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Avatar f tn I have resigned that I will just have this pain and need to manage it with ibuprofen. In the last three months I have however been having a new more severe pain in my left knee. It hurts pretty much constantly, but worse during physical activity, and hurts like a bruise when pushed on. I decided to see my pcp to get some answers because the left knee has really been holding me back and too painful to ignore.
Avatar f tn Hi libbylee, Your question has landed on the MS community, but don't freak out what you describe though I know is very painful, still sounds similar enough to be one of the common knee issues, so i would recommend you see your family doctor and get it checked out. Cheers.....
Avatar n tn I know that he had to graft bone and put in two screws. The incision is large. The pain is in the shin and inner knee the most. When I lay down (my standing time after 10 min on crutches causes me so much pain) my leg gets overly achy and the pains are so intense. I am trying not to take pain meds 3 weeks post op but the bone area hurts so bad it's making me sick. I'm feeling improvement in at least getting around in the house on crutches but don't last long before pain hits.
Avatar f tn You don't have any of these symptoms which signify you are not having advanced stage of disease. You don't have hip pain or knee pain that rules out any nerve involvement. I think it might be due to result of a collateral ligament or meniscus problem (or both) until proven otherwise. I recommend you to see an orthopaedician at earliest and get imaging studies done for further evaluation. X-rays study including AP weight-bearing, AP in 45° extension, lateral, and sunrise views.
Avatar f tn Never forget that the practice is called pain management and not pain cure. Talk your doctor about your goals for pain management so that you're both on the same page. Mostly you're looking at improving your life rather than restoring you to perfect functioning again. Also ask your doctor about therapy with a pain psychologist. I'll admit I thought it was a big waste of time and money when my pain doc asked me to try it.
Avatar n tn You can hear it when I walk, like I'm snapping my fingers on every step, or stepping on a peanut shell ;-) My family doctor said that if it's not hurting and I have no problems with motion, then it's likely nothing and could go away on its own with mild NSAIDs and holding off on the bike for a week or so. She said if it doesn't get any better in a week, then I'd need to see a knee orthopedist to get it imaged to check for tears or tracking issues. Does this sound reasonable?
Avatar n tn You can hear it when I walk, like I'm snapping my fingers on every step, or stepping on a peanut shell ;-) My family doctor said that if it's not hurting and I have no problems with motion, then it's likely nothing and could go away on its own with mild NSAIDs and holding off on the bike for a week or so. She said if it doesn't get any better in a week, then I'd need to see a knee orthopedist to get it imaged to check for tears or tracking issues. Does this sound reasonable?
Avatar f tn As of a week ago I have started to have a great deal of pain in the knee and stiffness and very sore on the outside to the touch. i have not injured it and do use the stairs and walk in my home on a daily basis. why would this start giving me such pain. I had a check up 3 weeks ago with x-rays and all looked well. I have started using pain pills again and am fighting with the pain on a daily basis, I think that my Dr thinks that I am imaging this because I was fine before.
1733156 tn?1310301457 Returned back to work on light duties BUT have had ongoing pain everyday...pain is highly increased depending on how much i use the knee...just walking on it sometimes is enough to cause bad pain and sometimes it swells bad. Have recently noticed pain in bottom of foot like stabbing pain and is also swelling jsut above the knee cap. I am sick of hearing from doctors n other treatment people that it will take time....
Avatar n tn I had a great physical therapist who worked with me aggressively for a month, then I did specialized therapy on my own for about 3 months. I still do some knee-specific exercises, and I have absolutely no pain in my knee, and it's been that way for months. I'm a 67-yr old woman, very active & athletic and have worked out all my life, so physical therapy was nothing new to me. If one has never worked out much or isn't used to exercise, I'd expect their recovery would be much slower.
1260255 tn?1288658164 He has complained on a regular basis about knee pain and is taking too many NSAIDs. I have taken him to several competent orthopedic specialists, who say that there is nothing wrong with his knees, based only on physical examination. We've heard patellar syndrome and flat footedness as explanations, with exercises given for strengthening without result.
Avatar n tn Hello; for the past few months I have been experiencing a pain in my knee, it is just to the outside of the patella. It is a very sharp pain, like an electrical shock. It happens totally at random. It can happen when I am walking, sitting, sleeping, etc. When the pain is not occurring, my knee feels completely normal. When it happens, it usually happens every few seconds or minutes, then stops for several hours. I am not aware of any injury or unusual stress to that area.
Avatar n tn So my suggestion is that have your knee scoped if the pain and swelling persist. The squeaky wheel gets the family doctor, who is a sports med guy, looked at it four times before I decided to take further action. Two weeks later I was in the operating room.
Avatar n tn Commonly used pain relievers such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as naproxen and ibuprofenalso play a role in the treatment of knee pain. Also if the pain persists ,you should see an orthopedic physician and go in for a x-ray to rule out any degenerative pathological changes. Re fer
Avatar f tn I had a revision of a TKR on my left knee on January 14, 2008, replacing one that was done in 2005. About a month before the surgery, I ended up in ER with painful spasms in my knee. The area that would be covered by a knee brace is where the spasms are located. It feels like they are tightening that area with intermitten pain that varies from tolerable to absolute torture. They are constant and last from 2-5 hours, getting more painful as the time goes on.
