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Avatar m tn Both cause increased fluid in the knee that can lead to a cyst. A physical exam is always done to check for medial or lateral knee pain. Popping or clicking in knee, this indicated cartilage tear and MRIs are not always full proof. The underlying problem is usually treated first and may require a diagnostic arthroscopy. Cyst may resolve on its own or be drained and in rare situations be surgically removed.
Avatar m tn I have been having knee pain for quite some time now. Initially was taking it light, but recently got the same checked and MRI was performed. Dr.'s conclusion are as follow: 1. Grade 2C tear of medial meniscus. 2. Moderate to severe joint effusion distending the suprapatellar bursa with underlying osteoarthritic changes at knee. 3. Bone marrow edema is noted at the medial tibial condyle. Yet to meet my docter in two days.
Avatar m tn I have been having right knee pain and swelling for the past 6 weeks. I had an MRI which shows: 1) Posterior lateral tibial plateau grade 4 chondral fissures 2) Grade 3 chondral fissure at the lateral patellar facet 3) Mild patellar tendinosis 4) Borderline patella Alta configuration 5) Tibia tubercle-trochlear groove distance 1.9 cm 6) Trace superolateral Hoffa!s fat pad edema.
Avatar m tn I had a meniscus injury almost 2years ago a tear in left knee due to gym exercise while doing thighs exercise and from that time I was exercising my legs and their was no more pain after nearly 8 month , just yesterday I did the same movement once again and I hearted a pop in the same knee and a little pain with a bending movement in the same place after examining it by my self by pressing on the spot is it possible that the tear had happened once again ...
Avatar f tn The knees are at the stage where my doctor says the only option is knee replacement surgery, and that I should let him know when the pain is too bad to tolerate. So, any walking is painful, as is driving, getting out of a chair, etc. Even worse is the lower back pain. If I stand or walk for more than 3-5 minutes, I develop back spasms so bad that I feel nauseous, get sweaty and even feel sort of panicky. The only thing that shows in x-rays for my lower back is the arthritis.
Avatar f tn I described burning pain then. I still have it now. I have had synvistic injections with success but the doctor who gave them to me retired and now I was given eulasta and it has done nothing. I was told the burning was from my neuropathy. Has anyone else experienced the burning pain who does not have neuropathy? barb 64 http://www.*************.
Avatar m tn Since two years i am having pain in my both legs ,specially in left leg. Pain starts from above the knee and goes till calf. pain is more near knee. pain increases when i stand for a long time or do some intense physical work. i have gone through all medical tests like X-ray, MRI of knee and spine, Arthristis profile, diabetes , but nothing is there in these tests. it is more of a muscular pain. and it keeps on increasing. Doctor doesn't said anything. gave some muscles relaxants.
Avatar m tn I can’t really understand this pat of the MRI result. Its an MRI of my right knee. Please help me with this. Findings: There is patchy bone marrow edema within the lateral femoral condyle. The femoral attachment of the anterior cruciate ligament is not clearly identified. Impression: The femoral attachment of the anterior cruciate ligament is not identified. A full-thickness rupture is suspected. There is bone marrow edema within the lateral femoral condyle.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your informative answer. The tightness, "muscle knots?" is in the calves and now just above the knee. The pitting edema is mostly on one calf. Don't see any vein problem...yet. My muscles are also tight in my shoulders, hamstrings, head and face. Sigh. I have a doctor's appt. next week. Thank you again.
Avatar f tn I don't fully understand the MRI results for my knee and what I need to be prepared for in the future, in terms of surgery etc... I am in major pain and have had various problems over the years with this knee. I am what I consider to still be relatively young - 48. Can anyone help me/explain to me in layman terms what the following means???? Please?: Large complex tear of the medial meniscus. Intrasubstance degeneration versus nondisplaced horizontial tear of the lateral meniscus.
Avatar n tn I have excruciating pain behind my left knee upon standing which subsides after walking and think it is related to sleeping with my legs elevated? (It feels similar to Plantar Fascitis pain I had 6-7 yrs ago!
Avatar f tn Back in 2003 I had an ACL Reconstruction on my left knee and have not had issues since then. Over the past month in a half I started having issues and have done nothing to the knee. I ended up having an MRI last week and don't see the doctor until tomorrow, but trying to figure out what this MRI is telling me. I'm thinking its not too good, but thought I could get someone to help me understand it. It will be a little bit lengthy, but here goes....
