How to make swollen tonsils go down

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Avatar n tn This morning he ate a bagel and swollowed a big peice and it scraped the gland and it has It stopped swelling but I would like to know if anyone knows what it is and if he should go to the doctor. How serious is it?
Avatar f tn Are swollen tonsils a early symptom of HIV? And what should I do if they stay swollen passed a week? How concerned should I be that I may have contracted HIV or anything else?
Avatar m tn i went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and she said that tonsils can take a while to go down and she expects them to go down but its still not happened yet and the white tongue is still there. if it was oral thrush would it be painful ? my throat isnt sore and neither are my tonsils my throat is just a little red. i have spoken to my mum and dad and told them evrything as i couldnt hide it from them they knew there was something heavy on my mind when i came back from holiday.
Avatar f tn Hi, if I were looking for another possibility besides lymphoma, I might think of tuberculosis, which can cause a swollen neck lymph node and can also make calcium go high (because of increased calcitonin). What is his age? How fast did the bump grow on his neck and is it still growing? How big is it?
Avatar f tn He gave me some mouth wash that was supposed to take down the swelling but it didn't work. It's now may 19th, and my tonsils are STILL swollen. I'm very scared, and I don't know what could be causing it. I don't have trouble breathing, I don't have any flu symptoms. The only thing I do have is phlegm, but I'm not overly worried about that. Could someone help? I'm only 17 and I really need some answers. I don't like knowing the fact that theres something not quite right.
Avatar n tn he says when he's done i will breath and smell better and in a few months my tonsils will go down. a month later my left tonsil went down, right one didn't. in september the white spots came back on my right tonsil and i felt like ****. in october, after "waiting in out", i went to my ENT about it and he looked in my throat and said i have food stuck to it, pick it off, people don't get strep over age 20. no other tests, temp, etc.
Avatar n tn I could breathe fine but it took about 10 more minutes of concern before I generated enough moisture to get it to go down. My epiglottis was then swollen for the next 2 or 3 days after that. I suppose the irritation caused by too-dry of food being force-swallowed past it must have irritated it. I happens every 6 months or so for unknow reasons but it's probably from the same cause.
1187071 tn?1279373298 The human body can a while without food - but needs liquids to stay hydrated. Jamie, if you can't get liquids down - you must go to the ER. If you can take liquids, drink the high calorie, vitamin enriched drinks. My father was very sick with a problem with his pancreas and could not eat. He survived on these drinks for over a month... until he was able to eat again. Hon, please let us know if you are able to use a straw and swallow fluids.....
Avatar n tn I've been calling and calling there for the past three days or so constantly, and they either tell me to call back later or have their phone off the hook. Since I never learned how to drive, I finally convinced someone to take me to the doctor's office. I saw a nurse who didn't even check anything and asked me how I was feeling. I tried to explain the situation to her and she scribbled a few things down and said she would call back later.
Avatar n tn I'm weighing whether or not to go the epipen route and will decide later today depending on how much worse it gets. My angioedema doesn't seem to have a specific cause although I suspect stress has something to do with it. I've had food allergies in the past but after keeping track of my diet and activities there doesn't seem to be a link. The best my allergist can come up with is to treat the symptoms as they occur.
86664 tn?1291561395 Can't wait to try to explain this to my GP, he doesn't know a lot about Hep C, I will be educating him. I think I just need a lab to make sure my white count is not really high, make sure the infection is going away. Paratoid glands swelling is so freaking random, sometimes I hate this virus.
Avatar m tn My doc told me it was due to a virus and that I probably have a virus in my intestines which is causing the abdominal pain, but I still have to go to a gastro doc to have checked. Funny how some docs don't know what's going on. it seems a lot of people are getting this. The white tongue is just that your tongue is dry. We all have hair like things on our tongues. Brush your tongue and keep it clean.
Avatar m tn htm Noone Seems to Know?? Progressive Node Swellings History Sound Familiar at/after ARS? Do Nodes Go Down By themselves after 3 Months without Medication. The Biggest Reached Marble Size/Cervical Hasnt Full Gone. Would the WHOLE Chain Usually be Affected???? i.e Neck I am Putting the Rest of My Symptoms Down to Generalized Anxiety Syndrome and Trying to Move On for the Sake of Loved Ones. I know Its not the Correct Forum, Noone on the Other Forums Seems to Have the Knowledge required.
Avatar f tn She was diagnosed with bronchitis. Also about 4 years ago she had a sore throat and swollen tonsils which never shrunk down to their original size. When she gets mucus it sticks her tonsils together and she can't breath. The doctors keep telling us to wait to see if they go down on their own. Blood sugars are fine. Obviously it's not normal for a child to pass out this often, even children with asthma. She is not an overly anxious child, she is very social.
15607012 tn?1442453350 Thank you for taking the time to rewrite it! Before I get to my next post to provide more information I'll respond to yours first. I'll just go down the list and cover each item. One of the first tests I had with my PCP was a test looking for H. Pylori and the two tests ran came back negative. This was in October of 2013. Also with my urine being so cloudy I've had some tests ran. Multiple facilities from 2013 through 2014 say there's no sign of a urinary tract infection.
