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442356 tn?1205418176 my problem is been having pin ***** lessions froum like circle all over my body they started on my chest ,then went to my hole body even on my vigina and , what could they be i was sick about 6 months i had fever high temputers . then i got them on my lips swollen lips that puffy , sore on my bottom lip eyes that itchy , Iitch sometimes i been to the docter they said not big deal .. but i havent feelt normail in long time i dont think it herpes ..
Avatar f tn This was around 7 months ago. Since then, my lower lip on the right side has been swollen. My checks also swell sometimes on the inside. This has been going on and off for around 6 months. The lip swelling goes down but never really goes away completely. The cheek swelling is the same as it comes and goes but is always somewhat puffy and swollen still. No real pain, just annoying. I'd say pain is around a 2/10 and when everything swells alot, Maybe a 3/10.
Avatar m tn s pretty much still there (between the size of a pea and a lima bean). Now it just looks like I have a swollen lip...like i was punched in it or something. I touched it and it's not really hard, but it seems like it's developing a little more definition in the way of hardness. It's not going to be embarrassing to be in public because anyone might just assume that I got hit in the lip, but it's definitely not something that i want to live with, perse.
Avatar n tn By July 30th my lymph nodes under my jawline on each side are swollen and still low grade fever. August 4th tried an antibiotic for 10 days (I think DexClav?) but did not help. Today, 8-26-2013, lips tingle on/off (not as bad as before) but the neck lymph nodes are horrible. Very sore on left side especially. Cant get a doctor to take me seriously. I Saw a dentist today looking for answers but she said my mouth and teeth are fine.
Avatar m tn s pretty much still there (between the size of a pea and a lima bean). Now it just looks like I have a swollen lip...like i was punched in it or something. I touched it and it's not really hard, but it seems like it's developing a little more definition in the way of hardness. It's not going to be embarrassing to be in public because anyone might just assume that I got hit in the lip, but it's definitely not something that i want to live with, perse.
Avatar n tn s my question, I am actually just getting done with being sick (i.e., slight fever, extremely swollen glands, etc.). No cough or stuffy nose but just a really bad sore throat. I just finished taking the Z-Pack last night and am starting to a feel a bit better however my throat is still somewhat scratchy. My question is that a few days ago, I believe my lip my have split due to the cold and actually developed into a bit of a sore.
Avatar n tn Later that night I had fever . Later there developed more swollen lymphs in neck only and fever continued till saturday. I did observe some swelling in gums also. Now my lymph swelling is started to go away but my gums are full of ulcers. They hurt like hell when I try eating. I am really worried as the doctor says its a viral infection along with some bacterial infection but upon searching the internet I m worried it may be herpes or glandular fever or something. Please help someone.
Avatar n tn You should go and get the vaccination so you dont spread it to any other parts of your body. And dont touch your mouth to your vagina areas whild your lip tingles, itches, is visibly swollen, or open. Because these are highly contagious from anywhere between 7 and 20 days. If you get the vaccine you will prevent yourself from getting any of the other 2-3 hpv types. Do you get breakouts when youv been in the sun too long? Or If the weather is really dry?
Avatar n tn I have been dealing with a drooping lip since September of 2007. When it happened i was dealing with a lot of stress and i had a really bad hay fever around that time. I'm having difficulty talking because i don't have full control of my bottom lip and it feels weird. 4 years ago i got sucker punched in my left eye and it swollen the bag under my eye.
Avatar m tn Not sure if its a gland or a node, its under my chin below my jaw size of a pee.. I also have developed a fever sore on my lip, I have never had a sore even with the flu this is my first time ever. I know its been 8 months but could my exposures have somthing to do with my swollen node and sore on my lip and could it be late ARS. I thought I was having safe sex. But now I am going crazy thinking I did somthing wrong. Does my exposures require testing?
Avatar m tn About 2-3 weeks later (2 days ago), I woke up with extremely swollen lips and pain behind my top lip. I had red patches behind my lip, on my cheeks (inside of mouth), and the roof of my mouth. It's very painful and I haven't been able to eat a full meal because of it. The red patches have turned white and now I have 8-10 in my mouth. My lymph nodes in my neck are also swollen. I am not showing any other symptoms of HIV, no flu like symptoms, no fever, no rash.
Avatar f tn It has been two weeks and I am not suffering from any fever, diarrhoea, nausea, painful swollen nymph and sore throat but I have had night sweats, mild joint pain and certain rashes. The climate condition is very hot here and I have a case of acne. Please provide me an answer.
