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Avatar n tn I've read in this forum that lasers cannot be used for floater removal yet there are three doctors in the United States who claim otherwise. Has anyone had successful treatment with this method? How successful are victrectomies for floater removal?
Avatar m tn Then in June of 2007, at age 49, as a white male high myopic (-11 diopters in rigid gas permeable contact lenses), I had developed two small ‘macula on’ retinal detachments in my left that were treated successfully in under local anesthesia in a outpatient surgery center with laser, cryo therapy, vitrectomy with a non-expanding gas air bubble. Eye surgical procedures had advanced a great deal in 17 years!
Avatar n tn 2006 Verisyse lens, and iridectomy. Current diagnose with cataract. 2006 unsuccessful laser floater surgery. Thick cornea. • My right eye is filled with multiple floaters, and the vitreous is extremely cloudy, weiss ring. Although if necessary with eye movement I can read an eye chart 20/20. Floaters do not bother me, but the cloudy vitreous makes simple functions, tv, pc, and reading challenging.
Avatar f tn I have had two laser surgeries and one trabeculectomy on the same eye. No surgeries were done on the other eye. After each surgery, my floater content increased. This was contrary to the eye doctors' comments that such changes would not occur. The other eye, in my same baby boomer body, has never had floaters. My research on the net indicates there is a possibility of vitreous change after laser treatments.
Avatar n tn 53 Could you please clarify the treatment options and associated risks, for floaters, in otherwise healthy individuals? IE Laser, Vitrectomy and drugs (Vitrase?) Many in the medical profession advocate doing nothing as they are harmless however there does not seem to be an understanding of the psycological impact and reduced quality of life that they can have. Posted by HFHS M.D.
Avatar f tn My surgeon is also one of the top eye surgeons in the world and he also had not removed a large number of IOL's which did concern me, He was extremely skilled though and used to very complex eye surgeries. He told me that if he got in there and was unable to remove the lens safely, he wouldn't... being very conservative. He was fairly certain that he could however, based on his pre surgery observations and that fortunately was the case. Trust in your surgeon and your decision.
Avatar m tn I had the buckle and gas bubble combo. In late May I did have a relapse and had to have laser surgery to seal a small part of the detachment. relatively things been going well. In December I went away to the mountains with my friends (higher) altitude and started to develop after this some eye redness. I went to get it checked out as I was seeing a different type of floater and the doctor said the retina was fine.
Avatar f tn The Weiss ring that occurs after a PVD is usually the type the responds the best. You can read about this on the websites about laser floater removal. I have met two of the doctors in the U.S. that do this procedure. I spent several hours in the office talking with the doctor in Virginia and the one in California. They will call you personally to answer your questions. I trust that they know what they are doing. I believe the procedure is very, very safe.
Avatar f tn Since the surgery they don't seem to work together. The implant eye sees bigger and also distorted. The cataract eye has floaters, but is my good eye. Will it help to remove the cataract (with vitrectomy in this eye.
Avatar n tn I have now formed a nuclear posterior sub capsular catatact as a side effect of the opeartion in my right eye. I have been informed that i will need to have an cataract removal operation with intraocular implantation. Recently I have started to see very minute bubbles/grain with my Cataract - is this something i should worry about?
Avatar n tn After left eye cataract removal three months ago, I have been told that the problem with cloudiness and floaters is gel. I also have inflammation. What is gel and will it go away when the inflammation leaves?
Avatar n tn Had a check up today by the srugeon, who found that the IOP went up in the reparied eye to 21. Surgeon said several things might be done including going back on medications for glaucoma. Having read about complications from filtration surgery I then suggested to HIM about removal of some sutures from the filtration operation. He then said yes he could do that. Laser procedure took a few minutes and my pressures went down to 12, in about 15 minutes after surgery.
Avatar n tn I use a penhole i see a floater over center of my eye.When I move my eye it moves out of the way.when this floater gets in front of lights at night it causes starbursting. And i can see a stationary line a cross my eye that causes star burst all of the time at night.When this floater gets over the lights it gets worse. why can my Dr. not see these floaters? How i get rid of this trash in my eye?
Avatar f tn this glare, or ray of light has, steadily worsened. The right eye is fine after cataract removal in august. Last night I noticed the diagonal glare was worse and now I see stop lights, especially, the green lights, completely double. This was the symptom I had before cataract removal. It is obvious the situation is progressing or worsening.
