How to get a swollen lip down

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Avatar n tn I have frequent canker sores, but dont get cold sores. My lip is swollen and feels strange and not sure if a sore is coming. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Now I continue to suffer from upper left lip problems. My lip in that area becomes numb, then progresses to a tingling, dry, burning feeling and the skin peels. These symptoms subside for a couple days and then I go through this painful, annoying, and embarrassing problem again. What could it be? Note: I do not have sores, the skin in that area of my lip looks really irritated and red and at time seems just a bit raised or swollen.
Avatar f tn Anyone else experiencing this? One lip and above it is completely swollen.. Veins are popping out on lip... Anyone else ecperiencing this? :( sometimes i can be in pain with it all.. 1 week till 20wks.. Still have a long ways to go...
Avatar m tn My only guess is that there is a large pimple on my chin and two small pimples on my upper lip. I tried and failed to pop all three but the swelleing is right next to them. I also feel pressure from the pimples to the swelling. Two questions. 1) whats wrong with me? 2) how do i get this swelling down?
Avatar n tn Any suggestions? My son fell on tile floor,face first and bumped his upper lip, which is triple the size in the center!. Initially when it occurred yesterday morning we iced it & it appears just as swollen today. How long will it take for the swelling to go down & should we be doing something else?
Avatar f tn 3 days ago I was fixing to go to bed and my tooth started to hurt a bit, so I took a ibuprofin and went to bed. When i woke up the next day my top lip was a bit swollen and hurt bad. By the end of that night my lip was swollen badley and my cheek. I started amoxicillen that night and by the next morning I was swollen up to right below my eye.
Avatar f tn I’m a bit of a lip balm addict so then when I couldn’t find lip balm for about a week my lips got all chapped, then I got some lip balm finally and now ive got little bumps all over my lips that are a bit itchy and swollen but not really any pain. I think they’re lacking moisture so excess sebum has come out causing fordyce spots. But let me know!
1945970 tn?1324211954 just noticed my cat's lower lip to be a bit swollen. I does not have any puss, I touched it. Nor does it has any pimples over it...just faint lines. It does not look too swollen, thou. She eats properly and more than the time when I bought her a month back. She also licks herself normally. But then again today is the first day. Her lip is more colored or maybe I am being over protective. She is 11 months old and has not had a chance to mate yet, late bloomer, I guess.
Avatar f tn Hi, So I have not changed anything in my diet or make up products or anything. Lately for the past 6 days my bottom lip and the lip line have been itchy and burning and sometimes tingly. I went to see my family practitioner thinking I could have herpes but I never broke out with a sore or anything. But the itch is still there. I took benadryl once and it went away but then came back. My lip doesn't look swollen, nor do I see anything abnormal.
Avatar f tn I had that happen to me u may want to visit ur obgyn but every day I took a hot bath and put a towel on the area and the swelling went down over a few days. Sometimes ur glands stop working and it causes to be swollen.
Avatar n tn This lasted for about 2 weeks with on and off again chills. Looking on the internet the symptoms appear to be that of a primary HSV1 infections. How can this be as I already get cold sores on my upper lip?? I got tested about 3 weeks after this incident and the doctor confirmed that I had HSV1 and negative for HSV 2. Is it possible to have HSV1 only on your outer lip and then get infected in your mouth? Or is it an all or nothing infection deal.
Avatar m tn Greetings, It has been 2~weeks since my minor surgery to extract the mucocele from the lower left lip., the stitches are gone now but my lip still seems a bit swollen still. It is noticeable because my friend pointed it out to me. I am wondering will this go away? will my lip be aligned normally again. Thank you for your time Dr. Bhupinder.
Avatar m tn 7 days ago she picked it and it bled a little. The next day she woke up her lip was very swollen around the area she picked and got bigger through out the day. It oozed, peeled and bled. 3 days later the swelling goes down but the area around is still reddish with it scabbed over some from the ooze and skin still peeling. She's never had a cold sore before and never have I. I'm worried about it possibly being one though as she stays picking with it and could spread it.
