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Avatar n tn I woke up to find my lower lip swollen and the lump very tender. Then I noticed on the inside of my lip it appears the lump has ruptured. I was able to squeeze out some pus-like fluid and a fair amount of blood. The area is not as tender now, however still swollen, going on 2nd day.
Avatar f tn Until around New Years Eve night my lip piercing was accidentally hit which left my lip very sore and swollen next morning I notice that the lump under my chin had gotten bigger. I took the piercing out the swelling went down it's still a bit sore at the top of my bottom lip and slightly yellow around the whole where the piercing had been.
Avatar m tn The lip was not cut ,but bruised and swollen .The swelling has gone down but I have a small lump remaining .Since I was not cut could this be scar tissue or do I have to wait more time for the lump to go away ?
Avatar f tn Now I look at it again it is still swollen but less. When I put my thumb in my lip and index finger outside I can feel a sort of small lump in it that's the size of a small bead that's hard and when I suck in my lips and take a picture I can see it's like a little swollen circle? I'm a little worried about this it's not going away.
Avatar f tn t get into it) and the next morning i showered then I noticed My lip near my clitoris was swollen Only on the left side...when I touched it, it felt like a hard pea sized lump inside the swollen area AND I had a tiny pimple sized bump Under my vagina hole above my anis...the lump on my lip doesn't bother me unless I touch it but the tiny pimple like bump does bother me even when I lay down. What do you guys think this is? I did a little research and hpv/cyst/warts popped up??? Help!
Avatar m tn Check out with your Doctor for Syphilis. That starts with a red swollen lump on the lip. Luckily I think a course of penicillin does the trick of ridding you of this for good.
Avatar m tn I am getting very frustrated. My life has been paused for 3 months because of this. I had gotten a cold sore...so i thought ...before christmas. It started out as one small red bump off center on the bottom lip. I right away freak out and start searching things to do to get rid of it. I have had cold sores before since i was 6 or maybe even younger. Anyways i start putting ice on it and then i read about salt so i put salt on it and left it there.
Avatar m tn ve received unprotected oral 6 times total within the span of a year or less and after the 5th time my groin lymph nodes swelled up and my penis turned a weird shape for a day or 2 like it was swollen just before it makes the tip of my penis then on the bottom left hand corner of my bottom lip this bump or lump occurred swelled up for a about 30 min or so then it went away then another one came back about a month after. and I started to get what looked like acne on both of my inner thighs.
636190 tn?1222787768 ll even see this, but I am having the exact same problem for months now, except mine is right side and no swollen lip, I cannot find a dentist in my area where I live, so was curious what your outcome was with yours
Avatar n tn i woke up in the middle of the night and found the inside of my lower lip to be swollen. there is one red bump/hole and some bumps the color of my mouth. it feels like i bit my lip, but i'm not sure... i've been super stressed lately (because of other things in my life) and i'm not sure what is causing these bumps, so now i'm even more stressed. could it be herpes?
Avatar n tn about 3 days later, I received a lump on my upper lip that was similar to a pimple but it was painless/numb and glossy. After another few days, the clear skin came off of the lump. I am DONE with this stupid gambling, please doc, help me out with some answers. I appreciate it.
Avatar m tn As i was chomping away at the banana i literally felt the lump grow. The center of my lip was now bulbous. I decided to just head to bed and see what it would be like in the morning... It's morning! The lump has gone down, but my lip is still tight and it's pretty much still there (between the size of a pea and a lima bean). Now it just looks like I have a swollen lip...like i was punched in it or something.
Avatar m tn As i was chomping away at the banana i literally felt the lump grow. The center of my lip was now bulbous. I decided to just head to bed and see what it would be like in the morning... It's morning! The lump has gone down, but my lip is still tight and it's pretty much still there (between the size of a pea and a lima bean). Now it just looks like I have a swollen lip...like i was punched in it or something.
Avatar n tn She has had it before while she was with someone else. Her lip is also swollen along that side of her mouth. she doesnt appear to be in any discomfort. The swelling is very firm and she doesnt complain when it is squeezed slightly. Hany ideas comments would be appreciated. cheers.