1418572 tn?1285961261 i have had a heated feelin in my head an left side of nexk is swollen pain goea down towards my chest. Feel sick to stomach...yes i have two left side rotting wisdom teeth for five years this normal symptoms?!?!?! *i also have severe anxiety...but even when i take the xanax....i still feel the heat in my brain.
Avatar n tn at the time I wasn't too worried about it and didn't botherso much, so I didn't bother to go. However, now that I feel the lymph node I will go back to see what he thinks. One of my questions are... actually to Rob... do you have a history of problems with your teeth?
Avatar m tn and it seems to happen only when he is trying to find the right position for him to go to sleep.think of it this way when we as humans are trying to go to sleep we toss and turn and start to get pissed.i think that is the dogs way of getting it out.don't worry to much your dog has been checked by a vet many times over . i wish you luck with everything..
7758970 tn?1393976093 Neck can't move like it's supposed to (range of motion) Knees - painful, ridged, grind, can't bare weight very long, can't stand or sit in one place for long Neck locks in place - very painful - have to break the lock to stop pain and make it get out of locked position Hands lose flexibility to move randomly, slightly curl up at times, drop items at times without letting go, Right shoulder pain and loss of movement, extreme burning at times, left shoulder just recently started burning
Avatar f tn I am supposed to go back to doctor Friday so I will be sure to mention it to him then. I am a 33 year old female and my period has been irregular for what seems like forever. I just kind of hoped maybe I might be trying to strart the change REALLY early. Wishful thinking I suppose. Maybe it's all sinus related though because I do have facial pain on the left side (same side the knots are) under my eye and this morning when I got up my eyes had a little bit of drainage dried on them.
Avatar n tn I'm glad you are getting back into things, it's really good how you can do a bit extra each day, I got very excited the other morning when I could turn the shower off in one go! I want to go into work for a few hours each week to make sure everything is being done right - not that I'm a control freak or anything! Did you shake after surgery, my legs and arms are shaking all the time, it's weird. Oh I'll have to tell you about my morphine experience.
Avatar n tn Hi I have just noticed a link between consuming alcohol and getting swollen glands. I am 26 and go out to drink once every 4-6 weeks (used to be alot more in my younger days) but only recently have I started to have very swollen painful glands the next day. I googled 'swollen glands after consuming alcohol' and the results were either about alcohol intolerence or Hodgkins Lymphoma.
Avatar f tn On monday, yesterday and he tells me its viral to deal with it dismissed the whole swollen uvula thing. I'm going to an ENT tomorrow because I can't take it anymore. Now I feel my tonsils and tongue are swollen as well and although I have no white on my tonsils or uvula my tongue has white spots on and right underneath it. I do suffer from seasonal allergies although they usually just give me hives, and I currently have a post nasal drip. Has anyone ever had anything similar?
Avatar f tn My throat gets so dry and scratchy I have to carry water everywhere I go. I even got my tonsils out thinking it would help...well it did for the sore throats I was getting all the time. But I still have this stupid cough. I also spit up gunk in the morning and my ears hurt. My husband has been spitting up brown sometimes in the morning, it's pretty gross.. He refuses to go to the dr. now because they don't help. Anyone have any advice or answers.
Avatar n tn ended up in the ER because no BM for days on end and no inckling to even go..not like me at all. A laxative was given and told to make sure i was next to a toilet...nothing happened for 2 days then never ending Diarreah again..(6 days) So moving forward we are now in for right sinus was done on the 3rd...was told it was actually a fungal ball...all those Antibiotics for nothing. The left side they said did actually clear (tis a good thing). So did everything resolve...nope.
555358 tn?1292535661 Am getting ready - 2 days to go - will try and teach Andrew (my husband) how to post here so he can let you know how I go.
358304 tn?1409713092 its right under the jaw corner, straight below the ear. I cant really touch it, b/c its in a spot i really have to work, bend the chin down to really get to/feel. It only hurts really, when i suck through a straw, or suck in my lips. and sometimes when chewing. Last Wednesday, I remember crying really hard, and then Thursday, I woke up and it was sore. Then Friday, I noticed a small canker sore developing in my mouth. Then yesterday, I thought I felt a discomfort in my left armpit...
Avatar n tn and a 2 week augmentan antibiotics hope I spelled that right.. I have to tell you when I go to bed at night I wheez deep down into my stomache and have to use this inhaler every 4 to six hours. I have had asthma attacks out side and during the winter when it is cold I started a new job in a night club about the same time this started 2 years ago and wondering if I am alergic to smoke..
Avatar n tn When i had to go to emergency a few times for pain or panic I was totally ignored and told to register with the mental heath unit because I'm bipolar...It was like sure your ill. By now if they believed me I would have been a month ahead or being treated by now...O.K. Talk to u tomm.
7758970 tn?1393976093 it has been getting bad the last 2 days, instead of being an annoyance, it has started to make standing on the leg incredibly painful. Back to laying down, just pretend sleeping next to my son, and the "spot" got really warm, then felt like it was a pool of water emptying down my leg??? Never have I felt this before, is the neurologist going to think I'm even more list of issues makes me think I am at times.