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Avatar n tn I suggest the elliptical and stationary bike. The pounding isn't going to be good for the knees! You'll end up needing knee replacement.
Avatar f tn Check your alignment while on the machine, I actually stressed out my knee on an elliptical and had had the same toe numbing problem before it happened. Make sure to be mindful of leaning more to one side or the other. Keeping your core strong will help also, it is not normal for you to feel numbness in your toes.
Avatar n tn So you have underwent arthroscopic debridement for knee arthritis. Your doctor has done small cleaning work in your knee. This is the reason for pain while walking, as the new surface created is naive and is reacting to pain due to sensitivity. I prefer for 5-7 days of full time pain medications as it helps a lot. I would advice you to take propoxypnene continously for 3-4 days and see the difference.
Avatar f tn I had knee arthroscopy 6 weeks ago to smooth the cartilage on the back of the patella, remove scar tissue, and correct a structural defect in a groove at the bottom of the femur that helps the kneecap track properly (needed to widen it). I had a lot of swelling over the first 4 weeks. This has finally subsided for the most part but I am struggling to get the full flexion back. I am still only at 105 degrees despite physio, biking, and the elliptical trainer.
Avatar n tn I have been doing the elliptical a lot for the past 2 months and the past few days my quadriceps and shins have been killing me. My quads are extremely tight. I went for a massge today and it still aches. Could this be due to my use of the elliptical for lengthy periods of time at a high intensity? My feet also turn in when I walk and I have been wearing flip flops all the time lately so Im thinking that could be it as well. Any thoughts/help?
Avatar m tn Each of these sporadically brought about substantial, sharp, lingering pain to the outer portion of my knee; of which then led to swelling and reduced range of motion. I then made the decision last fall to play some indoor soccer again and after the first 30 seconds of the game, my knee would be in incredible pain of which would leave me limping for the next 3 days.
Avatar f tn I've started working out with a personal trainer 2 times a week in preparation for an upcoming knee surgery. I also started doing some cardio on my own. I usually work on the regular stationary bikes and arm bikes which I have know problems with. I decided to move to the elliptical Saturday. Here's my problem. I would start and get my heart to about 135 which is close to the lower end of my fat burning zone.
280369 tn?1316702041 i have been going to gym also and using the treadmill and elliptical machine my obgyn was fine with it just as long as i dont overdue it. I enjoy the elliptical more due a knee injury from a few years ago but i also do alot of swim areobics and such but just run the quesion by the midwife or dr .
Avatar f tn I would love to walk outside but I have terrible shin splints from the early eighties high impact aerobics, plus a bad left knee. So, I have to do the elliptical or a bike....I know that I would truly get into running, but I just can't do it. And the elliptical gets VERY BORING!!! Thanks for the pep talk!!! I am going to hang in there!
1587585 tn?1309432260 I can straighten my leg all the way (but its sore) When I bend my knee back it really hurts. The pain seems to be coming from behind my knee. What do you think is causing the pain?
Avatar n tn June 1 2017 summer basketball starts. He got a sharp knee pain one day. He tried but Couldn’t run. Hurt right on patella. Found out he had Bipartite patella. It Hurt to walk. He rested it For 3 months. It got better. He Played his jv basketball season. He Started aau in the spring. In May he got the sharp pain again. Rested it for a month and then tried to start playing on it again when summer basketball started in June of 2018.
579258 tn?1250649343 On the sixth run cycle I started to have some pain in the back of my decided to listen to my body and that was the last run cycle. Finished off the rest of the 4.25 miles by walking at 3.7 mph to try to make up for it a bit. Cool down walk for 5 minutes after that at 2.5 mph again for 5 minutes, 10 minutes of general stretching, and 3 of the planks described in today's post at 30-second holds each. Whew! I feel good though....except that knee.
1348306 tn?1279836224 I had that with my dd, I took potassium supplements before bed and they went away, Also point your toes towards your knee and it will relieve the pain. eat lots of bananas!
