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Avatar m tn It helped my knee pain but in turn caused some serious pain behind my knee. After the course, I rested for about a month and most of the pain went away. Over the past three months I have completed other courses with little to pain and these were pretty physically demanding courses. Now about three weeks ago, I was doing a difficult physical event for the military and after, behind my right knee started killing me.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Dvt behind my left knee in October. Was put on Xarelto for 3 months, the day after I finished this course I was sent back into A & E, where I was diagnosed with Dvt again. I was told to stay on the Xarelto until my check up in 3 weeks. When my check up came, they admitted me into hospital and took me off Xarelto and put me on Innohep injections for another 3 months. I felt these were working great but in last week I can feel a twinge behind my knee again.
Avatar m tn I noticed that there is some pain in the tendon that seems to run from the back of the knee down to my foot. Its been a little sore for about a week but now it seems to be getting worse. I noticed for the first time today that my calf is swollen and that my knee is too but not as bad as my calf. The pain gets worse if I fully extend my leg and point my toes up. Im assuming this is from some sort of an injury?
Avatar f tn You could have a cartilage tear in the back of your knee (meniscus tear), you could have a deep vein thrombosis (blood clot), you could have arthritis of your knee, things like your calf or hamstring could be having issues (too tight) and it is pulling on it. Arthritis is the most common reason to have pain after getting up after sitting. Bottom line, many things can cause it and you need a doctor to evaluate. DVT is something you'd want to rule out right away.
Avatar f tn I had an accident at work beginning of Dec. Huge twist of my right knee/leg and I hit the deck. Instant horrific pain and vast swelling. X-ray shows no fracture. I've been on crutches 36 days, unable to weight bare, swelling reduced from injury but got dvt behind the knee causing vast swelling of calf and foot (still) pain from dvt subsiding now but knee pain more prominent. Can't straighten my leg either. Utterly fed up, confused and frustrated. Another 3 weeks until MRI.
Avatar m tn Okay, I may have found out what was causing the initial pain in the back of the knee. Sometimes I have a tendency in my sleep to pop my ankle - and to do this, I pull my toes up toward the front of my leg... VERY hard to achieve the pop. I've woken up several times while doing this. I woke up while doing it a couple nights after my previous post and then when I got out of the bed in the morning my calf was really aching. Or, it could be a sciatic nerve problem.
Avatar f tn I've been having an aching pain behind my knee for about a week now. I'm a 22 year old female that does take birth control, for about 7 years now. I'm mildly active but am often at a desk studying. I looked on the back of my knee and noticed there was a single vein that was about an inch long and very blue. It's not a spider vein but could possible be a forming varicose vein or could this dark blue vein be a sign of DVT?
Avatar f tn s the left leg you should get checked for a condition that I have called May-Thurner Syndrome. It can cause pain behind the knee and thigh and heaviness in the legs whether you have DVT or not. This condition can also cause anxiety as well. May-Thurner can often be missed as a diagnosis especially if you don't have any swelling of the leg. I was having the same problem that you're having.
Avatar f tn No physical activity recently, just this nagging pain. I looked and there is a small dark blue vein on the back of my knee. You can't see any other veins just this one, it's not a spider vein, normal sized just very blue. Is this a sign of a DVT or possibly just a forming varicose vein?
Avatar m tn since i came home 4 months ago i have put on 5 stone in weight which is not only affecting my joints and muscles,( i have terrible back pain, and my legs are really painful cos i still have the DVT), but its making me so depressed. i'm always tired. i have been to so many doctors but no one can help me. when the doctors find out that they cant get blood out of me cos all of my veins are collapsed they tend to lose interest.
Avatar f tn But then last night as I was walking I felt a mild sharp pain on the back of my left knee that lasted for a second then went away. I suddenly felt light-headed and somewhat dizzy and my heart started beating faster and I couldn't breathe like usual. My left leg felt really tired as I was sitting down. But today I feel fine. I don't feel any pain on my leg. I have already gone to an internist and he didn't think there was anything wrong and said it was very unlikely to be DVT.
Avatar m tn I am sorry to hear about your pain. If two physicians have ruled out DVT that should comfort you. Most DVT symptoms begin in the calf muscle and not the thigh, hip or low back. Anxiety will add to any painful condition. You are very young but have you had spinal problems ruled out? Sometimes the type of pain you describe can be attributed to a structure abnormality of your spine. I have not heard the term "venous lumps" so I do not know to what you are referring.
