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Avatar f tn I have long term and short term memory loss that is very bothersome. I have severe mid back and chest pain, lower back, leg and knee pain. very sensitive to the sun. my legs feet arms and hand turn purple in the winter or when i'm cold. severe fatigue, depression and anxiety. I get very dizzy when I put my head back i have time my arms and hands go numb. Is this all in my head or is there something really wrong?
Avatar f tn severe fatigue butterfly rash joint pain muscle spasms sores on my mouth and nose severe back and leg pain my back hurts the whole way around my chest very high heart rate 160bmp I just want some answers. I know what all of you are going through. Dr thinks I'm a drug addict and just want pain meds...which would be nice since everything else she has tried doesnt help. I have to take 6 tramadol at one time for any kind of relief (50mg) then 2 every 2 hrs to keep it going.
742950 tn?1232597765 So far I'm thinking either Lupus or Fibromyalgia because my ankles and wrists hurt horribly exspecially in the morning But on the other hand hoping its niether could this all possibly be an allergy to my roomates rabbits? I doubt it myself but is it a possibility?
Avatar f tn It seems like the past month I have been in constant pain too. I have heard with lupus symptom show up before blood work. It may make years to get blood work to show, right? Also. What on earth would suggest I had a broken foot and not have one? Wouldn't that be obvious on X-ray? Let me know what you think. Btw, I don't trust doctors!
Avatar m tn fever abdominal pain chest pain shortness of breath blood in urine hair falling out fatigue muscle pain and weakness dizziness poor memory headaches poor circulation in fingers and toes tingling in extremities diarrhea bloating nausea weight loss blurred vision depression palpitations raynauds (where fingers turn white when cold) intollerance to cold sore throat ...to name a few The hydrochlorquine (plaquinel) will likely keep your ANA from reading a significant reading.
Avatar f tn My sister was diagnosed with scleroderma at age 6 and is extremely ill now at 30 she can barely move-my mother was diagnosed with lupus about 4 years ago and my aunt also suffers from lupus. I understand the symptoms of lupus play peeka boo and arent the same in everyone. For the past year ive been extremely tired..it has been so bad at times that just getting up to use the restroom is exhausting.
Avatar f tn My pain decreased in intensity, but I continue having pain. In other side, I continue to be very confused I want to know if I really have lupus, because there are some doctors that said I don't have it and other said yes. The last one said I have lupus in low intensity. Best regards!!!
Avatar n tn I have pulsing hot pain periodically in my right leg. Between my knee and ankle about half way down on front/side. I've had this for quite a while - it comes out of nowhere when I'm laying, sitting, standing. Have been to ortho, vascular, general drs. Also, when walking occasionally there's a weakness in that area and soreness. Have had xrays - nothing shows. Help.. it's driving me insane.
Avatar m tn arthritis test the only thing that is positive is (HLA-B27,ankylosing spondylitis) but the rheumatologist says that my pain is not from that MS, and lupus run in the family and my mother has fibro, does anyone have any idea what my pain could be?
Avatar n tn Hello, I have been experiencing leg pain at night time. It feels like my leg is being squeezed and lot of pain is associated with it. The pain radiates under knee and down my calf. Heat and hot baths seem to help. I notice that after I come out of hot baths or showers, my skin is spotty. Massaging the area works too. I have seen three different neurologists, a rheumotid arthisis specialist and nothing has been definitively diagnosed.
Avatar n tn I recently developed bad left leg pain and tingling all the way to great toe that covers top and bottom of foot entire calf and posterior lateral thigh upon any activity. Seems very excessive for the spine pathology. Dr. ordered new mri and there is no L5 or S1 nerve contact or thecal sac just the same small disc (4mm) central L5 bulge. Could the (very )excessive ice cause a neurapothy, would it likely take time to resolve, it has been 3-4 weeks.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have been experiencing leg pain at night time. It feels like my leg is being squeezed and lot of pain is associated with it. The pain radiates under knee and down my calf. Heat and hot baths seem to help. I notice that after I come out of hot baths or showers, my skin is spotty. I have seen a three different neurologists, a rheumotid arthisis specialist and nothing has been definitively diagnosed.
