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Avatar n tn I did NOT get the calf pain and it did help my knee pain. This is just a guess on my part, but I think if the doctor does not inject it into the correct spot that it goes into the muscles and not the joint.
Avatar f tn I had 2 knee scopes for a torn meniscus and arthritis in a 10 week pain span. Still cannot walk with out a cane, can't work because my job is physical, literally have been at home for 5 months. Before I had anything done, was still working, should have lived with the mild pain, but Dr. said its what had to be done, so I trusted him. So 2 weeks ago I finished the 3 shot once a week chicken shots, and am hoping as I read on one post that it took 4 weeks to work, the Dr. also said that.
Avatar f tn // to see if this is accurate? I'm in a lot of pain, and I'm running out of ideas. I appreciate your time. Thanks!
1083310 tn?1260110882 It helped almost immediately with the pain and ability to move it. I also have had them for pain in my hip and in my knee for osteoarthritis. All have worked very well. I had Synvisc in my knee twice. The first time it was like the difference between night and day. It helped with the pain (I have osteoarthritis in knee) and made movement tons easier. It worked well for over 6 months.
Avatar n tn to the injection and should probably use a different product next time. I wonder if these injections can be put in the wrong place in the knee area and that might cause pain. Her pain and swelling have lessened somewhat, but she is still restricted in her activities. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn I was not prepared for this, as my knees actually fell worse than the pain I had before. To all who have had these injections before, did you find the pain or feeling was different than before?It's been just 30 days since my first injection and 10 days since my last one. I am wondering that once this fluid wears off in 6-12 months, does the knee go back to how it use to be, or is the the body no longer capable of making it's own synvovial fluid?
Avatar f tn I have had about 3 different series of injections in my knee which has severe osteoarthritis. Two series were Synvisc; one was Suparts. None of these has provided significant relief of pain or increased mobility. I have always had these injections done in the doctor's office. I have been reading on the internet that about 25% of these injections go into the fatty tissue and do not give maximum relief.
Avatar m tn replaning, where they go in and smooth out the rough spots that are causing pain; custom made knee braces that keep the knee from moving laterally, which is often a big source of pain. Exercises, with the guidance of a physical therapist, can keep the muscle and tendon structures around your knee strong to support the joint.
Avatar n tn Conservative measures of treatment include rest, ice packs, strengthening exercises, anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections and physical therapy. Cortisone injections are used for relief from pain and treating inflammation. Hope this information helps. Best.
Avatar f tn I also had the synvisc injections, cortisone injections, arthroscopy twice and my dr said the only cure was the knee replacement, bone on bone etc. When I think about the pain I was in then and the pain I am in now I think the old pain wasnt so bad.
Avatar n tn Should you receive cortisone knee injections when you have hardware from knee replacement?
Avatar f tn dear sir, my name is aarti from india(delhi), my mother in law is 53 years old, she is very much suffering from knee pain, some doctors adviced for knee replacement and 3-4 doctors advice for injection of greece for covering 2-3 years atleast, one is suggest synvisc1 (injection qty 1 @ knee) and other one suggest for 5 injections for one knee.... kindly suggest what to do? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1109370'>Labral Hip Tear and Arthroscopic surgery</a>.
Avatar n tn In 2001 I had arthoscopic knee surgery. I continued to have pain in the repaired knee. The pain became worse and also radiated to my heel. I live in constant pain. I have seen many doctors and I have had injections of cortisone, lubricants and whatever the many doctors have recommended all to no avail. The doctors all scratch their heads and send me on to the next one. My life revolves around my knee.
Avatar f tn Hello Bon, Welcome to the Pain Mangement forum. I am glad that you have found us. However I am sorry to heat about your knee pain. "Bad knees" run in my family and I understand how painful and debilitating knee pain can be. Has cortisone been effective for you in the past? If it has not been they usually won't repeat them. As Sandee said the general rule is 3 in a year but I have know physicians that will perform 4.
Avatar n tn It depends upon the REASON for the pain. I ocasionally get severe knee pain (unable to walk) and fluid has to be extracted with a hypodermic syringe, which solves the problem. In other cases glucosamine might be indicated. You need an MRI of the knee and a diagnosis before thinking about requesting injections.
