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Avatar f tn it has been known that the pure eucalyptus oil capsules used contain chemicals that, thus far cause long term lip damage. Including myself from my smoking days. It's been five years and my lip swells up like a balloon when eating foods that basic table salt has been added. Ie French fries.
Avatar m tn the right side of my bottom lip is very swollen and sore it started out as i tingle on the right of my lip i don't know what do do it been two days now and it still swollen
Avatar n tn we were a little rough but nothing out of the norm. but now my right vagina lip has been swollen for 2 days like swollen!!!! it doesnt itch or anything doesnt smell doesnt even bother me except the fact that its pretty big and i can feel it rubbing when i walk!! i just dont know what to do! can someone help me! im going to try to ice it for the swelling but what else can i do??
Avatar f tn Like I said before one side of my vaginal lips is swollen, the left side, its only swollen where the lip meets the clitoris, my clitoris look a little purple but doesn't seen to hurt anymore. It stings to wipe to hard, and it only bothersome when I walk. When I'm sitting down I have a burning feeling only in the clitoris region! Please tell me if you have had a similar experience, or maybe if you might think it could be something!
Avatar n tn My SO had the swollen lip, swollen eye, swollen face, and peeling skin issue for about 3 months. We went from doctor to doctor and everyone doled out the Prednisone- which worked while he took them, BUT once he stopped, he'd swell up again. We tried everything, herbal remedies, food diary, restricting suspected foods and changing soaps/detergents. Then we went to an allergy doctor who did some testing and nothing was found.
Avatar f tn A few weeks later I experienced the burning again for a few days. Then I thought it was perhaps a cut on my lip and salt had gotten into the cut. Then last week my lips started burning again and a day or two later the insides of my lips were all red and maybe even a little swollen. I did eventually get slight cracks in the corners of my mouth. I kept using lip moisturizer but they still burned. I used petroleum jelly for 2 days and it may have helped a bit.
Avatar n tn Once I went into the salt water my bottom inside lip began to tingle and has been sore sine. I went back into the sea a couple of days later to swim with the sea turtles and now my bottom lip is really swollen and is white inside, has anyone had this before?
Avatar m tn when light rubbing didn't alleviate the discomfort, I took a wet washcloth with a little cetaphil and washed my eyelids. The next morning, I woke up with reddish, rigid, swollen eyelids. I took 200 mgs. of Ibuprofen, alternated hot & cold compresses & green tea bags, & by afternoon, some of the swelling went down.
Avatar n tn My bottom lip would peel something fierce, and I tried everything from lip balms to steroid cremes and to no avail. Finally, I went to a doctor in Santa Monica (Vincent Medici). Turns out, the constant dry lips were syptomatic of overactive adrenals. I was only producing 20-30% of the amount of adrenaline I needed. Dr. Medici put me on a few supplements and a series of coffee enemas and two weeks into the protocol, my lips improved 80%! I couldn't believe it!
Avatar n tn i had the same issue noone had any answers for me either but this is what i tried and it worked.. -take a wet piece of towel paper put salt on it and exfoliate lip -pat on a little hydrogen peroxide with a q tip or whatever -put abreva on the area i avoided touching the area with my fingers tho bc i was scared it was contagious...
Avatar m tn What helps for me is to cut down on salt and sugar as well as spicy food and anything with cinnamon in it. I find relief from Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment. The other chapsticks etc. don't help much and sometimes make the burning worse.
Avatar n tn I never know when the swelling will be triggered and once it's triggered, it takes a matter of minutes to form a huge bump which then expands rapidly in whatever course it decides to take. The swelling has moved from the top lip to the bottom lip, down my neck and back up. I have had by tongue swell, finger tips swell and feet swell! The feet have been the most painful, because the swelling becomes rock hard. All of the swelling is tingly and warm to touch.
Avatar f tn slept mostly after surgery (8am) but woke up later in the afternoon and noticed the left side of chin/lip from corner of mouth to center of chin/lip was numb. This was different than the other side that was no longer feeling the anesthesia. Day 2: No pain. The left side of chin and lip from the corner to the center of the jaw is STILL numb. My extraction sites are a bit sore but no real pain to speak of.
Avatar n tn my left lip was SOO swollen it waz huge it waz hurting from the top left side of my vagina .. my lip as well all the way to the anus but my anus waz fine .. i had itching but n0t all day like i had the painn :( so im sure thats because i shaved? because ive delt with yeast infections bef0re. so that morning i sh0wered & lo0ked in the mirror i could see sucha big difference, my left side waz soo big it lo0ked funny!
Avatar n tn lol...gotta love the frankness in conversation that the internet allows. From my personal experience, it would be my opinion that your "mashing" caused the swollen lip and the sore/swollen glands. My rule of thumb in nearly all things medical is "Give it a week". DON'T mess with anything "down there" for a few days and see if the soreness and swelling changes (goes down, increases, etc) and that will give you a better idea of if you need to see a Dr. or not.
