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Avatar n tn I had cataract surgery 1.5 years ago. My eyesight has since been deteriorating, and I just found out today that I have the "secondary cataracts". The doctor said only one eye (down from 80% vision to 50%) should be treated with the YAG at present as the other one is not too bad yet (down from 100% vision to 80%).
Avatar n tn It sounds as if there is might be another issue in the eye resulting in the peripheral loss. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn Only you and your doctor can decide whether this is the situation. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn Boy, is this ever common. If you google 'posterior capsular opacification' or 'after-cataract,' you will see that it ultimately happens to at least 20%-30% of people who have had cataract removal. Apparently it's more common in younger patients. It doesn't mean that anything went wrong with the original surgery. All that's going on is that cells that were left behind after the cloudy lens was removed have continued to grow on the back surface of the bag or capsule, making it cloudy.
Avatar m tn I had a stent for 1 week after my 1st stone was removed. Since the removal of the stent, I have had waves of severe back pain similar to the initial pain I had when I discovered the stone. I heard the ureter can spasm as it heals and this blocks the urine flow in the kidney causing the pain. How long should this last? What is the best way of managing the pain?
Avatar f tn I've had a successful Vitrectomy in my right eye to get rid of floaters and the loose vitreal bag. I do worry about low eye pressure later on in my life and that is keeping me from having a Vitrectomy in my left eye. The IOL implant in my left eye has made the floaters bigger and I have trouble seeing when in lights or bright sun. I also have the membrane that grows from left over cells that is making it difficult for me to see with both eyes.
Avatar n tn Can you tell me the results of your one ovary removal surgery? Have you had recurrence of endometrioma? Are you on oral contraceptives?
Avatar m tn hi have you ever heard of transconjunctival blepharoplasty its a form of eye bag removal ,its lasers that remove excess fluid and fat.and no incisions are made.
162948 tn?1205256292 I had the mirena in for about 13 months & had it removed end of august to try to get pregnant. I had thought it was more immediate. I found out it can take 3-6 months for your cycle to return. my husband and I are pretty bummed because we would have removed it earlier (or never had it put in). Anyway, I bled a few days after removal (probably due to the removal) & then nothing until a couple days of brown spotting at the beginning of this month.
Avatar f tn But two options have been suggested to me - cauterization and eye bag removal. I am wondering if anyone else has recieved either treatment for these and if so the success of this treatment.
Avatar f tn Is this the difference between a Vitrectomy and a Membrane Peel? If so when I have a Capsulotomy next month will this bag pull on my eye during the laser treatment and cause a possible detachment?
Avatar n tn ) Would you suggest mono IOLs in both eyes with the diopters set within close range of each other in order to get the L/R eye to see depth? What actually does the eye do in order to see depth? 3. How long (generally) does it take for a cataract to mature to the point where in order to extract the lens, a larger incision must be made? Thank you again for your indepth responses.
Avatar m tn The dry eye is affecting both eyes. Moisture goggles help. Regarding my right eye, my question is (considering secondary cataracts are common in crystalens patients months after implant) with all the fussing around in the eye could I have a secondary cataract: Fact The careful examination and OCT report of my entire retina and optical nerves revealed a better than perfect recovery, cornea looks extremely healthy.
Avatar f tn Dear hsum4, A vitrectomy is a surgical procedure in which the vitreous jelly inside of the eye is removed. Floaters result from an aging process where the jelly shrinks. In most cases, floaters are annoying and over time, become less noticeable. When associated with symptoms a sudden change in the number of floaters occurs, one may have a retinal detachment which requires immediate treatment. Most of the time floaters do not require surgical intervention. Dr. Feldman Sandy T.
233488 tn?1310696703 Studies show that exposure to bright sunlight may increase the risk of developing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and growths on the eye, including cancer. Unfortunately many people are unaware of the sun’s harmful rays. Through its EyeSmart™ campaign the American Academy of Ophthalmology wants to remind Americans of the importance of shielding their eyes from the sun’s damaging rays by wearing proper protection.
Avatar m tn I have been told that the double vision will get better with time as the eye gets used to it, especially after the oil removal and removal of cataract. In general, I would like to thank those for posting their experiences on here as it has certainly helped me and my morale levels. I can't wait for this ordeal to be over so I can go back to university!
Avatar m tn Yesterday, my doctor told me to be patient, and let my eye recover for a few more weeks after yesterday's stitches removal. Actually, since I can eliminate the distortion by blocking the light reaching the bottom edge of my vision path. I'm hopeful that the problem is very solvable -- somehow. I've heard there are some eye exercises that can be done to improve distance vision. I have good near and intermediate vision, but blurry distance. Do you know of any exercises?
