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Avatar f tn I ran across medical literature that described useing a pessary for vaginal vault prolapse after hysterectomy. Keep looking and get a second opinion. Good luck ,I hope you avoid surgery.
Avatar f tn Yes I had a prolapsed uterus after giving birth to my 1st daughter. 2 weeks after I had her I was taking a shower and felt something weird down there. My uterus had completely fallen out of my body. I sat in the tub trying to hold it in and called 911. They took me to the nearest hospital who was not equipped to deal with it and was rushed to a different hospital. They told me they would have to do a hysterectomy. I cried. I wanted more kids.
Avatar f tn I am 32 years old, at the age of 22, I had to have a hysterectomy. I also had bladder and vaginal prolapse. This was corrected around the same time. It has been 10 years since I had all of my surgeries. I noticed right away that I was having problems with bowel movements. I have lower back pain, pain and pressure, and I have always noticed that I have a bulge in my vaginal wall when I do need to make a bowel movement. Most of the time I have to manually help with my bowel movements.
Avatar f tn My doctor said my uterus is only a level one prolapse. My concern is cosmetic but it really is affecting how i feel about myself, I dont feel desirable this way, because if Im in a certain position, the tip of what he said is my cervix protrudes about 1/8" from my vagina. Most of the time it doesnt stick out, only if Im laying or sitting in a certain position. My doctor said the only way to treat that would be a hysterectomy. Can anyone offer any experience with this?
Avatar f tn I also have a prolapsed rectum, bladder, and uterus. My gyn will only do the surgery if I have a hysterectomy because of my prolapsed uterus. I don't want a hysterectomy at 55. He said it like it was clipping my fingernails. Like it was no big deal. He also gave me premarin vaginal cream and told me to us it. I don't want to use it because my sister died of breast cancer at age 61. I don't know what to do. Is there other ways of dealing with a prolapsed uterus besides a hysterectomy?
Avatar f tn I have to have surgery for prolapse bladder and uterus. My GYN is going to do it. He says he will use the mesh sling to hold up the bladder. I ask about the law suits with bladder meshes. He said this kind is different. Worried about having surgery now. I need to have urinary catheter, was wondering how long it needs to stay in?
Avatar n tn another form of hysterectomy is when they leave cervix in place...this helps prevent prolapse.....in any of the hysterectomy methods there is zero chance of pregnancy. as above said in a full hyster all female reproductive organs are removed,,,uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and cervix...they sew top of vagina area where cervix once was to leave vagina functional, when healed sex is possible, orgasms still happen most find them less intense though.
Avatar f tn I am an avid runner who will be undergoing a hysterectoy, uterine prolapse and bladder prolapse reconstruction. Will I be able to resume my running after surgery without damaging repairs to my bladder and rectum?
Avatar f tn I felt not too bad for the first two or three months after my hysterectomy (had the works, uterus plus ovaries plus cervix removed). I was 48 and was pre or peri menopausal. Your natural hormones take a while to leave your system. Surgical menopause IS rough. But, I have read many posts from women on this board who had already been through menopause and STILL suffered with symptoms such as memory fog, dryness, general malaise, depression, etc.
Avatar f tn I am sorry you are suffering from both PCOS and endo that is leading you to hysterectomy. I assume you already know that hysterectomy is not a cure for the insulin resistance of PCOS or for endo. Some women do get relief, either temporary or permanent, but some don't (I don't know the percentages). I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago at age 49 - absolutely the WORST thing that has ever happened to me but I did not have a chronic pain condition. The hormone HELL alone has been life-shattering.
782368 tn?1244858067 I am due April 28 to have hysterectomy with both ovaries left .He will be removing uterus with tubes.I do not know what to expect.My Mother had hers done in her forties she said it was the best thing that she ever did.I have had so much pain as of late i just want some relief.(Pain worse after being intimate with hubby,are period time)Kind if scared here.
Avatar f tn Providing there is nothing wrong with your uterus and ovaries, a hysterectomy is not necessary for Pelvic Organ Prolapse in many instances. I would suggest you see a board certified Urogynecologyist if you are considering surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse and get a second opinion. J.
