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Avatar m tn I've been a guinea pig for almost every kind of natural nerve herbs on the market and I can say that they won't CURE anxiety, but they definitely help keep you focused and more optimistic. These are the most commonly used herbs for anxiety: Kava kava Ginseng Valerian Ashwagandha Lemon balm St. John's Wort Chamomile and you can find these at any health food store. All the best, Joe!
Avatar n tn While herbs and medications are very useful there is no 'magic pill' to cure you of this, but combined with talk therapy, you would be amazed how much progress you can make. Why don't you want to talk about it with a therapist?
Avatar f tn Try going on anti anxiety meds and do some dbt it really helps ive suffered with anxiety since i was about 5 years old and im 19 now , altho mines quiet bad lately im not on any meds but my dbt skills from being in hospital are really helping me
203342 tn?1328740807 Ok, I admit it. I have had problems with anxiety for probably years. Some days it seems worse than others, or I can go a long time and be fine. I tend to be a worrier, also a bit of a perfectionist. I'm not depressed. I feel pretty good about myself, for the most part. I have a deep faith and that helps a lot. In the past I've had a lot of problems with fear.
Avatar f tn that anxiety is caused by underlying depression and if you treat the depression (with an antidepressant like Lexapro) the anxiety will eventually fade away. This view is antiquated and perhaps even dangerous. Anxiety is a actual disorder. It is not depression and contrary to the old paradigm; it may turn out that anxiety, in some patients, may cause depression and not the other way around.
Avatar f tn Some of the most effective herbs are the simplest ones. For me, there was not enough power, with the exception of the first die off I accidently triggered. I went the opposite of your situation, started with herbals, then I've since got to ABX. The simple and inexpensive herbs that triggered the die off are plantain, barberry or goldenseal (barberry is much less expensive), olive leave and extra virgin olive oil, and copper.
8890834 tn?1400456751 Usually you would take some relaxant herbs plus some amino acids plus herbs to work on the adrenals, plus therapy, learning relaxation techniques, meditation, dietary changes, etc. There are many books on this and most naturopaths can be helpful. The only cure, of course, if the cause isn't physiological is for you to change the way you think. CBT therapy is one way to attempt to do this. No drug yet invented gets to the cause of how we feel.
Avatar f tn I will be tapering off the next 3 weeks and after I that I have to wait 2 weeks with none of the drug in my system before I can start anything else to help with the anxiety. It is acute anxiety and panic so while I may not feel it everyday, they are intense attacks when I do have them.... All that being said I am looking at natural ways to help cure/stop/prevent whatever the anxiety/panic attacks.
Avatar f tn is there really a cure for depression or am I condemned to live with this for the rest of my life? am I going to have outbreaks from time to time forever? or will depression eventually leave me completely? has anyone out there been completely cured? if so, how??? I hate feeling like this... I feel so miserable that I think I should just die and forget about it all. Can someone please advise?
Avatar f tn I am speaking only for myself. Perhaps there ARE people out there who have found the cure with these just wasn't me. I personally have never tried acupuncture but have definitely considered it, and I know several people who have found some degree of relief from it. The one complaint they have is that the relief is fairly short lived and they had to keep going back. But I wouldn't hesitate to try it if you're looking for alternatives to medications.
Avatar f tn My heart rate was 190 for 8 hours. A year and a half later I'm dealing with several anxiety and also a hypochondriac. But I take herbs to cure symptoms of onset . First and foremost disease and disorders especially anxietthe start in the gut. Harmful bacteria example like candida can cause it. Your cortisol levels are too high so take herbs like various adaptagens lower cortisol levels dramatically. My favorite adaptagen is rodiola Rosea. And also try passion flower.
Avatar m tn Brown Rice Protein Powder (Jarrow Formulas): We all have holes in our intestine which let toxins into our bloodstream and then out of our skin. This product has a lot of amino acids (over 20) that work to effectively seal those holds. I noticed major changes within a month. Take a spoon mixed in a glass of water once a day. Saccharomyces Boulardii (Jarrow Formulas): This is the best probiotic to take for our condition. We have candida and it helps to candida.
Avatar f tn that's why it takes some work and discipline in changing those thoughts deep down, and the other things you need to stop of course, gum or the patch or whatever, sometimes people do it with just self-hypnosis alone though...Same thing with anxiety, it's something you do every day and you suddenly realize youre way less anxious, etc etc... but of course, whatever floats your boat, this has really worked for me with a lot of things. Calming down about this creepy disease for one thing, lol...
Avatar f tn I have been back to docs they suggested cognitive book to help with anxiety. I also saw a hypno, but the feelings remain no matter how I attempt to channel my mind. The therapies put a positive frame of mind on it, but underneath its still present any help it similar problems.
Avatar n tn No hyperventilation with that, but yes with the anxiety. etc. I cannot take Biaxin because of other side effects such as naseous, irregular heartbeat, etc. I have been taking Lorazepam for anxiety and it helps alot; it even helps me sleep pretty well.
