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Avatar m tn Therapy lenght depends of the how bad the condition is and depend of other factors. medications are often needed with GAD. They might not cure it but they might cure some symptoms associated with it. I fear meds too but I had to start taking them. Talk to your psychiatrist.
Avatar m tn What your daughter needs are tools which will help her to learn how to control her anxieties/fears/stresses; I believe sm (as selective mutism is often called) is an anxiety disorder which cannot be cured but can be controlled and managed. Your daughter is not doing this on purpose; these traits were inherited (probably from both parents) at birth. The best site on the internet for information re this anxiety disorder is "" which I would urge you to peruse.
Avatar m tn s no cure. At least not yet. Research is still being done to determine the true cause of migraines, although brain chemistry with various hormones and the dilation/constriction of blood vessels are leaders in the understanding. It's very frustrating to be saddled with something that has no cure, but with proper treatment, it can be controlled.
Avatar n tn Turns out I have an underlying anxiety disorder and started abusing the hydrocodone to smooth out the mini anxiety attacks. When I got to the point that I was taking 30 10/650s in less than a week, I knew it was time to get help. A psychiatrist put me on Wellbutrin, Cymbalta, and Lithium. A pain specialist gave me Suboxone. Talk about a miracle drug! No withdrawal symptoms at all, and the other drugs kept me from being depressed, anxious, quick to cycle through emotions.
Avatar m tn Hello, and welcome. Glad you found us and posted your question. I have to be frank with you, you're on a slippery slope here, in a few ways. You're exhibiting some pretty impulsive behavior, and to be honest, I TRULY think you're taking your anxiety/insomnia treatment to extremes, and I would bet my bottom dollar that your dabbling with so many strong medications is only exacerbating your insomnia AND your anxiety.
Avatar f tn Hello & Welcome to our Forum. It has been very slow around here lately, as the holidays roll in..Keep checking your post and I am sure others will come in..YOU might also want to check our other community's like the Depression or Anxiety. I bet they would know more about these type of drugs. I do know a bit about the Benzo, like the Klons & Xanax. Yep, when I came off my 3 meds at once, one of them was the Klons and I had those Brain Zaps bad and Headaches.
1790045 tn?1317184484 s dr given them a prescription for headaches or suggested anything to do to help ease them? I have gone to the optometrist and got my rx changed and that hasn't helped. Any more suggestions?? I'm open to anything at this point! Thanks!!
3430285 tn?1353146637 Meds work to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety (which, for a lot of people, they do very well), while therapy teaches you how to cope with anxiety, how to change that cycle of anxious thinking/worrying, and helps to get to the bottom of any deep seeded issue that may be causing your anxiety (if any...not everyone has an undiscovered reason for their anxiety...some people are just prone to it).
Avatar f tn Yes it's normal. It's because of all the hormones in your body are going crazy! Two tynenol extra strength every 4 hours is the safe doctor approved way to cure it! Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn I dont have any persay but do wear contacts which at time seem to irrate my eyes and cause headaches. I am awaiting new glasses which I plan to wear full time to see if this helps these minor headaches. Has anyone heard of this? Also when seeing my neurologist what should I ask him about regarding the occurenece of another complex migrane. Is there anything I should take at onset of symptoms? Or should I simply sleep it off?
Avatar f tn When I am busy I am fine as soon as I think of anxiety my anxiety level starts to increase and becomes realy disturbing and uncomfortable. What can I do to control my fear of anxiety?
Avatar n tn Your taking this drug for an anxiety disorder is what I term a “work-around.” It is an attempt to deal with the symptom but does not get at the cause. My guess is that your anxiety is counteracting the drug effect (which is a known negative effect with this medication). I do not know what you are doing to deal with the anxiety, but I think that this is where your cure lies. To my knowledge, there is not a negative physical effect on your penis. S.A.Liroff, M.D.
6726276 tn?1421126668 I had gone from just bothersome headaches, to severe headaches, to migraines, to severe pain that was starting to travel down my body. Sometimes, it hurt just to take a shower, I would have to sit on the floor to wash my hair because it was too painful to raise my arms. What was strange though is that my pain level would be a 10 one day and then a 1 the next. It didn't make sense...until I went back for my follow up. My pain Dr.
