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Avatar f tn But I can continuously do the clicking sound by bending my knee almost fully. But there is no pain.
Avatar f tn I have this clicking or may I say popping sound when ever I put weight of my left knee, or even if I am laying in bed when I straighten out my leg, it seems to make this sound. It really doesn't hurt, just a little uncomfortable. If I place my hand on my knee and swing my leg forward a bit, I can actually feel the bones rubbing and clicking against each other.
Avatar m tn Orthopaedic surgeon did McMurray test - was not sure at first whether he heard the clicking sound in my right knee. He did this again and said "yes, i can hear the clicking sound" I did not hear the sound. 2. Bit of discomfort when I start running - Once warmed up it goes away I then saw a biokeniticist. Also recommended knee procedure. They also gave me strenthening exercises, which I am still doing. Run twice a week and some runs are better than others.
Avatar n tn Its kind of seaware problem i am not feeling pain but when i bend down move my wrist or what angle try to make all of my body joints produce a crackling kind of sound which is so loud make me feel ambaries or people sitting aside looks at me. Its specially from wrist, knee and ankle joints. Dont know why but may be i thinking that its because of my masturbation sometimes i do is there any method or medicine that ends this crackling sound please help me in this case.
Avatar m tn A piece of torn cartilage may get caught between moving parts of the knee joint and causes the sound. A clicking sound may be heard when moving the knee. The pain may be worse when squatting. I hope this helps.
20863833 tn?1549070289 I am suffering from severe knee pain for past one month and my movement is limited now. I also get little inflamation just above knee and feel pain inside. I can still walk but face knee pain its like there are no cushions in my knees but MRI didn't show direct miniscus tear the test results which I did one month ago didn't show any signs of inflamation.
Avatar n tn The pain was really bad, both the front and back of the knee. I never experienced clicking/popping in that knee prior. But suddenly it was happening all the time. As the pain subsided the clicking/popping got worse. It has been a couple months, the clicking/popping still very much there. I tried working out again for the first time in months last Wednesday, and felt nothing during the workout or afterwards.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago i noticed that my left knee started clicking when i go upstairs or when i stand up from a seated position. It is painless with no history of injure or discomfort in the knee, i thought it will disappear by its own in few days but it is still there 3 weeks later, it does not sound like the normal popping that most joints does, it is a loud sound that i did not hear before, any suggestions? I am hoping that it will go away by itself. I am 29 years old female and am 7 weeks postpartum.
Avatar n tn I can feel rubbing and clicking in my knee when I walk. What is wrong with my knee? Should I still be playing basketball or will it make it worse?
Avatar m tn I play ice hockey, and over the last 5 years I have had recurring knee issues with my right knee. My right knee clicks and pops a lot when I walk. Now, tha doesn't generally cause pain, but any time this problem does occur, it is accompanied by related issues with it. For example, if I try to get on my knees (happens a lot in hockey) I have a lot of trouble and pain getting up off my right knee. I feel like the shin moves inward.
Avatar n tn I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee almost 3 months ago. The medial and lateral meniscus were repaired along with scraping under patella for some arthritis.The medial was much more damaged than the lateral. Surgery seemed to go well. No pain at all. After some weeks with therapy the knee still feels unstable laterally. Front to back movement was very good, Pain developed on medial side of knee and the patella tendon when walking.
Avatar n tn Hello all. I was playing football Sunday and although I didn't experience any injury while playing, I felt tightness later that night. I always stretch before and after. The next morning when I woke up I noticed some clicking behind my knee right above my calf. It's right in the center. Now a few days later, I'm feeling a lot of calf numbness and tingling. It's been tough falling asleep because of this. I've had previous problems with this leg before...
Avatar m tn hello sir, I am 27 male not married, my left knee is popping too when i bend the leg and left elbow also popping when i bend the hand, all body bones are popping to much,i used calcium tablets for 3 months but there is no improvement, please advise me what should be done to stop this sound...
547181 tn?1255146506 I have noticed a strange thing after TX that some time when i bend my knee, a clicking sound came from knee joint (i used to have that sound before TX but that was very rare, now its became more frequent).Moreover some time that sound also came from shoulder joint. It seems that the fluid to reduce friction in my joints has reduced or become thinner. I want to ask if this happen because of Tx (Interferone/Riba) or anything else? has anyone experianced the same feeling or not????
Avatar f tn t often ow i can maybe take a stroll around my local park , but after im in agony my groins hurt so much i feel like my legs ate going to collapse ... I now have extreme knee pain both knees but left one is worse ... I now get a clicking sound when walking and my leg gets stuck it wont straighten i have to push the side of my knee from the outside of the leg its like the knee joint comes out i hear a clik and the pain gets easier to manage if i do this its excruciating .
16237877 tn?1446544835 I love doing squats but, for about a year and half, i have not been able to perform this exercise because my left knee hurts. Each time I try to squat, there's a clicking sound in my left knee and, it hurts bad. As a result, even when I try, my right leg carries all the weight and, i don't feel the impact of the exercise on my quads. What can i do to remedy this situation or, how can i train my quads without squats?
Avatar n tn I am 16 year old female, I too play piano and have trained and competed in judo for roughly 8 years now. I have very small, weak wrists anyway but suffer from exactly the same problem in mainly my left wrist. From what you are describing the clicking could be a result of a ligament damage. I agree with jdesouza "The weakness and pain are what you need to control. Rest it and slowly start. If it hurts reduce the intensity.
Avatar n tn For the last 7 weeks I've been suffering with awful back aches (lower & middle), pelvis & hip pain. I also often get a severe muscle ache in both flanks. One knee is swollen & I'm experiencing pain in the tendons around my elbows, knees & thumb. I'm currently on NSAIs but they don't seem to be helping. I just feel awful (oh, and when I move my joints / back make loud clicking noises!).
Avatar n tn A week ago I went to my doctor because I was having pain in my left foot,.lateral foot pain. It's been going on for about 6 weeks. It would dull ache most of the time with sudden bouts of extreme pain in which it felt like a knife was digging in my foot. He did an xray and said it wasn't broken and prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. A week later and now I can't bend my left knee back and it's hurting to put pain on my knee.
Avatar m tn My Daughter 13y/o, weight 45kg, has right knee pain isolated to the lower outside area of the knee. This pain is preventing the use of the knee and is sever when the knee is bent. She has limited movement with out pain. Currently we are into the 9th week of pain. Other symptoms are numbness of the knee area, Limited swelling (not much) and currently in the last week she has started to get sharp stadding pain, ocassionally the knee gives way.. The injury happened during a jazz dancing fall.
Avatar m tn An orthopedic sx preforms a knee arthroscopy and debrides or cuts out the tear/smoothing the area. Popping,clicking and pain are symptoms of a tear. OTC anti inflamatories and elevating the knee reduces the swelling and pain.but will not heal the condition. If tear/damage is severe enough arthritis develops as menisci acts like a cushion between the knee joint.
Avatar n tn i have been playing baseball all my life and my arm in the past 3 years my arm has been making an odd clicking sound when i stretch it a certain way. i also feel pain daily, not severe. Any ideas on what it could be and how i could stop this?