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Avatar n tn I went to GNC the other day and they have one of those scales that you put in all your info ( age, height, etc...) It said my ideal weight should be between 112-125lbs. My husband just looked at me with this smug little smile on his face, but I know he is worried. I started taking vitamins and driking ensure just in case. Next appointment with Doc is 18th as long as I maintain the weight I feel I can stay on the topamax.
Avatar n tn Your ideal weight depends on your age, as well as your height and weight. A child's ideal weight will be different from that of a teenager and a teenager will be different from that of an adult. There are a variety of exercises that will burn fat.
Avatar f tn I am not understanding your height measurement, and you did not state your age. 110lbs is not an ideal weight for males unless you are under 4ft tall. A male should eat typically 2000-2500 calories per day depending on your age. If you can give me your height and age, then I can give you an accurate amount of calories per day. Hoped this helped you.
Avatar m tn We need to know your height and age, in order to calculate your proper weight.
Avatar f tn Hi! There can be wide variation in weight as per height and age depending on where you live and your ethnic background. However, a weight around 125 pounds would be ideal. You can however try to maintain a weight below 130 pounds to remain in the BMI range of normal weight. So, roughly you need to lose about 40 pounds. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn Hi i am Harimohan my age is25 year my weight is 53 kg i am incerage my Weight in 7 to 10 kg please given the details
Avatar f tn I looked at many differant sites and this was the average, This shows the average weight that other people of your Age, Height, Weight and Gender would describe as their ideal weight.
1419937 tn?1302561449 But at the same time, it's extremely important for us to recognize that being overweight at any age is not as healthy, and can increase our risk of chronic diseases. To answer your question, I expect that your weight is higher than is ideal for your age and height - but I think it's very important to involve your parents and pediatrician in any plan to lose weight - you want to go about it in a healthy way that will be successful for you.
1626068 tn?1303760162 5 * 2.7889 Weight (minimum) = 51.6 kg 24.9 = weight / (1.67)^2 weight = 24.9 * 2.7889 Weight (maximum) = 69.44 kg So the healthy weight range for someone with 1.67 m is between 51.6 to 69.44 kg. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Hey my weight is 61 kg and my height is 160 cm how can I lose 7 kg in month and what is the perfect weight for me ana what I can eat to lose weight
Avatar m tn My height is around 5 feet 6 inchers and my weight is 84kg. Can you tell me what should be the my normal body weight.
Avatar f tn Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question I would suggest that at your age you are careful with changes in your metabolism. What is metabolism? Metabolism is a collection of chemical reactions that takes place in the body's cells. Metabolism converts the fuel in the food we eat into the energy needed to power everything we do, from moving to thinking to growing. If you want to lose weight The safest amount of weight you can lose is anything from .5 to 2 lbs a week.
Avatar f tn I weight 185 LBS, which I am aware is obese. I want to know what is an ideal weight for my age and height that I can maintain. **ALSO: I like being a bit "thicker". I just don't want to be so fat. So what is a weight at which I am still full-figured?
Avatar n tn There is no ideal weight for infants and children; however, instead the weight and height are based on ranges as per age and where the weight/height relates by percentiles. His weight is just below the 5th percentile for his age. Guideline for a 9-12 month old child should eat the following: Formula (6-8oz) 3-5 feedings a day, Dairy 1 serving a day – cheese (1/2 oz) or yogurt (1/2 cup). Starch 2 feedings a day – Infant Cereal (2-4 Tbsp), bread (1/2 slice), crackers (2), or pasta (3-4 Tbsp).
Avatar f tn Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question! Yes I can hear your frustration as you know it is a combination between healthy nutrition and physical exercise the most effective approach. Now lets talk first about exercise: Are you exercising too hard? You have to remember that when you exercise too hard you may be burning muscle and not fat so although you are burning calories you may replenish them after staying with high levels of fat.
Avatar m tn ok, so i am 23 years old and my height is 5'6 and current weight is 142lbs. My ideal weight is 128lbs. And i have been having trouble losing weight. When i was 18 i was quite skinny for a year or two, not really underweight but just quite skinny, i probably didnt eat enough and i weighed approx 116-120lbs. Over the last few years i have gradually and unconsciously put on more weight. I have been eating more however i still eat healthily.
Avatar f tn You aren't old enough to have that much weight problem because of age. When I was your age, I weighed about 100 lbs and never dreamed I'd have a weight problem...... Sorry -- still sounds to me like you have a thyroid issue (or maybe PCOS or insulin resistance) regardless of what the lab report says.... if you can let me know the levels of your TSH, Free T3 and Free T4, I can give you a better comment.
