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Avatar f tn Remember, that anxiety can often lead to depression which in itself can cause weight gain for a viarity of reasons. I actually lost weight while taking an SSRI, but I think it had to do a lot more with a normal exercise routine and watching what I ate.
Avatar n tn I gained a bunch of weight on Lexapro, too. I am starting the Hcg protocol Monday. The lexapro also messed with my thyroid and adrenals and I have ended up taking hormones to correct AFTER getting off the lexapro. No depression at all(except the normal getting bummed out after something bad happens). I was able to lose 40 lbs slowly after addressing my hormone issues and getting off of antidepressants with minimal exercise. Starting hcg to jump start weightloss again.
Avatar f tn I am also on Lexapro. I was concerned about the weight gain that I might experience, because I had massive weight gains when I was pregnant. I searched the Internet and read from several source that CLA helps combat weight gain from anti-depressants. I'm taking the following supplements each day: 2 Omega 6 (I haven't had the chance to buy Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) yet.
616534 tn?1233240097 My doctor just took me off Effexor and put me on Lexapro. My weight is part of my depression. I can't afford to gain.
Avatar n tn I remember my doc telling me one time that less than 2% of people have TRUE, unexplained weight gain with Lexapro. The other ones that gain weight, it's a simple calories in versus calories out deal (that was true for me). And even that number is suppose to be low. I know a couple people who never gained a pound on Lexapro (LUCKY). I don't know about cymbalta or wellbutrin, hopefully you can get good responses from those with experience!
Avatar n tn All that I'm reading about lexapro is the side effect of weight gain! Are there any people who have not experienced weight gain? My doctor just put me on 10mg of Lexapro a day for anxiety. I've worked hard to get into the shape I'm currently in (lost 30lbs last year). I workout regularly, exercise, and eat healthy...but I'm really concerned about gaining weight. If you've been taking this drug and haven't experienced any weight gain...I want to hear from you!
Avatar n tn I have been on Lexapro for about a year and a half. I have gained close to 20 pounds and it's still climbing. I was very concerned about weight gain and my doctor told me Lexapro was "weight neutral". I initially lost a few pounds and then a slow but steady climb. I try dieting and exercise but do not loose any significant weight which leaves me no incentive to continue trying. I am 5'2 and now about 145 pounds which of course really depresses me.
Avatar f tn Hello all! I am currently taking Lexapro 10mg due to some recnet depression in my life. I just started to take it this past weekend and I have noticed that I am getting some mild pain in my right arm, and sometimes some pain in my chest. Is this a side effect that I havent read about?
Avatar f tn Anyone have good results on lexapro? How about bad? I know you gain weight on it.
Avatar n tn Hard to believe, since I have been on several SSRI's and none of them caused weight gain. I'm on Lexapro now and experienced no weight gain. Have you talked to your prescribing doctor about this? The weight gain could also be caused by other things such as hypothyroidism or DEPRESSION. 10 mg is the smallest dose of Lexapro, tapering off would be like maybe cutting a pill in half but I don't advise it. Don't go off any antidepressents without first consulting your psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn It's true that some prescription psychotropic medications result in weight gain, but Lexapro is rarely linked to this. Your thyroid hormones are intrinsically linked to metabolism and digestive processes, whereas it's unclear whether weight gain experienced by those on Lexapro is attributable to the medication or to changes in environmental factors brought about while the patient is taking the Lexapro. Also, hypothyroidism can cause and exacerbate depression, so you should be wary of that.
Avatar m tn I don't want to sacrifice my mental health for something as silly as weight gain, but weight gain will further aid my depression and I want to avoid that. Thank you in advance for all serious answers!
Avatar f tn Everyone is differant Shelly, while weight gain is a side effect of Lexapro it does not mean that You're going to gain weight. It is a side effect because it has happened for some people. Just keep eating healthy and getting exercise and You should be fine. Weight gain can be scary for most females however it is really good that You're on this medication and on the road to recovery. You need to wait it out and see unfortunately, people are too differant.
681888 tn?1272925909 You need to talk to a professional about effects (pharmacist and psychiatrist) as we can't give that advice on this board. They see many people who take these drugs. Depression is worse than weight gain, so I would be open and talk to your psychiatrist about that issue. Untreated depression pulls you down further over time and it is harder to come back up each time. Eventually you might not even get out of bed, so that is more to be feared than weight.