Avatar n tn I had a uterus prolapse so as result I ended up with having a full hysterectomy. But, now i have what you have. With no relief. If you find answers to your problem please let me know.
Avatar n tn No, there are different reasons for hysterectomy as well as procedures. Was your uterus removed because of prolapse?
Avatar f tn i had hysterectomy last august and operation for prolapse bladder two weeks ago.if anyone has this problem,i would say go for the surgury.well worth it..
Avatar n tn I am 67 yrs. old. My ob/gyn has told me I have cystocele and uterine prolapse, and that I need a vaginal hysterectomy and TVT. I have not had bad or noticeable problems, maybe leakage with a bad cough. I have not noticed anything with my uterus, but the dr says while they do the TVT I should have the hysterectomy. My question: Should the ovaries be removed or left in tact? I think perhaps I am still producing some hormones because I haven't had problems that might suggest otherwise.
Avatar f tn I had horrible back pain from 2001 when I first noticed prolapse of uterus. I had hysterectomy and repair to bladder and posterior on Feb 5th and guess what....no back pain now. SO I am thrilled!
Avatar f tn Hi, I've never came across rectal prolapse as being associated with MS but I decided to look things up since I had a prolapse uterus in my teens which lead to my partial hysterectomy in my 30s so I know where you are coming from. It's kind of funny how you look back and find symptoms that you've had or you continue to have and it all goes back to one thing. I did find this source which states...
Avatar n tn frequency every hour, pain in lower abdomen, incontinence, dribbling after standing and gripping pains in my bowell before and after stools. The diagnosis was vault prolaspe and was sugested surgery or a pessarie.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the Pelvic Organ Prolapse forum. Sorry to hear you have discovered you have bladder prolapse. I realise you dont want mesh or a pessary, however, there are none mesh operations for cystoceles. Is there any particular reason why you turned down the opportunity of seeing a bladder specialist? It looks like your Ob/Gyne isnt a Urogynecologist. Urogynes are able to look at the whole prolapse picture in the US so this could also be an option for you at some point.
Avatar n tn So Sorry this is not yet about a hysterectomy but a collapsed uterus. I am 66 in excellent health, weight 68kilos(had three children natural birth)During a routine pap smear I was told I had a prolapsed uterus. Question is can this cause the sever pain I am experiencing in the centre of my left buttock and right under both buttocks making it extremely difficult in walking for any length of time. sleeping in any position is difficult. I had no pain before and was a regular walker and exerciser.
897990 tn?1248272556 Why on earth does she seem to think she needs a hysterectomy? I had a prolapsed uterus and gave birth to three healthy boys all a prolapse means is the uterus leans in the backwards position, techincally suposed to make it harder to concieve but not so with many many I know...why does she need a C section..all my babies wher vaginal births, just trying to understand...the C section may be needed for a host of reasons..
Avatar f tn When I took the test to my obgyn she said the 8 cm object is behind my uterus and she thinks it is a fybroid but they cannot be certain until the go in. When they go in, they plan on taking out my uterus. Depending on what they find...which I HOPE is just a fybroid growing outside of my uterus....I have the option of having my cervix removed or keeping it. Both ovaries will stay.
Avatar n tn Im 36 with second degree prolapse,a larger than normal womb, cysts on my ovary and have been recomended a hysterectomy to rectify all.My confusion is although i really want to feel normal again im worried that long term this may not be the answer.My gp has told me that even tho i'll still have my ovaries i'll still go thru early menopause.I also have had post natal depression which seems to have returned due to mirena fitted.
Avatar f tn hi Im going to answer the hysterectomy part of your question then transfer your post to the prolapse forum where Sher is the expert on that topic, Im doing this so you can get the very best advice on both issues, You don't mention why your having a hysterectomy, knowing this would be helpful for me to answer your question in your pm regarding options.
Avatar m tn Oops - I forgot to address the prolapse issue! Unfortunately, removal of the uterus increases the risk for bladder and bowel prolapse. And there are other adverse effects of hysterectomy (as mentioned in my other post) so you would trade one set of problems for another. If your bladder is by chance already prolapsed as well, it would seem reasonable to suspend both the bladder and the uterus which would allow you to keep your uterus and its lifelong non-reproductive functions.