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565874 tn?1234563591 First off getting checked out by your regular physician is important. So that would be a good idea.. I have serious headaches when my anxiety turns into panic. My head feels like it will blast off. Recognizing that I will be ok and this will pass helps me calm down. Having a distraction such as music, physical activities, talking to spouse or a friend is theuraputic also. You can check out the health pages up in the right hand corner of the screen on MedHelp to find out more about anxiety.
Avatar f tn Yes. Headaches can be a result of hypertension, jaw clenching, lack of sleep or stress in the brain and body. Usually there are accompanying symptoms of anxiety though, like tight muscles, rapid heart beat, shallow breathing, sweating, panic attacks and so on. If headaches are your only feelings of discomfort, I would suggest getting your eyes checked or try brainstorm other reasons you might suspect would be causing them.
Avatar f tn Headaches, anxiety, panic, breathing problems, stress problems, depression, etc. can be caused by a magnesium deficiency. Stress, such as unemployment, can deplete magnesium and magnesium, as well at the B Complex Vitamins, are essential to handling stress calmly and smoothly. Some of the safer and more effective forms of magnesium include: Taurate, Glycinate, and Citrate (can be laxitative -- take with food).
Avatar m tn im suffering the same thing severe anxiety which ive had now for 2years ,i also suffered tension headaches for 3 years ,everyday i feel poorly sleepless nights and jumping in my sleep , panic attacks i get hot sensations and tingling when i go out side or in a car my heart starts raceing and my body feels jumpy my body feel in pain all the time they got to the point were i wanted to stay in couldnt go shopping and if my partner wanted me to go some where id cry and say i dont want to,
Avatar m tn s not as bad as the first time i had a panic attack but i still get symptoms like chest pain and headaches and it occurs daily but I deal with it. Any advise on how to deal with anxiety?
Avatar f tn I am always getting headaches. Could this be because I don't get enough water or do you think it's something else?
Avatar n tn doctors said i had anxiety but i have been having bad chest pains and headachs and pains down my arms. are these symptoms of it?
Avatar f tn hi i have anxiety/panic attacks. the past 3 days i have had a headache that starts at the base of my skull, now i am starting to feel extremely dizzy and feeling faint what could this be? i am so scared and its causing me alot of stress. please help!!
Avatar m tn For the week after surgery and the 2 weeks in rehab I had very little anxiety and no fear of panic attacks. The anxiety only returned on the last day of rehab. My headaches have returned also. It is very frustrating to have gone through brain surgery and come out worse than before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
Avatar f tn I do suffer from allergies so I thought it’s sinus and I went to doctors but none really took the headaches as serious as the anxiety . They offered me anxiety medications but I prefer to overcome anxiety naturally because I believe it’s something I gave myself so I need to rid of it myself n I believe I can. The only issue now is this pressure in my sinus area . I can’t eirk out because the pressure increases . There are very little moments that I don’t notice it but it’s rare lately .
955560 tn?1250194545 Yea, it makes me sick in so many ways. I don't have enough fingers to count all the hellish symptoms my anxiety gives me.
Avatar m tn i have had panic attacks for maybe now a couple of months but the anxiety or social anxiety not always but 80% im somewhere public for maybe 9 months. lately i have been getting headches daily also and i want something other then meds they didnt help me well they did for a short period of time but they started losing their real strength and i dont want to get hooked anyways i have been looking for natural remedies.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else get super bad headaches during and after a panic/anxiety attack? It seems like once I get myself under control, I start feeling like crap with headaches that last all night! :( I'm fairly new to anxiety, I was diagnosed in 2009. Help!
Avatar m tn For those who never had headaches before, alcohol may induce severe headaches. Cluster headaches have been noted to be associated with alcohol. Migraine headaches may also be trigerred by alcohol intake. Cluster headaches are associated with eye redness, eye tearing and nasal discharge. The headaches may be sharp and may last for several seconds. They may resolve spontaneously only to occur at certain times of the year. Do you have any problems at work or at home lately ?
