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Avatar n tn anyway I've switched to the ellptical and I don't have any pain in my shins, I would think this would be the same for back pain. You're not pounding on your body as hard as the treadmill or pavement. But best thing to do is try it out and see how it is. Also is most commercial gyms that have skiing machines and other things like that that are low impact. I know they have them at the Athletic Club if thats in your area. Also 15 pounds is not bad at all!! Especially over 9 years!
1470596 tn?1286717570 I have recently begun to run (within the past 2 mos) and on some days, my knees feel so tight and swollen and sore to walk on. This is brand new to me.. I do not generally run on pavement and I have cut down on distance to help my knees "get used to running".... Is there any over the counter rx I can take to help with knee health?
1587585 tn?1309435860 I strained my meniscus on Friday by over extending on a side lunge. The pain isn't severe, but I was wondering when I can get back to a lower body workout regimen again? I usually do 60 mins on the elliptical or I do 60 mins of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and her Fat Blasting, Metabolism boosting DVDs which include things like jumping jacks, burpees, squats, etc.
Avatar n tn Plus stretching exercises that he does religiously on non PT days. At around the 2 month mark he got sharp pain on left side of patella and inner/middle part of patella (this is when he first got these symptoms, but he hadn’t tried to do much up until this point. So we aren’t sure if it was there since surgery because he hadn’t tried to do to much up until this point since surgery). He also has a popping noise when bending the knee. But that doesn’t seem to hurt.
Avatar f tn I am 23 and when I'm kneeling and leaning slightly forward, I feel a very sharp knee pain, as if I just rolled on to a pin. My job requires me to work on all sorts of projects and one day, while organizing cords underneath my desk, I was on my knees and when I leaned forward to reach for the cord, I felt this terribly sharp pain on my knee and thought I had rolled right onto an upright push pin. I hadn't. This was almost a year ago.
Avatar f tn hi i have been getting really bad knee pain on my Right knee on the inside where the MCL is at but i had a MRI and it came back normal but that was about 3 months ago and i am still having the pain and now once an awhail it will lock and i fall cuz of it and my dortors wont do nothing about it i asked to see a ortho but they wont let me do you know or what it could be?
Avatar n tn I am a 46 year old Male. For the past several months, I have been experiencing a pain that feels as if it is generated on the tip of the bone of my right elbow, just off center of the very tip of the bone when the elbow is bent. It is continous and increases if pressure is placed on the "spot" where it hurts. In addition, I have a simular pain on the knee cap of the right leg, only occationally, most prevelent when applying pressure while climbing stairs or walking up hill.
1587585 tn?1309435860 How long should I wait before I can ease back into my workout routine? Should I wait until the pain is completely gone? I normally do either 60 mins on the elliptical or 60 mins of cardio DVDs (like 30 Day Shred, mountain climbers, burpees, etc.).
Avatar f tn On my second day back, I noticed some pain in my knee that started about halfway through my run. I didn't really think much of it, but the next day, when I went on a walk in the morning it hurt more, and when I tried to go on a run later, there was severe pain. It seemed to be radiating from the left upper corner of my right knee. It hurt so badly that I literally could not run more than a couple minutes. The pain was kind of a burning, splitting pain.
Avatar n tn Laura (and others who suffer from sudden electric shock in knee type of symptom), My knee pain comes on with little or no warning. It lasts somewhere in the range of 10 to 30 seconds. I am usually sitting, but it has happened occasionally in a standing position. There may be a few twitches to signal the onset. When there is, I panic knowing that excruciating shock-like pain is about to follow.
Avatar n tn General area is where the ligament can be felt when knee is flexed. Can not be produced on demand, just all of the sudden happens. Does not happen while walking, climbing stairs or even exercising on elliptical machine, only when running. Does not produce pain just annoyance that halts the running. Started as every now only when running. Progressed to now occurring within first 1/2 mile and continues. Stopped all running activity 3 weeks ago to try and resolve.
Avatar n tn General area is where the ligament can be felt when knee is flexed. Can not be produced on demand, just all of the sudden happens. Does not happen while walking, climbing stairs or even exercising on elliptical machine, only when running. Does not produce pain just annoyance that halts the running. Started as every now only when running. Progressed to now occurring within first 1/2 mile and continues. Stopped all running activity 3 weeks ago to try and resolve.
Avatar f tn With the change in abx I now have pain that runs up and down my spine, and when I am herxing I have horrible knee joint pain, and chest pain. The knee pain and chest pain are so bad that I am in tears. I have started doing the elliptical 3x a week and lifting 3lb. dumbbells 3x a week and I have noticed some improvement.
Avatar f tn It includes 5min cardio, 5 min lunges and other lower body exercise, 10 minutes Pilates lowebody sleeping on matte, 5 min butt workout bending on knee. 10 minutes abs workout on matte. I give enough cool down time to myself (but I dont stretch at the end. I stretch at end of each exercise) Is this serious. Should I avoid some of the exercise or is it just sour muscles from exercise i am doing for butt.
Avatar n tn I have numerous sharp pains that come and go, however not enough to effect my walking. I have some pain on the high inside part of my knee and that deep bruise feeling on the outside. Not to mention a little back of the knee pain that comes and goes. I have stopped running for 2 months. I see a little improvement but it seems I have lingering pain. I've done the X ray and I'm gonna see a professional and hopefully have an MRI before I continue. Any ideas.