Avatar f tn Which gives me pins and needles in my hands and down my legs right down to my feet with a lot of pain down the bones in the legs, the right leg and knee being the worst at the moment. Doctor said this was referrred pain from the arthirits in my lower back. I did hear of ordinary cherries being good, but not heard about the juice and didn't know about cherry capsules. I am taking Celadrin, but am not having any benefit this time round.
Avatar n tn I wonder if I have an infection in the prosthetics or if I am doomed to have this severe knee pain for the rest of my life. I am having a hard time getting the doctor to do a knee scan and try to get to the bottom of the pain. He just keeps doing x-rays which does not show soft tissue or ligament problems,they only show that the components are secure and in place. I am getting so depressed because this not only effects my quality of life it is also affecting my husband.
Avatar m tn and on the floor the dizziness is worse. I found some videos online that show certain other stretching exercises for knee pain which I think is like ours. I make a point to simply stretch whenever I think about it. If you haven't seen this, please watch some of these videos about the piriformis muscle and pain.
Avatar f tn I got knee pain in August. A doctor thought it was a bakers cyst and sent me for X-rays and then physical therapy. After my 8th time at physical therapy my therapist told me I needed to stop because I was still in pain and he said I shouldn't be. I went back to my normal doctor and got an ultra sound, he said it was tendinitis and he wanted me to continue physical therapy. My physical therapist said okay and he would keep it up as long as it was helping.
Avatar m tn Buckling of the knee can be from many causes, the primary is pain, which you don't have. The other is weakness of the muscle that forces the knee straight (the best position for support). This is mainly the quads. Can you hold a slight squat? Standing with slightly bent knees? Can you do knee extensions (I think that's what they are called) Seated, you extend the leg out straight. I recommend that you get a full PT assessment of your current muscle strength and tone.
1069419 tn?1343099774 First of all I thought I was staying an extra night because I felt so much pain. And after I didn't get my dosage of pain medication the doctor seemed to be in a bad mood and came to me and said your leaving the hospital!!! Like shouted at me. And said ok well I thought they were keeping me here and you didn't give the order and they said only you could discharge me.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with scoliosis when i was a child, and with that it runs in my family. I have always had pretty bad back pain but since ive gotten older its gotten worse, a lot worse. I recently as of last week went to see a doctor about this. In that appointment (which the doctor was VERY rude and didnt explain anythng to me) he did some X-Rays and saw that i had spondylosis L4-L5. He also did his exam and in pressing on the outer sides of my thighs closer to my hips was a lot of pain there.
Avatar n tn All the time I am enduring such throbbing pain and sharp pain below the knee around the shin inside where the redness was. Two days later I spoke with a friend who is a nurse at the same hospital and she put a phone call into the surgeon who phoned her back at her home and told her to have me go to his clinic at the same hospital at 7:30 a.m. within the next few days. Meanwhile I once again packed my bag and went to the emergency a day before I was to be at the clinic.
Avatar n tn How do I get the doctor to respond? Doctor, Here is a little more info, I also had surgery on my left knee a month ago wich is around the same time my problem started. The left side of my groan feels strained from the PT exercises, and I am hoping that this is all related and will go away with time. But at the same time I do want to seak more help if I need to. My family has a history of prostate cancer so I am checked regulary by the urolgist.
Avatar f tn i have no insurance and if i go to the doctor my family doesnt eat. funny thing is i make to much for any government assistance. over the counter pain relievers do nothing and i have a tens/ems for my backs occasional flare ups but it doesnt work for this. i was thinking of getting a home ultrasound unit but the only glowing reviews come from the companies selling them with real research being inconclusive about how much they really help heal an injury. if this is an injury.
Avatar n tn I underwent a left, Cemented Total Knee Replacement in May 2007 and experienced terrible pain behind the knee and also felt like my my knee was going to explode when trying to bend it. My orthopedic surgeon was quite confident it was scar tissue causing the problem. He performed a manipulation under anesthesia in October, this is where he forced the knee to bend repeatedly to break up the scar tissue.
Avatar n tn when i set it out straight, it makes that popping noise. i went to my family doctor and he said its possible that i have torn a ligament. the only thing is, i don't recall hitting, or falling on my knee. it just started to hurt when i woke up one morning. i have to go see an orthopedic next week, and i was looking stuff up and it i only found that the way to repair a ligament is surgery.
Avatar f tn My doctor did some basic physical testing but no MRI or back x-ray. My doctor is a general practitioner or family doctor. Thanks for reading my post.
Avatar n tn I talked to someone and was told once you can do the exercises they recommend to get movement back that the pain lessens. This week is better. I called my plastic surgeon and he said not to do any exercises. They explained that it is still early in the recovery process. I know that the pain is bothersome. Trust me I know. I am not a patient person - but they told me that after 6-8 weeks that I should be able to do some exercises.