Avatar m tn On December 13th, 2014, I went to a friend's house party and accidentally drank from someone's beer bottle. At the time I had a couple open bleeding wounds on my lip. Within 10 days, I experienced the worst flu-like symptoms in my life. I had rash, thrush, horrible sore throat, swollen tonsils, high fever and chills, and had the most horrible night sweats in my life. All symptoms disappeared after 14 days. Unfortunately, my swollen lymph nodes remained.
Avatar n tn but they are mostly on my bottom lip. Then my gums started to swell and the left side of my tongue is slightly swollen and very sore. I also have a sore throat and bad headaches. The doctors didnt find anything but im on antibiotics and Vicodin. What is going on? I am sexually active. My boyfriend has a fever blister. could i have gotten this from him? he just had the blister though.
Avatar m tn doctor im still worried, its been 9 month since the protected vaginal and oral exposure. I have had swollen nodes for a while now, although they seem to be getting smaller recently, im also getting small red bumps around my body, not sure if these are just spots or not. I also have these white lumps inside my lower lip that dont hurt and are slightly moveable.
Avatar f tn it started a couple of weeks ago when she awoke in the morning with a swollen bottom lip. We thought cold sore but the swelling went down a few hours later. then on saturday, she woke up with a very swollen upper lip. Again, we thought cold sore. Unlike last time, the lip never went down, it got bigger and bigger, along with her face. the swelling eventually went down but she's still feeling pretty miserable. before both episodes, she did complain of achiness and soreness.
Avatar n tn t have the issue with swollen lips but I do have the issue with swollen and reddened skin around my eyes. It comes and goes just like you described for your husband's lips. I've decided it's an allergic reaction to the interferon so I take Zyrtek (OTC allergy med) every day and I do believe it's helping me.
Avatar f tn In the beginning of December I gave and received oral to a man of unknown HIV status. Since then I have had ORAL THRUSH, DIERREA FOR A WEEK NOW, RASH, ULCERS, and a SWOLLEN LYMPH NODE in my NECK. This is not your typical anxiety driven post, my body doesn't ache. I have THRUSH. Now thrush can happen to anybody. But a swollen lymph node, weird rash, ulcers AND dierrea all at the same time??? Do I REALLY not need to test here? From a medical standpoint. There was A LOT of precum.
Avatar f tn My body feels really weak and tired. Tonsils are swollen and painful and I have difficulty in swallowing food or drinking water. I took ibuprofen for easing the pain but it comes after the effect of medicine wears off. Before I got this, I have recurring tonsilitis and my left tonsil regularly produces pus which I just drain using cotton swab or my clean finger if I feel there is something in it.
Avatar f tn So I've had a temporary bridge for almost exactly a year now, and didn't have any problems with it until last month. The bridge spans my front 6 teeth. One morning I woke up and realized I was in a lot of pain, and looked in the mirror only to find that my entire lip and left cheek were swollen. I went to an urgent care doctor and he gave me Benadryl and sent me on my merry way, and told me that it didn't look infected at all and that I had no fever.
Avatar m tn Here are Coles symtoms: he had a high fever (102.9)for two days, sore throat and swollen glands- fever went down to low grade (99-100.9) for the next three days he also got swollen red gums, blisters on his lips, and loss of appetite- probably because his mouth hurt so much- today is day 6- no fever- gums still red and swollen (dentist said to rinse w salt water), blisters Still evident on lip and tonight right after he brushed his teeth he threw up and had diarreah.
1995824 tn?1330379049 By today both my upper lip and lower are starting to swell. This does not feel like a fever blister outbreak...I think I would recognize that. My tongue also feels a bit swollen and more raw than usual. I am drinking my water. I am using a mouth spray to help with dry mouth at night....and have been using a cold vaporizer as well. I also noticed one small canker sore inside my upper lip. So, any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I had never had any kind of cold sore previously and suffered a wicked outbreak -- fever, chills, swollen glands, swollen gums, countless sores in the genital region that were outrageously painful -- and it lasted well over two weeks. This week I had fever, chills, swollen gums (haven't been able to eat for about three days now), and swollen glands. This feels just like the last outbreak except without the genital "stuff.
Avatar m tn Also today, one of my cheeks was swollen as well as the area right above my chin below my lower lip. This swelling too keeps going up and down. I went to the doctor and she diagnosed me with having shingles since I have had chickenpox when I was younger. Even though I have no typical symptoms of shingles she still thinks that is what I have.