Avatar m tn Hello! I'm 14 and I've been having knee pain for 2 years. One doctor told me it's growing pains but I don't really believe it, becuase I don't grow much anymore. The second doctor told me it's because I don't have enough synovial fluid in my knee joints and he offered me injections. I don't know what to do. What if there's something else that causes this pain? I've also got knock knees. Can this be the problem? Please help me!
Avatar n tn Since then, I've developed a somewhat sharp pain in my right knee making it somewhat hard to walk or bend. I've had no injury to my knee and never really had knee pain before. Is it possible that the pain I've developed is related to the cortisone injection? I'm paranoid of being considered a hypochondriac so I haven't called my dr for an appt. I'd hate to go in and him tell me it's just arthritis or think poorly of me but then the pain is also getting a little annoying.
Avatar n tn Usually severe pain can be treated with cortisone injections. So, the pain that you are experiencing could be due to damage that is present in the knee, but not due to steroid injection. Best.
1850203 tn?1325257208 If anti-inflammatory medications are not able to take care of the pain, then draining the fluid is an option. Often corticosteroid injections are given at the same time. Patients remain symptoms free for varying periods of time ranging from few days to year or more. Do consult an orthopedic specialist at the earliest. Take care!
Avatar n tn This is a viscosupplement or better put a synovial like fluid injection.It can provide up to six months of osteoarthritis type knee pain relief. It's goal is to supplement your knee joint fluid (synovial) which also helps with shock absorption thus reducing the pain. Everyone responds differently, but in a medical study some patients experienced relief.... but it took a month before it was effective and the results are not long term.
Avatar n tn I have a total knee replacement Right knee and I'm undergoing weekly injections of SUPARTZ on the Left knee to replace fluid that I don't have. As I lay here with the heating pad wrapped around the Right knee, I can sympathize with your knee pain that you're experiencing. I'm with Quixotic on the response he gave you. It's best to see an Orthopaedic Physician and ask them to do the MRI.
Avatar f tn but at almost 68yo, something had to give). One subject that kept surfacing on the Searches was an old time remedy of Castor Oil. I’m not in terrible pain, but it is a 24/7 aggravation, as anyone who has similar discomforts can attest to. I decided to give it a try; I purchased a package of ladies’ cosmetic, cleansing pads (~3”x4”) and a small bottle of Castor Oil (CO), I placed a pad on a saucer, saturated the pad with CO (not dripping) and popped it into the microwave for about 35 secs.
Avatar f tn Have had the spinal injections..nothing. Additionally, severl months ago fell straight down onto concrete..left knee made staright direct contact with the full weight of my body.which is only about 130#. Recently have had 'strange' ,wave like pain especially if I lie on my left side..can go in waves down leg...this is not at all like sciatica. When I fell left knee was swollen up like a basketball. Pain comes and goes. These 'waves' are difficult to explain...
Avatar n tn I am suffering from severe arthritis in my left knee brought on by an earlier surgery. My doctor wants me to take Orthovisc injections to try and delay the inevitable partial knee replacement. Has anyone had those, can you give me any information about the procedure?
Avatar f tn It took me taking pictures of rashes and periods of swelling up and documenting fevers, keeping a daily symptom and pain journal to finally get dx'd correctly. I do get injections done quite frequently in my hips and back. I have anakinra injections, and a lidocaine/steroid mix (I can't think of the prescription name for it right now) that one seems to help immediately, numbing the area. I do take steroids daily to help with my inflammation.
Avatar n tn I had my first series of synvisc injections in1998 .they greatly reduced my pain prior to a full knee replacement.The other knee bothered me and i had injections I think 1999. they worked for about 18 months.I then had another series and have not had any further problems with the knee.I have been taking glucosamine chondroitin since 1984.It did not help the left knee before surgery,but it greatly helped the movement and eliminated the pain in my hands until this past winter.
Avatar f tn but I have fistulas in my posterior patellas. Surgery is on the horizon for me too. So my heart goes out to you. Knee pain is a horrible condition to have to live with day after day. In my experience the steroid injections aren't really painful. None of us have found it so. However they are not "fun" either. Success rates in reducing pain does the length of time the injections are effective.