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Avatar f tn It's a lot of medication you are taking and some new meds can do wonders at treating both anxiety and depression like the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor ( SSRI like Cymbalta and Lexapro ) But well if you GP think you need such heavy medication i respect his choice since i don't know you and your condition but you're taking a lot... And as for the Abilify i don't sugest you change that since you might have a schizophrenia and or bi-polar disorder...
Avatar m tn i took it for about a year and then got off it because one side effect was increased appetite and I gained like 20+ pounds. So I then went to Effexor, Lexapro, Remron, and I am now on Pristiq. SO far the prestiq has helped my depression. I got severely depressed a few months back because I was not doing anything. I would just lay in my room all day because of the fear of my panic attacks. Anyway lets just say that I am getting back to my old and happy self.
Avatar f tn see about adding in a benzo to offset break through anxiety. I was hoping to avoid benzos. I must add, Lexapro has done wonders for my depression! The main start up side effect for me was migraines but they got better. The only side effect that has not went away has been the ridiculous fatigue. I am torn on if I should try out the Paxil or what I should do.
Avatar n tn {oops} I'm a psych RN and noticed a lot of Pristiq being ordered. I thought I'd give it a go. It's been about 3 and1/2 wks. The regular G.I. probs have gone away. The bizaare side effect I now have is like a psychotic break. I cant talk because I cannot remember what I have said sentence to sentence. I become aware that I am rambling to the poor other person. I dont even remember what i have just said. Its like I have been dreaming and come awake.
Avatar n tn Hi Ryan, thank you for all of the great info:) I just spoke with my psych today and he said he was switching me to klonopin (I have been on xanax for a very long time). My diagnosis started as anxiety with depression and then became "mildly" bi-polar, but I keep trying to tell the docs anxiety is my BIG problem--I've lived with being moody my whole like, but panic attacks out of the blue leave me weak and very upset.
Avatar n tn I was told by my phys. that Lexapro would not cause a weight gain while taking it for slight depression. If it causes weight gain, I need to get off this stuff. Please provide feedback.
Avatar f tn A few weeks ago I was prescribed Lexapro by my doctor for depression and anxiety, however the first 2 days went by well. It seemed to have a positive effect on me, I was quickly out of my depressive state and happy. I felt great. But on the third day I quickly went from being happy to spiraling depression and a major panic attack. I was able to calm myself down and finally able to fall asleep. On the 4th day, that day was the worst.
881463 tn?1245349249 I was curious however about your thoughts of Lexapro, as I read it does not promote weight gain and seems to be well tolerated. Pristiq I read about but it is not available in Canada as of yet. I will finally let go of the cancer fears based on what you and my doctor have said and of course the numerous tests I have had.e.g Chest X Ray, Body CAT scan, Bone scan, Gastrocopy & thoracic spine mri, Abdominal Ultrasound.
881463 tn?1245349249 Do any SSRI help with pain reduction? How is Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac, Celexa vs Cymbalta in these regards? I am so confused with all tyhe med choices. I have picked up the Cymbalta at 1 tab 60 mg a day, but I want to make sure I should be on an snri as opposed to ssri prior to starting one. Is Cymbalta 60 mg dose safe to start? I have had some extensive tests to try & find a physical cause of my mid-back & chest pain/tight breathing sensations.
724811 tn?1291434386 In the studies released so far, Pristiq just barely squeaks by placebo on the Hamilton Depression scale. In the U.S. study, Pristiq decreased the HamD by only 2 points (-11.5 vs. -9.5 for placebo), and in the European study, the differences was 2.5 points. And for the higher 100 mg dose, there was no difference between drug and placebo for U.S. patients." This is from the Carlot Report. I didn't read the whole thing.
Avatar n tn Wait a sec, folks! I had severe depression for a couple decades and used drugs and therapy to beat it---successfully. I haven't needed drugs for twenty years since, and while I probably need intensive therapy, I'm not depressed (at least not "per se"). ----> But the drugs I used didn't have horrible withdrawals. <--- Is the choice really only depression vs horrible a withdrawal?
737515 tn?1252556023 So different drugs may work better for you vs for me. It's a trial and error. I like Lexapro, it's supposed to be one of the easier SSRI's. =) Good luck to you.
1010076 tn?1250707651 The second drug he would have recommended would be Pristiq, because it's new and on patent, and then Lexapro, because it's relatively new and still on patent. That's how they work; they only know what the pharmaceutical companies tell them. They're not curious enough to do their own homework. Now, what I don't hear is that you're in therapy, or, since you have a fear or are cautious about meds, any discussion of natural remedies that might help.
242516 tn?1368227505 The placebo treatments had a great deal of benefit, almost 80% improvement in depression symptoms. The antidepressants didn't do any better than placebo. They further concluded that the benefit that these antidepressants had on severely depressed patients was from these patient's lack of benefit from placebo treatment. That is to say, severely depressed patients didn't get better from a placebo (pill without any medicine in it).
Avatar n tn I switched from Lexapro to Wellbutrin because of weight gain and high blood pressure and have had wonderful results. Blood pressure is normal again and I have lost weight. Hopefully this medication will work for you too..
Avatar f tn If you have a panic disorder, you should be put on a SSRI like the Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, Luvox, Celexa or Lexapro... if you can't tolerate them or if the panic disorder don't improve after at 8 weeks at the maximum dose, you should switch to another agent like the older TCA's (Imipramine, Clomipramine)... since the TCA's have more side effects, they are harder to start and they increase a lot the anxiety at first...
Avatar n tn I ended up stopping effexor and then joining weight watchers, that seemed to help my depression more than any medications. Good luck to you. You also have to remember that everyone reacts different to medications. What made me gain weight may make you lose. Good luck!
429155 tn?1205676864 Now, for the past 3-4 days I can't fall asleep, I have horrible dreams about doctors forcing narcotics on me, I wake up in the middle of the night, and I cried all day long yesterday. I feel full blown depression coming on. I've never been depressed, I mean truly depressed in my life. I'm not trying to scare you at all....I just want you to be aware that just because the physicals seem over, doesn't mean it's over.