Avatar f tn ve been seen but 3 or 4 days ago I noticed that I have a red swollen spot just above my upper lip. It hurt at first when it was forming and when I touched it it felt like there was a solid lump underneath but now it doesn't have that solid lump anymore. It doesn't burn, tingle or itch. Could it be a pimple forming or herpes trying to cause an outbreak??
Avatar m tn this morning i get up to take a bath and i feel this lump coming back again the 1st time i got it i went to the doctors because it had the hole left side of my ***** lip swollen to the point i could not even walk it was hurting me so bad but any who they end up cutting it out and draining it .....
Avatar f tn A few hours later it was really swollen and seemed like a lump on the inside of my lip. Then i think I accidentally popped it and later that night another bump popped up right above that one. Then I popped it and the next morning a new fluid filled bump was on the top of my lip. Since then I've stopped popping them cause another one would come up a few mm away. My lip was very swollen in that area. Now today the first two areas are a little red and are healing.
Avatar m tn If this is herpes it's the most unusual case I've ever heard of. That being said your symptoms are not herpes related at all. You can test for peace of mind if you like. It's been long enough for your test to be conclusive. The lump on your lip most assuredly doesn't have anything going to do with the issue you are experiencing on the genitals.
Avatar f tn I have a large painful lump on the right lip of my vagina. It has been there for a few days. It hurts to move, sit, lie down, stand, and walk (Just the lump itself). It gets bigger everyday. This sounds stupid, but I am not confortable with going to a gyno yet, so I want to avoid that. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be and how to get rid of it?
Avatar f tn lol she say one is bigger than the other and when she gets hot she say the big one gets swollen and get a lump in it like a swollen lip with a lump on it...i told her to goto the doctor but she scared to tell her mom...(she17)(im 18) and she is a virgin so what do you guys think it is?? she said it been like this since she was little... and she is a masturbator...please help..
Avatar n tn Hello, I am a 28 year old female. Yesterday, I discovered a somewhat hard, swollen painful lump underneath the skin of the upper part of my left vaginal "lip". I tried examing it but was so sore just barely putting my fingers on either side of the lump to feel it was very painful, it also did not have a head. It was a little swollen on the top off the skin, but pretty much invisible to see. This morning I went into the bathroom and I mashed it.
Avatar n tn hello i had a bump on my lower lip for like 4 months now and it wont go away somtimes i like to poke at it with a needle at all this clear stuff comes out and some blood i have no idea were it is from i might have bittin my lip but ihave no idea !!! please help me what this could be!! From am009 This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/243326'>Lump on the inside of my lower lip ??</a>.
Avatar f tn I have a swollen lump under the skin on my right outer vaginal lip. How should I treat it and what might it be. If it helps I haven't shaved in a long time and know it's not an STD. It only hurts if you touch it.
Avatar n tn I have a sort of large lump on my vagina lips, it hurts to sit or walk because its right at the bottom outside the vaginal area. Im a little scared becuz i was recently intamate with some one and now this lump is there. But i did shave within that same week. What do you think is the cause of this lumps apperence?
Avatar m tn I have had a huge hard lump on the outside of my vagina lip for 4 days. It's painful, and have used alchohol on it, which might have opened it up. This is the second time I have had this problem. Both times, I used a generic baby wipe, and I think I could have been a reaction to it. I normally use huggies baby wipes for cleanliness, and have had no problems with it. Maybe some of your readers had a similar experience, and wanted to share what happened to me. Hope this will help.
Avatar m tn Okay, so I've had a lot of confusion going on in my life lately. One night, I ended up giving oral to someone but he said he was clean. This was like the last week of June. All of my three partners are apparently clean, but I have some type of virus. I'm not sure if it's mono or herpes. I went to get tested for both.
4294081 tn?1352333237 Hi im just wondering if anyone knows what this might be...?? 2 Days ago on the lower part of my dogs upper lip i thought there may have been a reddish circle but couldn't decide if it was or wasn't there. Next day there is definitely a circle there which is now almost black in colour. it doesn't look scabby or anything. and possibly only slightly swollen. Now it is very dark and very pronounced. Doesn't seem to be giving him any pain.