How to make swollen eye go down

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Avatar n tn Over the next month it was a regular occurrence to wake up with this swollen eye but it would go away within a couple hours or a day. Things escalated at the beginning of November when I noticed I had lost some eyelashes where the bump was. Stupidly I poked and squeezed this bump. The next morning I woke up with a swollen eye, except this time it didn’t go away. It got worse as the days progressed, and I saw a doctor who gave me meds to make the swelling go down. Within 5 days it was gone.
Avatar f tn It consumes me every day, every ache or pain my partner has i make an excuse to go to the shop so i can google it on my phone. Please dont get impatient witj me o know i am waffling on. When i have insertive sex with my girlfriend i don't ejaculate anyway. It is such a long shot that i not only caught hiv but that i then gave it to my girlfriend so quickly surely? Thanks so much for reading. Professional Advice would be much appreciated.
Avatar n tn When I went back, he gave me Azasite to try and help the problem. Again, that did nothing. I HATE how my eye looks. I am only 35 years old and I feel like I'm 50 now. My face is no longer symmetrical (my Dr. said, "it's not that noticeable") It is!!! Is there anything else I can do? Any other suggestions? My OD said it was a chalesian??? and likely NOT an active stye and it would probably never go away. HELP! Thanks a bunch.
Avatar f tn The problem is, it isn't constant. It stays for a couple of hours and then goes away. It's been doing this the past few days. We just want to make sure something's actually going on that needs professional attention. I don't want to go to a doctor and then be told all I needed to do was stick some ice on it.
Avatar m tn t think anything other than antibiotics are going to help...I think the eye infection has spread to include his cheek bone. please take this kitty in for help. keep us posted....
Avatar n tn i was diagnosed with bih in 2006 and ive been in and out of hospital since i was put on diamox xmas 2006 and i came off it noz 2007 and so far all has been fine no headaches anything and i noticed over the weekend that my left eye ball seems swollen compared to the right my eye lid is covering more of my left eye due to it being swollen. there is no pain or blurred vision or anything really and i just wondered if this could be anything to do with raised pressure again?
9310208 tn?1410859285 ) make sure and rest and prop your feet up. The swelling should go down.
1507909 tn?1313633804 Drink a lot of water! Water thins the salts in your body and makes the swelling go down a bit. I found putting my feet in cold water didn't really make the swelling go down, but it felt AWESOME.
Avatar n tn Next day same thing, took some Actifed and rested for a few hours. This seemed to make the swelling go down quite a bit. I thought it would go away totally in a few days as it seemed to get slightly better some mornings and generally the swelling would go down as the day progressed. However, to date its still swollen and some days it seems to get worse rather than better.
Avatar n tn My right eyelid started bothering me 3 days ago. Yesterday, when I woke up, I noticed it was a little swollen. As the day went by, it started hurting when I blinked and today it is a little more swollen than yesterday, but not too swollen. It hurts when I blink and the top corner of my eye is tender to touch. There seems to be no signs of anything resembling a stye. I applied some ice last night to see if the swelling would go down, but it doesn't seem like it will.
Avatar n tn It helps if you get a wash cloth or paper towel, soak it some warm water and set it on your eye for a while. It should go down, but it'll go in a few days. Hope this helped!
Avatar n tn s anything to worry about, but I just wanted to see if I should go an make an appointment with my gyno or not or if anyone can tell me what the heck is going on. Cus' I'm starting to get a little freaked out.
Avatar m tn If you eye is getting close to being shut, you're going to have to go see a dentist immediately or go to the ER and get it taken care of right away. It can continue to spread and cause further closing of the eye and can spread to other parts of your face/head.
Avatar n tn If it is in the eye or by the eye, go get it checked. Phone nurse told me to go to emergency within 4 hours, but I told her I wanted to try clinic first. Doc said from a scale of 1-10 my swollen areas were an 8. He suggested that insect allergy shot but said it was not absolutely necessary since I did not have wheezing, hoarseness, trouble breathing, etc. Did prescribe steriods for a few days and Benaydril, ice paks. Before hand, took some arnica.
Avatar m tn It sounds like a sty, Use warm compresses to bring it to a head and replace all of your eye make up. Make sure to wash your bedding in hot soapy water. If this doesn't resolve within a few days, you need to see your doctor.
987762 tn?1331027953 ok i've got an ice cube on the splodge near my eye and its melting and going every where lol not so bad only hurts a bit. Ahhhh my tingles doesnt like it when i take off the ice cube, i think it might be the water drying. i'll try a dry ice pack and see if thats better. LOL another mental moment in JJ's long list of mental moments, note to self; Think BEFORE you act! Raz- yep the cream doesn't work.
Avatar n tn Sometimes people develop allergies to things. I know that I am that way with somethings. Sometimes I'm fine and other times I react, so the best thing for myself is to just find something else that works so I don't have to keep worrying about how I'll react to it. I think maybe you should try using a different product just to be safe.
Avatar f tn Am 24 years old and wear glasses. But recently I was at work on a Thursday and started having pain in my right eye I thought at first that I probably need my eyes checked but as the day progressed the pain got worst. The pain continued for two days then I decided to go to the doctor's office. She say it was pink eye and prescribed an antibiotic eye drop. Everything went down hill from there my sclera and conjunctiva got swollen BADLY.
9187090 tn?1406264221 Im 27 weeks nd have 85 days to go ....
Avatar f tn Yogurt has good bacteria in it, they probably told you to do that for a good reason.
Avatar m tn I know this is an old posting, but i just began having this problem about 4 days go.. Each morning, I've been waking up to a swollen left eye. Just like you, it goes down slightly throughout the day but each morning I awaken, it's big again.. It doesn't really irritate me or anything. At times, my eye is sensitive to light though. I have scheduled an appointment with the Ear Nose & throat Doctor and my eye doctor.. Hopefully, i'll find something out.