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Avatar n tn Somehow tonight (that's why I was searching out lexapro and weight gain)I just mentioned the lexapro to my trainer. They advised that they have several clients on lexapro that are having the same trouble with weight gain. They seem to think that it may have something to do limiting the control we have over our intake. I just know I've been spinning in circles.
Avatar n tn weaned to 10 mg. As much as it has helped for the attacks I gained alot of weight. Very little weight gain then all of sudden it was there. I am 5' 5" started on Lexapro at 135 pounds now up to 170 lbs. I have now weaned myself off two months ago and doing well as for anxiety but the weight?? How long does it take for the meds to get out of your system to start losing?
Avatar n tn I switched from Lexapro to Wellbutrin because of weight gain and high blood pressure and have had wonderful results. Blood pressure is normal again and I have lost weight. Hopefully this medication will work for you too..
Avatar n tn Has anyone figured out a way to reverse the weight gain effect? I have been off SSRI's for at least 3 to 4 months. I took Effexor for 3 months, lexapro for 9months and Paxil for one month. I feel fat! Has anyone else experienced this? Will I eventually lose the weight or will I have to go on a strict diet and stay on it?
281219 tn?1219118514 Thanks! We just moved to Georgia from California 2 months ago so I don't know where everything is...although I do know where a local (decent) health club is. We've got an elliptical at the house and I've still been managing to run-walk 5-6 miles 4x a week. An interesting side note: I gained my weight soon after going on an anti-depressant (Lexapro).
Avatar n tn Getting off Lexapro stopped the weight gain. I have maintained my 25 pound gain now for 6 months, but CAN'T lose it. I crave carbs way more than I ever did before, and I know that is related to Seratonin levels. I am tempted with this much information to look into starting a class action law suit. These irresponsible drug companies should have to suffer for the suffering we are experiencing.
Avatar n tn However, the following also happened, No sex drive, no interest in men or relationships or being emotionally close or intimate in any way with anybody, huge weight gain, after 6 months on this drug, friends who had not seen me for a while, I would see there faces drop in shock at my weight gain, they would then cover it up because they did not want to upset me because they knew I was going my best.
Avatar n tn I have been taking anti-depressants for over a week now and they have stopped my anxiety, well lessened it at least, but I'm really worried about the side-effects of taking SSRI's; for example weight gain and sexual dysfunction. Has anyone experienced these? What I'm saying really is do the positives outweigh the negatives.
Avatar m tn hi, i create sleeve surgery from 4 years and my weight decreased from 135KG to 80KG from 10 months my doctor put me on escitalopram 20MG per day after 3 month i start gain weight quickly with no changing on my diet my food is not healthy but i am not eating much because my stomach small size after increasing in my weight i start to exercise and eating healthy food with no success to stop increasing on my weight after 8 months i stopped taking my medicine ( decreased it to 10, 5 then stopped it
Avatar m tn Have been feeling ok with the exception of weight gain after lexapro. No changes to diet or eating habits but gained 20 pounds ? Has this happened to anyone else ?
Avatar f tn I also think if you exercise and try to eat right you can cut back on the amount of weight you may gain. Lastly, depakote tends to cause less weight gain in men than women. That was also per a study I read from one of the universities. If you google mood stabelizers and weight gain you might find some of the same studies I found. Best of luck!!
Avatar n tn When my Psychatrist decided to try me on Topamax it was because of my anieity over my weight gain with the standard mood stabilizers. Within these past two years I have lost 38 pounds taking this medicine. I will say that I have done low- carb about 8 of those months but ashamed to say no exercise.I have suffered with migrane headaches for about 10 years - they are gone . I think i have had one mild one .
Avatar n tn I haven't lost any weight, but I do feel like it helps me keep the smallest amount of control over my weight gain. Has anyone lost weight taking 1000mg? Is 500 just not enough? Would love hear from you. You can also email me.
Avatar n tn I was going to ask if the poster knows anything more about this hormone balance as it pertains to weight gain. First let me assure you that although all prescription medications come with risks, your options are not as narrow as you may think. I carried my baby while stabalized at 120 mg of Methadone and .25mg Xanax in the third trimester.