Avatar m tn For such headaches, possibilities like migrainous, cluster headache, hypertension and refractive errors that need to be evaluated thoroughly with the help of a neurologist here. Migraine like headache can be throbbing, one sided of face & head and preceded by aura (starts with blurred vision). Cluster headache may appear as burning, explosive in nature and tear appears from eyes. Tension headache originates with stress and anxiety disorder.
Avatar f tn I was thinking that my headaches were caused by needing glasses but then the past couple of days I have been actually waking up with headaches, which actually occurs quite frequently. I am constantly taking BC or Goody's powder to get rid of them quickly just to keep up with the household chores and children but fear that may cause other problems with my stomach and such. Plus like I mentioned in my last question my MRI cam back "normal".
Avatar m tn My muscles and bones have been aching a lot since the panic attacks worsened I have nausea and I feel like vomiting almost constantly. I sometimes get headaches, jaw aches, spasms of the nerves and they have been more consistent when my the attacks worsened. Can you please help me?
Avatar m tn for the past few months i have been suffering from anxiety..taking panic attacks and it has been worse the past few days. my hands and at times it feels like my whole body is shaking, it can las whole days. along with this i have a pounding headache that can last hours and sometimes days? is this just another way of my anxiety showing itself? is there anything i can do or will i simply have to stay calm and let the symptoms pass.
Avatar n tn Could head pressure type feelings be due to anxiety? They do feel a bit similar to the ones I had during the attacks I had way back in the day.
565874 tn?1234563591 i wake up with it go all day with it and go to sleep with the headaches. i think i can live with anxiety but not the headaches. i thought paxil made u drowssy, that what my doctor told me thats why he told me to take them at night?? hows ur panic attacks??
Avatar n tn doctors have done tests n bloodwork. nothing. have headaches almost everyday the range from tension like headaches and more pain headaches with sharp pain in side of head or back of head. also have had problems with my sight...halos, blurry as if i cant see far, lots of floaters...dark spots and blue occasionally. also have heart palpitations occasionally..... is it anxiety??? someone please answer this.
Avatar m tn I've been having anxiety and panic attacks since september 2014. I just made a discovery that brings a lot to light. Have a look at candida. It has a ton of symptoms including anxiety and panic attacks. I'm going to take some probiotics to bring my yeast levels back to normal and see how it goes from there. I will keep you all posted on the progress. If it works for me, it might work for a lot of you as well. Battling with a lump in the throat or a pain in the chest?
Avatar f tn Like you, it feels like a sinus infection, it causes brain fog and cognitive difficulties, vertigo, lightheadedness and feels similar to anxiety panic attacks in the sense that it creates derealization for me, but it is way worse and very painful and real. I’ve tried allergy meds, massage therapy, meditation, nasal sprays, etc. nothing gets rid of it. Feels like my eyes are always heavy and something it’s pulling on them.
Avatar n tn about a week ago i went to the ER because i had a nonstop anxiety attack with panic attacks and headaches and migrines for about 4 days. when i got there they gave me to injections in my hip and the migraine did not go away they ended up releasing me. when i got there my BP was 156 over 139. anyone know what this might be related to. i know it might have to do with stress and anxiety but heck i am having one right now and i am not stressed or anxious.
Avatar f tn Since I was eleven I have had panic attacks and and anxiety attacks. I also always feel unreal or like I'm about to faint. Sometimes I daren't even stand up incase I faint yet I never have fainted. Recently I have been getting headaches every day usually in school (could be due to my poor eyesight?) usually these pains are at the back of my head. I also had a little episode yesterday where one side of my face felt like it was twitching.
Avatar m tn Sometimes I get these headaches and blurry vision(probably becauseo f anxiety) and I get panic attacks. What are really the odds of me having a a brain aneurysm?
654968 tn?1304359430 I have suffered for many years with health anxiety. I get better and then BANG another syptom that I can't explain and i have the worst case sinario. Brain tumor, cancer of some description. It is ruining my life. I am 49 years old but can't switch off negative thoughts when i'm like this. I am on anti depressants but no good when something hits me. GP say 'anxiety anxiety anxiety' but there is very little else they can do for me. I is so lonely living like this.