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Avatar n tn I had my uterus removed 5 years ago but kept my ovaries. Recently, I had an MRI of my back and pelvic areas for back pain. A part of the MRI results say, "The uterus appears to be retroverted. A few small cysts are noted.....smaller cyst with increased T1 signal. The mass measures up to about 1.4 cm." It has been confirmed that the correct films were read and I am wondering if I need to see another dr about any of these results. An ortho referred me for the MRI.
1016506 tn?1251209113 I cautiously told him yes and questioned why he asked. Well, I had a retroverted (tipped back) uterus that was in an extremely retroverted position (I got a lot of backaches from this thru the years but the extreme back pain started just 2 years prior) and that pressed on my back some but we finally found the cause of my excruciating back pain - I had a softball-sized fibroid pressing deeply on my spine, with the uterus causing more pressure than normal because of its position.
Avatar n tn Due to my pain and her exam, she ordered a pelvic ultrasound both transabdominally and transvaginally. Results revealed a retroverted uterus, questionable fibroids and an endometrium thickened at 18mm. Despite doc thinking I may be too young for fibroids, she ordered I follow up with an CT scan. CT scan revealed at least one fibroid 3x3 cm and two possible others. The report also recommended obtaining an MRI to ensure.
Avatar n tn My uterus was originally retroverted. I had complication at my first delivery but recovered o.k. my doctor said i would be o.k. for a natural delivery this time . The second delivery went well but i lost a lot of blood and had a prolapsed uterus. My doctor said to start the kegels exercise for 4-6 weeks and to see what happens after that a hysterectomy . it feels like I have to hold it in place. Im looking for some kind of information before I go for the surgery .
Avatar n tn Ooh, that's quite interesting... I also have a large retroverted uterus and suffer from back pain. I'm 38 and my tummy has started to look pregnant like, I also had my coccyx removed and sacrum shaved down a few years ago, I also have undiagnosed iliac crest pain too plus hip pain. Wonder if there IS a link?
Avatar n tn I was advised by specialist to have a hysterectomy. I would need a full abdominal hysterectomy, as my uterus was too large for easy removal. I purchased a book called "the Fibroid Miracle" and in this book, it explains all your options, whether surgical or holistic. This is where I learned about this procedure, "uterine artery embolization" or UAE. Fibroid emobolization involves an Interventional Radiologist accessing your uterus through the femoral artery.
198703 tn?1207713828 I have a small fibroid I am told in my upper middle part of my uterus and my uterus has tipped I have had chronic fatigue for well over 6 mths now.. and not sure for how long before really noticing that I was not functioning well. I was found to be only slightly anemic and this has been corrected for months now.. I am told my ovaries.. are of "normal size".. but as far as I can tell they haven't compared too much one sonogram to the other.. just that they are normal.
Avatar n tn I've had MRI's, ultrasounds, and laparoscopy with not much information - except that my uterus is retroverted and is lobular in shape with a heterogeneous signal intensity - which can indicate fibroids or adenomyosis in the muscle portion of the uterus - it is in the muscle which is why it can't be seen. I haven't decided how i'm going to handle it yet (there aren't many options) - but this is something you might look into for yourself.
Avatar f tn A retroverted uterus means the uterus is tilted backwards. I have that and I have been told that its common and its fine. Most reasons for an retroverted uterus is because of PID and endometriosis. \ I would say that your odds of having endo are extremely high considering your family history. I am not sure if a hysterectomy is the right way to go if you do consider it as I have heard of some many women that said the hyster did nothing for them.
781134 tn?1236048156 hi there yes you can fall pregnant its not a big deal - I have it to and so does my best friend who has just had a baby girl - what my fertility specialist suggested is straight after sex then you must lie on your stomach it makes it easier for sperm to enter good luck and mail me if you need more help I have become an expert on this all in the last 3 months as I have cysts, endo and a retroverted uterus ps is yours a retroverted uterus or ovary - if its an ovary then they may need to do IVF
Avatar n tn My ovaries are a normal size and my uterus is retroverted. I cramp 3 weeks out of a month however my menstrual cycles are normal and come regularly. It has been recommended that I have a D&C and consider a partial hysterectomy which could possibly turn in to a total hysterectomy depending on what's found when the partial is done. I've been online tying to find out more about everything since I won't see the Surgeon until next month.
Avatar m tn Both ovaries are normal shape and volume. For the above condition, kindly suggest best latest technique / procedure for this sized Fibroid Treatment.
Avatar f tn i have been told i have a retroverted uterus oviarian cysts and free fluid i'm 33 yrs old my periods have become very painful sexual intercoures is also painful i have severe pain on my right side 2 weeks before and a week after my period i was told when i had a tubual 5 yrs ago i had sever endomitritis i don't really have insurance and the ers wont do anything to help and about a yr ago i was admitted to a hospital for pain manangement and was told i might need a hystorectomy but that they want
Avatar m tn The uterus is retroverted and has a non-homogeneous internal echo pattern. It measures 6.6 x 4.5cm at the fundus. There are multiple small fibroids, the largest is posterior measuring 1.9 x 1.5 x 1.5cm. The double layer of the endometrial lining measures 1.2cm in thickness. Both ovaries are seen. The right ovary measures 4.2 x 4.1 x 3.3cm and contains a cyst measuring 3.2 x 2.9 x 2.8cm. The left ovary measures 3.1 x 2.4 x 2cm. No pelvic mass or fluid collection is demonstrated.