Avatar n tn I went through many tests for a year and was on 5 blood pressure meds that did not work until the Dr. put me on Lexapro for the last year or so. My blood pressure is under control 130/80 and it helps me with my stressful job BUT I have put on 20lbs....is there another alternative for stress and my high spiking blood pressure????
Avatar f tn I have been on zyprexa for 7 years.I did gain weight initially but I have since lost the weight.
Avatar m tn Two years I changed jobs, moved states and my wife and I officially separated, I started being treated for anxiety using paxcil. Due to the weight gain component of the drug I switched meds to trintellix. The drug works fin weight gain stopped and we increased to the normal dosage. 4-6 months went by and I started having issues getting an erection. Then 1 day I got an erection was masturbating and lost the erection and its been an issue ever since.
86075 tn?1238118691 My research showed that the two major sides of SSRI's like Lexapro are weight gain and sexual disinterest. I wish I knew that during treatment because I could have used some more weight and wasnt in any condition to participate in any sexual olympics. Please keep us updated on how they make you feel. I may try Lexapro next.
Avatar m tn ), I don't know if it has the same effects on men as women - I'm assuming you're a guy?). It's a bit sedating, causes weight gain, increase in appetite, and does effect my sexual drive (it's zero). However, I also take a low dose of xanax - 0.5mg./day, so who knows if it's also caused by the combo of the two. I wish I could tolerate the SSRI's - they make me too aggitated. And, talk therapy, with the right therapist, is very effective, too. I felt my best when I combined it with my Remeron.
Avatar f tn I feel a bit dizzy today and a bit anxious though....how I wish it would work for my GAD so that I would not have to take Lexapro and gain so much weight..anybody with similar experiences?
Avatar m tn //www.medhelp.org/posts/Weight-Loss-Alternatives/dropping-the-Effexor-Lexapro-weight-gain/show/22591?
143123 tn?1274304425 We got his reflux under control, hence the weight gain. He is eating 6oz every four hours and has been for a few weeks. During the night has gotten better. We give Reece a bath around 8:45pm and then feed him with a little cereal and then he's in the bed around 9:30pm and sleeps anywhere until 4-5am. WONDERFUL!!!
Avatar n tn This may seem shallow but does anyone know if Citalopram causes weight gain?
108944 tn?1222281078 I've never felt better in my life (except that my anxiety has been acting up lately). I'm sorry to hear about your weight gain, but just wanted to be an encouragement to you that you can lose weight. If you do what weight watchers says, I think it will work. Also, the nike slogan, "Just do it" is very practical when it comes to exercising. Many days, I don't feel like going out there and walking, but I do it anyway. Good luck!
125112 tn?1217277462 Not all people are suited for their job, I don't think. As for weight gain and fatigue...what I have found with most people complaining of this, don't think (or know for that matter)of thyroid. I've blamed this, mostly myself for the way I had felt in the past. Having worked towards self improvement, can't say that I have improved to where I should be. In '05, I had high cholesterol (what!?) and during the summer, was hiking all up and down the mountains and didn't lose an ounce.
780665 tn?1239030149 I regret stopping it. IF only I would have found a better way to deal with the weight gain, I would be where I am today.
Avatar n tn but I dont want to get off of it cause to me it is better than antidepressant eventho the antidepressant lexapro helped alot with my anxiety but caused me weight gain....but I've been told that tapering VERY slowly is the key.....take your time to do it....it is not a race.....maybe getting liquid klonopin would be better for the tapering....ask your dr about it....or switching to valium too is better....and i heard too that adding a small amount of prozac can help ease the withdrawals....
Avatar f tn Decreased energy Weight loss or gain Despair Irritability Uncontrollable crying Symptoms and characteristics of hypomania include: Grandiosity Decreased need for sleep Pressured speech Racing thoughts Distractibility Tendency to engage in behavior that could have serious consequences, such as spending recklessly or inappropriate sexual encounters Excess energy It should be noted that the symptoms of hypomania are the same as for mania, but they are less severe.
Avatar n tn These latter traits are my natural personality. I also gain a little weight; or I don't drop it half as quickly even if I exercise more. I am also alot more forgetful; which is not good personally or professionally. People who have known me always think something is wrong with me when I don't take it for a lonmg period of time! I feel so stuck at this point. I hate not having energy, gaining weight, and being more forgetful & softspoken.