Avatar n tn However, we have noticed that she is carrying more weight than I would like for her to. What is the ideal weight range for a child of her height? We also would like to know what we could do to help her reach that weight range? Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn I also get easily knocked down by common cold so I am really pushing for gaining my ideal weight for my age and height, which would be about 20 lbs more. What Im doing now is just try to add up on the food proportion and eat as frequently as I can. I've been on this for a year now and unfortunately I've not been successful in maintaining the desired pounds yet. So I think we can do this! At least the aim and goal is clear to both of us. Let us not get discouraged easily.
Avatar n tn Her weight is above the 95th percentile and her height is just below the 75th percentile which indicates she is overweight for her age. For a 12 year old female, approximately 2200 calories per day due need calories for growth and recommended the following to help her with her weight: Limit high sugar drinks/snacks and try replace with low fat milk/yogurt or fruit/popcorn.
Avatar f tn I suggest buying a heart rate monitor. Figure your heart rate by this formula, The Karvonen Formula is a mathematical formula that helps you determine your target heart rate zone. The formula involves using your maximum heart rate (MHR) minus your age to come up with a target heart rate range (which is a percentage of your MHR). Staying within this range will help you work most effectively during your cardio workouts.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear about your struggles Im in the same boat. I have been seeing a nutrionist and she put me on a 1100 calorie diet. Its a struggle because I have diabetes and my sugars are always dropping, which in order to get them up I have to eat something consuming all my day calories. I also do not know what to do and how to accomplish my ideal weight loss. But I'm not going to give up and I going to continue. So stay strong and positive and don't give up, you will get there.
Avatar n tn It is not too hard to follow, but I am not losing much at all. I got back down to my pre pregnancy weight after my last child then I got my Tubes Tied and have gained 40 pounds since. Is this normal!? I REALLY want to be back to my ideal weight I am just at my wits end.
Avatar f tn I've checked the charts and the average rate for my height and age is 120 to 145. I've used to be very small and gain weight quickly when I hit my teens and haven't been able to lose it. I used to be in sports and still only averaged 150 lbs for 30 years never no lower. In middle school I was 120 and were I was expected to be and where I would like to be again.
Avatar f tn It varies because it depends on your proportions. If you have long legs, you might wear one number differently than a person with short legs. When you hit your ideal weight, you just know because clothes fit better and you feel good. You are comfortable. You can pinch less than an inch of fat. I would guess the number may be somewhere in the range of 110 to 130 lb for most of that height. I'm 5'6" with no shoes and my ideal is about 124 lb.
Avatar m tn Your ideal weight should be calculated, based on your age, height and bone structure, not just some arbitrary figure that you think would be good for you. So your first step would be to figure out where you should be, then decide how to get there. Are you getting any exercise to go along with calorie counting? I agree that if you have easy access to junk/processed foods, it's much better to be prepared and take your own food.
Avatar f tn The ideal body weight for your height (5ft 2in) is between 125 and 136.63 lbs. So your weight is fine. If you are worried about it you can just start getting involved in school sports or if that is not your thing, just start walking for 1/2 or more a day. It never hurts to be more fit!
Avatar f tn Many sites can help you figure out about how many calories you need to eat based on your sex, height, weight, age, and activity level- just make sure you take these with a grain of salt. These are all averages and what works well for one person won't work the same for another. Also make sure you're not avoiding any foods. Your body needs fats just as much as it needs vitamin C- just keep the amounts right.
Avatar f tn To lose or gain weight, adjust your daily caloric intake according to your ideal body weight. Step 1 Determine what your goal weight should be. Step 2 Perform moderately-intense cardio or aerobic for at least 150 to 300 minutes per week; or when you increase your fitness level, up that to vigorously exercising for 75 to 150 minutes a week. Step 3 Perform two or three strength-training sessions each week. Step 4 Practice yoga.
Avatar n tn I had to find a new doctor since I had moved to another town, and when I first went to him I weighed 133 pounds, which is ideal for my height. I gained 40 pounds in six months. I just looked through my medical records that I just happened to have because I requested them. I noticed in my records that after I was switched from the morphine to oxycontin, I gained 14 pounds in one month. My doctor has increased my dose from 15 mg. oxycodone to 30 mg. of oxycodone every 4 hours.