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Avatar f tn I do suffer from allergies so I thought it’s sinus and I went to doctors but none really took the headaches as serious as the anxiety . They offered me anxiety medications but I prefer to overcome anxiety naturally because I believe it’s something I gave myself so I need to rid of it myself n I believe I can. The only issue now is this pressure in my sinus area . I can’t eirk out because the pressure increases . There are very little moments that I don’t notice it but it’s rare lately .
Avatar f tn My question...hormonal headaches or anxiety headaches? Around the time that the whole anxiety started, I noticed that I began sweating tremendously...which was very unlike me. I could go to the gym and work out for hours without breaking a sweat, suddenly in June I was sweating through my shirts just sitting still. I wasn't sure if this could be a perimenopause causing everything. I'm a 30 years female. Any thoughts?
994817 tn?1249738278 Does anyone ever experience REALLY bad headaches with their anxiety? I didn't use to but lately I get TERRIBLE headaches that last for days. Sometimes weeks. Its like an intense pressure all around the head but mostly in the back and sides, not so much the front of the head. Its starting to scare me, like I have a brain tumor or something. Gosh, if its not worrying about my heart, it now has to be worrying about my brain!!!
1867019 tn?1353467540 Yes, I do have anxiety but I have controlled it a little. I used to get it really bad, it'll be 2 years now on New Years.
Avatar n tn does any body get weird shooting pains in their heads i've had very bad anxiety for a year now and this is the scariest thing thats happened?
Avatar m tn Headaches (all day long), Dizziness, Fatigue, Insomnia (anxiety) , Tingling (face, hands, & feet), Sleep Apnea, Rapid Heartbeat About a year and a half ago I started getting these symptoms…… Last May I had UPPP and Septoplasty done for my sleep apnea....b/c a lot of these syndromes are caused by not having sleep. After the surgery…I continued having these symptoms…my ENT recommended me to go see a Neurologist…..all my test came back fine.
Avatar m tn Hi, The headaches may be tension headaches. They may result from anxiety or tension. But occipital headaches must be investigated. They may result from a growth or tumour at the back of the brain. Please go for CT scan or MRI of the brain and consult a neurologist for diagnosis and treatment. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
1401254 tn?1280796663 Hi, How are you? I agree with cheshchesh that this could be from tension headaches. Tension-type headaches usually present with dull, non-throbbing pain, associated with tightness of scalp or neck. The degree of severity remains constant and this usually is associated with stress. Rest, aspirin, ice packs, pain relievers and avoidance of stress help provide relief. If it persists, check with your doctor for proper evaluation., Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Although anxiety can cause headaches and some hair loss, I would follow up with your doctor regarding this. Hair loss can be caused by so many things, from thyroid problems, to hormones, to lack of nutrients....and the list goes on and on, never anything serious. Seeyour doctor and get some blood work done. Take care.
1243543 tn?1269124022 I have daily anxiety everyday and medical is part of it i go from one thing to another.Ive been getting headaches lately not horrible ones but alot of pressure in my head all over my eyes hurt and my neck is killing me.I went to the doc for it she said it was sinus pressure and stress but im wondering if i should demand a mri or ct scan ive already spent thousands of dollars on thinking i have a heart problem when i dont i just dont know anymore.
Avatar n tn Do you suffer from anxiety? This could be an anxiety issue, but if you're concerned about it go to the doctor and ask for a thorough exam.
6726276 tn?1421126668 Nothing has changed. Same meds, same diet, same stressors. But.. I started getting very severe headaches. Not quite Migraine yet but bad. Aspirin & coffee helps. Deep breathing helps. Acupressure. I'm wondering why I'm getting headaches again? What do you do for headache pain?
780647 tn?1304020942 s probably anxiety. If this is your first baby, than it has to be anxiety. The whole situation is probably overwhelming for your natural body habits. If breastfeeding, just stick to home remedies like an ice pack on the forehead, drink lots of water (avoid ice cold water) and try to rest as much as you can. If you're not breastfeeding, just take Advil. It's effective.
Avatar n tn So yes get bloodwork done and see about getting an evaluation to see if you have depression or anxiety then get on some anti depressants and if the anxiety is too much some anti anxiety meds.
654968 tn?1304359430 I have suffered for many years with health anxiety. I get better and then BANG another syptom that I can't explain and i have the worst case sinario. Brain tumor, cancer of some description. It is ruining my life. I am 49 years old but can't switch off negative thoughts when i'm like this. I am on anti depressants but no good when something hits me. GP say 'anxiety anxiety anxiety' but there is very little else they can do for me. I is so lonely living like this.
Avatar m tn I mean I have seen posts which say headaches are normal because it comes due to anxiety. But it does not feel good at all. Please do advise.
Avatar m tn There not really headaches, but minor discomforts that move around my brain. Usually stays up front, I am been having a lot of anxiety lately and was wondering what could be causing this? I don't seem to have any symptoms of a brain tumor, but thought it needed to be posted here. Also they feel kinda cold in my head.
Avatar n tn html Sharp pains could be migraine, cluster headaches, stress and anxiety related or could be due to tumor in the brain. They could also be due to refractive errors. They could also be due to cervical spondylitis especially if she is using computers for a long time. They could also be temporal arteritis. Your must get yourself completely investigated for brain tumors, refractive errors of the eye, and stress and anxiety factors. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and go with the assumption that he saw your headaches as a simple adjunct to the depression/anxiety. If you feel that you have been wrongly diagnosed, then waste no time getting back with him to discuss this in greater detail, making sure he takes your headaches into greater consideration. Perhaps a visit to a neurologist would not be out of the question..........
Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? Anxiety is a normal human emotion that we all experience from time to time. However, when anxiety is constant or overwhelming, and when it interferes with our daily activities, further evaluation may be done. Symptoms of anxiety attack varies from one person to another.
Avatar f tn Yes. Headaches can be a result of hypertension, jaw clenching, lack of sleep or stress in the brain and body. Usually there are accompanying symptoms of anxiety though, like tight muscles, rapid heart beat, shallow breathing, sweating, panic attacks and so on. If headaches are your only feelings of discomfort, I would suggest getting your eyes checked or try brainstorm other reasons you might suspect would be causing them.