How to cure anxiety forever

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Avatar f tn I commented on my post,i feel like its going to last forever but people have said we will get better but its long process and we have to help to which is very difficult when you cant consentrate on nothin else.are you on any meds? Maybe you should see a counsiller? Im seeing a cbt only seen her once so far but im willing to try anything,cant keep going on like this,hope ur ok,how far gone are u?
Avatar m tn What your daughter needs are tools which will help her to learn how to control her anxieties/fears/stresses; I believe sm (as selective mutism is often called) is an anxiety disorder which cannot be cured but can be controlled and managed. Your daughter is not doing this on purpose; these traits were inherited (probably from both parents) at birth. The best site on the internet for information re this anxiety disorder is "" which I would urge you to peruse.
Avatar m tn This is a very good and unanswerable question. Some people through therapy or just unexplained good luck overcome their problems and can stop the medication, but research suggests the medications themselves will be too strong for some people to ever stop taking because the brain won't be able to work normally again without them.
Avatar m tn Medication is definitely not a cure all, and while it has helped me, the most important thing you can do in my opinion is to confront this through therapy by learning about the root causes of your anxiety and how to successfully deal with it in the long term.
1243620 tn?1274790697 Have any of you found a great way to cure/combat anxiety without pharmaceuticals?
780665 tn?1239026549 Hello, I've been get palpitations(skipped beats and a general increased awareness of heartbeat) all day, everyday for the past two months. They have shown no sign of improvement and are, in fact, getting worse with as many as two hundred on a bad day. My heart as been ruled as healthy so everyone I talk to says 'ye sure they''ll go away, just stop drinking coffee, eating sweets, get adequate sleep, do exercise, reduce stress' but none of this helps me...
Avatar m tn Hello, and welcome. Glad you found us and posted your question. I have to be frank with you, you're on a slippery slope here, in a few ways. You're exhibiting some pretty impulsive behavior, and to be honest, I TRULY think you're taking your anxiety/insomnia treatment to extremes, and I would bet my bottom dollar that your dabbling with so many strong medications is only exacerbating your insomnia AND your anxiety.
Avatar f tn First, there is no proven link between serotonin and depression. What is known is that altering how your body utilizes serotonin can make an anxious or depressed person feel less so, but that doesn't do anything to cure the disorder. So no, nobody "has" to take an ssri to combat depression, and many antidepressants don't target serotonin or target it exclusively. Second, normal is a relative term.
Avatar m tn Your antibiotics should cure syphilis. You need to to the test of cure. Stop all meds and wait for a few weeks before testing.
Avatar f tn When I am busy I am fine as soon as I think of anxiety my anxiety level starts to increase and becomes realy disturbing and uncomfortable. What can I do to control my fear of anxiety?
Avatar f tn I want to feel normal again and love life like I used to but my anxiety makes me scared to take any medicine because I always have this thought of death.
Avatar f tn Does this last forever? What can I do to cure it? I have no previous history of mental illness. I also am quite chubby 66kgs so could it be the effects of the THC in my system? as I said i feel better than when it started but i am losing hope.
Avatar f tn I am taking klonopin and lexapro for my anxiety of which both seem to be working. However, after I started these medsa, I began to slowly withdrawal from my friends because I enjoyed having a few drinks on wekkends with them and now when I go out with them I feel out of place or just don't seem to be having a good time. I really would like to get off these meds and just learn to deal with them and make them go away as I did before.
Avatar m tn How to make new friends and be happy? How should I overcome anxiety, stress and panic attacks?
Avatar f tn them a pressure check thru an LP to see about a shunt to alleviate some of the issue. no idea how this next visit on the 3rd will go. i have been battleing anxiety and panic lately. xanax and lexipro are the latest, and im praying they work. i feel like i want to jump out of my skin, its tremendously aggrivating and emotional. i am praying eveyday that i get a little relief. its been overwhelming at times. so sad for me. any advice of the anxiousness would be welcomed.
Avatar m tn This is how we can make any real change to happen. But if we continue to take nucs forever cure will never come. These drug companies are not interested in it. For them it is more convenient to hide behind regulations they actually have lobbied and payed for. But if people will refuse their products and tell why then something may change. And I hope honest doctors will join us.
Avatar f tn I've been trying to stop Tramadol since having a hip injected. I thought maybe the insomnia and jumpiness was from the steroids. Hands and feet hurt, but heat helps. I've been using 50mg tramadols about 6 or 8 a day for 7 years with Vicodan one or two at bed if Tram didn't work. No sleep except for maybe an hour or two in a week. Last Tramadol was over 24hrs ago. What are the symptoms of withdrawal? How long til this ends? I'm getting reallllllly tired.
Avatar m tn You are most definitely not alone in your fear of public speaking. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's at the top of the list for people's worst fears. If I get called upon to speak to a group of people, I can feel my face turn beet red, I start to sweat like a hog with no waller to wallow in, I KNOW I'm about to wet my knickers and I shake like I've got ants in my pants, which would be my wet knickers!
Avatar m tn Therapy lenght depends of the how bad the condition is and depend of other factors. medications are often needed with GAD. They might not cure it but they might cure some symptoms associated with it. I fear meds too but I had to start taking them. Talk to your psychiatrist.
Avatar f tn Ooh I would be how was it when you had your second?
Avatar n tn My doc is allowing me to switch from klonopin to valium. he is willing to let me take 5 mg of valium every 8 hours. I realize that this is a little lower in comparison to the klonopin i was taking but it is all he is willing to do at this point. he might allow me to take more valium but wants to start at 5 mg every 8 hours first. How do i make this transition from klonopin to valium? Thanks to anyone that can help!
497348 tn?1283436066 ve been through it once before, you will have the tools in place and there will be new methods for you to get help. Think for now how to get a handle on this and that will help take care of any future problem in this area.
Avatar m tn Just make sure your therapist is a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment and knows relaxation techniques and how to deal with cognitive therapy, but if I knew the best form of therapy I'd be famous.