Avatar f tn I am taking klonopin and lexapro for my anxiety of which both seem to be working. However, after I started these medsa, I began to slowly withdrawal from my friends because I enjoyed having a few drinks on wekkends with them and now when I go out with them I feel out of place or just don't seem to be having a good time. I really would like to get off these meds and just learn to deal with them and make them go away as I did before.
Avatar n tn Jesus I called my mother who is a pastor, and she came and prayed for me. I cried, I cried, and I cried. I asked God to reveal himself to me, and show me how to become a better person. I promised to end my evil ways in return from freedom from the attacks of anxiety and stress. It wasnt an instant win....but each day I could see progress within my life, and my spirit. Hope enterted into my heart, and a new person was born. The panic attacks werent SOLVED, but I realised the source of them.....
Avatar m tn What you can do is go to a doctor and get some medication to help eleviate your symptoms. Theraphy could work also. If you learn how to deal with them and the likes. That way medication may not be needed. The longer you leave it without getting help the more embedded the symptoms becomes. Then they are harder to shake off.
Avatar f tn I do suffer from allergies so I thought it’s sinus and I went to doctors but none really took the headaches as serious as the anxiety . They offered me anxiety medications but I prefer to overcome anxiety naturally because I believe it’s something I gave myself so I need to rid of it myself n I believe I can. The only issue now is this pressure in my sinus area . I can’t eirk out because the pressure increases . There are very little moments that I don’t notice it but it’s rare lately .
1624611 tn?1300215710 It's very common to have those symptoms from anxiety. Neck and shoulder muscles are often tense. If these symptoms are stronger when you first wake up it could be something as simple as a pillow that isn't supporting your head and neck properly. I remember one time I bought a pillow that was too thick. For two weeks I was waking up dizzy with a heavy feeling on my head. One morning the dizziness was so bad I couldn't sit up for almost an hour, and when I did I vomited.
Avatar m tn i dont trut my doctor and i want to cure my social anxiety, i dont want the meds anymore and i have gone cold turkey for 4 days now ic alled him to see what he says about that. I told my doc i wanted a long term cure and he put me on the damn lorezpam for 6 weeks before a damn zoloft geenric, I had bad side effcst and he told me to stop once again he ignored the fact that i needed a long term cure not treatment.
Avatar f tn It is generally just mild but often comes with headaches, sometimes body aches, cramps, and mild anxiety attacks with the palpitations and such. Most of the time I can get over it or make it better by drinking more water, about a cup every couple of hours and getting more light. You know, like sitting in the sunshine or by a window. It is not a cure but it has definitely helped me. When the body is dehydrated it causes headaches and depression.
994817 tn?1249738278 Does anyone ever experience REALLY bad headaches with their anxiety? I didn't use to but lately I get TERRIBLE headaches that last for days. Sometimes weeks. Its like an intense pressure all around the head but mostly in the back and sides, not so much the front of the head. Its starting to scare me, like I have a brain tumor or something. Gosh, if its not worrying about my heart, it now has to be worrying about my brain!!!
Avatar m tn You are most definitely not alone in your fear of public speaking. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's at the top of the list for people's worst fears. If I get called upon to speak to a group of people, I can feel my face turn beet red, I start to sweat like a hog with no waller to wallow in, I KNOW I'm about to wet my knickers and I shake like I've got ants in my pants, which would be my wet knickers!
Avatar n tn If you have blurring of vision, nausea and see some light flashes it could most probably be due to a migraine. Cure can be in terms of avoiding trigger factors. You can prevent the occurrence of headaches by avoiding trigger factors that induce an attack. Alcohol, smoking, altered sleep patterns, missed meals, loud sounds, odd smells, physical or emotional stress and certain additive foods are known to trigger attacks. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn s nice to talk to someone who knows how I feel. I think I have decided to keep a journal of the attacks. I don't know why, maybe it will help me get through them. Somehow I will just have to live with this....