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Avatar f tn Hi! There can be wide variation in weight as per height and age depending on where you live and your ethnic background. However, a weight around 125 pounds would be ideal. You can however try to maintain a weight below 130 pounds to remain in the BMI range of normal weight. So, roughly you need to lose about 40 pounds. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar m tn We need to know your height and age, in order to calculate your proper weight.
1019636 tn?1298263627 Im pretty sure there is some sort of reference chart used to calculate a persons ideal weight... and im pretty sure its calculated by your age and height...
Avatar f tn Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question I would suggest that at your age you are careful with changes in your metabolism. What is metabolism? Metabolism is a collection of chemical reactions that takes place in the body's cells. Metabolism converts the fuel in the food we eat into the energy needed to power everything we do, from moving to thinking to growing. If you want to lose weight The safest amount of weight you can lose is anything from .5 to 2 lbs a week.
Avatar m tn My height is around 5 feet 6 inchers and my weight is 84kg. Can you tell me what should be the my normal body weight.
Avatar n tn however, instead the weight and height are based on ranges as per age and where the weight/height relates by percentiles. His weight is just below the 5th percentile for his age. Guideline for a 9-12 month old child should eat the following: Formula (6-8oz) 3-5 feedings a day, Dairy 1 serving a day – cheese (1/2 oz) or yogurt (1/2 cup). Starch 2 feedings a day – Infant Cereal (2-4 Tbsp), bread (1/2 slice), crackers (2), or pasta (3-4 Tbsp). Fruits or Vegetables 1-2 feedings a day – (3-4 Tbsp).
Avatar f tn Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question! Yes I can hear your frustration as you know it is a combination between healthy nutrition and physical exercise the most effective approach. Now lets talk first about exercise: Are you exercising too hard? You have to remember that when you exercise too hard you may be burning muscle and not fat so although you are burning calories you may replenish them after staying with high levels of fat.
Avatar n tn When my husband and I were married just over two years, trying to get pregnant that whole time, we sought the help of infertility specialists. At the time I was about 165 lb at 5'3. I started to gain weight at about age 25 and at age 31 I was very overweight even with diet and exercise. My cycles were all over the place as well. My husband is Air Force and infertility is not exactly first on their list of things to help people with.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Topamax along with an appetite suppressant (Adipex) for weight loss a bit over a year ago and stopped taking them after two and a half months. I did not lose all of the weight I had wanted to, but most of it. I had gained 55 pounds while on Paxil over the course of two and a half years. By taking a combination of the two medicines, I lost 22 pounds the first month, 10 pounds the second month, and 8 pounds the first half of the third month.
Avatar f tn If I continue losing weight at this rate I definately will not be a decent weight at 40.It will be 42 by the time I reach a decent weight and 43 by the time I reach ideal weight.How ever its not that bad cant complain Im lucky that I can still lose weight and havent stuffed my body up completely over the years of losing putting on and I always lost 26 kg fairly quickly.(maybe thats why things didnt work).Ive heard losing weight slowly is the best way.
Avatar f tn I also get easily knocked down by common cold so I am really pushing for gaining my ideal weight for my age and height, which would be about 20 lbs more. What Im doing now is just try to add up on the food proportion and eat as frequently as I can. I've been on this for a year now and unfortunately I've not been successful in maintaining the desired pounds yet. So I think we can do this! At least the aim and goal is clear to both of us. Let us not get discouraged easily.
Avatar f tn As long as your weight is within the range acceptable or ideal for your age, ethnic background, height and waist circumference, you should not worry much. If you have unexpectedly high weight gain then your doctor will need to rule out endocrine disorders such as diabetes and hypothyroidism, severe anemia etc as the cause of weight gain. Please discuss with your doctor. I sincerely hope you will find this information useful in your journey towards better health. Good Luck and take care!
Avatar f tn Hello, I don't know much about WW. But as you and I are about the same age, height and weight (previously was in the 170s), I thought maybe I could help you. Without a long history, I'll just cut to the chase and say if I eat too much fat, I can't lose weight regardless of what I do. I know the " low fat" diet isn't in vogue any longer, but I guess my body didn't get that memo. I try to stay around 15-20% of my calories per day from fat. Anything more than that and I get stalled.
1626068 tn?1303760162 BMI (kg/m2) = weight (kg) / height^2 (m) (BMI in kilograms per square meter is you weight in kilograms devided by your squared height in meters). The healthy BMI for an adult (non-obese, middle-age, non-athlete) is between 18.5 to 24.9 kg/m2. If you want to know your "ideal" weight, you can use the minimum and maximum to know your healthy weight range. EXAMPLE: Weight: 63 kg Height: 1.67 m BMI = 63/ (1.67)^2 BMI = 63 / 2.7889 BMI = ~ 22.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear about your struggles Im in the same boat. I have been seeing a nutrionist and she put me on a 1100 calorie diet. Its a struggle because I have diabetes and my sugars are always dropping, which in order to get them up I have to eat something consuming all my day calories. I also do not know what to do and how to accomplish my ideal weight loss. But I'm not going to give up and I going to continue. So stay strong and positive and don't give up, you will get there.