Avatar n tn Some patients floater condition are made worse. It it were 100% safe it wouldn't matter what other eye condition a patient had doctors would just blast away. The only thing that may be 100% safe when it comes to eyes is when you close your lids at night to go to sleep. But you could die in your sleep so perhaps you should have never closed your lids in the first place. I think you get the idea. Things can happen and do happen. 100% safe.
Avatar f tn Dear hsum4, A vitrectomy is a surgical procedure in which the vitreous jelly inside of the eye is removed. Floaters result from an aging process where the jelly shrinks. In most cases, floaters are annoying and over time, become less noticeable. When associated with symptoms a sudden change in the number of floaters occurs, one may have a retinal detachment which requires immediate treatment. Most of the time floaters do not require surgical intervention. Dr. Feldman Sandy T.
Avatar n tn About six months ago I noticed a large floater in the centre of vision of the left eye. I sought advice from an optometrist who gave me a prompt referral to A&E for a possible retinal tear. The intitial diagnosis was of a retinal tear <90 degrees but it rapidly progressed over the following week to a giant retinal tear ultimately of 270+ degrees. I have had the following treatments.
Avatar f tn I could no longer read a newspaper or the average book, as I had prior to the YAG laser treatment. I also had additional floaters and recurring pain in my affected eye. I called the surgeon's office about the problems, but they didn't return the call until a day later (which they claimed was an excellent response time). Another day later, I finally had a follow-up examination, by a different opthalmologist and technician in the same eye clinic.
Avatar n tn I noted more flashing and flickering in the affected eye a couple of nights ago, plus a large new floater that extends across almost the entire field of vision, so I returned to the office. My VA in the affected eye had actually improved to 20/25 (when the floater wasn't interfering) but the characters, while sharp enough to read, were still very warped, jagged, and narrow.
Avatar n tn The buckle procedure was performed and several more weeks of eye drops and face down positioning. As expected a cataract formed and my eye Dr./Surgeon recommended removal and a Toric IOL 11.0D implant due to my high nearsigntedness. Had the Toric implanted December 16. I was so I was excited about the possibility of seeing out of this eye without contact lenses (as previously worn) and returning to a normal life. After the lense implant my D.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your reply. I alway enjoy reading your comments. I wish your theory the more myopic the greater chance of getting these beautiful Weiss Rings were constant but there always seem to be the exception to the rule. My best friend is myopic -13 & -15. No Weiss Rings in either eye. She began wearing hard contact lenses when they first hit the market. Believe it or not HER MOTHER insisted the doctor fit her with them because she didn't want her daughter wearing glasses.
Avatar f tn Last month a got a black dot like a floater i made a appointment with the eye speclist who said i the floater was because of PVD in my left eye.he also checked there was no tears or holes in my retina and there wasnt,he did say the retina in both eyes was a bit weak because of my really bad sight.i havnt got any other problems at the moment but im really scared that i will go blind at a early age or im going to have other problems.
Avatar f tn But believe it or not, I would do it again if I had the decision to make over. Right now, I am considering the laser treatment for my other eye. All this seems very extreme, and it is. Most people do as their doctors instruct and just learn to live with it. It is, however, a fact that only you...not your doctor...knows how disabling it is to your life.
Avatar f tn Fortunately I never had noticeable floaters again in my operative eye after the vitrectomy/ERM peel. There is a tiny dot floater in that eye that appeared following cataract surgery, like a black dot floater except being the opposite like a tiny clear bubble. There were several of those immediately after the cataract procedure but they disappeared in relatively short order. Now, my other nonoperative eye does have a couple of noticeable floaters, one spider web-like and one black dot.
Avatar f tn One item of note is that my operative eye, which had a vitrectomy/ERM peel and subsequently cataract removal surgery, has now for all intents and purposes become my good eye again. I was left eye dominant before, and now that the vision in that eye has been restored to greatness it is once again my dominant eye.
Avatar m tn Yesterday, my doctor told me to be patient, and let my eye recover for a few more weeks after yesterday's stitches removal. Actually, since I can eliminate the distortion by blocking the light reaching the bottom edge of my vision path. I'm hopeful that the problem is very solvable -- somehow. I've heard there are some eye exercises that can be done to improve distance vision. I have good near and intermediate vision, but blurry distance. Do you know of any exercises?
284078 tn?1282620298 In my practice, I find out the main priority and shoot for that first and if I can achieve it in the first eye then the second eye has some wiggle room for me to add some near or distance vision as desired. It is more of a DISTANCE plus some near added in or NEAR with a little distance added in.