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645800 tn?1466860955 Hi Dennis, out of curiosity, did you request to see this type specialty doctor to get statements of disability or did the VA out of the blue set this appt up? if you need statements of disability could not your VA neuro write statements in your be half? i've never asked a VA doctor for this so i'm curious.
Avatar m tn I am a 50 year old USMC Veteran with a service connected disability. I had recent x-rays and MRIs of both knees. I had a menisectomy of the posterior horn of my right medial meniscus in 1994 by a good surgeon friend. My knees are both in rough shape. I am also at the whim of the VA healthcare system, which has gotten a lot better but I feel it is still way behind the medical times....
Avatar m tn I am a 50 year old USMC Veteran with a service connected disability. I had recent x-rays and MRIs of both knees. I had a menisectomy of the posterior horn of my right medial meniscus in 1994 by a good surgeon friend. My knees are both in rough shape. I am also at the whim of the VA healthcare system, which has gotten a lot better but I feel it is still way behind the medical times....
645800 tn?1466860955 They are also reevaluating if my service connect left knee problem are why my right knee bothers me due to favoring (over using the right) my left knee. I don't remember doing an appeal of this one either. And finally they stated that the exams/reports have to be expedited. So I should not have to wait years again for the next decision. For this latest appeal on the PTSD and hearing I used their own words in the denial to make my case.
645800 tn?1466860955 Background: Started claim for disability 6-08. 2 years before they scheduled me for any exams related to my claim. All denied...Another 2 years before I got to the judge to hear my appeal. Got 10% service connection for hear loss and rest of claims remanded back to VA for re-evaluation including PTSD even though the doctor that examined me said I had Service connection for PTSD. Finished up the last of the exams on Jan 7th of this year.
Avatar n tn He was walking normally in the morning and had his breakfast then we he tried to stand up and walk he felt pain in his knee and below and had to crawl. He has no fever and there is no swelling or bruise on his leg. he can bend his knee normally. We are very worried. please tell us what to do.
Avatar n tn Do you have access to a gym? Or is this for at home exercises without any equipment?
Avatar m tn S I have permanent swelling and daily pain too (obviously no where near the extent of yours)....I had a painkiller dependence so I only take panadol and an anti-inflammatory (not that they do much :\ ) and use an anti-inflammatory gel.... I really feel for you's hard when there is a legitimate need for pain relief...
Avatar m tn I failed on a **** test and got seperated with and OTH discharge. Since I did serve on active duty for 180 days I should be able to calim disability right? I went down to the VA and had my records screened and they said they cant help me because I had a dishornorable disharge. But its not. I was pissed. I think they didnt want to help me because of the way I got dicahrged. Can someone please tell me if I rate disability or not?
645800 tn?1466860955 Left Knee pain as service connected. The PTSD is rated at 70% disability and the knee at 10% disability. Now all I have to do get get them to have all of the other issues to become service connected due to the PTSD. Even better the back pay for these last 4+ years ($73K+) has shown up in my account. this means I now have the funds to get my leaking roof fixed finally.
Avatar m tn Department of Veterans Affairs is one of the slowest in the nation newsnet5 Cleveland I have secondary progressive Multiple sclerosis (MS) and am on Social Security Disability. My VA Disability claim is 211 days old. Unfortunately, I can not speak with anyone at the VA concerning my claim. The 800 number is NOT knowledgeable! 18 Feb 2014 - Informed by VA 800 number -said that she did not "know if they were working on my claim.
Avatar n tn Every va is different they have different substance abuse plans and different amounts of money to spend on it there are no set budgetgs its all discretionary spending so it varries sometimes they have inhouse trwatment and soometimes they contract out.
Avatar f tn I have a mild disability and walk with my left knee slightly bent, as a result my kneecap has ridden up slightly and is slightly inwards. I have had pains in it since I was young that tend to come and go, but at the moment it is bothering me more so than usual. It hurts just underneath my kneecap slightly to the left, also swollen, and a little in the kneecap itself. The thing is, the pain isn't constant and doesn't always prevent me from doing things.
645800 tn?1466860955 My contention was that due to my MS / PTSD that the effects of my hearing loss were greater than the VA was saying they are in the real world. According to the VA rules if a S/C disability make some other Non- S/C disability worse it becomes also S/C. Last week I found a hearing place that tested for Auditory Processing Disorder.
645800 tn?1466860955 ll have to get up at about 2AM in order to showed and do a special washing of my knee in order to get to the VA by 6AM. The surgery is scheduled for 8AM and I should get released from the hospital by noon.
1357608 tn?1277340465 My Neurologist has referred me to a neurosurgeon as well...I am in a TON of pain daily and have a hump on the upper part of my back (between my shoulder blades) I have been trying to find help for years and I am in the VA system..I got out of the military in NOV 2009 and they have denied me disability because they are telling me my chiari is congenital...any information on this MRI would be appreciated..
4251682 tn?1351729443 I am a veteran. The VA hospital could find nothing wrong. I went to the civilian ER and it was found that I had an infection in my gall bladder. VA could not find anything wrong with my gall bladder. It was shriveled up with a gall stone in it. Surgery August 2008 by Ann Arbor, MI VA. My back hurts.
Avatar m tn It has had extensive physical tests and on the third day in i hurt my knee. The pain was sharp and intense the day i hurt it on the outside of my knee. My knee never buckled or twisted or popped to indicate something bad happened. I was just walking up stairs after a short jog about 100m and my knee began to lock up and have intense pain that day. I fought through the pain that day and made it to the next day of training.
1551126 tn?1294093142 I also have degrenating, narrowing and bulging disk at c4,c5 and c6 also at l4,l5 and s1 (correct or not in causing pain from c4 c5 into the arms and joints and again from l4 and l5 causing pain into the legs. Is this a correct analisis on my part? 2) Could the fall have been a TBI insense causing the degradation of the spine and disk noted above? 3) Should I have other tests proformed to find out what other damage might have caused from the fall?
645800 tn?1466860955 I have been getting pretty fed up with the VA doctors lately. I had a MRI done of my left knee a couple of months ago and when I saw the Ortho doctor he kept insisting the MRI was of my right knee. To top that off he wanted to give me shots in my knee of lanocane & cortizone. This is the same thing they did twith me knee when I was in the Navy without helping. Next he wanted to have me do exercizes which I have been doing for 2 years now with no help.
147426 tn?1317265632 didn't know about that. i did apply. had a pysch consult. didn't need a consult for the neuro stuff - i guess the records from the va and other docs helped with that. no, they called and asked if i had any other paperwork due to what the va sent them was not helpful. gee, can't imagine that. so i sent them the va paperwork they didn't send and from non-va doctors. i was only able to wear my happy face for a few hours, then i kinda lost it.