Swollen lip numbness

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1309148 tn?1273520290 Seeing a dermatologist or oral medicine specialist is advised.
Avatar f tn I was touched in the face with a dildo.
Avatar n tn Numbness lie this can last for awhile.Exactly I could not tell you but I would anticipate that it will return.
Avatar m tn I had a injury to the right side of my head and eye which has left a running bruise and numbness to my whole rite side even down to my lip top but not bottom and is mostly in high cheek bone and rite side of nose..it all seems swollen a little bit but real firm. The bruise keeps running longer and I am real concerned that the numbness and tingling has been lasting almost a week.....what should I do?
Avatar f tn It was a thick tumbler glass and it left a small gash on my cheek bone. Since I have been to hospital my eye is more swollen, bruised and from under my eye to my lip my left side of my face is tingling and numb. How long will the numbness, swolleness last?
Avatar n tn I woke up an hour ago with an itchy stinging feeling below my bottom lip. I looked in the mirror and saw a whitish area about 5cm in diameter. The top part of it was on my bottom lip. It was very itchy, hot, and numb. It was growing, becoming 10cm in a few minutes. I applied some desonide (topical steroid) because I thought I was having an allergic reaction to a bite. The bump stopped growing and the itching subsided somewhat. But the numbness is still there, and growing.
Avatar f tn At first it happened once every few days but now everymorning I wake up with a swollen lip and it being numb in the area. Feels like the novacaine used by dentists. Its always a specic region of the lip, usually the right or left side. Either upper or lower lip. There is no itching, burning, or pus in the area. Only swollen lip that is numb. I have now notices the lower side of my face getting swollen accomponied with the side of of lip.
Avatar m tn I got caught up in an incident in a pub 4 days ago trying to break up a fight, only to end up with a glass shoved in my face. This left me with a deep cut under my eye, a swollen black eye due to the force and an immediate tingling sensation in my right upper teeth. Four days on and my face is still very swollen but now my right side of my face ie; my eye lid, forehead, nose and cheek are all numb, especially my teeth.
Avatar m tn my daughter has chewed her lower lip badly after her teeling filling today sue to numbness on her lips. she is doing good though but she chewed her lip very badly, I am just concern that it will heal on its own or do we need to take her to doctore for stitches. please advice. she is doing good, no swollen lips or no pain complain. she is fine but I am very worried after i have seen her lower lip .
Avatar n tn woke up fine.... went into the shower and came out with a bug bite on the side of my lip. My face feels numb on that side. It's swollen and now I have an upset stomach as well.
484160 tn?1343397921 I have researched some and it seems that the lip biopsy can cause permanent numbness in the lip. The illustration they show on Medhelp for salivary gland biopsy is showing them doing the procedure on the parotid glands. I also understand that lip biopsies are often inconclusive because it is difficult to get the right spot. Should I ask my rheumy about the parotid, or go ahead with the lip biopsy? Or should I just skip the whole thing?
Avatar n tn Based upon your description it sounds like you have an infection inside your jaw which is compressing the nerve and causing the numbness. In most cases the numbness will resolve as the infection heals. However, you may need an urgent incision and drainage to prevent the infection from spreading. FYI - posterior molar teeth always have more than one canal. The upper molars have three and the the lower molars have two! Finally, the clindamycin 150mg may be too low a dose.
Avatar m tn The condition described is probably associated infection of mandibular nerve. Seeing an endodontist ASAP is advised before you get permanent numbness.
Avatar n tn numbness to my chin, upper and lower lip, and what looks like white bumps to my upper lip with inflammation. Lymphadenopathy to the left inguinal nodes confirmed by Dr. I have also had a feeling in the end of my urethra which is a tingling which feels like i have to urinate, even when I don't need to go to the bathroom. No blisters, sores, etc. I haven't noticed a discharge, but if I look into my urethral opening I see a watery fluid. This occurs periodically.