Avatar n tn All I'm reading about lexapro is weight gain! Are there any people who have not experienced weight gain? My doctor just put me on 10mg of Lexapro a day for anxiety. I've worked hard to get into the shape I'm currently in (lost 30lbs last year). I workout regularly, exercise, and eat healthy...but I'm really concerned about gaining weight. If you've been taking this drug and haven't experienced any weight gain...I want to hear from you!
212161 tn?1537898045 Lexapro did not make me gain weight. That's a lie. I'm 115 lbs. I've been on LEX. Since I was 11. I started on 5mg daily, then increased all the way to 20mg over 6 years. My depression is strong and I needed more. I went to 25 mg, but that made me have such extreme headaches and worsened my depression. I do Not Recommend anything more than that. I ended up switching medications because after a while, the lexapro (serotonin) was not enough and died out.
Avatar f tn In 1997 with in 6 months I gained 50 pounds lost my sex drive ( I was just 31 then) and even tho it HELPED with my Post Pardum depression with my new born.....the weight gain DEPRESSED me so bad. I was 123 lbs when I got pregnant and by the time my son was 3 months old I had lost 55 of the 80 lbs I gained while pregnant...but I surpressed my PPD for 6 months as i thought I WAS just loosing my mind.....
Avatar n tn For me, I believe that a side effect of Lexapro was weight gain. I believe that the weight gain is due to the fact that Lexapro has affected my thyroid. I have done some research and I believe that Lexapro will mess with your metabolic rate. I am in the process of having my thyroid tested again in a few weeks. I have been off of Lexapro for almost two weeks. I have lost almost ten pounds. I don't know if this is a side effect for others, but I do believe that my thyroid is kicking in.
Avatar f tn I have also had an EXTREMELY difficult time loosing the weight I gained with my son who is now 6 months old and I work out over 2 hours a day, EVERY DAY and hardly eat anything!!! This weight gain has also added to my depression. As of now; I am no longer going to take Lexapro. Maybe I will add Yoga to my 2 hours at the gym and hope for the best.
Avatar m tn Yes, Lexapro can cause weight changes, so it can increase your weight. Usually people are able to maintain a healthy weight because the drug will not cause weight changes in all individuals and because most people affected by weight changes are able to maintain their weight through diet and exercise. If you have been really conscious of your image, then this can be just your personality or it can be an obsession.
Avatar n tn So, we as patients who sometimes suffer from body dysmorphia should be informed of any possibility of weight gain because feelings of frustration and humiliation from weight gain is a real factor in our depression! I am now on cymbalta and have gained 3 lbs in 2 days. I hope it's only constipation because I don't know how healthy it is to be gaining so much weight so quickly. They tell you not to lose 30 lb in a month, but it seems fine to gain the same? No way!
Avatar n tn I was told by my phys. that Lexapro would not cause a weight gain while taking it for slight depression. If it causes weight gain, I need to get off this stuff. Please provide feedback.
Avatar m tn These kinds of medications definitely can cause either weight loss or weight gain in some people. Your weight gain was pretty dramatic, so like you said, I'm sure the Lexapro was only one factor. Let me ask you this, have you TRIED any other medications? If not, I would recommend that you do that first. Zoloft would be one that I would personally recommend asking your doc about. Like Lexapro, many people have great success on it, and it's easily tolerated by most people.
Avatar n tn I am about to start Lexapro and wondered how you are doing. Have you lost? Gained weight? I too don't want to gain weight, that would just add to my anxiety. Thanks for any info.
Avatar f tn ALL the forums I have read on the internet have all said you gain weight with Lexapro!!! Does anyone have anything positive to say about the drug? Because I want to be happy but I also don't want to have a problem getting rid of all this depressing weight. Thank You.
Avatar n tn I was put on Lexapro and gained about 10 pounds weight and it made me very tired. Then I was switched to a low dose of Zoloft for my mood swings and mild depression. I am some one who watchs my diet, and I exercise 5-6 days a week including 4-to 50 minutes of cadrio as well as work with a personal trainer 2x a week for strenght training. I have never been over weight and have always be active when it comes to physical fitness. I have now gained a total of 15 pounds and I am miserable about it.