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1470596 tn?1286713970 I have recently begun to run (within the past 2 mos) and on some days, my knees feel so tight and swollen and sore to walk on. This is brand new to me.. I do not generally run on pavement and I have cut down on distance to help my knees "get used to running".... Is there any over the counter rx I can take to help with knee health?
Avatar f tn Check your alignment while on the machine, I actually stressed out my knee on an elliptical and had had the same toe numbing problem before it happened. Make sure to be mindful of leaning more to one side or the other. Keeping your core strong will help also, it is not normal for you to feel numbness in your toes.
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Avatar n tn I suggest the elliptical and stationary bike. The pounding isn't going to be good for the knees! You'll end up needing knee replacement.
579258 tn?1250649343 One of your challenges today is to MOVE! No matter what you do today, make an effort to move, exercise, dance, jump rope, skip, bend over, park farther away, take the stairs, do yoga, pilates, a workout video, WALK, run, jog, do situps, rowing, biking, hiking, WHATEVER it takes to MOVE! Let's get our blood flowing, heart pumping and burn some calories! Now .. report in what you've done .. and POST it to your Exercise Tracker!
Avatar n tn For being almost 50 I am in good phyiscal shape (except for my knees ) Before the surgery I did 45 minutes on the Elliptical 3 days a week and other strength exercises the other 2 days. The arthroscopy was done on my left knee which is almost bone on bone. He cleaned out the torn Meniscus the best he could and also removed a loose body that was moving around in there. He said I am probably looking at having a TKP within a year to a year and a half.
Avatar f tn I had knee arthroscopy 6 weeks ago to smooth the cartilage on the back of the patella, remove scar tissue, and correct a structural defect in a groove at the bottom of the femur that helps the kneecap track properly (needed to widen it). I had a lot of swelling over the first 4 weeks. This has finally subsided for the most part but I am struggling to get the full flexion back. I am still only at 105 degrees despite physio, biking, and the elliptical trainer.
Avatar n tn I have been doing the elliptical a lot for the past 2 months and the past few days my quadriceps and shins have been killing me. My quads are extremely tight. I went for a massge today and it still aches. Could this be due to my use of the elliptical for lengthy periods of time at a high intensity? My feet also turn in when I walk and I have been wearing flip flops all the time lately so Im thinking that could be it as well. Any thoughts/help?
Avatar m tn I paid closer attention to where my pain is and found during exercising that it seems to be more pronounced on the inner side of my knee and still probably on the tibia, whereas the throbbing, lingering pain afterwards and stiffness comes on the outer portion of my knee. Obviously the soccer games last fall confirmed that as well. The pain from the elliptical is manageable but not something I would ever describe as enjoyable.
Avatar f tn ve started working out with a personal trainer 2 times a week in preparation for an upcoming knee surgery. I also started doing some cardio on my own. I usually work on the regular stationary bikes and arm bikes which I have know problems with. I decided to move to the elliptical Saturday. Here's my problem. I would start and get my heart to about 135 which is close to the lower end of my fat burning zone.
280369 tn?1316702041 i have been going to gym also and using the treadmill and elliptical machine my obgyn was fine with it just as long as i dont overdue it. I enjoy the elliptical more due a knee injury from a few years ago but i also do alot of swim areobics and such but just run the quesion by the midwife or dr .
Avatar f tn I would love to walk outside but I have terrible shin splints from the early eighties high impact aerobics, plus a bad left knee. So, I have to do the elliptical or a bike....I know that I would truly get into running, but I just can't do it. And the elliptical gets VERY BORING!!! Thanks for the pep talk!!! I am going to hang in there!
1587585 tn?1309432260 How long should I wait before I can ease back into my workout routine? Should I wait until the pain is completely gone? I normally do either 60 mins on the elliptical or 60 mins of cardio DVDs (like 30 Day Shred, mountain climbers, burpees, etc.).
1348306 tn?1279836224 It feels like I worked out on an elliptical for 8 hours straight. Im am definetely hydrated, I only dirnk water and lots of it. Im not sure what is causing this and should I be concerned? Thanks.
Avatar f tn However, I do notice when I exercise at a low intensity on the elliptical, my knee feels better for a while. When I rest my knee, it gets stiff and painful. I'm surprised my doctor doesn't want to do an MRI. And when I asked for a referral to an orthopedician, my doctor said no because a specialist would just send me to physical therapy. I'm feeling let down by my doctor and am thinking I need a second opinion (if my HMO allows it). Thanks again for the information!
Avatar f tn With the change in abx I now have pain that runs up and down my spine, and when I am herxing I have horrible knee joint pain, and chest pain. The knee pain and chest pain are so bad that I am in tears. I have started doing the elliptical 3x a week and lifting 3lb. dumbbells 3x a week and I have noticed some improvement.
Avatar n tn It feels as though it might give out on me; applying pressure hurts it just below the knee cap where it joins the shin. Over the past year my neck and shoulders emit a throbbing, constant pain, usually on my way to work, usually subsiding soon after I get home. Now the pain persists long after I get home, sometimes complicating my attempts to sleep. Now my legs and feet are throbbing and aching on an everyday basis. I've given up taking pain pillsl (ibuprofen) as they do not work.
Avatar f tn 8 mph on the treadmill with no problems for 45 mintues. Now after 5 minutes on the treadmill at level 3.0 my knee pain starts up (same pain as the ITB). It's like someone is winding up my knee really tight with a screwdriver. What is up with this!!?? It is so frustrating. I had goals of at least walking a 10K and 1/2 marathon. I can do the elliptical, step, kickbox, etc all with no problems. I have been doing a lot of walking around, shopping, errands, etc. with no problem.
Avatar f tn hi i have been getting really bad knee pain on my Right knee on the inside where the MCL is at but i had a MRI and it came back normal but that was about 3 months ago and i am still having the pain and now once an awhail it will lock and i fall cuz of it and my dortors wont do nothing about it i asked to see a ortho but they wont let me do you know or what it could be?
Avatar m tn t have a hernia based on the fact there was no bulge, I am a 62 year old male, at the time this started I was working out 2 hours a day, 1 hour with weights and 1 hour doing cardio on an elliptical machine. I had a feeling that the elliptical machine caused the problem.
Avatar m tn m sure this all started with elliptical machine, as I had been walking more and stretching from elliptical just aggravated PF. I may try some exercises for arches, like towel crunch. Hopefully, I can alleviate pain by rehab exercises, as I don't think I need to see Dr. yet. I work out, riding bike, swimming, walking, some light weights, so don't put a whole lot of strain on foot. I have had this in the past and alleviated by just stopping activity.
Avatar f tn The knee xray showed no fracture or other issue - the reason for another doctor ordering xrays was that I am unable to put any direct weight on the knee (kneel on it) and it graunches and carries on when moving it, though this causes no pain. I have no pain on movement, the bruise that was present for six weeks has gone and it is no longer swollen but still this problem remains. Any suggestions as to what it may be?
2063301 tn?1343833074 bicycling and swimming are easier on the body and you can start out at whatever level you want to. Elliptical machines will exercise the same things as a stair climber without the intense bending of the knee joint by slowly increasing the resistance as you get better at it. Dump this trainer, find one who will start you out more slowly and with safer exercises.