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Avatar f tn Hello I have a knee issue as well (right side), the only impact free exercise I found is the elliptical machine, you could also do swimming but you can't do these at home, unless you buy an elliptical machine at home? that is what I just did and I am planning on start using it...You could use aerobic DVDs at home but you want to avoid jumping or moves that put pressure on your knee.
Avatar f tn After 20 minutes on the elliptical machine, the ball of my foot and my toes begin to go numb. Am I wearing the wrong shoes? It has happened for years on several different style machines and settings. Any advice or feedback that this happens to others would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I suggest the elliptical and stationary bike. The pounding isn't going to be good for the knees! You'll end up needing knee replacement.
Avatar f tn Bike or cycle is very common to us and all of us experience it at some part of life and is very easily adaptable. Elliptical machine is a complete workout even for your upper body and if you are starting new I would suggest you not to concentrate not on the fat burning or heart rate rather get yourself adapted to the machine. Wear proper shoes, start slow and increase speeds and intensity with comfort.
Avatar m tn I keep going and I finish 15 minutes in pain. If I slow down for for the last 2 minutes the pain goes away. After elliptical I can do a 2 hour intense weight lifting workout. No pain. Go back to the elliptical and do it again for 15 minutes 10-15 % harder then the 1st time and no pain. If I go extremely harder then the 1st time, say double the pace I will get some pain around 12 minutes in. Heart problem or acid relux.
280369 tn?1316702041 i have been going to gym also and using the treadmill and elliptical machine my obgyn was fine with it just as long as i dont overdue it. I enjoy the elliptical more due a knee injury from a few years ago but i also do alot of swim areobics and such but just run the quesion by the midwife or dr .
Avatar m tn m sure this all started with elliptical machine, as I had been walking more and stretching from elliptical just aggravated PF. I may try some exercises for arches, like towel crunch. Hopefully, I can alleviate pain by rehab exercises, as I don't think I need to see Dr. yet. I work out, riding bike, swimming, walking, some light weights, so don't put a whole lot of strain on foot. I have had this in the past and alleviated by just stopping activity.
Avatar n tn m 30 weeks n I exercise 4 to 5 days a week. I ran 3 miles til I was around 25 weeks now bike ride n elliptical machine. For 15 min, followed by fast walking on 4.0 on the tree min for 15 min n bike on hills for 15 min. Then I start my weight training program. From squats free weight smith machine n other leg machines. Military presses, barbell well I do full body work outs. I did drop 10 lbs on my weight when I turned 27 weeks but just incase. But I feel great afterwards.
533063 tn?1262366101 Maybe you should skip the elliptical machine for now and just do the other? But since you had pain with sex, maybe you should call your doctor back and ask about that too? I hope you get some other replies that are helpful. Take care!
11358238 tn?1430409963 Thank you guys.... man I wish my due date was tomorrow. I will definitely do the elliptical machine then. I am not trying to lose weight just help with toning and the ache and pain from ankles...
Avatar f tn Yay, got my TENS Machine today from the hospital. Feeling a bit excited now.
Avatar f tn I am trying to decide on a home exercise machine. I would like either and elliptical or a water rowing machine. I have researched both and tested out ellipticals. Rowing machines are a little harder to find. I know an elliptical will be good for cardio but will it also help build muscle?
Avatar n tn swimming, the elliptical machine (for some reason walking outside or even on a treadmill seemed to aggravate my hips but the elliptical, though it wasn't always easy doing it, would make my hips feel better the rest of the day,) ibuprofen, lidoderm patchs or a prescription gel, like the Voltaren gel. My joint pain generally responds to heat better than ice (though lately I've been having trouble with bursitis in both knees and ice seems to work best for that.
Avatar n tn This is an inner pain near the groin, so I am confident it is a hip joint issue. I first noticed this pain in 2007 on an elliptical machine. I recently noticed it again because I started exercising and used the same machine. Therefore, this leads me to believe that this hip joint pain is chronic. Also, because I only noticed it while exercising, this tells me the pain is only felt when activity forces my leg to bend causing hip joint pain.
Avatar f tn but I was walking long distances, using the elliptical machine and doing aerobics several times a week besides personal strength training sessions and I'm 43.
Avatar n tn So you have underwent arthroscopic debridement for knee arthritis. Your doctor has done small cleaning work in your knee. This is the reason for pain while walking, as the new surface created is naive and is reacting to pain due to sensitivity. I prefer for 5-7 days of full time pain medications as it helps a lot. I would advice you to take propoxypnene continously for 3-4 days and see the difference.
Avatar f tn I had knee arthroscopy 6 weeks ago to smooth the cartilage on the back of the patella, remove scar tissue, and correct a structural defect in a groove at the bottom of the femur that helps the kneecap track properly (needed to widen it). I had a lot of swelling over the first 4 weeks. This has finally subsided for the most part but I am struggling to get the full flexion back. I am still only at 105 degrees despite physio, biking, and the elliptical trainer.
Avatar m tn I had pain in my lower calf muscles and so I am sticking with the elliptical and burning 600 cals in elliptical. I aim at burning 450 cals each day on cardio and so hit 600 which i think the machine over-estimates. I believe 600 may equal to 450 actual. I was 175 lbs and have got to 162. But I am not going beyonf that. I am staying at 162 for over 2 months now. I look a bit toned, but still have a small-medium belly. I have lost my double chin significantly. Well i am 5"7.
Avatar f tn Due dates are just an estimate which is why most providers allow you to go over. To help start the process though, you could try walking on an elliptical machine, one foot on, one foot off the curb as you walk, and lots and lots of sex.
Avatar m tn Dec 10th and just had my right knee manipulated Monday Feb 1 the Knee / Leg feels great much improvement. I have one problem pain/pain (left side of right knee) when I put pressure / weight on the Knee enough pain that I have to use my walker.I was walking before the manipulation. Using CPM machine with no major pain. I have not called my surgeon yet. Do not want to whin.
Avatar n tn I have been doing the elliptical a lot for the past 2 months and the past few days my quadriceps and shins have been killing me. My quads are extremely tight. I went for a massge today and it still aches. Could this be due to my use of the elliptical for lengthy periods of time at a high intensity? My feet also turn in when I walk and I have been wearing flip flops all the time lately so Im thinking that could be it as well. Any thoughts/help?
1378309 tn?1551270038 Hi yes I wondered if getting an elliptical machine to exercise on in the house, but of course there is a little money factor in that choice. I know if I do not exercise daily I can not lose weight. I watch what I eat mostly but I believe to actually lose weight and keep it off it needs both factors. The exercise machines are not cheap and I do not want something in the house that is just there to hang clothes on! I am not one to go to the gyms when a lot of people are there.
Avatar n tn It usually occurs when walking at work or on the elliptical exercise machine. When touching the testicle it is very sensitive. I sit down and take the pressure off the scrotum and the pain goes away. I saw my PCP who did not feel any lumps and the "cough" test was OK. He told me to wear "tighty whitys" when exercising but that seemed to make my left testicle hurt more often.
Avatar m tn After about a week of mild pain the pain went away. In the last few weeks I have been noticing more slight pain in the knee, as well as some perceived weakness in the knee. I've also found a slight bump across the patellar tendon, and overall the knee does not seem to feel right. Should I be seeing a doctor, or could this possibly be something I can treat at home? Any ideas on what it could be? Thank you.