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Avatar f tn can anyone tell me symtoms of lupus?i have joint pain in leg,tingling in leg and arm,my toes go numb.
Avatar f tn I am so confused,i went to dr because of pain in leg and tingling in leg and arm.Woke up to a weird shaped bruise this morning.i had blood work done and the anti histone antiboties came back moderate positive,numbers were 1.6 normal is 0.0-0.9.so dr called me and have to get more tests tomorrow.
742950 tn?1232594165 fatigue, headache, short-term memory loss, muscle pain, difficulty concentrating, joint pain, depression, abdominal pain, lymph node pain, sore throat, lack of restful sleep, muscle weakness, bitter or metallic taste, balance disturbance, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, panic attacks, eye pain, scratchiness in eyes, blurring of vision, double vision, sensitivity to bright lights, numbness or tingling in extremities, fainting spells, light headedness, dizziness, clumsiness, insomnia, fever or
Avatar f tn Yes I have leg pain. Burning feet, cramps, shooting pains. Always constant pain. They say I have neuropathy. Take painkillers regularly, can no lnger work. Unable to walk any distance. But still haven't been diagnosed. Started jan 2009. See Rheumatologist Jan 2010. I have to say hang in there, your body will adjust slowly. You learn to do things in a different way and develop a time schedule that suits your physical limitations.
Avatar m tn I was just diagnosed with sub-acute lupus last month and prescribed Methotrexate and Prednisone. Before I was diagnosed, I was experiencing severe pain in my left leg to the point that if I sit for any amount of time (5 minutes or more) I could literally not walk the pain was so intense. I also had and have pain in my right arm (can't even pick up a half gallon of milk without dropping it). Since my diagnosis and being on the medication for three weeks, I feel no difference.
1499681 tn?1289167032 I have been having many odd symptoms over the past year but the one that is killing me is severe leg pain. I do have lupus but I was told the leg pain is not related to the lupus. The leg pain is in my butt muscle, thighs (all the way around) and in the calves. I have also had muscle jerking/twitching that comes and goes but when it happens it is usually when I lay down and relax, and is always in my legs. Also when I take a hot bath or shower my legs feel very stiff to where I can hardly walk.
Avatar f tn I went through a time several years ago that was very similar to your nerve symptoms, itching, weakness, brain fog, muscle spasms, etc, etc. I do have Lupus but at that time they did not know that and I was just a freaky hypochondriac, as you are probably feeling now. After many, many tests it turned out to be as simple as low B6. I took a supplement and WOW! What a difference! Dr said you can experiment with B vitimins because you excrete what your body doesn't need.
Avatar f tn 43 yr female, have leg numbness, w/ feeling. Started 2wks ago, I had gone to gym did upper body workout no obvious injury. Later in day after evening walk noticed numb feeling no pain this is in both legs, for some reason my heels have odd sensation too. I have anxiety, and have had panic attacks. Went to ER, Dr parethesia and to follow up with my doctor (appt. Tue.) Scared of als, ER Dr had me walk on toes & heels, said if I could do that I couldn't'have it.
Avatar n tn wake up in the night with pain take 800mg ibuprofen and try to get sleep. Been trying to r/o lupus x 10years now trying to r/o lupus again. microlytic anemia hemg 9 ferritin very low so obviously otc iron 2 a day b12 very low taking B12 as well. just took x-rays of bilat hands lab work ccp......and on what should i do next?? tired yeah!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn s not red but it is painful when I sit down but the difference right now is the pain is going down my whole left leg to the bottom of my foot in the back of my leg which I did have a possible blood clot in when my Lupus first went out of remmission but with my herpes all I've had is the burning,itching and swollen glands which also happens with my Lupus when it's flared up. PLEASE HELP ME.
1661476 tn?1303195558 This is really interesting to me, My main issue with fibromyalgia is leg pain and fatigue! I have leg pain 24/7 but somedays are better then others, everyday is a challenge. I also have an elevated heart rate and higher then normal blood pressue latly, my resting heart rate is 95, doctors dont seem to ever wonder why or care about it. But As a medical professional i know its not good, and is a sign something is wrong. Have you found anymore research on this?