Avatar f tn However, I do notice when I exercise at a low intensity on the elliptical, my knee feels better for a while. When I rest my knee, it gets stiff and painful. I'm surprised my doctor doesn't want to do an MRI. And when I asked for a referral to an orthopedician, my doctor said no because a specialist would just send me to physical therapy. I'm feeling let down by my doctor and am thinking I need a second opinion (if my HMO allows it). Thanks again for the information!
Avatar m tn Towards the end of the day, I developed some tightness and pain in left knee in the back of the knee. No pain in the front of the knee. Pain is only in the popliteal region and lower thigh area. I have no trouble walking(except for minimal pain). I have no joint line pain, I am able to do deep squatting(holding onto rails for support) with no increase in pain. Applying ice and rest helps with resolution of pain. Also no pain while I am sleeping.
Avatar m tn My knee was replaced nearly 2 years ago, and I still have dull aches---some days worse than others. Is this to be expected or should I see my Dr? I am a teacher who stands on cement most of the day and am reasonably active (exercize on an elliptical &/or ballroom dance for 30 minutes each about 3 days a week).
Avatar f tn I try to walk straight, take shorter strides, rest for a day or two in between work outs, but no matter what, once I up my speed, whether it is on a treadmill or on the street, my shins hurt so much I actually have to stop. Even when I get a pedicure, when they start the massage part up my legs and press on my shins, it really hurts. I always have to ask them to touch lightly. It really hinders my ability to increase my fitness level by walking or running.
Avatar m tn The problem is, that when I lay down on my back, and try to extend my legs vertically into a 90° position, I get a burning pain on the right side of my leg, just above the knee. I've attached a picture, where I show the location of the pain. I would very much appreciate your opinions on what this could be. The only thing I found so far was a "iliotibial band" syndrome.
Avatar m tn After a few days the pain was back so I rested for another week then just began to do low impact bike and elliptical. Mid November the pain became increased so I went for an MRI. I was told that there was a bone bruise and it would take 2-4 months to heal. I am almost at month 3 and the pain is intense. It hurts to walk or stand for extended periods. It is still swelling. I have only been able to ride a stationary bike at this point however after about 20 minutes its unbearable.
725893 tn?1240464230 I tried to work out on the elliptical. In addition to it being a GREAT cardio workout, it hurt my knee, oddly enough, I think I extended my knee too far or something, I dunno...but aside from the kneee pain, it is definately a great work out! I am probably going to start either incorporating the elliptical into my workout or alternating the elliptical.
387767 tn?1345875627 It's not really the back of my leg, it goes down the side of my right leg mostly on the outside of my knee. But I have osteoarthritis in my knees (right is the worst) so it's hard to tell if it's connected. I try to exercise, light stuff like swimming, bike and elliptical. But even that makes it hurt. Walking is difficult because of my bad knees. I guess I could go insist on an MRI, but I hate those things as I'm very claustrophobic!
Avatar f tn Today is a better day for me. I was quick to put the blame on the Interferon, the knee pain, but as Flycyclist pointed out, earlier in the thread; anyone (espesh my age, lol) could damage their knee cartalge, with a seat post too low, riding up hill on a bike! I took a hot-tub, and then on to gentle exercise. I have to remind myself, "easy does it". So many chores piled up during my Tx, but I need to give myself 6 months to completely recover.
Avatar m tn I fell while hanging from a pull-up bar about 3 years ago and landed directly on my left knee. I gimped around for about a couple weeks after the incident and kind of ignored it after that, but had lingering pain since. Over the last year the pain has increased along with usability, I can't lift heavy objects or run on it. So I finally got an Ortho consult and needless to say my insurance isn't the best, the Dr.
Avatar f tn Every so often, I don't have to apply pressure to feel that pain. It is just constantly there, sitting or walking. My knee does give out on me sometimes; I fractured my right ankle one day just walking down the street because of it. The pain I am experiencing right now is not something I feel should be happening. It is the constant pain of someone pressing on a very sensitive bruise.
Avatar m tn I regularly do endurance sports on the recumbent bike. Before I used to use the elliptical every day, but now just once a week - which is why I bough the recumbent. The problem started two years ago, gets better, gets worse, Now it's there again. I have a strange (not really a pain) sensation in my right leg: medial thigh and knee just below the kneecap. Also lateral thigh sometimes. The hamstrings are a bit harder than on the left side. I feel like I am standing on a wooden leg.
579258 tn?1250652943 I did 20 minutes in total today (which is a big improvement over the nothing I've been doing otherwise). I did 5 minutes on elliptical, and spent the rest on floor exercises, stretches, jogging place and arm weights.
1207048 tn?1282177904 (Reason #1 is I'm lazy LOL). So, yesterday morning I got off my tushie and did 10 minutes on our elliptical machine. By the afternoon I was sore, and by evening I was very sore. Today I was sore again, and by afternoon my knee and thigh were tightening up, so I went ahead and took 200 mg of gabapentin. I have never allowed myself to take pain meds to take all the pain away. I take enough to make it more tolerable to do my daily routine.
1348306 tn?1279839824 It feels like I worked out on an elliptical for 8 hours straight. Im am definetely hydrated, I only dirnk water and lots of it. Im not sure what is causing this and should I be concerned? Thanks.