How to make swollen eye go down

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Avatar f tn I do not have time to go to the Doctor until tomorrow afternoon and am getting upset and concerned over this. I don't know how to make the swelling go down-- it is very extreme. Any suggestions on how to make this stop?
Avatar f tn Sometimes I was thinking could be the make up..but during the day I am fine when my make up is on and before I go to bed I take it off and wake up with the red eye..etc? also can you be allergic to baby wipe, that I use to take my make up off? Anyway it's really annoying how can I find out what I am allergic to?
Avatar m tn my mom is so upset, but my dad is upbeat, its scary even though dad and i have never seen eye to eye. i have been called in regarding my x-rays i had done and now she wants me to come in to talk about them, what does this mean. this injury i have has been so painful and i can't even function properly and i can barely work, which now i need too cause we have a family business, and my dad has to be careful now.
Avatar f tn I woke up about serval weeks ago with just my left eye swollen exactly how you described! My first thought(and everyone else around me) was that it was a stye. The symptons sounds very simillar apart from the main differnce, there was no sign of a pimple like thing anywhere to be seen. The first day i woke up with it abit blown up and sore. By the second day it got bigger and itchiness occur at the corner of my eye. The more i touched it the more itchier it become.
Avatar f tn I don't want to go to a doctor and then be told all I needed to do was stick some ice on it.
Avatar m tn The pain seems to go down into my neck from the back of my eye. It can be a dull pain around the back of my eye, or more and more lately, its a piercing pain. My glands in my neck are swollen and I have constant nasal mucus drip in my throat. The musuc drip is mostly white. My vision seems the same, however I have always been extelemely myopic (-16). I have been to the GP and ENT, waiting to get back to the Opthamalogist in a couple of weeks. The ENT did a sinus CT and nothing major showed.
Avatar n tn You need to see eye MD ophthalmologist. If live USA find one near you at if live elsewhere have family MD refer you. Most common cause by far "dry eye syndrome" due to age, gender and dry winter air. Go to "Today's Pulse" on this page and click on dots till you find the dry eye article I wrote. In the mean time use artifical tears.
Avatar n tn The plugs go in the tube that drains the tears out of the eye, not in the tear gland that produces the tears. There is a small opening on both the upper and lower inner eyelids. It works like a drain plug in a bathtub.
Avatar n tn Have you been to an Allergy doctor or an ENT doctor? If not - I would first go to the Allergist to rule out allergies, as this can cause the bluish discoloration sometimes, not in my case though. Then, if you don't have any allergies then go to the ENT doctor for a CT of your sinuses. Then take it from there. Please post back and let me know if you have any other symptoms that I described to you, the post nasal drainage etc.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am new here, but had my surgery November 5th. I tried to go back to work after 2 months, and it turned out to be way too early for me. I am going back off work now for another month and then will reevaluate. Yes, 3 weeks seems totally crazy and way too early! Good luck and feel better!
987762 tn?1331031553 I know its too hot but to me i'm still shivering and freezing cold but maybe its that heat thats causing my sensory issues and this blasted itch to be worse. I dont know how to manage this stuff! I'm freezing now, literally shivering, hands and feet are like ice but still i'm itchy itchy itchy itchy!
Avatar n tn When I went back, he gave me Azasite to try and help the problem. Again, that did nothing. I HATE how my eye looks. I am only 35 years old and I feel like I'm 50 now. My face is no longer symmetrical (my Dr. said, "it's not that noticeable") It is!!! Is there anything else I can do? Any other suggestions? My OD said it was a chalesian??? and likely NOT an active stye and it would probably never go away. HELP! Thanks a bunch.
Avatar n tn the swollen clitoris still happens to me to this day when i have sex or their's alot of friction down there so I'm guessing im just sensitive?? The dr.
131817 tn?1209532911 I know it is going to be soon. I just want to say how important it is to let go if you have to. I surely want to go and make him get up and run around like we used to. sad can't even explain what I am going through. I love this man so much, and am glad I told him it was okay to go......
Avatar f tn please forget about us just go to the doctor... if the bleed is serious folks can bleed to death quickly... never mess with bleeding out... of course i'm no doctor and it could be absolutely nothing... but it doesn't sound like nothing... God bless you and get some attention asap!
Avatar f tn I went to the opthamologist and he said that my eye muscles are swollen but it is not causing damage to my eye. Does anyone know if this means I have Graves/Thyroid eye disease? I asked him but he got off track and didnt really answer my question. He says that it might go back to normal once my thyroid is under control but everytime I take the meds, my vision gets so much worse. Im stuck in a rut. I hate the meds and im a horrible person to be around when I am on them.
