periods would be all over the place. I was 24yrs old when I had my thyroid removed. Now at 45yrs old I had a hysterectomy. Too me the thyroid controls the women hormones as well.
Avatar m tn He had the trachea removed and the J tube removed in June 2012 and gradually continued to lose weight. Now he is over 1 year post op and is now 15 pounds under weight. Before surgery he was 5' 3, 212 pounds and now 130 pounds. He eats 3 small meals a day, be can't seem to gain weight. His memory is getting poor also. Any idea as to why this is happening? Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn s experience, it took a little while to adjust his dosage to get his levels normal and then after is was leveled, it took time for the symptoms to go away. Best of luck!