Avatar m tn I know this bulletin was posted like a million years ago, but I just saw it and I just had this problem not that long ago, so I thought I should say something about it. I've been in a lot of car wrecks and have been dealing with anxiety a lot and I became scared of driving, or pretty much being in a car at all. I dont know if you've been in lots of car wrecks or not, but I figured this advice might help you either way...
Avatar f tn Hi, I have suffered with depression for many years. I sometimes think emotional pain can be worse than physical pain. I know there are many "natural" supplements that are geared toward treating depression/anxiety, but I have never taken any of them. I do see a therapist, and honestly just being able to talk things thru has helped a bunch! I also take prescription meds, and it did take a few different ones before I found the right one for me.
1165155 tn?1477435565 im currently takin the medications Xanax, Lorezapam for my anxiety worries but would ALSO like 2 kn more about if i can start takin and using HERBS 2 cure my symptoms even better than xanax and medication takin???
Avatar m tn Luvox is good for anxiety although it is an antidepressant. I've been on both that and Zoloft.
Avatar m tn perhaps a liver and/or colon cleanse and fasting to clear the system; in Chinese medicine, since the kidneys are associated with anxiety, they would work on the kidneys with herbs and acupuncture, in ayurvedic medicine they would also do cleansing and then support for the adrenals and the liver.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone, my girlfriend has been diagnosed with anxiety. First a little about her background. She has the most supportive family, never been abused or anything like that. She also has a boyfriend that loves her. She began experiencing this anxiety, a few years ago and she went to a psychologist and that fixed everything until now. She has been having panic attacks, where she thinks that she is having a heart attack. She has a fear of dying, and choking.
Avatar f tn ' It is actually the most proven and mainstream way of confronting and dealing with anxiety, in my opinion. I am a big proponent of learning about the source of your anxiety and ways to deal with it, and in talk therapy, you will often learn these methods from your counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc. I always advise people to be careful with 'natural' remedies for their anxiety.
Avatar n tn Trust me I still have problems with my anxiety and panic, this is the reason I am trying this out. I have read many forums about people who said that they really enjoy drinking alchohol but cant anymore due to getting panic attacks and anxiety the day after drinking. I am just testing to see if there is a way to cure panic and go back to a normal life which includes drinking and I am very confident it will work.
225237 tn?1333142599 Whenever I think something is medically wrong with me, I assume something is medically wrong. Trust your instincts. I recently spent four days at a very prestigious teaching hospital for tests. They found nothing wrong with me and discharged me with a diagnosis of "anxiety." "Anxiety" usually means that they don't know what is wrong with you. But I knew they were wrong and tried this, that, and everything else. It turned out I had a severe case of systemic candidiasis.
Avatar n tn I have suffered with anxiety since my teens, I am 31 now. I take .25 mg. of xanax twice daily, but it doesn't seem to help much. My question concerns whether the symptoms I'm expierencing is due to extreme anxiety or something else. Frequently, I feel like I'm not really here (sounds crazy I know) and I also feel like everything I do happened a long time ago even though it might have just been 30 minutes ago. I don't have these feelings all the time, but like I said they are frequent.
Avatar m tn Because of your history with XTC and maybe others, maybe booze, too -whatever- I am loathe to guess what medications may be indicated for you to help cope with the panic and anxiety. Regardless of what form such treatment takes, it seems a sure bet that therapy would be very helpful, so you can be free both of panic and whatever draws you to drugs, or free enough to take control, anyway.
Avatar n tn I had taken it successfully for Post Natal Depression a few years back. This was to help with the anxiety. It did, but only for a short period of time. During this time I seemed to experience the "flip flops" more than ever, and when I least expected it. So, Mike, I know what you mean about an anxiety medicine not being able to relieve the anxiety! I moved to Hobart and started seeing a new doctor.
Avatar f tn For one, i had mad anxiety. this would make my head all hot. some of the anxiety would come from thinking/knowing i had bad breath. this would make me hot causing bad breath or simply making it worse. and around we go. i got back on anti depressants as suggested by a couple of doctors. this helped me keep my cool. i still noticed people here and there mess with their noses when around me but i realized that this WASNT ALWAYS MY BAD BREATH!
Avatar f tn Thousands of people are suffering with Brachioradial Pruritus, including myself, in my tenth year. It is the most maddening disease and I have learned of no cure. Ice is the ONLY thing to provide relief, and acupuncture has not been effective for me. I have tried all the expensive prescription and steroid creams to no avail. I am losing sleep, and my sanity, b/c it keeps me up all night. I am staying out of the sun, but every year, this persists until December or January.
Avatar n tn I have tried the 8 mg dosage of Chlorpheniramine but it doesn't work. I have taken hydrocodone before with dental problems and I know that after taking it I get the itch in the nose for about five minutes. I am convinced that this is a cure and that the Chlorpheniramine somehow bonds to the hydrocodone to be most affective. Problem is ofcourse that it is a narcotic and no doctor will give that on a daily bases for the rest of my life.