Avatar n tn My right labia majora (***** lip) started burning, then i readh down and within a min it had swelled a lot. It doesnt hurt but burn and also wen i walk its a bit wierd. i jus read some posts that ti may be an infection/cyst.. aah is itsumtting i can ignore for a day.. im so busy till friday, its thursday. .. gd to know it happens.. was freaking out. still kina am cos i dunno the state i will be in in the morn..
Avatar n tn For 3 days now my vagina has been swollen on the left side. Also I have like rubbed raw skin spots as well in the foldes of my lip walls. I've been using neosporian cause its all I can stand. Any thought on what's going on?
Avatar n tn so today like the right side of my lip statred to swell up and i to like a ibrepouren(sorry i cant spell it) then a few hours later it got way bigger and i took a benadryl. it hasnt gone down yet. i dont really know what its from i dont have any allergy i dont use drugs at all or drink! i have a cyst and maybe that could be a reason i really dont know can some give help!
Avatar n tn Fleas certainly can be a concern, and they can sometimes be difficult to find. Isolating your pet to a crate with a white towel/sheet and giving an oral Capstar tablet from your vet and watching for any signs of fleas over the next 4 hrs can be a simple test your veterinarian can do for you in the office or you can do at home with your veterinarians assistance.
Avatar n tn Infact I had one that matured and dried out. But this one seems to be hard and big and red. Also my lip is swollen in that area. This problem has now lasted for 2 days and seems to worsen and pains! Any suggestion on how I can bring this swelling down and the bump on my lip? Is is not a pimple? Can I buy any over the counter medicne for this problem?
Avatar m tn m pretty sure i can never tell because my lips are big to begin with but i also had one swollen lymph node behind my right ear for about 3 months too but its gone way down it still a little swollen but deffinately not like how it was i have tired valtrex the brand one and the generic one nothing seems to help.
5190611 tn?1364918137 One time it was underneath my upper lip so it looked like you know how a monkeys mouth look like...This started a few weeks ago maybe even a month, I'm not completely sure. Any who, yesterday I came back from work and didn't because I wasn't very hungry so I drank some milk and started on my homework and my lip started to tingle and then it started to swell from the left side and when I woke up, my whole upper lip was swollen and still is.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I was taking a shower grooming down there I had to use a mirror to see and I notice one of my vagina lips is swollen I put my hand down there and felt kinda like a ball.
Avatar n tn I recently had a swollen upper lip on the middle portion that lasted for about a day. There was no pain or anything. Now, about a week later, my fiancee has the same thing with her upper lip. It this herpes-related, allergy reaction, or what are the possible causes?
Avatar f tn Over the last year my lips have swollen up so much so that my top lip touches my nose and my bottom lip swells to the same size. My lips then develop a rash around the edges of my lips and it hurts. My lips develop a white ring around them and they burn until they do down. Lately it's been taking 3-4 days to get back to normal. I've seen many doctors and no one can tell me anything. I've taken allergy tests and I do not have a food allergy.
Avatar n tn my bottom left side of my lip is swollen and below the that is a zit i don't know how to get rid of this can anyone help ?
Avatar n tn Look I did NOT have sex because I'm 13 and after I got out of the shower, I started drying myself and I looked down there and my left lip is swollen. I didn't do anything. I just took a shower. I'm kinda scared. What should I do.Look I did NOT have sex because I'm 13 and after I got out of the shower, I started drying myself and I looked down there and my left lip is swollen. I didn't do anything. I just took a shower. I'm kinda scared. What should I do.
Avatar n tn Other possibilities of swelling of lips may be acromegaly,Crohn’s disease,cardiac or renal disorders,herpes and myxedema.It is very difficult to make a diagnosis without examination.So pls get yourself examined by a physician and the diagnosis confirmed.Also sometimes angioedema can be life threatening when it involves the larynx and airways. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.
Avatar f tn My right outer lip is swollen, itchy and it burns when I pee. I tried taking a warm bath but it burned even more when i was in the shower. It has been swollen from Friday and It hurts whenever i sit down, stand or move around. The other lip itches and burns too but only the right one is swollen. I put some A&D ointment on it but it still hurts. I don't know what else to do.