Avatar f tn However, I do notice when I exercise at a low intensity on the elliptical, my knee feels better for a while. When I rest my knee, it gets stiff and painful. I'm surprised my doctor doesn't want to do an MRI. And when I asked for a referral to an orthopedician, my doctor said no because a specialist would just send me to physical therapy. I'm feeling let down by my doctor and am thinking I need a second opinion (if my HMO allows it). Thanks again for the information!
Avatar f tn With the change in abx I now have pain that runs up and down my spine, and when I am herxing I have horrible knee joint pain, and chest pain. The knee pain and chest pain are so bad that I am in tears. I have started doing the elliptical 3x a week and lifting 3lb. dumbbells 3x a week and I have noticed some improvement.
Avatar n tn ve had headaches most of my life (migraines are sporadic and difficult to contain or pinpoint, reglular headaches are quite frequent). My back pain has now become a constant dull feeling that is just always there, a day without a headache is a blessing, and now this...About three months ago my left knee began causing me to limp. It feels as though it might give out on me; applying pressure hurts it just below the knee cap where it joins the shin.
Avatar f tn 8 mph on the treadmill with no problems for 45 mintues. Now after 5 minutes on the treadmill at level 3.0 my knee pain starts up (same pain as the ITB). It's like someone is winding up my knee really tight with a screwdriver. What is up with this!!?? It is so frustrating. I had goals of at least walking a 10K and 1/2 marathon. I can do the elliptical, step, kickbox, etc all with no problems. I have been doing a lot of walking around, shopping, errands, etc. with no problem.
Avatar m tn I keep going and I finish 15 minutes in pain. If I slow down for for the last 2 minutes the pain goes away. After elliptical I can do a 2 hour intense weight lifting workout. No pain. Go back to the elliptical and do it again for 15 minutes 10-15 % harder then the 1st time and no pain. If I go extremely harder then the 1st time, say double the pace I will get some pain around 12 minutes in. Heart problem or acid relux.
Avatar f tn I was quick to put the blame on the Interferon, the knee pain, but as Flycyclist pointed out, earlier in the thread; anyone (espesh my age, lol) could damage their knee cartalge, with a seat post too low, riding up hill on a bike! I took a hot-tub, and then on to gentle exercise. I have to remind myself, "easy does it". So many chores piled up during my Tx, but I need to give myself 6 months to completely recover.
Avatar f tn I have the same knee pain when kneeling on my right knee...for a few years at least now. I thought it had gone away but rediscovered it while my son was taking a ride on my back. It is like kneeling on a tack very sharp pin pointed pain.
Avatar m tn m sure this all started with elliptical machine, as I had been walking more and stretching from elliptical just aggravated PF. I may try some exercises for arches, like towel crunch. Hopefully, I can alleviate pain by rehab exercises, as I don't think I need to see Dr. yet. I work out, riding bike, swimming, walking, some light weights, so don't put a whole lot of strain on foot. I have had this in the past and alleviated by just stopping activity.
Avatar m tn Which one is good to maintain fitness and weight? Treadmill or elliptical?
2063301 tn?1343833074 I am a 20 year old female with the weight of 96kgs. I started going to the gym 2 months ago and my trainer straightaway put me on squats, crunches and stair climbing along with 20 minutes of treadmill 6 days a week. It all started out fine but it's been a few days that I've developed this pain in my knees and lower back. But it isn't a consistent pain. My knees (especially the right one) hurt when I squat, get up to stand from a sitting position or climb or get off from the stairs.
533063 tn?1262366101 The days that I use the recumbent bike and then do my pilates are pain free. The days that I use the elliptical is another matter. While I am on the machine, there is no problem, but when I get to pilates, my scar feels as though it's on fire. It is intermittent and will go away after about 20 minutes, but is very uncomfortable. So I am wondering, is this something that I should worry about? Should I stop using the elliptical?