Avatar f tn //www.ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm. Re: the retroverted uterus - that is not a reason to have a hysterectomy. Mine was retroverted and never caused any problems.
537731 tn?1268268886 I also have a retroverted uterus that is too big and compressing my spine. The Dr told me 2 weeks ago I needed a hysterectomy. Then I found out I had Lyme and that went on back burner. I am scared to death to have my stuff cut out. I am so skinny so i feel my organs and what happens when they are gone? I take 180 10 mg Percocets a month and my rheumatologist decided to cut me to 120 this month. I have been n same dose for years and they dont do anything for this pain when it gets this bad.
Avatar f tn I have recently had an ultrasound scan and the results were that I had a bulky retroverted uterus with 2 posteria all fibroids measuring 41mm and 23mm, I also had 2 cysts in my left ovary one simple one measuring29mm and another which was 34mm with an irregular outline and containing as focal area of wall thickening posteriorly - no adnexal mass or free fluid>- my GP did not seem unduly concerned by this but decided to send me for the CA125 blood test - which has come back raised at 212.
Avatar f tn The uterus and its 4 sets of ligaments are the support structures for the pelvis. Hysterectomy destroys pelvic anatomy - bladder and bowel placement as well as the skeletal structure (spine, hips, rib cage). Let us know how your appointment goes.
Avatar n tn In addition, since I am on Tamoxifen, my Oncologist recommended having my uterus out since endometrial cancer is a real possibility as a result of taking Tamoxifen. So I am scheduled for a total hysterectomy (TAH/BSO) on Sept. 22nd. I decided to just go ahead and get everything out, rather than take any chances, but of course, there are a lot of extenuating circumstances in my case. I just didn't want to worry about my ovaries, when I am already under constant surveillance for my breasts.
Avatar n tn The uterus is retroverted and measures 9.6x5.9x6.3 cm. There is a 1.1 cm fibroid seen along the anterior left lateral aspect of the fundus and a 1.3 cm fibroid seen along the left lateral aspect of the body of the uterus. The endometrial stripe is at 1.5 cm. the right ovary measures 3.3x3.0x2.8 cm and left overy 5.3x4.0x4.2 cm. There is abnormality seen within the ovaries bilaterlly. On the left there is a complex cyst identified measuring upwards of 3.9 cm in the greatest diameter.
534546 tn?1225031575 .137mg Synthroid for 12+years; Metformin for 2yrs Basis for U/S: Screening, family history. Mom was diagnosed Jun-07 after radical & severe bloating. Surgery re-classed as peritoneal, did not start in ovaries. Passed away Feb-07. During period determined both her mom (54) and her mom's mom (60's) passed of ovarian. First U/S Technician had problems - unable to see right ovary, left not clear but definite shadow/mass. I do not have a copy of this report. Referred to Gyn.
Avatar m tn Also, my mother had it very badly until her hysterectomy at about 45. I am 37. We both have a retroverted uterus so I always assumed any girl problems she had I would have. I have had painful ovulation since at least 15 and also have had blood during ovulation before which I chalked up to a cyst rupturing. The last time I ovulated on my left side and it was a bit more painful than usual also.
Avatar n tn I have always had a retroverted uterus, except for when I was pregnant, because the weight of the baby moves things forward. I have heard that about %10 of women have the condition. All of my u/s reports have shown this to be true for me. It's not a significant finding, but it's there...It means the uterus is tilted toward the back instead of the belly. You may already know that, but I was just offering. Thank ya'!
Avatar f tn But was told it was a Retroverted Uterus! I also was told the pain was depression . My husband is deployed and has been since August of 2006 going on 15 months. So I guess that could be it too.. I just have horrible pains all the time!
Avatar f tn I was then referred to a gyn who has said that I need to have a total hysterectomy with effected ovary removed and both fallopian tubes as well. This seems like a huge opertion for a query of ovarian cancer, given that my health is good and that I have no symptoms of ovarian cancer. I have thickening of the uterine walls and also calcification of part of uterus. My last pap smear was clear, and have been clear for 20 years. My question is: is he taking this too far ?
Avatar m tn The next gyn that I visited, changed my birth control to the Seasonique pills. I am still having pain. I have a retroverted uterus, but that did not cause pain before. Also, I am always well lubricated, but the pain still results. Moreover, I had a negative pap smear, and I am negative for STDs, I do not have a current UTI. In the past, UTIs that I have gotten have been the result of bubble baths and not sex.
1395422 tn?1308019851 Anatomically (physical make-up of the body) speaking, a backwards tilting of the uterus (a retroverted uterus) and/or a very narrow cervical canal can also play a role. Some things you do have some control over, at least partially. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to the severity of your cramping; women who exercise on a regular basis are much less likely to complain of painful periods.
10977101 tn?1414282594 which the ultrasound showed i have no cysts on my ovaries, i have a retroverted uterus, meaning its tilted backwards, and she found a little bit of fluid behind my uterus. she said she couldn't tell if it was from a ruptured cyst or from after ovulation.i mentioned if we can do surgery to check for endo.i told her i did ever test possible even tests for stis which all came back normal. my periods are still painful afterwards. i am tired all the time.. bcp don't help.
Avatar n tn I'll be praying for you that all turns out okay for you in your surgery tomorrow. Thanks for your input.
Avatar n tn I think that I would have to have another surgery however if I did decide to go ahead and have one as my uterus is retroverted and retroflexed (curled back like a snail) with my ovary attached and I am sure its all scar tissue. I am not sure what else is going on inside of me but I am quite certain that if I was to try i would not be able to conceive.