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7603294 tn?1392768827 my husband attended the scan two days ago and was seen by a different specialist who was on duty, my husband was told that there were excess vessels growing and that they are now dealing with a blind eye and the only way forward is to put him under anaesthetic and to laser the eye because if they don't then he'll have to have the eyeball removed?
Avatar m tn I've noticed that it is more noticeable when my glasses are off and I cover my right eye...It seems to happen at the sections where my glasses do not cover my eye sight. Really weird I know... Anyways I will see the opticians in a few hours so will get back to you.
Avatar f tn Hi I've been suffering now with severe eye pain in my right eye for around 7 months. Without going into the diagnosis (which is still unknown) and all the testing and so forth, I've been given Nortriptyline to take, starting off with 10mg per day. I've been told I can increase this till it works with a max dose of 100mg per day.
Avatar f tn At the beginning it was around -1, however, maybe because of my life style and love for studies, it was getting worse and worse and reached -7 for the left eye and -9.5 for the right eye three xplained me that retina detached again. I need one more surgery. Strange, but they didn't contact my first surgeon and even dind't do it when I asked them to do it.
Avatar n tn Like many people here I've had a full battery of standard tests that found nothing wrong (UK, NHS, Moorfields Eye Hospital no less). Would love to have the correct diagnosis though. It makes you think, what do most doctors know and how much do they really care? For completeness I am slightly myopic L 0.25; R 0.75. I do not wear my glasses much but using them makes no difference either way for my night vision.
Avatar m tn It was only late 2014 that I decided to explore eye laser surgery, I was informed of the corneal scar. The NHS tried various things but no joy. Hence my visit to Harley St, the purpose of the PTK & PRK procedures were not with regard to vision correctness, but the removal of the scar. I believe the corneal scar was distorting light entering the cornea, hence the light sensitivity, hence the headaches.
Avatar m tn Do NHS opticians like the one in St Giles (Denham Opticians) provide after care for laser eye surgery? It has been a few days after my daughters surgery, and her eyes still appear very sore.. I want to get it checked out, any ideas?
Avatar m tn About what percent of people who get cataract surgery get clouding of their eye afterwards and need YAG laser surgery to clear it up?
Avatar n tn I had a cryotherapy scleral buckling and laser. 3 ½ weeks later my eye is healing well (thank God) vision wise, I can now open my eye and it is no longer weeping HOWEVER I have noticed that my eye lid is slightly droppy (prisms) and more upsettingly I now appear to be suffering from “crossed eye” “cockeye" "wall eye”. I do not have an appointment with my eye Dr until Feb (!) so I was wondering if anyone else could provide me with a few answers.
Avatar m tn The NHS should cover the drug cost of ranibizumab for the first 14 injections in each eye being treated. If people need more than 14 injections per eye, the manufacturer of ranibizumab has agreed to take over the drug cost from the NHS." (Ranibizumab is Lucentis) If you insist on making political points about the NHS, please get them right and preferably quote your sources.
Avatar n tn I have had a red bump in the corner of my nose and eye for 5 years and i'm tired of people asking about it and i need a cure for it. I heard laser removal was an option. If so about how much would it cost?
Avatar n tn Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar f tn Laser works by killing tissue and creating scars so you have laser marks and scars inside your eye. Moreover treatment of PDR often involves pan retinal photocoagulation PPR which puts 800-1000 laser shots inside the eye. In PDR their is widespread small vessel disease and poor blood circulation at the capillary level (retinal ischemia). PPR kills a lot of retina tissue so that there is less retina and thus less need for blood.
Avatar n tn I still can't understand how it is possible to get advice from highly qualified people for free. I am from England and had to go private to see an eye specialist when we have the NHS. I am not worthy!
Avatar n tn If you are considering laser to remove the more wipsy, wavy clouds in your right eye, I think I would not try it. The laser is good at removing something discrete, but not the membrane-like pieces. As they are attacked by the laser, they can clump and create new and possibly worse floaters. This per Dr. J who did my laser. When I say my floater is 95% gone, it is these cloudy wisps that are left that are the other 5%.
Avatar n tn as well. This all less than 7 months before my operation. My eye MD had at that time classified me as "suspected glaucoma" and was treating me with eye drop meds. I was never told until AFTER the operation for retinal detachment that I had "advanced glaucoma" which contributed to the "snuff out". I assumed the HRT exam was more accuate than the estimate during the slit lamp exams.
