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Avatar n tn I am about to start Lexapro and wondered how you are doing. Have you lost? Gained weight? I too don't want to gain weight, that would just add to my anxiety. Thanks for any info.
Avatar f tn Hello all! I am currently taking Lexapro 10mg due to some recnet depression in my life. I just started to take it this past weekend and I have noticed that I am getting some mild pain in my right arm, and sometimes some pain in my chest. Is this a side effect that I havent read about?
Avatar m tn I am taking Lexapro 10mg once a day and I was wanting to start taking a weight loss pill while on Lexapro. Is this wise to do so because I heard it is not in my best interest to do so. The name of the pill is called " Arson " it is made by the Muscle Asylum Project. Could someone give me some light on this subject and Thank You for the help in advance!
Avatar n tn No one's mentioned to me whether Lexapro will slow down my weight loss efforts but I've read enough from other people who say it really caused them to gain weight. For what it's worth, it seems I'm losing more slowly than others, and since I have 90-100 to lose, I assumed I'd be dropping weight more quickly, at least at first. However, I may not be drinking all the water I should, and I forget to eat regularly throughout the day. Also I'm only exercising now and then.
Avatar n tn I took Effexor XR for several months and packed on weight. I never lost it and tried losing it with the Lexapro and couldn't. Still haven't been able to and I have been off SSRI's for almost 5 months. Lexapro, along with a therapist, helped me a tremendous amount. Therapy alone may be all you need.
Avatar n tn For me, I believe that a side effect of Lexapro was weight gain. I believe that the weight gain is due to the fact that Lexapro has affected my thyroid. I have done some research and I believe that Lexapro will mess with your metabolic rate. I am in the process of having my thyroid tested again in a few weeks. I have been off of Lexapro for almost two weeks. I have lost almost ten pounds. I don't know if this is a side effect for others, but I do believe that my thyroid is kicking in.
Avatar m tn My big question is when are the doctors going to stop telling everyone that they do not gain weight on antidepressants, I have been on lexapro now for 2 yrs, and have gained 25 lbs, I watch what I eat exercise, dance, etc... and the weight will NOT come off. My doctor tells me well you are are at the age of premenopause and at that age, that you are going to gain weight, well I am getting tired of hearing it.
Avatar f tn People taking SSRIs like Lexapro can complain about weight gain; and there are many that complain about weight loss. Remember, that anxiety can often lead to depression which in itself can cause weight gain for a viarity of reasons. I actually lost weight while taking an SSRI, but I think it had to do a lot more with a normal exercise routine and watching what I ate.
Avatar m tn Hi there! These kinds of medications definitely can cause either weight loss or weight gain in some people. Your weight gain was pretty dramatic, so like you said, I'm sure the Lexapro was only one factor. Let me ask you this, have you TRIED any other medications? If not, I would recommend that you do that first. Zoloft would be one that I would personally recommend asking your doc about. Like Lexapro, many people have great success on it, and it's easily tolerated by most people.
Avatar n tn I was on Lexapro for almost 2 years, gained a lot of weight, withdrawn from Lexapro one month ago, eat very little, exercise 40 minutes daily and I am still gaining weight. Somebody could gell me how long it will take to be able to loss weight; i am really frustrated.
Avatar n tn Read up on essential oils for hormonal help, seed cycling, and of course incorporating more raw foods into your diet for weight loss. It truly helps. I hope this helps a little.
616534 tn?1233240097 It's really weird. Many have posted here saying that their SSRI caused weight loss, while others report weight gain. It's hard to say. I asked my Psychiatrist this same question a few months back. He said that while Tri-cyclic and Tetra-cyclic meds (older antidepressants) can cause weight gain that SSRI's like Lexapro do not. Who really knows. I'm not sure if that riddle will ever be solved.
Avatar n tn I remember my doc telling me one time that less than 2% of people have TRUE, unexplained weight gain with Lexapro. The other ones that gain weight, it's a simple calories in versus calories out deal (that was true for me). And even that number is suppose to be low. I know a couple people who never gained a pound on Lexapro (LUCKY). I don't know about cymbalta or wellbutrin, hopefully you can get good responses from those with experience!
Avatar n tn research will say Lexapro will not cause weight gain and only 10% noted weight gain. BUT, they are wrong. Look how many of us are writting in. It's really sad. I have another friend who is losing her mind over the weight gain and it's further depressed her. I took myself off the Lexapro a week ago. I am having some withdrawl symptoms but I just think about the weight gain and I am happy to go thru this period of withdrawl. I am 5 foot 6 and weighed 116 for years.
Avatar n tn I was able to maintain a 40 lb weight loss for over two years. After only one month on Lexapro I gained 4 pounds. That was enough for me. I stopped the Lexapro and will have to look into some other drug therapy.
233622 tn?1279338505 We both lost weight ~ she had a very drastic weight loss, I didn't. I believe the difference was that on the WW program, they teach you more "how" to eat and learning good choices along with portion control. I didn't really have my daily menus planned out ~ I don't like using a menu. I really want to do it on my own. In the Jenny Craig program, my sister bought her food from them. It was already made ~ all she had to do was heat it up.
Avatar f tn Same with weight loss, some folks eat when anxious or depressed and when they feel better, that compulsion is less and they lose weight. This is part of the weight loss and weight gain that you see with antidepressants. And why any same antidepressant can cause a different weight reaction (gain, loss or neutral) in different people who take it. However, there are also people that do not change their eating patterns at all that gain weight and it can only be assumed it is from the drug.
20790871 tn?1507165021 4% body fat), my training intensified, and I started two medications for depression (Lexapro and Wellbutrin). I gained the weight back after I quit competitive running, but the hair thinning persists. Another thing to note, I have never been an illness-prone person, but lately I have been getting sick a lot and have had several infections over the past few months.
Avatar f tn I am on wellbutrin and lexapro. Recently I went to a weight loss clinic where they gave me phentermine, hydrochlorthiazide, and a fiber plus calcium tablet. I was wondering how dangerous this is and if I should/could ween myself or abruptly stop my antidepressant and anxiety meds?
Avatar m tn I am considerably active for a college student, and have noticed a healthy weight loss of about 8-9 lbs. since I started eating healthier earlier this month. Will Lexapro cause me to pack on pounds? I am very good at curbing my cravings and haven't had any junk food in a long time. I am determined to not gain weight, but will it be inevitable regardless of my eating habits? Or can it be avoided?
Avatar n tn WOW, reading your comments on Lexapro is so soothing to me, I have been telling my doctor for four years since she put me on Lexapro I can't loose weight and I swear Lexapro makes me gain weight. Her answer was when you turn 40 it gets harder and harder to loose weight. All my life I have been underweight, and when she said I had an anxiety disorder she put me on Lexapro. What a mistake, I am know 180 pounds and I can't loose a pound.
Avatar m tn More on the weekends than during the week for some reason. My question is, has anybody ever experienced weight loss when going through anxiety? I have not been feeling good for 2+ months and have dropped about 20lbs. I needed to lose some weith, but I would have preferred to have done it the right way and not because of the anxiety. Will this regulate out once my medication starts working? I had been on Paxil CR 25mg. Went off and tried Lexapro which didn't work then went back on Paxil.
Avatar n tn I am on Lexapro and Wellbutrin, what would you suggest would be the very best weight loss program for me? I am considering the lap band as my BMI is 35, considered obese.