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Avatar m tn I've been a guinea pig for almost every kind of natural nerve herbs on the market and I can say that they won't CURE anxiety, but they definitely help keep you focused and more optimistic. These are the most commonly used herbs for anxiety: Kava kava Ginseng Valerian Ashwagandha Lemon balm St. John's Wort Chamomile and you can find these at any health food store. All the best, Joe!
8890834 tn?1400453151 Usually you would take some relaxant herbs plus some amino acids plus herbs to work on the adrenals, plus therapy, learning relaxation techniques, meditation, dietary changes, etc. There are many books on this and most naturopaths can be helpful. The only cure, of course, if the cause isn't physiological is for you to change the way you think. CBT therapy is one way to attempt to do this. No drug yet invented gets to the cause of how we feel.
Avatar n tn In my opionion, the best way to get through this is to understand it by talking to a therapist (i.e. psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, etc). While herbs and medications are very useful there is no 'magic pill' to cure you of this, but combined with talk therapy, you would be amazed how much progress you can make. Why don't you want to talk about it with a therapist?
Avatar f tn I did try St Johns Wort, it is a natural antidepressent. None of these things actually cure anxiety, they help with the symptoms, but the real cure comes with being able to accept the feelings and ride it out, not being afraid to panic, which I still struggle with!
Avatar n tn Zhang, like Dr. Misha Cohen, has a good reputation in the alt med/herbal world. But as you know, while the herbs may help, they don't cure Hep C. For that reason, it's important to have your liver monitored on a regular basis by a conventional liver specialist (hepatologist) including blood tests, ultrasounds, and in most cased liver biopsy. Only then can you tell how much liver damage you have and if the herbs are making any difference.
Avatar n tn The natural treatment for cancer is extremely complicated, and requires a lot of discipline and courage. Herbs won't cure it; it would be a combination of cleansing, nutrients, diet, herbs, etc. If you're seriously considering this, your first stop should be the bookstore, the next a naturopath or two or three and a couple of holistic nutritionists. You might try starting by contacting the Ann Wigmore Institute in Florida.
20812921 tn?1519344615 Im Jaydene Austin from Ohio, i was diagnosed with Herpes (hsv-2) for 6 years i have bought lots of medications tried most of all the Doctors, i went online searching for any means of possible cure,so i came across Standard Herbs Home and contacted them, they told me all i needed is to purchase their herbal medicine, i was desperate and decided to give a try, i purchased the herbal medicine and i used it for 3 weeks now i am totally cured of Herpes (hsv-1), thanks to Standard Herbs Home, God bles
Avatar m tn in Chinese medicine, since the kidneys are associated with anxiety, they would work on the kidneys with herbs and acupuncture, in ayurvedic medicine they would also do cleansing and then support for the adrenals and the liver. There are many different traditions; then, 5htp, an amino acid that produces serotonin in the body, taurine, which produces GABA in the body; tyrosine, which produces serotonin and norepinephrine in the body; perhaps glycine, which produces glutamate in the body.
Avatar f tn I have had numerous test done blood work, MRI, Cat scan, MRI of the spine and still nothing.Do herbs such as hyoscyamus and Cina as well as Zinc cure these body twitches that I have. The reason why I'm asking is because I read about these herbs and it says hyoscyamus is an excellent herb to relieve muscle twitching and other disorders like Tourettes Syndrome and Parkinson's Disease.
Avatar m tn I thought it was and emotional thing but maybe not. It all started with high anxiety. Then I became depressed over the anxiety not going away. I thought meds would take care of it. Now I'm wondering which came first, the chicken or the egg so to speak.
Avatar f tn Try going on anti anxiety meds and do some dbt it really helps ive suffered with anxiety since i was about 5 years old and im 19 now , altho mines quiet bad lately im not on any meds but my dbt skills from being in hospital are really helping me
Avatar f tn I am speaking only for myself. Perhaps there ARE people out there who have found the cure with these just wasn't me. I personally have never tried acupuncture but have definitely considered it, and I know several people who have found some degree of relief from it. The one complaint they have is that the relief is fairly short lived and they had to keep going back. But I wouldn't hesitate to try it if you're looking for alternatives to medications.
Avatar m tn There is not much (if any) decent proof chinese herbs help cure Hepatitis C. Further I understand the meds you are taking have not been studied with them. It might seem harmless but trust me this is not something you want to wonder about in retrospect if things don't work out with treatment.
1226682 tn?1399937724 has anyone tried using herbs for anxiety??I am on 2 meds and will stay on them but still have anxiety so need to look for something else besides percription medications??
Avatar m tn I will not go with any drug treatments because they will not cure the virus.Try these herbs also Liver 52,hepacure,liversupport which have guaranteesand go to
Avatar n tn I also know that the wrong supplements and herbs can cause success to be delayed. I would check with your OB and see if the herbs are right for your specific case. It doesn't matter how great a deal if it won't help or could possibly delay your efforts. Best wishes and sending baby dust back your way!
774268 tn?1236432951 I have learned to completely control my anxiety with these types of methods as well as herbs, vitamins and exercise.
Avatar n tn I am keeping my fingers crossed. The Herpes simplex 1 which rears its ugly head when I am attacked with pollens etc. and was discussed earlier, can be controlled with Valtrex. 1 pill a day. It has been 60 days and I am vertigo FREE!!! No side effects AT ALL from the Valtrex. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Vertigo from allergies question</a>.
Avatar m tn caused me apart from the terrible physical pain, enormous changes in the psychological (anxiety, fear, depression). Around 2010 by these diseases began to have typical symptoms of fatigue, adrenal: weight gain, the demand for sweets salt, sleep problems, night I could not sleep and get up in the morning, etc. In phase 2-3 only I had elevated cortisol and all studies in the standard as it is known in the diagnosis of adrenal hormones is.
574118 tn?1305135284 you take, like raw herbs, DO NOT interfere with the efficacy of any prescription drugs you may be taking for your bipolar condition. Your doctor should explain this very clearly to you.
Avatar m tn Luvox is good for anxiety although it is an antidepressant. I've been on both that and Zoloft.
Avatar f tn Yes your not alone I'm a 24 year old male I was hospitalized for a panic attack at last Feb. My heart rate was 190 for 8 hours. A year and a half later I'm dealing with several anxiety and also a hypochondriac. But I take herbs to cure symptoms of onset . First and foremost disease and disorders especially anxietthe start in the gut. Harmful bacteria example like candida can cause it.
Avatar m tn She wrote number of articles and runs her own yoga system claiming to cure Hashimoto’s disease. She even mentions that she cured her own thyroid although her thyroid looks “ample” even to the naked eye (just check her videos!). It is very common when traditional medicine is stuck on old treatment methods, the “new” methods are growing like mushrooms after radioactive rain!
Avatar f tn I will be tapering off the next 3 weeks and after I that I have to wait 2 weeks with none of the drug in my system before I can start anything else to help with the anxiety. It is acute anxiety and panic so while I may not feel it everyday, they are intense attacks when I do have them.... All that being said I am looking at natural ways to help cure/stop/prevent whatever the anxiety/panic attacks.