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Avatar f tn had anyone experienced leg pain after taking tizanidine? my first night after taking it for degenerated disc in my neck.
Avatar n tn I always feel pain in my both legs. Not a certain part of my leg i feel pain, i feel pain in hole part of my leg. So what is the best drug for that to become normal .
Avatar f tn My grandmother has been feeling a pain in her leg. She says that it feels like a cold sensation is stuck. Also, she says that it's not muscular pain. She frequently feels pain in her upper thigh and has tried Tylenol and other medication like it. Is there something that we can do to relieve the pain?
Avatar m tn In the process a nerve was nicked that has caused him severe left leg pain from then on. He takes dangerous amounts of pain medication due to his body becoming tolerant to the pain meds over time. he has tried accupuncture, message and numerous other remidies with no decrease in his pain levels. He describes the pain as a cronic burning in his foot that feels like it is on fire. Is nerve regeneration with stem cells an option? if so where can it be done?
Avatar f tn can anxiety cause right leg pain, and dizziness? on 50mg of zoloft and 1mg of ativan that i take 2 times a day but still having problems....
Avatar n tn So this all started last night. I was up late because I wasn't tired so I was just relaxing on my computer when all of a sudden I felt like a lump was forming in my throat making it feel like my throat was closing up. Starting to get dizzy, I decided to head up to bed, but the sensation wouldn't go away. I knew if I took a benadryl just to be sure, I could put my mind at ease also and go to sleep. This morning I woke up with the lump gone, but the severe dizziness still present.
Avatar f tn I have been having a lot of leg pain in my right leg. It aches from the bu*t cheek down to my heel. What medications do any of you take to combat this pain? I can't take narcotics. I'm allergic to almost all of them. Any advice would be great! I'm miserable. I can't get comfortable. Thanks everyone!!!
Avatar n tn I took a nap today because the benadryl was still in my system and when I woke up my leg pain seemed to have subsided, and as I write this the leg doesn't hurt anymore either, but I'm deathly afraid of it coming back. I'm a big hypochondriac too because of my anxiety, and I'll think it's some...horrible, big blood clot in the leg artery or something huge to make me panic out of my mind.
Avatar n tn As I've mentioned, my TSH is 200 without medication. I take 2 Grains of Armour Thyroid every day. The normal range is 0.3 to 3. With medication my TSH is 0.2. Doc has also checked T3 and T4 levels and advised my cardiologist (HBP) that I should remain on the 2 Grains of Armour. Other symptons would of course be weight gain. I gained a good bit of weight before I learned about my thyroid (10 years ago), and I've never been able to lose it.
Avatar m tn Last night 9/8/10 I began feeling a sharp pain in left leg, in the thigh area. It lasted for about an hour and when i woke up the next morning it was gone. I am 41 and i have high blood pressure for which i am not currently taking any medication. My blood pressure has been very high lately. I have also has acid reflux for the lst several weeks. Could this be as a result of the high blood pressure? I am going to see a doctor soon. Please Help!!
Avatar f tn It depends upon how your body reacts to it. Keep a close eye out for symptoms.
Avatar f tn I would consider myself pretty healthy and active since I was kid but I have had a persistent leg pain issue since I was kid. For as long as I could remember I would have very strong leg pains occasionally during the night. The pain would either wake me up at night or it wouldn't let me go to sleep. Since I was younger, the doctor said it was growing pains but considering I'm 20 and I haven't grown an inch since 5th grade I sincerely doubt that.
Avatar n tn I began having severe upper thigh pain in my left leg within days of starting Metformin which subsided when I stopped the medication, and started again when I resumed. Pain to the point of using crutches where I have NO pain otherwise. Yet, the doctors are saying this pain is not a side effect of Metformin. I want this medication to work. Have you heard of such side effects? Also, I take my Synthriod at night before bed. Is this advisable or is there a "prime time" to take it?
Avatar f tn This means that each dose taken by the mother also delivers a dose to the developing fetus. Normal use of opioids to treat pain associated with needed surgery or injury that occurs during pregnancy is relatively safe. Hydrocodone is listed in pregnancy category C for typical brief use for acute pain. This means that available evidence indicates there is a slightly increased, but ill-defined, risk of birth defects when it is used legitimately.
