How to lose weight quickly on atkins

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Avatar f tn While Atkins may help you lose weight fast, it's not something that most people can stay on long term. An overall healthy diet that centers on veggies, lean protein, low/no fat dairy and eliminates sugar and processed foods, including sugar, white bread, pasta etc is something you can maintain. It's not fast, but fast isn't healthy and will only result in further gain down the road.
Avatar f tn Hey,i am an obese teen. I am trying to lose weight but y'know...i really love food. I tried so hard not to eat,but i still end up eating more than 2000 calories a day. I started taking fish oil cause i heard it can make someone lose it true? Because my appetite is still the same. Please dont tell me to eat oatmeal,i cant swallow it,i hate it. Is there any other ways for me to lose appetite ? And also i do exercise.
Avatar n tn If you google the above exercises you will see how to perform them. The following Interval is very good! You can do it on a stationary bike, elliptical or the treadmill at the gym. The Peak 8 routine it will quickly raise your heart rate 8 times for very short bursts, with a cooling down period in between. Ideally you’ll be sprinting or cycling full throttle for 30 seconds with a 90 second cool down in between each outburst. This is the fastest way to lose fat and build muscle in the body.
Avatar f tn Atkins works wonders, go to the Atkins website! I lost 15lbs in the last 3 weeks. Easiest diet ever!
Avatar f tn You might try atkins to lose that in a week.
Avatar m tn Is there any prescription I can ask for to go on for a short amount of time (less than six weeks) to get started losing weight? I lost 28 lbs on the Atkins diet but I have regained 15 because I didn't follow the program right, then quit it all together and started eating anything I want. I have never had a weight problem my whole life till now and I am 56 and female. If I could have a little help from a med for a short amount of time to get started I think it would help me.
Avatar m tn Overeating is not the issue and exercise is extremely difficult as she is barely able to walk, even with a walker. How does someone like her lose weight? I have put her on an Atkins-type eating regimen, but all that has done is kept her around the same weight. I am completely out of ideas but don't want to give up on her. Any ideas would help. Thank you.
Avatar m tn The other advice I give to people about Atkins is not to stay on the Induction phase longer than 2 weeks at a time, depending on their health. If they strictly follow the plan (which is very healthy!), they will still lose weight. I am just not a "follow a plan" kind of person and I know this, so I had to vow off of all plans. I actually lost weight by increasing protein, fiber, dairy and decreasing bad carbs. Sound familiar? OH !!! AND I GREATLY INCREASED MY ACTIVITY LEVEL !!!
Avatar f tn Am going on holiday on Aug the 8th and wanna lose about 5 to 10 pounds any ideas am drinking lots of water.
4054761 tn?1349368749 I agree that most diets that deprive one of a complete food group are not good, because the body needs the nutrients from all groups. Plus once the diet it kicked to the curb, the weight usually comes back. There are 2 types of carbohydrates; the simple ones, that include things made from refined sugar, flour, white rice, etc. These carbs raise your blood sugar quickly, and if not burned off right away, will be stored as fat.
Avatar f tn Mornings I drink a smoothie (7:30 a.m.): One banana, an orange, handful of raw spinach, handful of natural granola, handful of natural almonds, handful of natural walnuts, cup of water & a tablespoon of coconut. You can use switch it up how ever you want your smoothie to be. If the smoothie doesn't fill me up, I eat a bowl of fiber one cereal with 2% milk. Snack (10 a.m.): Apple & raw baby carrots. Half liter of water Lunch (12:30 p.m.
1372716 tn?1278527329 I am on a weight loss program called Take Shape For Life and this program has allowed me to lose 20 pounds per month the last two months and 77 pounds over all. It is healthy and rapid with Medifast Meals. Check out this website www.midwestweightloss.tsfl.
Avatar f tn I have calculated with the app "my diet diary" it says around 736 and i end up eating below that calorie count i don't know how much calories to eat to loose weight quickly n still have a good metabolism which i have heard lower intake of calories than required lower ur metabolism...pls recommend something .
Avatar n tn i am really desperate to lose weight and inches!
451075 tn?1210258648 You are working out a lot, Your body needs good quality fuel in the form a balance between proteins and complex carbohydrates to work at its top efficiency. How much weight do you have to lose? It would be far better to adopt a modified plan that includes some vegetables and complex carbohydrates, in my opinion....something that you can keep up over the long run. You can make it heavier on the protein side if you are trying to build muscle.
Avatar f tn 1 im 23 years old n i weight 190 i know im obese i want to lose weight so far all i eat is fruit veggies chicken n fish. n drink nothing but water..i try to not be tempted by juice. if i get to at least 150 ill be find! can u help me out?
558632 tn?1303471125 i have tried to lose to no avail. was going to try the atkins next? is it a no lose situation until i am either regulated or undergo RAI or a thyroidectomy? has anyone lose weight that is gaining with graves (instead of losing), or should i just watch what i eat deal with the 20 lbs gained and counting and wait until remiss, or one of the above.
Avatar f tn Please help! I had back surgery in 2009 and put on alot of weight due to constant pain and neuropathy. I have not worked since and have been sedentary for past 6 yrs. I decided 6 weeks ago to do something about it. As of 6 weeks ago I started walking 45 min a day, use an eliptical twice a day 30 min each time, cut out all carbs do only spark, water, protein shakes veggies. Went to dr yesterday and have not lost even a pound. Feel so angry depressed sad etc... What am I doing wrong?
Avatar f tn to lose ten lbs fast try the sacred heart diet. Its a one week diet. Google it and you can see what its all about. Im trying it right now to start my weight loss and it gaurentees between 10-15lb weight loss after the first week if you dont cheat. So far im on the fifth day and Ive lost 5lbs but I also cheated. Maybe you have more will power than me. Honestly it works. However you need to enjoy soup. after the third day its usually easier to not eat than to eat more soup.
484844 tn?1253968693 I've been on the South Beach diet before. I liked the emphasis on good fats, but found the 1st 2 weeks, where your carb intake is so severely restricted, to be beyond what I wanted to do. I've heard its supposed to be very good for people with insulin resistance, but I couldn't stay on it long enough to gain any real results. I did lose weight, but regained it pretty quickly when I couldn't make it into a life long change.
Avatar m tn Synopsis: I'm a vegan considering going Atkins for a short time in order to lose the last bit of very, very stubborn weight. About 50lbs of it. Confession: I've been fat all my life. Most of it I've not just been fat, but obese. in 7th grade I hit 220lbs. In high school I was at 285lbs. 5 years ago I hit 320lbs. Of course, the progression hasn't been that linear. During college I once dropped to 240, and after that spent my time bouncing between 260 and 285.
Avatar m tn I started in may on Atkins and lost almost 20 pounds a month..then in July I quit loosing weight all month. I changed to calories and added fruits and vegetables plus some complex carbs...lost another 33 pounds.. I have 20 to go and can't decide whether to stay on calories or back to Atkins.. my doc says I have glycemic issues but not diabetes... yet... any advice?
Avatar f tn I know it's hard and ur impatient but if u lose that much weight that quickly u will make urself I'll, u should only lose between 1-2lbs per week if u lose more then it's actually ur muscle mass and not fat that u r losing.