Avatar m tn I began to get pain in my toe joints, when this occurred, I must have started to compensate for this by putting more stress on my knees. Currently, I have a lot of knee pain, with my left knee hurting much more than my right. However, my right knee also hurts depending on how it is used; additionally, it also cracks (without pain), when I use it.
Avatar m tn I really hope that the knee issue is due to limping and overexerting the knee, and that the joint pain is due to the anxiety that this situation has caused. I feel great in my overall health except from this. And when I dont think about it, say while talking to a friend, I feel NOTHING at all. Any experiences or tips would be very helpful. Sorry for the long post, I just felt like I had to let it all out...
Avatar n tn He is having a great deal of groin pain, and difficulty walking on his leg. He also had foot edema. Is this a common side effect. He is very lethargic. The good part is the atrial fibrillation is gone.
Avatar f tn I am 51 years old with left knee pain for greater than a year. After having physical therapy for 4 weeks, continued exercises at home, ice, motrin I still have pain. Some days none, some days it can be bad. I finally had an MRI and the results were "Horizontal oblique tear of the body and posterior horn medial meniscus with 1.6x1.1x4.0cm parameniscal cyst extending inferiorly along the medial margin of the proximal tibial metaphysis.
Avatar m tn I am having edema in my legs and knees and my doctor wants me to use compression stockings. I have neuropathy in my toesfrom chemo. I am about to order thigh high toe less and am worried they will make my toes hurt or be colder. I also have a neuroma in my left foot.
Avatar f tn Hello I had very low grade meniscus tear last October and had surgery I am also bow legged but was told that I have some mild chondral thinning of the medial femoral condyle and medial tibial plateau .No focal defect was seen,I have no subchondral edema. Normal amount of fluid present in my knee. No other abnormalities.My doctor says he does not believe he has any further intraarticuler knee pathology that accounts for my pain.He thinks my pain is likely neurologic.
Avatar m tn I noticed that there is some pain in the tendon that seems to run from the back of the knee down to my foot. Its been a little sore for about a week but now it seems to be getting worse. I noticed for the first time today that my calf is swollen and that my knee is too but not as bad as my calf. The pain gets worse if I fully extend my leg and point my toes up. Im assuming this is from some sort of an injury?
Avatar n tn Then in April 2022 I was in a car accident that reinjured my knee. My knee has been super swollen since May 9th, I am just now able to put some weight on it. It does not bend or straighten easily, and bending is the worst. I have to wear the brace on it or when walking it will lockout/hyperextend because it is very unstable. When I went into the doctor, she said she was shocked because the only thing she saw was a possible meniscus tear and a strained or sprained tendon that helps the knee cap.
Avatar f tn regularly taking antiinflammatories and taking it easy. The horrendous bruising began to subside as did the edema. Then my knee began to fill with fluid. This continued for several days until I could revisit my orthopod. He drained almost 120 cc of blood and it shrunk up nicely. By that afternoon it began to refill and now two days later on its way to ballooning up again. I have an appointment Friday morning to have it drained again, but my question this normal?
Avatar n tn Terrible headaches, severe pain through injured knee area with great upwelling of bruising continued through physical therapy. Waves of nausea. Blood tests two days ago reveal elevated amylase and lipase. Ultrasound done of liver for my gastroenteroligist today. Put on Omeprazole- discontinued all other meds. Could this be from the constant pain meds taken along with the body trying to process all the injured dead tissue and edema through an already compromised liver?
Avatar m tn It was a ligament rupture not a fracture but the doctor still put on a below knee cast for 5 weeks. After the cast was removed it never regained full strength and I started having inner ankle pain. I was doing all the physiotherapy exercises but it never got better.I avoided playing sports till June 2015 when I played friendly backyard cricket. I managed to sprain my other ankle as well and it was also a ligament rupture(and not a fracture).
Avatar m tn I have been battling knee issues for a couple of years now, I have undergone PT, steroid injections, and bracing. All have helped temporarily, but the pain always seems to return. I recently had a MRI which stated the following: "Anterior compartment: Anteriorly the patient has grade 3 chondrosis involving the median ridge of the patella jetting is worse since October.
Avatar n tn Doctor says the epidural can rule out the back issue. But the issue was the knee before the surgery and still is the knee now. Same pain now as pre-op but without the miniscal pain I had before the fixed the tear. However, the pain and swelling now is just like the pain and swelling I experienced in the year or two before the tear happened. They did a second MRI. Doctor did not review. He said he is stumped. This guy has done more than 6,000 knee repacements.