Avatar n tn Options might include special glasses, IOL removal/exchange/repositioning. Use the archives, eye topics and search feature to read the many posts on "flickering" after IOL surgery.
Avatar n tn I saw the eye Dr. today. My diagnois was same as yours.He wants me to wait 90 days for the laser tx. Apparently it is somewhat rare. I felt the staff there, who did his pre-screen, just thought I was being an odd-ball until he confirmed to them that I do have a legitimate problem. So, he used my case as a teaching tool. My other eye is still set for Monday.
Avatar m tn I had cataract removal from my right eye and a monofocal lens implant. The goal was to set that eye for modified monovisionI. My dr said he tried to get my right eye at plano, fit me with glasses, and then do the left eye later. He said his goal was off because of how the lens has settled in my eye at 16 days post surgery. He wants to take the cataract out of the left eye and hopefully aim for a 1 diopter difference so my eyes can work together.
233488 tn?1310696703 This is not an exact science and the margin of error is +/- 0.50 but INCREASES with high myopia (long eye) or high hyperopia (short eye), eyes with previous RK, lasik, injury or additional eye diseases. 3. Typically the targeted post op refraction is between 0.00 (not needing glasses for distances of 20 feet (6 meter) or more) and -3.00 which has great vision for tiny detail at reading distance 13-14 inches. Any difference of greater than 1.
Avatar f tn @rh52 like you are going to do, I only had cataract surgery on my left eye, the right eye only has a baby cataract thus far and I will do nothing with it unless necessary. I went with a monofocal IOL set in approximate parity with my non-surgical right eye, with distance correction continuing to be provided by RGP contacts or glasses as I've done since the 1970's.
Avatar f tn Went back to my surgeon right away and he sent me to a Retinal surgeon within the 30 minutes of being in his office. That surgeon had to do emergency laser surgery right then in his office on my eye due to a retinal tear. That all thankfully turned out okay and I was told is a common complication after any cataract surgery. So I gave it a lot of time after that to see if my vision was restored by the ReStor lenses to 20/20. Well its been almost 7 years and that 20/20 never happened.
Avatar f tn In addition to determining the best IOL for you and the right doctor who will handle your case the way you want, you should also evaluate whether to have traditional (manual cataract chopping/extraction) or the laser-based cataract procedure (where laser energy is used to break up the cataract and prepare it for removal) will be better for you.
Avatar n tn I don't know much about Cataracts, so forgive my ignorance. My eye doctor just informed me that they are forming (my vision is very myopic, and is getting worse, and I am starting to see "lights" around the edges of my eyes at night from time to time.) He recommended cataract surgery "early on", but all my experience talking with others in the past is that the cataract needs to "develop fully" or become ripe before operation.
Avatar m tn +8.00 + 0.25x175. In addition, I have Amblyopia and Nystagmus (when the right eye is closed, the left one moves and can't concentrate, but when both are open, it is not that much visible). But, hopefully I am not diabetic and my eye pressure is normal. Up to now, I've visited 5 doctors who gave me somehow the same option: Monofocal IOL set for distance for both eyes + thin pair of glasses just for reading that I can get off the shelf or over the counter without prescription.
Avatar m tn Prolonged computer use without glasses would probably give me a headache. If you set your dominant eye for distance and non-dominant eye for intermediate vision, you would probably be comfortable using the computer without glasses. I had a cataract in one eye only but I chose to have cataract surgery in both my eyes. My post-surgery distance vision in the eye without the cataract is at least as good as my best-correct vision was before surgery. I've never had a problem with my IOLs.
Avatar m tn Subjectively its sort of like either the page itself is shaking/moving, or as if I had a contact lens on that was moving around quickly as the eye moved, which is why at first it seemed to match the explanation of the lens itself being loose in the bag (so that when the eye stops inertia keeps it moving for a bit, and then the eye tries to correct when the lens has gone too far, etc). Apparently even the natural human lens wobbles a bit to a stop: http://pabloartal.blogspot.
Avatar n tn Now I have to decide between a lens exchange--very risky as I have sight in that eye only,(20/30 daylight) or YAG laser for PCO. My retinal Dr is conservative and is pushing me toward continuing the eye drops. I am terrified the light show will be worse after the YAG. I can't believe I have to live the rest of my life like this. I am really housebound in the winter since we get 5 hrs of daylight here. I don't understand how my right eye developed such a problem.
Avatar f tn The distance vision in my right eye is also not as good as the left, so I hope the laser treatment will help that. However, I am experiencing the 'ghosting' problem in both eyes and don't know if the surgery help with that; I'll just keep my fingers crossed that it will!