Avatar n tn i said for my own peace of mind i would go up and get checked. I got in the ambulance and was told to sit down so that made me feel better that they didnt tell me to lay down. on the way up i told the paramedic all that was going on with me and he mentioned anxiety and i said i know and we just chatted on they way up. I got out of the ambulance and the paramedic got me a chair with wheels and pushed me down to a and e . The nurse took my blood pressure and heart rate.
Avatar n tn A neighbor offered to do some pruning, but neglected to tell me he had no idea HOW to do it ... AAaa-rgh! He was "artistic" and "creative." Sometimes I think i may have to bulldoze the whole thing and start over ... well, I don't have a bulldozer, but you know what I mean.
1187071 tn?1279373298 The human body can a while without food - but needs liquids to stay hydrated. Jamie, if you can't get liquids down - you must go to the ER. If you can take liquids, drink the high calorie, vitamin enriched drinks. My father was very sick with a problem with his pancreas and could not eat. He survived on these drinks for over a month... until he was able to eat again. Hon, please let us know if you are able to use a straw and swallow fluids.....
689840 tn?1227284692 Well it started for me when I was 23 pregnant with my son the pressure behind my eyebrows was so bad and anything that moved in front of my face seemed to make it worse they thought it might be the pressure of being prego and said it would go away after he was born well it did not , they sent me to eye doc, nothing then I was sent to Neuro, they did cat scan, Mir and nothing so they wanted to do a spinal tap to see if I had pressure build up and those test came out inconclusive and I ended up i
Avatar n tn You don't necessarily have to have Hashi or Graves' to have TED thyroid eye disease. Thyroid eye disease has its own antibodies that attack the eyes just as autoimmune thyroid antibodies attack the thyroid. Although the two antibodies are very close, some calling them cousins. None of the treatment options will avoid the eye disease if you develop it. TED can attack the eyes at any time and as many times as it likes. The only way to minimize any risk is to keep our stress.
Avatar n tn Brings instant relief to the dog. The swelling has gone down significantly and has almost returned to normal state. We have yet to see if there is a solid mass the size of a hens egg which was under her jaw before it started to grow, and to ascertain whether that initial lump was a calcified lump from a previous abcess or a swollen gland. Will let you know final outcome. cheers.
Avatar n tn It all started with a tiny swollen area on my left eye. I thought it was a dirty make up brush since I started itching right away. My cheeks and left eye got so red for a few days and then I peeled like a lizard. It cleared for a few weeks, but my left eye was still a bit swollen. I went to a dermatologist, she did a patch test to test for chemicals that touch the skin. I was allergic to a few so when I got home, I got rid off it all. I thought I had some answers.
Avatar n tn st one n it frightened the life out of my, I thought id looked at the sun then it just got bigger and bigger felt really disorientated.
Avatar n tn The headaches are in the back of my head, and seem to be caused by laying down. I awake each morning with a headache. Most mornings they are mild to moderate, and a few days are stronger. I can be feeling fine with no headache, and then go lie down and within 30 minutes will have a headache - usually worse if I lay on my back. Does not matter where I lay down - bed, couch, floor. I recently had a complete physical and everything is fine.
Avatar m tn If this isn't in the right forum section, please move it to the correct one, but read my post first. I guess this could also go in the allergies section. I am nearly 16 years old, now a Junior in High School, and have had problems with bumps and swelling on my eyelids since the 4th grade. I woke up this morning to my right eye being half open. Looking in the mirror, it's swollen yet again. There are two "folds" or "wrinkles" it looks like on my eyelid.
Avatar m tn I ache and i am stiff and i don't want to go anywhere and I just might stay home. but while at home i am going to try to do stuff a little at a time. If you do to much you will cause yourself more pain. first start off doing 10-15 minutes of work every 2 hours then slowly work your way up at your pace. You could add a few minutes each day or every week. Then next maybe start doing it every hour instead of 2 hours. It is all whatever makes you feel comfortable but to keep moving.
Avatar m tn I forgot to ask did your CA levels ever go down.
721523 tn?1331585402 That doesn't make sense, they're supposed to reduce inflammation. Am I going to get swollen? I really would prefer not to, I'm going on a trip the second week of March, and would like to look my best for it.
Avatar n tn I did some reading up on this and it also seems to coincide with the fact that when I was on Biaxin they got much better and flared back up only 3 days after stopping the Biaxin. I must have an infection; I am going to go to the ophthalmologist tomorrow!! Thank you, Thank You!!! Knowing what this is will help me get it under control ..