Avatar m tn I still feel swollen all around my jaw and like glands by my ear. I'm soo sick of this. I went from being a 4.0 student to sitting home for a month missing college. What type of virus do u think we have? In the hospital, they already said I did have a virus but they just don't know what it is. Then when I came home, my family doctor called it mono-hepatitus + strep throat... I dont know anymore..
Avatar n tn I have had a sore that appears almost monthly on the labium major (outer lip) of my vagina. When it first starts it itches and the area turns red. Then the side of my "lip" swells. Then the bump begins and grows. It then becomes sore. It appears in the exact same spot every time. I finally decided to go to the doctor. They thought maybe an ingrown hair or cyst or bacterial infection. They scraped it and the test was inconclusive. They also did bloodwork.
Avatar n tn the tissue looks the same color on both, pinkish/white. ive been to my gp and he said it was swollen from infection, viral probably. i do have other symptoms a fullness to my left ear and constant need to clear the throat. no fever my questions are what does a normal adult tonsil appear like and ?
Avatar n tn last week i developed an abcsess in my tooth. my cheek became very swollen. the doctor said the infection from the abscess had passed from my tooth into my cheek. they put me on keeflex. within 24 hours about 60% of the swelling in my cheek had subsided. i am now on day 6 of a 10 days worth of the keeflex.
Avatar n tn Underwear makes it hurt really bad and it is super sensitive. I had no idea what happend to me but now i'm just assuming that it was really swollen from reading everyones postings on this site. Now i know that i'm not the only person with this problem and i thank everyone for helping. I'm definitly going to try the ice thing and see how that goes.
Avatar m tn I was itching and scratching and then all of a sudden my labia is swollen and hard, both sides. I've tried googling and most talk about some B-word cyst but it doesn't look like that. It's closer to my clit and urethra than my vagina. I took photos but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them here. I can't find anything that looks like it on the internet; I can e-mail you photos if you think that would help. I'm really worried. It doesn't hurt but it's very uncomfortable and weird.
Avatar n tn hi i have the same thing iy is a large bumpi under the skin on my vagina lip it hurys so much and i dont think its a ingrown hair. it is a hard lump and the rest of my right vagina lip is swollen. does anyone know what this could be? any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Came down with a big sore bump inside my left nostril. Entire left side of nose became red and swollen. Went to Prime Care and test showed "light staph infection". Have been taking double-strength Bactrim along with Valtrex in case it could be the start of shingles. It has been 4 days on meds with no improvement, but no rash either. Extremely painful. Wake up every 2 hours and need Vicodin. Seems to radiate into cheek. Scalp itches now.
Avatar n tn Hello! My daughter got a swollen labia majora on one side after masturbating at school on her chair. I have no idea how she got to do that - she may had some sensation and she explored. I just noticed and questioned her after about a week when I notice secretion on the underwera when doing laundry. She is not doing anymore and the secretion decreased, almost gone, but the swelling of that side is still there even if she is taking sit baths every evening in water with camomile tea and salt.
Avatar f tn Anyway a tiny fluid filled clearish bump appeared in my inner lip last week and at the same time my current boyfriend had inflammation between his gum and tooth that lasted a week. He also just came out of a long term relationship so I think its more likely that I gave him something. I now have maybe 3 of these little bumps and to top it off my throat is starting to feel a little sore and swollen. Also my vagina is starting to feel crawly for lack of a better word and sometimes slightly itchy.
Avatar n tn I have read these forums about the bumps i am unsure if mine i have noticed is simliar ok these may sound gross but i had a bad cough last week friday i coughed so hard that i auctally urinated on my self soaked my self any way i had two hours before i could leave work so i had to set at my desk that way on the way it started to burn as soon as i got home i changed clothes and washed off it burned so bad that i put silvadene cream on , saturaday morning i noticed this bump only one bump it felt
Avatar m tn Either from salt water or the hot sun. What can I do to stop this?
Avatar f tn Fast forward to a few days ago, I woke up with a blister on my lip and my lips were swollen and releasing a lot of this clear fluid - from all over my lips, not just the blister. I also had a rash around the lining of my lips. The day after, I woke up to extreme swelling and a number of yellow blisters on my lips. My lips release this clear pus like fluid constantly. My lips become yellow and crusty in the mornings - I usually clean the with a cotton pad soaked in salt water.
Avatar n tn I even tried pouring salt right on the bumps and left it until my eyes started to water. My lip as well as been cut for the same amount of time and is swollen and in pain as well. It almost looks like theres a whitehead pimple in the middle of the cut. I've even tried pouring salt right into that cut as well. I sure felt it. Is there anyway this could just be the result of a minor cigarette or joint burn? Or is this something serious?
Avatar m tn I stopped taking acyclovir. I used warm water and salt then within 3 days i.e on 10/23/2010 I got recovered from sore throat. then 2 days later i.e on 10/25/2010 I found small white pimple below my lower lip. I just squeezed that pimple and it goes away without any scab. My concern is what are the chances of getting oral herpes and other stds from this exposure.