787406 tn?1339203183 Do you have pain and muscle spasms with lupus? And what type of muscle spasms do you have?
Avatar n tn 80 with speckled pattern is characteristic of lupus. Systemic lupus can manifest as pain in hands and feet with stiffness, swollen joints and fatigue. Nothing can be said for sure without a clinical exam. I would suggest you to consult a good specialist in your area. Let us know if you have any questions. http://www.itzarion.com/lupusana.
Avatar f tn It seems like the past month I have been in constant pain too. I have heard with lupus symptom show up before blood work. It may make years to get blood work to show, right? Also. What on earth would suggest I had a broken foot and not have one? Wouldn't that be obvious on X-ray? Let me know what you think. Btw, I don't trust doctors!
Avatar f tn ve slowly been getting weaker and weaker, probably every month to two months ill have a couple of days that I have bad joint pain, arms elbow shoulder wrist fingers, leg knee feet and sometimes my neck! The pain usually starts in one place such as my wrist, then after an hour will travel to my wrist and elbow and then my fingers! Same thing happens with my leg area the pain travels and becomes more wide spread! There's no noticeable swelling nor red spots?
Avatar f tn You don't have to have a positive anti DNA in order to be dx w/ lupus. There are 11 criteria. You must have at least 4 of these to be dx w/ lupus. 1. malar rash over cheeks (butterfly rash) (74%) 2. discoid rash, red raised patches 3. photosensitivity - reaction to sunlight, resulting in skin rash (50%) 4. oral and nose ulcers 5. arthritis (95%) 6. serositis - inflamation of the lining of the lung or heart 7. reanl disorder - excessive protein in urine and/or cellular casts 8.
330478 tn?1278284916 ) severe back/hip/leg pain - constant throughout the day, unable to sit or stand or drive for long periods at a time (an MRI was done of my back, which showed degeneration of my spine, 2 buldging discs, slipping of a few of my vertabraes along with many other things..) 7.) severe pain in neck down to lower spine when i bend my neck 8.) suseptible to rashes (diagnosed with granuloma annulare on my legs) 9.) lowgrade fevers easily (especially under stress) 10.) extremely low immune system 11.
Avatar f tn My sister was diagnosed with scleroderma at age 6 and is extremely ill now at 30 she can barely move-my mother was diagnosed with lupus about 4 years ago and my aunt also suffers from lupus. I understand the symptoms of lupus play peeka boo and arent the same in everyone. For the past year ive been extremely tired..it has been so bad at times that just getting up to use the restroom is exhausting.
Avatar f tn Sorry to hear you have Lupus as well. My Dr. said it could be the Lupus, or several other things, MS being one of them. I have a family history of MS.
Avatar n tn re talking about painful legs let me tell you I am right there with you. I will wake from a deep sleep with leg pain. I am 46 yrs. old and have been ill since last July, finally started to get into seeing the right doctors at the end of last year and in March was told Lupus. Now last week my new Rheumy (whom I love - took a long time to find her though) told me she thinks I have multiple autoimmune and I am waiting on blood work to come back now.
1011295 tn?1320870972 The other night, I woke up crying and screaming in pain with severe leg cramps in both legs. I couldn't get my feet to move so they would release or relax. Finally about 10 minutes, my left relaxed but I was still paralized with the pain of the right leg. My husband said he never felt so helpless. I was curled up and crying. It took another fifteen minutes before my right leg relaxed and I was able to sit and take a vicodin tablet.
689327 tn?1240229164 I read that you treat chronic pain. I take Fentenyl patches for chronic pain lupus IC rhem arthritis osteoporosis and 5 herniated disc I need two need two replacements and just had surgery for a broken leg I use MSIR for breakthrough pain and am able to function without the meds I would not get out of bed or be able to function. DO you think this regimeine under a doctors supervision is a good one for pain control or do you have a better suggestion?
787406 tn?1339203183 I'm a limbo lander but i have Lupus issues like Raynauds feet and hands, the Lupus discoid circular rash on both legs and one on my back, Livedo Reticularis, chilblains (suspected lupus chilblains), mouth ulcers, light sensitive, joint swelling without arthritis, recurring kidney issues, IBS and very bad circulation issues along with...