Avatar n tn I'm afraid I might have a blood clot, however I've had the pain for a few months and its gotten progressively worse. Now it hurts every day, the more I walk on it the more it hurts and the more the pain "Spreads" it originates in my calf as the day wears on and the more activity I do the more the pain spreads up to my knee and then my thigh. It feels really tight but doesn't appear swollen.
Avatar f tn when this happened I had a bowel blockage which I think caused the dvt. I was having some pain using the walker to go to bathroom, I also had some pain in my feet. Then when I was released I had pain and couldn't put pressure on my leg. The nurse said it was due to low potassium and gave me more pills to take( I had had very low potassium in dka and it was still low. (NO!!!) What an idiot!!! ) By the time I got home I had severe pain which got worse and worse and some swelling.
Avatar m tn Hi guys. Im a 30 yr old male I've read that the risk of dvt per year for any given person after breaking down the numbers is 1 percent of less. I just had ankle surgery. Plates and screws put in. I've had no swelling or pain in my legs, no change of color. I'm not supposed to but I'm able to walk on my ankle now without a cast or anything after Today was my 2 and half week checkup.
Avatar f tn But then last night as I was walking I felt a mild sharp pain on the back of my left knee that lasted for a second then went away. I suddenly felt light-headed and somewhat dizzy and my heart started beating faster and I couldn't breathe like usual. My left leg felt really tired as I was sitting down. But today I feel fine. I don't feel any pain on my leg. I have already gone to an internist and he didn't think there was anything wrong and said it was very unlikely to be DVT.
Avatar f tn I had an ultrasound for leg pain to rule out dvt and when she pushed under my knee and a place in my thigh and calf I had a stinging sensation and my foot began to go numb. Also, when she pushed on my left groin it caused terrible pain which im still feeling the effects of a day later, along with nausea. What would cause this since im negative for dvt? Could my lymph nodes be causing that? A nerve?
Avatar f tn Anxiety can certainly cause shortness of breath and chest pain, and as your tendon heals, your chances for a DVT reduce dramatically.
Avatar f tn I had knee surgery about a month ago but I just noticed swelling in my knee,leg and foot what can i do to keep the swelling down?
Avatar m tn Recently, 5 days ago I think, I fell on this knee pretty badly and as you can imagine this brought a world of pain. When I got home, I rubbed some Hotemin cream on the knee, I put a wrap on it and I took an Acteric tablet to help with the pain of walking (or limping, in my case). The wrap was one of those you just pull over the knee, not an actual length of cloth wrapped around the knee and at first I thought it was just the right fit, being a little tight.
Avatar m tn Couple of days ago I failed a brief painful sensation on my right knee which I ignored. Yesterday morning I felt some pain too after waking up and I decided to look it up. I read that DVT symptoms can be very subtle so that got me worrying. I don't feel any pain when sitting or walking but when I apply pressure, e.g. when sitting cross-legged or when I press on it while sleeping in fetal position, I feel some discomfort.
Avatar m tn I still have some discolouration from that fall. I sometimes have knee pain on that leg to. I am 120kg which I know doesnt help and a bad asthmaticwhich keeps me from being active even with mediation. Would that brusing feeling come from the fall or something else?
Avatar f tn Had arthroscopic ACL surgery last week and within last two days developed excruciating pain in my operated leg calf. Went to ER today and was told I do have acute DVT in my calf. Doctor started me on blood thinners and percocet for pain. With a banged up knee and swollen and super painful calf I feel pain and anguish like never before. Any help, thoughts, ideas? I am open to anything and everything.
20816659 tn?1521035997 Over the past week I have noticed something new and it is worring my because when I look up what it could be everything is point DVT. I have a dull charlie horse feeling in my right calf, the pain comes and goes as if it were a charlie horse, but is always in the same spot and there is a constant dull cramp feeling, I also have a slight color difference (below and to the left of my knee cap) and it is super tender to touch.
Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? Although many DVTs disappear without a problem, these can return. Some people may also have long-term pain and swelling in the leg called post-phlebitic syndrome. Medications and pressure stockings are highly recommended to help with the blood flow in the legs and reduce the risk for complications from blood clots..However, if this do not work, surgery may be indicated. Avoid smoking and try to move your legs often when you are sitting or lying down for long periods of time.
Avatar f tn I'm having a few strange symptoms after flying the other day and I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. I just got back from a trip to England and I'm having periodic leg pain. After the flight there (8 hours total) I had some swelling in my left leg the following day. It only lasted a few hours and then went away. It didn't actually hurt but was a bit uncomfortable. After flying back (last night) I'm now having pain in my left ankle and slight swelling.