Avatar f tn At the end of week 3 my swelling is subsiding and my crooked smile is almost straight. I was swollen more (and tighter) on one side of my face than the other for the first 3 weeks - when I would try to smile, I looked like I had had a stroke on one side of my face. What I found that helped my situation was to exercise my face. I would actually force the opposite side of my mouth to stretch outward (not with my hand but using my facial muscles).
Avatar m tn now I have swollen fingers and other parts of the body are swelling up!! I have a fat lip that keeps getting bigger and a spot under my arm that is inflamed! What the heck is going on?? Anybody???
Avatar f tn The swelling has mostly disappeared, however, a blister still remains on my upper lip as well as some sensitivity and numbness. (FYI three clear blisters formed while my lips were swollen but all have healed except for one). Wondering what this might be and if taking Benadryl at this point might still be helpful?
Avatar n tn By night half my lip was numb all most like when Novocaine is about to ware off. This morning when I woke the numbness was still there and is spreading to my right cheek bone and right nostril. The gums around my teeth are all so losing sensation. All so have a nice headache going on. I have all ways had a tendency of grinding and clenching my teeth at night to the point of waking up very sore. Was wondering if clenching at night could be causing this?
Avatar n tn I'm so glad I found this because I too am feeling the numbness in my lower lip. I did have a sinus infection and began a week ago and all my glands were swollen. My cough and runny nose has lasted over a week so yes, I will see my doctor and show her the comment. THANK YOU..
Avatar n tn A few days later, I began to have facial numbness and tingling in my top lip, top gum and nose. The numbness usually occurs after I have been up for a few hours in the morning and then disappears in the evening. There is also the appearance of red blood vessels (red lines) on the side of my nose. I have also noticed that the numbness is accompanied by a slight change in taste in my mouth and a feeling that my tongue is swollen. I'm under a lot of stress in graduate school.
Avatar f tn My lip is even more swollen than before and the so called disolving stitiches didnt disolve so I had this out last night. The pain is still there and there is a raised area about half an inch in diameter that is white with redness and bruising that covers a further area of around an inch or so. The raised area feels harder where the stitches were and I am very worried that they may need to re operate to take out any salivery glands they feels are 'reacting'.
Avatar f tn Also there is shifting in location of numbness and swelling. A part of my lip that had normalized is now feeling numb and looking swollen again. Please post response if you know anything about this.
Avatar f tn Only the nostril and my top teeth on the left side and my lip. It feels like I got shot with novacaine. The numbness started the next morning and has gotten more numb since then. It was only my nose now it is my teeth. I’ve taken Tylenol. There’s no pain. Except if I close my eye really hard my eyeball hurts or obviously if I put any pressure on my eyeball. The white of my eye also has burst blood vessels in it. The swelling is gone on my eye just a nasty dark red bruise surrounding my eye.
Avatar n tn The dentist told me to have a veneer on this tooth since it was quite yellow. After the implant crown and veneer was put in, I started to feel numbness on my top and bottom lips. I have had this numbness for nearly 3 months now. Finally, the dentist took an xray and said the root of the root canaled tooth is infected and he will perform an apicoectomies to remove the infection.Am I suffering from Nerve damage? The dentist hasn't mentioned nerve damage at all.
Avatar n tn I have a bite guard etc and have had some teeth re shaped. Recently my bottom lip on my left side is numb, no pain just numb. Is this the TN, the TMJ or something else? (Need a new face!!
18010872 tn?1462310439 I am also experiencing numbness in my bottom lip and chin. It is uncomfortable and I wanted to know if this is normal? I also wanted to know how long it will be until the dentures feel "normal"? Right now I have stitches across both gums, the O.S. said they are dissolvable, how long should it take for them to dissolve? I am going back to the dentist Thursday for another adjustment and I am going to ask about a temporary liner. I will update.
1176841 tn?1330832460 Not sure if I am at the right forum but for 2 weeks now I have been having this strange feeling of my upper lip and corner of my mouth, it feels like it is swollen it tingles and the corner of my mouth feels like it is drowling all the time. I go to feel it or look at it - not swollen or wet. I use chap stick like there is no tomorrow but it is not helping. What do I do, where do I go for this? Is it a real problem?