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Avatar f tn it has been known that the pure eucalyptus oil capsules used contain chemicals that, thus far cause long term lip damage. Including myself from my smoking days. It's been five years and my lip swells up like a balloon when eating foods that basic table salt has been added. Ie French fries.
Avatar m tn I am getting very frustrated. My life has been paused for 3 months because of this. I had gotten a cold sore...so i thought ...before christmas. It started out as one small red bump off center on the bottom lip. I right away freak out and start searching things to do to get rid of it. I have had cold sores before since i was 6 or maybe even younger. Anyways i start putting ice on it and then i read about salt so i put salt on it and left it there.
Avatar m tn the right side of my bottom lip is very swollen and sore it started out as i tingle on the right of my lip i don't know what do do it been two days now and it still swollen
Avatar m tn since then its spread to both corners of my mouth and appear to be alot of small raised white dots one being a cluster in the very corner and one on the middle of my lip. the area around the cluster is swollen and so is the middle of my lip but no the other side. it cause me discomfort every day and is sensitive to toothpaste chemicals salt,spicy food ect. and will turn slightly red in the corner if irritated plus the swelling which is the 24/7.
Avatar f tn A few hours later it was really swollen and seemed like a lump on the inside of my lip. Then i think I accidentally popped it and later that night another bump popped up right above that one. Then I popped it and the next morning a new fluid filled bump was on the top of my lip. Since then I've stopped popping them cause another one would come up a few mm away. My lip was very swollen in that area. Now today the first two areas are a little red and are healing.
Avatar n tn Stay away from salt girl, we'll dnt eat to much w salt cz w my first I got so swollen and gained 50lb w my son.
Avatar f tn Sounds like you have what I have. It's actually mainly from dehydration or too much sodium(salt) intake. I would suggest using Chapstick: Lip Moisturizer (it's in the blue tube) almost constantly and drinking about 8 glasses of water a day. My lips were the opposite though. They split and cracked on the outside but itched and swelled on the inside. It may seem like a pain but the chapstick really help- and I do mean specifically that one.
Avatar n tn we were a little rough but nothing out of the norm. but now my right vagina lip has been swollen for 2 days like swollen!!!! it doesnt itch or anything doesnt smell doesnt even bother me except the fact that its pretty big and i can feel it rubbing when i walk!! i just dont know what to do! can someone help me! im going to try to ice it for the swelling but what else can i do??
Avatar n tn thank you very much i'm feeling a bit better today is the 5th day nd my lip is not very swollen it's moved on over t my cheek but better thank you i will try the rinsing .
Avatar f tn Hi, My upper lip from the middle and lower lip from the side always has some small bits of skin hanging there and after a certain time I have to remove them by peeling off. I think from that my upper and lower lip are swollen all the time. If someone looks at my upper lip it seems as if I have an injury there . I allply Vaseline every other night and it's effect is only in day but after sometime the lips get dry again. This has been happening from a long time (3-4) years.
Avatar f tn F..k i hate cold saws :( i have 3 on my bottom lip and it is so swollen that i sound like I'm drunk and slurring. And they are a really annoying pain.
Avatar m tn Hey i had the same red bump and i scratched it off nd it literally went away about a week ago but now i have like a small white bump looking thing in my lower gums right behind my lip i had it twice before but it always went away i doubt u got it from a girl cause i haven made out with one in over a month but im not sure i have braces too but only at the top i dont know what it is either but i dont smoke or rinse with salt water either so if you find out what u have please!
Avatar n tn If not, then I would suggest that you just keep an eye on the area for blistering. It might just be swollen from lots of use and perhaps a little trauma with the nibbling. This also doesn't worry me.
Avatar f tn my left labia (the inner lip of the vagina if i’m correct) is very swollen and hurts a bit after my boyfriend had gotten done fingering me. he went really rough this time and even tho it hurt it still felt good, should i be worried?
Avatar f tn is it normal that i woke up this morning with a swollen lip only to find out that i have a cold sore, i am 9 weeks today & this has never happened to me..is this common for some pregnant women ?
4764932 tn?1359844198 Since iv been on armour I have a constant salty taste in my mouth , when I lick my lips I taste salt. Its not my imajination , I got someone to lick my lip and they agreed to the saltyness. I carnt see this going and was wondering if there's something to combat it , is it real salt , and isn't too much salt bad for me. If its not the armour what is it.
Avatar f tn Fast forward to a few days ago, I woke up with a blister on my lip and my lips were swollen and releasing a lot of this clear fluid - from all over my lips, not just the blister. I also had a rash around the lining of my lips. The day after, I woke up to extreme swelling and a number of yellow blisters on my lips. My lips release this clear pus like fluid constantly. My lips become yellow and crusty in the mornings - I usually clean the with a cotton pad soaked in salt water.
Avatar f tn A few weeks later I experienced the burning again for a few days. Then I thought it was perhaps a cut on my lip and salt had gotten into the cut. Then last week my lips started burning again and a day or two later the insides of my lips were all red and maybe even a little swollen. I did eventually get slight cracks in the corners of my mouth. I kept using lip moisturizer but they still burned. I used petroleum jelly for 2 days and it may have helped a bit.
Avatar m tn Greetings, It has been 2~weeks since my minor surgery to extract the mucocele from the lower left lip., the stitches are gone now but my lip still seems a bit swollen still. It is noticeable because my friend pointed it out to me. I am wondering will this go away? will my lip be aligned normally again. Thank you for your time Dr. Bhupinder.
4281488 tn?1353905580 I am 20+2 and I notice if I eat anything with salt I swell up mostly in my hands. My rings feel tight and my fingers feel all pudgy. I drink lots of water but it still takes hours before I feel normal again. Am I alone in this??
Avatar m tn About four days ago i got punched in the face so hard that my tooth made it most of the way through my lip. i am hoping that its just some major swelling but im worried that there might be a big ball of scar tissue forming in there causing me look like a idiot swelling has only went down a little if any over the last few days i have been using mouth wash and warm salt water to rinse my mouth out after every time i eat and drink.
5190611 tn?1364918137 t very hungry so I drank some milk and started on my homework and my lip started to tingle and then it started to swell from the left side and when I woke up, my whole upper lip was swollen and still is. Usually I would wake up with my lip feeling tingly and then it would swell or it would do that around 10:00 am or around 11:30 but never has this happened at night before.
Avatar m tn I'm 45, my top lip gets dry for a few days then a tiny bump shows up, then my lip swells pretty big, for a few days mostly at night. swelling subsides a little during the day has a tingling in it after several days my lip cracks and drains this happens a few times a year. All together from beginning to end it lasts about 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn He just had to get a shot last week b/c he had sores all over his belly from biting and scratching. Now he has a fat bottom lip. He had the same thing in February, got a shot and it went away. I read that fish based foods can cause allergies. He only eats chicken flavored food but I had just given him a salmon flavored treat a day or so before the lip flare up. Anyway, I know that the vet will not want to give him another steroid shot so soon after the other one.
Avatar m tn 9) for the next three days he also got swollen red gums, blisters on his lips, and loss of appetite- probably because his mouth hurt so much- today is day 6- no fever- gums still red and swollen (dentist said to rinse w salt water), blisters Still evident on lip and tonight right after he brushed his teeth he threw up and had diarreah. The only thing he ate today was soup and some frozen yogurt. I think he may need antibiotics.