Avatar f tn Ice makes the pain intensify. Pressure is the only thing that seems to make it feel better. With the leg pain I can also have pain in my hip that feels localized and intense. My toes and fingers will sometimes twitch and I get a sharp shooting pains in my right knee, left eye and the right side of my head. After i get the pain in the right side of my head the place where the pain was is sore. I also get really bad leg spasims up and down my legs.
Avatar f tn my new dr thinks i may have lupus, leg is so sore, by the end o the day, it is very swollen and painful. MRI says shin splints,,,grrr,,my dr is not convinced. I take ibuprofen 3 times a day, but the pain starts as soon as I wake up. Even the sheets hurt my leg to sleep. What do i do.....
Avatar n tn and get very irregular and fluttery- (no- I don't have panic attacks) This litterally lasts for hours - I get swelling in my calf and very bad pain with warmth in my leg about an hour before the weird heart thing happens- and then it affects my heart and I ge ta weird electrical pinpoint feeling in the tips of my fingers and it seems to go along a nerve or something to my heart- I get a fullness and pressure- but only a slight tinge of pain in the heart.
Avatar f tn If the valves get damaged, you're looking at a lifetime of leg pain. But that wouldn't explain the rest of your symptoms. My husband has this damage and his legs hurt when he's on his feet too much. Don't give up. Keep a journal and keep the entries brief and show it to your doctor. Don't be colorful and wordy. They just want the facts, but it could paint a picture.
330478 tn?1278288516 ( I live in pain, every single day of my life, and am on medications to help with the pain. Please, any suggestions of advice, would be greatly appreciated.
1011295 tn?1320874572 The other night, I woke up crying and screaming in pain with severe leg cramps in both legs. I couldn't get my feet to move so they would release or relax. Finally about 10 minutes, my left relaxed but I was still paralized with the pain of the right leg. My husband said he never felt so helpless. I was curled up and crying. It took another fifteen minutes before my right leg relaxed and I was able to sit and take a vicodin tablet.
Avatar f tn I've had no rash but have had some of the other vague symptoms that drs have just ignored such as severe canker sores, drooping left eye, painful swollen fingers and hands, muscle pain, knee pain. Right now all he's ordered is an ANA (other than the cbc, iron, b12 levels that were all normal) what other tests should I have to either diagnosis OR rule out lupus?
Avatar f tn I am a 45 year old white female with undiagnosed symptoms for 24 years. Started with UTI-antibiotics cleared it up. Few mtohs later symptoms returned only no burning pain-mainly frequency that was very unrelenting. Was tested about 15 years ago for IC which was negative. Then right after having chicken pox vision was cloudy in one eye. Dr said it was chicken pox related. It went away in less than a week with meds.
Avatar f tn I have Lupus Anticoagulant but not Lupus,is it possible to develop Lupus because of this,what tests are done to determine if you have Lupus?
Avatar f tn My question is my BUN level was slightly off and I do have joint pain from time to time. Could it possibly be Lupus. When I go into a tanning booth I break out in hives. There is usually only a couple. I have hypothyroidism whichis under control, high blood pressure which is under control and GERD which is under control. I have recently had a few episodes where my speech gets strange either I cant think of simple words or nonsense comes out. The neuro thinks its stress.
Avatar f tn (the other tests can show up in other diseases or in healthy people). The most common form of lupus is SLE or systemic lupus erythamatosis (sp). The other is discoid lupus - whcih mainly only affects the skin (can affect some ohter parts of body, but mainly skin) and drug-induced lupus, whcih is caused by certain drugs and goes away when drug is stopped. Chances are, you have SLE, which can affect different systems in your body including skin, heart, lungs, kidneys and brain.
787406 tn?1339206783 Do you have pain and muscle spasms with lupus? And what type of muscle spasms do you have?
Avatar f tn Yes I have leg pain. Burning feet, cramps, shooting pains. Always constant pain. They say I have neuropathy. Take painkillers regularly, can no lnger work. Unable to walk any distance. But still haven't been diagnosed. Started jan 2009. See Rheumatologist Jan 2010. I have to say hang in there, your body will adjust slowly. You learn to do things in a different way and develop a time schedule that suits your physical limitations.