Avatar n tn On post op appointment last week was informed surgery went ok but will need YAG Capsulotomy,now just waiting for eye to completely heal before exposing eye to laser.If I'm honest I have been a little disappointed from day 1 about my VA with respect to distance...I was hoping I may get away from wearing glasses for driving/golf etc but I fear not...Intermediate and near distances I accept glasses (Varifocals) will be needed.
Avatar f tn If anything was observed on dilated funduscopic examination, they might recommend a laser treatment. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn Dear MD, I am over 50 and am severly myopic. Lately, my floaters have became larger, and my vision looks like I am looking through a tank of slightly-dirty fish water because of the number of floaters. In addition, at night, when I blink my eyes, I see light around the edges of my eyes. I went to an optometrist (not an MD) to get my prescription changed, and he explained that my "eye was dry" and sticking to the back of the eyeball, causing it to ask for light.
Avatar m tn However the doctor could not find out why I get the constant deep eye pain and swelling around my eye and also the redness on my eye. He said the symptoms matched scleritis but he checked for the condition and also did a b-scan but couldn't find any scleritis or anything wrong with the muscles. I'm really at the end of the road I've had this pain for 10 months now and its the worst pain i've ever experienced in my life its so severe and keeps me up at night and affects my sleep.
Avatar f tn Yes, I am managing with the contact lens in my right eye only at the moment as I was mistakenly given such short sight in my left eye after a cataract op, leaving me with severe anisometropia. Our great NHS has agreed to correct this by whatever means I want, i.e. re-do left eye to distance, do right eye to short sight and wear specs for distance but as I'm happy with monovision I want to go for that option if I could get as good a result as I have with the lens.
Avatar f tn I'm hoping for this rather than another tear. And if I was unfortunate to get another tear could it be treated by laser rather than eye surgery again?
Avatar n tn For the past 2 months iam having this black colour floaters in my eyes.Iam taking 'Eye glow' tablet and 'Just tears' drops.But the condition is same.But doctor says that there is no problem inside my eye.Whether this can be cured by any ways. Kindly suggest.And is it possible for me to go for laser treatment for removing my glass and even after that surgery whether this floaters would be seen?
Avatar f tn So yet another visit to the laser for YAG Laser Posterior Capsulotomy. After visiting an eye clinic in San Francisco, the surgeon there believes my original problem could have been resolved with PRK, and once the capsulotomy is completed, I'll do PRK. Bottom line, I should not have done the original IOL as was suggested by the original surgeon. Still, in the end, all the players (multiple eye surgeons I have consulted) tell me it is a slam dunk and I will get to 20/20 on the right side...
Avatar f tn I had a cataract removed from my right eye 5 weeks ago, monofocal lens implant to correct my longstanding shortsightedness (my prescription with the cataract in my eye was something like -9, at the last eye test before that 4 yrs ago was something like -7) I have a small cataract in the left eye which the surgeons would ordinarily have left, for now, but because my eyes are now very 'unbalanced' they are going to remove it in the next few weeks; prescription in that eye is -6.75, and -1.
Avatar m tn My vision was getting a little worse all round, especially my right eye, which I am told is a lazy eye. My left eye always made up for it. I am starting to learn how to cope with the halo's and ghosting, although they are still there. I have spoken to the surgeon this morning and I think I am going to elect for a laser top up procedure rather than the lense exchange that I discussed with him at a earlier appointment.
Avatar n tn Your eye has only 1 best distance focus point and laser surgery adjusts that. It doesn't separately alter distance vision and intermediate vision, that would require some sort of multifocal laser surgery which is still a new technology in its early stages and it might not combine well with a non-monofocal IOL.
Avatar m tn They eventually referred me back to a surgeon because I rang their HO and told them my doctor had referred me to the NHS Eye Clinic. I know people who've had lens replacements on the NHS (not multifocal - NHS don't do them because they are so problematic!) and they had a 1-on-1 with their surgeon right the way through - sadly in a private clinic it's all down to cost and surgeons are probably reluctant to spend time in consultation.
Avatar f tn The distance vision in my right eye is also not as good as the left, so I hope the laser treatment will help that. However, I am experiencing the 'ghosting' problem in both eyes and don't know if the surgery help with that; I'll just keep my fingers crossed that it will!
Avatar m tn I am also in the UK and had one eye done on the NHS fixed for distance. Have incredible depth of field (infinity to about 18 inches) but very difficult to read at all right now, even with both eyes and can't get glasses yet as need other eye done. Was thinking of Symfony but it is very expensive to go private as you know. I was unlucky that I had PVD exactly 28 days after surgery so now wonder if I should go for another monofocal as it was so wonderful to see so well for a month.