Avatar n tn I having throbbing sharp leg pain in the back of my lower leg it run in the back of my thigh up to my hip.
Avatar f tn I have had leg pain that occurs in all parts of my legs at different times. It becomes so severe that I have to sit for a time before it will go away..I cannot go upstairs at any time without pain. Tests for blood clots have been done,also circulation. Doctiors don't seem interested in finding the cause. Must use electric cart to shop. Cannot do normal houseword without many resting periods. I'm thinking BCG treatments or some medication may be the cause I would appriciate any help.
Avatar n tn About a year ago the pain from my feet started to move up my legs into a throbbing, aching, cold type of pain that is relieved by heat and time and pain medication (darvocet). it is better when i am moving and increases when my legs get cold or when i sit or lay to the point of tears or if i am on my feet for prolonged periods of time. it is bilateral, intermittent and has progressed to mid thigh.
Avatar f tn Found out on Friday there is actually something wrong with my right knee that could be causing the back pain (the back pain was in my back and sending pain down my right leg). They are doing surgery on Wednesday because back in '09 I had a lateral release in my right leg and my band in my knee healed and grew back really thick, so he is going back in to thin the band up. He said he believe it is what is causing all my pain and etc. If it makes any sense..
Avatar f tn They give him pain medication, but it is like giving him water. He has taken Lyrica, Cymbalta, Hydrocodone to name a few. He tried getting off of his statin drugs, but could not tell any difference. We have tried massage, pain medication, numerous doctors, nothing has helped. If you have any suggestions please advise. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I only take it at night, but it relieves the leg pain for 24 hours about. They said my leg nerves and muscles are actually convulsing and this is an anti-convulsant drug. But since you are having surgery on Monday, I hope you can wait it out. I'm glad they moved up your surgery - it stinks waiting! You are in my thoughts and prayers for a good outcome!
Avatar m tn The idea that you are OK as long as you are not getting 'high' is a mistake; I treat opiate addicts every day and I rarely meet a person who is getting 'high' or even finding any enjoyment at all in using opiates!
Avatar n tn Starting 5 days ago, I began experiencing fairly discomforting leg pain. This was in both legs...it started right above the knee and went up my thigh to around my hip. It felt like a pulled muscle or a charley horse...no tingling, no shooting pain, just a bit uncomfortable when walking, which is why I thought it was muscle-related. Is leg pain of this sort ever a symptom of herpes infection?
Avatar f tn my husband has been having leg spams in his right leg , now the spams has moved to his left leg ,his right leg will shake first ,then after the right leg stops ,his left leg will do the same thing.he has been to the doctor,the doctor told him their was nothing he could do but give him something for the pain .he is taking pain medication ,but the doctor will only give him eniugh for a month,all the medication does is make him sleep ,does not help with the pain at all.
1558393 tn?1299070031 Before my TC operation I had...bladder issues, bad bad leg pain and the back pain. After my operation my legs are much better and as is my back. I do have pain sometimes but nothing like before. I am having the mini sling operation Wed for my bladder issues. My bowels has also improved after the operation. I have to work ..my husband was hurt in Iraq and he can't work so that leaves me. At times my job is stressful, I am responsable for inventory in 4 warehouse across the state.
Avatar f tn I have been seeing a pain management specialist for a year now and getting the steroid injections to help alleviate permanent nerve damage in the left leg. I had two surgeries on the L5 S1 disc almost 2 years ago. The pain medication worked really well at first but I've built up a tolerance to it. My question is should I go with a spinal cord stimulator or should I see if there are other medications to take first?
Avatar f tn Now I am having severe pain in my right knee which goes down into my ankle causing sharp pain. Could this problem be caused by the medication I am taking for my BP? I am taking the generic form, Metoprolol ER. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have had a leg ulcer for the last three years that has been treated by a doctor on a weekly basis. The clean the wound and bandage it weekly and they have provided me with pain medication to help with the very bad pain. My leg has finally made a lot of progress and my doctor has released me from seeing her on a regular bais. They have also taken me off al medication since I am not being seen.