Avatar f tn I've checked the charts and the average rate for my height and age is 120 to 145. I've used to be very small and gain weight quickly when I hit my teens and haven't been able to lose it. I used to be in sports and still only averaged 150 lbs for 30 years never no lower. In middle school I was 120 and were I was expected to be and where I would like to be again.
Avatar n tn You need do a chart for you height and weight and find your own target heart rate by your pulse for your age. Depending on the excersise you do (dishes and vacuming can burn calories) you need to burn more calories than you consume to loose weight. There are alot of websites that will chart it for you. example: if you consume 800 calories a day you need to excercise to burn 1000 calories. This pattern will drop weight. Does that make sense.
Avatar m tn Your ideal weight should be calculated, based on your age, height and bone structure, not just some arbitrary figure that you think would be good for you. So your first step would be to figure out where you should be, then decide how to get there. Are you getting any exercise to go along with calorie counting? I agree that if you have easy access to junk/processed foods, it's much better to be prepared and take your own food.
Avatar f tn Many sites can help you figure out about how many calories you need to eat based on your sex, height, weight, age, and activity level- just make sure you take these with a grain of salt. These are all averages and what works well for one person won't work the same for another. Also make sure you're not avoiding any foods. Your body needs fats just as much as it needs vitamin C- just keep the amounts right.
649848 tn?1534637300 Whatever weight loss issues you might have, I'm challenging all our members (both old timers and new comers) to make a commitment for their weight loss and to make every effort to follow through. HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS.................
Avatar n tn Continue your exercise and weights to lose atleast 500 calories per day and alternatively visit a dietician to design a balanced diet for you with lesser calories required for your age and weight and height. Take care!
Avatar n tn stop wondering whether or not the Oxycontin makes you gain weight and quit taking it by any means necessary; take it out of the equation completely! Then, actively focus on getting healthier. You'll at least be able to rule one thing out if you find you're still gaining weight despite quitting the pill-popping and modifying your diet/exercise. At the very least, you'll be extending your life and your healthy years.
Avatar n tn I've been told to stop the heavy monthy bleeding and clots a hysterectomy is needed. I already fight weight gain at the age of 49 and after reading the postings I dont want this surgery. I am 5'2"and weigh 175 now. There must be another option anyone out there with any suggestions please post. I cant fight more weight gain. Help please...
Avatar n tn My height is 5,6" and I had been maintaining my weight between 55 kg, to 59 kg for the last 10 years. Its looks to me that I am losing my fat and muscles after being on metformin and asprin which I started in November 2004. I had been on Synthroid on last 18 years and lipitor (10 mg) for last 4 years. The dose of metformin is 300mg, 1 tablet 3 times a day. Synthroid is 125 (micro-mg) 1 tablet a day.
Avatar n tn From what i can find out you are at the top end of the healthy weight range for your age and height, the 130 lbs would put you right in the middle of the Ideal weight line so they are both correct, Current Weight: 145 Healthy Weight Range: 114 - 149 You should aim to fall within a healthy weight range. Current BMI: 24.1 Healthy BMI range: 18.5 - 24.9 Daily calorie level...
Avatar n tn For children growth and weight are measured against a growth chart by percentiles. Her weight is very above the 95th percentile and her height is on the 95th percentile for her age. She may be bigger in general due to genetics. Are there tall women in the family? It is recommend increasing children's physical activities (play, dance, sports) to lose weight, and not lower calorie intake due to the need of calories for growth. For her age she needs approximately 1800 calories a day to grow.
Avatar n tn My goal would be to lose all the weight by October, I have a high school reunion, and a mini goal of 185 by the end of June for my cousins wedding. I have a long way to go, but as long as I don't get sick and avoid the sugar free ice cream bar, I'll be A OK...
140437 tn?1215113342 GIve info, weight, height, and age and I will give you the amount of calories you need to eat in a day.
621217 tn?1289012687 Staying at the weight we want, within a few pounds up or down, is ideal and is done by balancing what we eat compared to what energy we expend. It is simple physics, what goes in, minus what is used, equals our weight. Hope you are feeling better soon and that your depression as flown. Work with your docs and get well ..
Avatar n tn The doctor didn't feel like gall bladder was involved and I did have food poisoning when I went to ER that time just took the right dr to let me know. The diagnosis as of now is weight gain due to stress and age related. I am staying on top of it and will post if anything happens differently. Still have a prego looking gut but am walking so xxx(fingers crossed).